Tomo and Yomi arrived in class together.

"I win!" Tomo said.

"What do you mean?"

"I got in first, so I win!"

"Tomo, we weren't racing."

"So? I still win!"

Yomi got sick of this, so she went and took her seat. She noticed Osaka holding an empty bottle.

"I'm disappointed," Osaka said. "This bottle had 'sweat' on the label, but it tasted like regular water."

"Why would they bottle actual sweat?" replied Yomi. Still, she thought people learned English to prevent that sort of thing from happening.

"So I got a second bottle - this one - and there was no sweat in here either. I'm kinda mad, really."

"You drank two whole bottles of water?" Even now, Yomi still managed to be surprised at her classmates' behavior.

"Yeah, tell me about it," Tomo added. "I also decided to do some major hydrating. Yep, two bottles!"

"In case you two don't remember," Yomi commented, "that's all going to have to come out eventually."

"Give us some credit, Yomi," said Osaka. "When we gotta go, we'll just ask Miss Yukari."

"Whatever. Just don't whine to me if this goes wrong." Yomi looked around. "Hey, where's Chiyo-chan?"

"We talked this morning. She's sick and can't come in."

"That's too bad. I'll be sure to take notes for her. So no distractions today, please."

"Huh?" said Tomo. "Okay, sure. I wonder what's taking Miss Yukari so long."

"I bet she's going to the bathroom," said Osaka. "There's just something relaxing about a lesiurely bathroom break."

"Okay, even for me that's too much."

Just then Kagura walked in. "Good, I made it!" she said as she was sitting down. "Man, what I wouldn't have given for an outhouse near the main entrance. I would've gone before class, but I didn't want to risk being late."

"What is it suddenly with the bathroom talk?" Yomi said.

"Blame Thomas Crapper," said Tomo.

"Thomas Crapper didn't invent the toilet," said Osaka.

"Are you sure?"

Just then, Yukari finally showed up.

"Miss Yukari!" said Kagura. "May I be excused to use the bathroom?"

Osaka's two bottles of water had caught up to her. "I also need to use the bathroom," she said.

"Me too!" said Tomo.

"After hearing all that bathroom talk," said Yomi, "now I have to go."

"You four stay seated," said Yukari. "The women's bathrooms are all out of order. And you're not going to use any of the men's rooms either."

"What do I do then?" whined Tomo.

"I don't know. Think dry thoughts, or something."

This was going to be a long day...