Happy ending

Katara smiled and leaned into him a little. He took the paper and folded it. Then Zuko wrapped his arms around her. It'd become a habit to both of them to hug each other so often. The waterbender closed her eyes and smiled warmly. Looking down on her a thought crossed Zuko's mind. 'If I leaned down to kiss her.. would she-.. No. She needs a friend. I shouldn't have any ulterior motives.' Slowly he leaned down. Gently he kissed her cheek. Katara's eyes opened again.
"Everything will be fine." He whispered into her ear. Katara wrapped her arms around him tightly.
"Thank you."
"For what?" Zuko asked.
"For being there for me.."

Over the course of the next few months Katara felt herself getting closer to Zuko. She truly enjoyed his company to the fullest and they spent almost every waking minute together. Including when he was supposed to be working. Whenever he entered his study Katara simply followed him and either sat down on the couch, reading a book, or helped him with whatever he had to do. Zuko preferred the second option over the first. They worked well together and she always managed to help him when he was at a loss of words. The people of the fire nation had started speaking of a scandal, assuming they'd grown too close together and were now secretly lovers. Though it was easy to see the two had an eye for one another. She'd also resigned right before coming to the fire nation, which indicated, to them, that she had done so to be with their firelord. Although anyone could see the affection they held for one another, Katara and Zuko both denied such feelings for one another in front of the public. In truth they both knew very well they'd gotten a little too close, but only Zuko admits his feelings for her.

"Katara.. are you alright?" Zuko asked concerned about her health. The waterbender sat down and smiled.
"I'm fine.. I'd just.. like for Tenzin to be born. It's becoming hard to do anything." Zuko smiled warmly at her and gave her a cup of tea.
"Tenzin?" Katara nodded faintly.
"Aang wanted his son to be named Tenzin, after his airbending master." The smile on Zuko's face disappeared. He drank some of his tea. The waterbender failed to fake a smile. Tenzin started moving, kicking her faintly. She rubbed her abdomen for a moment, calming her son.
"He'll be here in a few days.." Zuko wasn't surprised, she'd already told him before, but he wasn't pleased to hear it.
"Katara, You can stay as long as you want.."
"I'll have to return home eventually," She responded, turning her gaze towards him. It was easy to tell this wasn't the response he'd hoped for.
"You don't have to." His voice was warm, inviting as he moved somewhat closer. His lips mere inches from hers. A faint blush appeared on Katara's cheeks.
"You could stay." He leaned in closer and their lips touched. The waterbender's eyes opened widely, but eventually closed. She wrapped her arms around his neck gently. The firebender parted his lips, caressing her tongue with his own. 'He feels so-..' Katara moved away.
"Katara, I love you." He told her and briefly kissed her lips again. She looked away for a moment.
"I know you love me too, you're trying not to hurt Aang. You shouldn't sacrifice yourself for his happiness.. Follow your own feelings." Katara kissed his lips, embracing him. A passionate kiss, their tongues caressing one another's.

Aang and I split up. When Tenzin was born I let Aang see him as often as he wanted. Zuko and I got married when Tenzin turned five, there wasn't any problem between the two. The avatar even attended our wedding ceremony, having found his love elsewhere; with Toph. Tenzin was lucky enough to have four parents who all loved him. Aang got his new airbending recruit, teaching him everything he knew. Haru and Toph had managed to restore peace in Ba Sing Se. It took the people of the firenation a while before they accepted me, but I did everything in my power to win their trust.

And so a bond was formed between our two children, one that will never be broken. Although we'd never been told by the spirits to fix their relationship, Ursa and I couldn't bare for our children to be unhappy. The avatar might've been against our interference, but everything turned out for the best.


Author's note:
It took me a while to finally get to this.. and I'm sorry about that. I hope you all enjoyed the story! My next story will be a Skip beat fanfic.

Special note:
I might be opening up an avatar rpg, without the original characters but with as much of the setting of the new series as possible at this point. I'd like to build a new proboards rpg. With mature-content allowed.

But I'll need people to show some interest to actually get myself to do it. So if you've got any interest please tell me/note me/e-mail me.