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Summary: Unable to comprehend the strange tension between them, Starscream and Megatron try to figure each other out, as only they can. Just when it all starts to make sense, problems arise. Eventual 'Sticky' smut, and mech-on-mech action. You have been warned, if that's not your thing.

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...This chapter's title was inspired by the song Defiance by Cruciform Injection: "I hold my head higher than you, resolute on what is true."




Starscream watched apprehensively as Megatron paced the Command Centre, the Warlord's burning red optics riveted on the Seeker.

Oh, he knew what was coming. All too well, in fact. It was an appallingly regular occurrence.

The cycle began with Starscream insulting whatever scheme Megatron had hatched, continuing his criticism for the entirety of the mission, and realising too late that if the plan did fail, it would be himself that suffered the consequences.

Megatron did not like being questioned, and he despised being disobeyed. Despite knowing this one-hundred percent, Starscream never failed to live up to his expectations:

To defy.

And now that Megatron seemed to be accumulating as much rage as possible before unleashing it on the nervous Air Commander, Starscream was battling with the very strong urge to flee.

The other Decepticons had made themselves scarce a long time ago, leaving only the ubiquitous Soundwave and Starscream's Trine-mates to witness the ominous, so-called 'calm before the storm'.

"Starscream," Megatron broke the silence with a low utterance of his Second-in-Command's name.

The Seeker's frame stiffened slightly, and he tore his optics away from the exit he'd been gazing at wistfully. "Y-yes... Lord Megatron?" His voice came out oddly strangled.

The bulky grey mech made a point of pinning Starscream with a penetrating stare that had the latter squirming uncomfortably. "Where," he grit out with deliberation, "Were you when we needed air support?"

Starscream's spark pulsed in fear, but he took a small amount of pride in the fact that he could hide it, if he chose. This was one of those moments. "I was patrolling the outer perimeter, as you ordered, Lord Megatron."

The Deception Leader snarled at the indignant tone colouring Starscream's vocals. "And I ordered you into the fray moments later! Are your audio receptors deficient?"

Starscream feigned nonchalance, even as Megatron stalked closer. "Perhaps there was interference- I don't recall hearing such orders."

Thundercracker and Skywarp shot their Trine-leader alarmed looks, silently urging him to stop digging a hole for himself.

Of course he'd received the comm., but he'd had no desire whatsoever to save a doomed mission. It was more satisfying to see Megatron fail without his SIC's talents to rely on.

That was the frustrating part- why could their 'glorious' leader not admit that he needed Starscream? There had been times -although rare- that the two had put their helms together and achieved superior results, compared to the norm. However, that miserable old slagger just couldn't bring himself to cooperate more often. He didn't listen to perfectly good advice, or ideas, and it grated on Starscream's patience chip to no end.

He wasn't particularly famous for his patience.

He would also be waiting a very long time for Megatron to ask for his help, instead of barking orders at him. That wasn't Megatron's style, just like it wasn't Starscream's style to blindly obey, thus illuminating the problem.

One of them.

"Do you take me for a fool, Starscream?" Megatron's voice was dangerously quiet now, warning Starscream that he would soon opt to let his Fusion cannon do the talking. "I'm well-used to your constant lies!"

The trick was to escape before Megatron got his servos on him. Once the Warlord had a hold of a wing, or his throat... it was too late to do anything but accept the punishment.

That was the second problem. Whenever Megatron touched him, no matter how roughly, every sensor in Starscream's frame flared up, a reaction that surely wasn't unnoticed. It was curious, disturbing and altogether dangerous... Even if Megatron's optics did seem to light up in response. It was a glitch, some kind of malf-

"Starscream..." Megatron cut off the Seeker's line of processing, now worryingly close. Close enough for Starscream to hear the hum of a certain cannon charging up.

Taking that sound as his cue, the Air Commander turned on his thrusters and darted for the door.

"Stop him!" came Megatron's furious command, but Starscream had already barrelled past his Trine-mates and out the Command Centre.

As he sped along the corridors towards the docks, the unmistakable sound of Skywarp and Thundercracker running after him entered his audio.

"Go away!" Starscream screeched, even as they caught up with him.

"Screamer, what are you thinking!" Skywarp wailed, terrified that they'd all be scrapped.

"I knew we shouldn't have ignored that comm... We should have gone back without you," Thundercracker grumbled half-heartedly.

"Oh, we all know that Megatron has no quarrel with you morons..." Starscream sneered as they approached the exit into the night air. "He always reserves that privilege for me!"

"What should we do?" Skywarp cried.

Starscream suddenly stopped in his tracks, his heels screeching on the metal floor as he turned 180°. "You aren't doing anything. I, on the other hand, am leaving!" He stood with his Null rays pointed at either Seeker.

"C'mon, Screamer..." Thundercracker began hesitantly, backing away slightly.

"I'm serious! You are not to follow me! Understand?" the Trine-leader frowned at them.

Skywarp just shook his helm sadly, also backing away.

Satisfied, Starscream transformed and took off into the dark skies.


Megatron scowled at the monitor before him, watching as his SIC left the Nemesis.

He would be back, Megatron knew. He always came back.

Now alone with the wisely-silent Soundwave, Megatron allowed his processors to brood.

Why could that treacherous Seeker not follow the simplest of orders? Did he take some inordinate amount of pleasure in disobeying him? Starscream's imprudence bordered on insanity.

More to the point, why did Megatron forgive him each and every time? The other Decepticons had to be growing suspicious. No other mech under his command had ever survived after showing such open defiance.

What made Starscream so exceptional? So hard to dispose of?

In terms of 'loyalty', Starscream certainly fell short. He took every opportunity to stab Megatron in the back. He had, however, been by his side for longer than most. Like a patch of cosmic rust on his chassis, Starscream lingered, damaging him in every way.

By all rights, he should have deactivated the traitor aeons ago. It was what he deserved.

But Megatron knew himself that it was unlikely to ever come to that... For reasons he could not fathom.

That high-pitched vocaliser constantly spouting out scathing remarks! That annoyingly pretty face smirking up at him in unadulterated disdain! Infuriating, especially in comparison with those increasingly uncommon moments where they... connected, for lack of better description.

Megatron sat in his throne, resting his chin on one large black servo, as he continued to analyse the circumstances. Yes, those moments where Starscream spoke to him with genuine respect, or when they shared ideas and theories with each other, Megatron appealing to the scientist in Starscream. Times like that often had Megatron laying a hand on his SIC, assuring, confident and... perhaps a little possessive.

Indeed, he very much felt that Starscream was his.

It had always been that way. The Seeker was second to him, reacted uniquely to him, and thrilled himself by playing constant mind-games with him. That had to mean something more profound.

Megatron didn't like it when Starscream uttered that coy little giggle around other mechs, or positioned himself in any way that was suggestive. Unfortunately, he often did, and Megatron had to wonder if it was deliberately intended to antagonise him.

Too often he'd seen Starscream leaning over a chair or desk with his gleaming red aft in the air, or erecting his wings slightly in a display of pride. Too often he would click his thruster heels lightly on the floor to catch Megatron's attention, or run a glossa slick with recently-consumed energon over his dark lips.

It was definitely deliberate. But to what purpose? To goad Megatron towards more violence? No. It was evident that Starscream didn't take much pleasure from having his limbs ripped off. The tension, however, seemed to have a heavy effect on the Seeker.

Maybe that was it. The tension before a violent outburst wasn't so different from the tension before... a good interface.

Megatron rubbed one black digit along his chin, lightly. Interesting.

He, personally, did not interface with just any mech. He was incredibly hard to please, as well as far superior to most, which made him picky. And even still, he generally only lost himself to those urges when drunk on a combination of high-grade and victory.

Starscream, however, was the opposite. Rumours reached his audio somewhat frequently, concerning the exploits or conquests of his amatory Second-in-Command. He paid them no heed, for they... irritated him.

Starscream was his! He had no right to flaunt himself so casually! He had no right to open those legs for any mech other than himself.

That thought gave Megatron pause. The failed mission was filed away as low priority.

If Starscream's right was to be taken by Megatron only... why hadn't he done so, already?


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