It was now shortly before school would get out. It was wisely decided to let all the girls leave right away, while the boys took care of cleaning.

This couldn't come too soon for Tomo.

"Oh man, I can't take it anymore!" Tomo said. "When can I go?"

"Do you mind?" said Yomi, who was beginning to get seriously annoyed with Tomo.

"I'm serious, I feel like I'm going to explode."

"You think you're the only one?" said Yukari, who was nearing her limit.

Kagura, for her part, planned to run home as soon as she got the chance. This had certainly been one of her worse days. They didn't have swimming today, no doubt to avoid the "going in the pool" scenario she'd thought of earlier.

Finally, school ended for the day. The girls proceeded to make a less-than-orderly exit as each one was anxious to get home and relieve herself.

Tomo ran like a woman possessed, rushing out the front door, through the school gates, and along the sidewalk and she tried to get home as soon as possible. Even then, it seemed to take forever. In the end, she reached her home, got inside and ran into the bathroom with hardly any time to spare.

Later that evening, she called Yomi.

"Well, that wasn't much fun," she said.

"You didn't help any," Yomi replied.

"I didn't do it on purpose."

"Besides, it was your own fault for overdoing it with the water."

"Hey, at least we both made it home in time."

"Well, if there were any 'accidents' we probably won't be hearing about it."

The next day, Kagura got up and got ready for school. Remembering what happened the previous day, she did her business before leaving. She showed up in class and saw Osaka and Tomo talking about something.

"This wouldn't have anything to do with yesterday, would it?" Kagura said.

"Yeah," Tomo said. "I told my dad, and he just about flipped his lid."

"So did my parents," said Osaka. "They used all sorts of dirty words, such as-"

"Thanks," said Kagura, "but I get the idea."

Meanwhile, Kimura was thinking about the earlier day, and how bad he felt for all those girls. Fortunately, the women's bathrooms were all fixed, so this wouldn't happen today.

Just then, he needed to relieve himself. He went down the hall and found the nearest men's room. He was unpleasantly surprised to find an "out of order" sign.

"Oh no!" he said.