A/N: This is my first Sanctuary fic, and i apologize if i am OOC, especiall for John, as i find him hardest to write. This is some mindless Smut I came up with when i was cooking. Please R & R. :)

Helen Magnus scrubbed the loafer under her breasts, body wash remaining in its absence, the hot water washing away the remainder of dirt and mud from her skin. It had been a rough capture of the latest abnormal; a chimera. It was only a young one so it was far smaller than an adult, but it still gave them grief. Instinctively, when trapped a lion will become defensive and start attacking, which is exactly what this chimera did. In defense, it pounced on Magnus, pushing her to the ground, trying to attack her. Helen was sure she was about to die, when the Chimera bared its snake fangs, but suddenly she found that she wasn't being pinned by the Chimera anymore, but was then suddenly laying on the floor in the lobby of the Sanctuary, John beside her.

"I'll be back my dear." He had said curtly, before teleporting away again.

Minutes later, the rest of the team returned, the Chimera loaded into a cage on the back of a transport driven by an old friend.

Johns visit was an unexpected one, but not as much as when Helen answered the door to Nikola unloading the abnormal.

Will, John, Nikola and Big Guy were all conversing in the library now, and she had excused her self, longing for a hot shower. Usually she would be having a bath, but she was eager to get working on the Chimera, and a shower was all she had time for.

So now she was rubbing shampoo through her long black hair, the smell of vanilla and honey surrounding her, and doing wonders to her tense muscles.

"That is a preposterous suggestion, Tesla." John Druitt's laugher bellowed through the near empty library, though his face showed little humor.

"You heard me, John. Do you accept my challenge?" Nikola smirks at the man, knowing John wouldn't be able to resist. It was just like the days back in Oxford when they would bet against each other, both believing that they were more deserving of Helens love than the other.

"Indeed. And if I succeed, you owe me a new coat. Do you remember Nikola? I save your backside, and all I get in return is a ripped jacket."

"Oh please. I was no where near getting mauled by the Chimera." John gave him a 'don't give me that bull' look. " Fine but if I succeed, you owe me a bottle of 45 Bordeaux. Deal?"

He held his hand out for John, and they shook on it, just as Big Guy entered the library.

"What are you two up to?" He asked gruffly, setting a tray of tea onto the table. Will walked in then, spotting the mischievous smiles on Druitt and Tesla's faces.

"Nothing you need to worry about," John commented as he stood, kicking off his shoes and placing them methodically next to the door.

"You never said I couldn't teleport, Nikola you old fool."

Nikola watched him curiously, before John teleported.

That bastard cheated! He thought.