Title: Apologize

Pairing: Spencer Shay/Socko

Rating: T

Summary: After Spanky's son eats the sock cake Spencer made for Socko, Spencer has to apologize for the it to him. But he learns that Socko wants a different kind of apology.

A/N: This is what i wondered after the episode IStakeOut. What did Spencer say to Socko, I'm sure he forgave him, But i just turned this into my own version. ULTIMATE SPOKO! Sorry if Spencer is to serious or something..

Warnings: Spoko, Shortness, Dirty refrences...

Disclaimer: I don't own Icarly, Not even alittle.



Spencer was out that day for two reasons.

One, Was the main reason, Becuase of Spanky Stembler's devil spawn destroying his sock cake made for Socko, And possibly damagaed his "Buisness" permanetly with that spoon. Spencer had no choice but to go out to Socko's apartment and say something.

Two, Sam had cleaned out his entire refridgerater in a count of two hours, The girl was a tape worm in diguise.

Once Spencer found Socko's apartment door, He knocked. "Yo Socko! It's me! Open up!"

He heard mumbling comming from inside, But choose to ignore it. Then, The door opened. Revealing Socko, He was tall, Had a a aftershave that looked kinda good on his slightly tanned skin, And blue eyes that Spencer thought were idenical to moons-Why and how he noticed-He didn't know. "What's up?"

"I gotta tell ya something.."


By the end of Spencer story, He had to resist laughing out of the look his talented sock making friend was giving him. Acouple minutes of a shocked and strange look on Socko's part, He finally sighed. "I don't know how you get yourself in these hell situations.."

Spencer let out a dry laugh. "How was i supposed to know that Spanky wouls come back into his life?"

"Like i said." Socko spoke. "I don't know."

Spencer looked regretful again. "I'm sorry Socko.."

Socko smiled brightly. "Aw Spence...I don't accept you're apology."


"Bu-But why not?" Spencer chocked.

"I don't think it's good enough.." Spoko kept his smile. He almost seemed to be holding back chuckles, But he was oh-so serious. "I lost a cake, I think i should get something in return."

Spencer looked down. "Y-You're right. What do you want?"

Spoko looked up, He was thinking.."A kiss."


Rewind! What the hell was that?

"Say again!" Spencer yelled, Mostly in shock. And his voice slightly squeaked, As if purberty never happend.

"You heard me Spence..Nothing would give me more pleasure. And i mean that literally ." Spoko purred.

Spencer didn't know how to react to this, Sure he wanted to make up for the loss of cakeage here but this was alittle extreme. "O-Okay.."

"Say it alittle louder, Couldn't hear you over the embrassement." Spoko teased, Sticking his ear out with his hand.

"I said okay!" Spencer repeated stronger.

Spoko smiled. He gently moved over to him, Putting his hands on both of Spencer's shoulder. He leaned forward, Their lips getting closer and closer before the gap closed.

Suddenly, Spencer felt a spark go off in him, None of the other girls he kissed felt this exhilerating. He moved his hands over to Socko's neck, Pulling him deeper into the kiss they were both sharing. Socko's hands moved from his shoulders to his waist and pulled him closer, Spencer wrapped his arms around his neck and moaned softly into the kiss.

Socko smirked into it and pulled away softly. He took full pride in the look Spencer had; Breathless and flushered. "So..?"

"I love you Socko.." Spencer gasped.

Socko rolled his eyes. "I know you do."

"I-I need to go to the store..Sam cleaned me out."

"I'll go with you. I have to pick up some supplies for the next time you screw me over.."