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This chapter's name is inspired by Dark Angel, by VNV Nation: "I'm in this mood because of scorn, I'm in a mood for total war- to the darkened skies once more, and ever onward."


Dark Angel


"How was the first night of sentry duty?" Thundercracker asked, politely enough.

Starscream responded with his usual, derisive sneer. "Boring. What do you think?" He looked skyward, as he was prone to doing as of late, and wished with all his spark that his Trine-mates would leave him the Pit alone.

"Want to know my theory, seeing as you asked what we think?" Skywarp piped up, wearing a wry smile on his faceplates that made Starscream's next answer all too easy.


"Come on... Just hear him out. What harm can it do?" The blue Seeker smirked, ever the stirrer.

Starscream gave Thundercracker a withering look with his glowing garnet optics.

"Right," Skywarp began happily, as if he'd been given permission, "I think Megatron wants you to sit out here on the flight deck so you can have a good process. You know... In light of recent 'events'," he said suggestively with an encouraging series of nods.

The Trine-leader clutched his helm with one servo, taking a deep intake through clenched dental plates as well as his ducts. "How... naive of you."

The purple jet looked at Thundercracker, and shrugged. "I thought it made sense, anyway."

"You always do," his comrade replied with a sympathetic sigh.

Starscream's temper flared up, unaccountably. "I'll tell you this once, and once only! I know Megatron better than anyone, and he did not send me out here just to cool off and think! He's punishing me, plain and simple, because he delights in nothing more than humiliating me and leaving my talents to rust!"

There was a brief silence, as his two subordinates digested this.

"What if you're wrong?" Skywarp asked quietly, and somehow Starscream knew he was voicing what they both wanted to say.

"I'm never wrong," Starscream said haughtily, folding his arms over his canopy.

Thundercracker regarded him for a while, before musing aloud, "You have that look about you, the one you only get when you're scheming about something."

Skywarp cringed. "Oh, no... No, no, no. That's not good, 'Screamer, you'll only get into more trouble."

"Pah... I can handle whatever that rusty old fool sends my way, however touching your concern may be," the tri-coloured Seeker said mockingly, and made a gesture for his Trine-mates to leave. "I can't 'scheme' properly with you both harassing me. Go and find something else to do," he scowled.

Skywarp gave a sarcastic salute before warping elsewhere, and Thundercracker merely shook his head with his lips set in a grim line, before walking slowly away.

Pests, Starscream thought wearily.

Megatron would never see what was coming to him, until it was too late. He would make sure of that.


"Do you have something to report, soldiers? And would it, perchance, concern that Trine-leader of yours?" Megatron asked shrewdly, processors already considering the possibilities.

Thundercracker and Skywarp shifted about, glancing at each other dubiously. The blue Seeker straightened slightly, faceplates kept carefully blank.

"It does, Lord Megatron."

The silver warlord allowed a ghost of a smirk to pass over his lips. "I am not surprised. I am, however, surprised to hear it coming from you two."

Skywarp flinched at that, before correcting himself. "We wouldn't come to you directly if it wasn't serious."

Megatron arched an optic ridge. This was getting interesting. "Elaborate."

"We think he's planning something against you, my Lord," Thundercracker said after a short, shaky intake.

"Again, hardly surprising. Soundwave reported that Starscream has been more... aloof since being assigned sentry duty. Is he that displeased with me?" Megatron tried to hide the pleasure in his vocaliser; it wouldn't do to let his Decepticons see how much he enjoyed antagonising his Second.

"Y-yes, but... It seems more like a build-up from-" Skywarp grunted when Thundercracker gave him a less-than-subtle kick to the leg.

Megatron leaned forward, slightly. "Oh, do go on." What had that rebellious Seeker told his Trine? They sounded too knowledgeable for his liking, and he knew how Starscream liked to vent to anyone who would listen.

Looking downright miserable now, Skywarp sighed. "...Just that... He thinks you're trying to make an example of him, and have been doing so for... some time," he squirmed under his fellow Seeker's glare.

Megatron could practically hear the conversation they were no-doubt sharing over private comm. He sat back again. "Hmm. Somehow I doubt you are telling me everything. I acknowledge your warning, but rest-assured- I know when that wretch is planning more treachery. He will not succeed, nor will he catch me off-guard. You're dismissed."

The two Seekers saluted and made to leave. At the door, however, Skywarp faltered.

Megatron cocked his helm askance.

"Lord Megatron... I just want to say that... He really does just want to please you, despite everything."

Thundercracker slapped a servo over his own faceplates.

Megatron frowned. "Your boldness does you no credit. Perhaps Starscream's insubordination is rubbing off on you. Dismissed, Skywarp."

"Sir," the purple Seeker muttered sheepishly, following his Trine-mate out of the CC.

Megatron rubbed his chin-plating thoughtfully. Curious, indeed.


Starscream had made a point of avoiding Megatron, his Trine, and pretty much everybody else for the duration of the day. Now that his second night of monotonous sentry duty was approaching, he found himself almost looking forward to the alone-time.

The tri-coloured jet made his way to the flight deck, optics scanning his surroundings constantly; he knew that old clunker Megatron probably had him monitored closely by Soundwave -he wasn't stupid, Megatron ought to know that- so it never hurt to be too careful.

Once he arrived outside, he automatically looked up to scan the dark skies. He half-expected that fool Skyfire to show up again, even though he knew in his core that the Autobot probably understood when to back off.

If he valued his spark, anyway.

Not long after he'd taken up his usual, slouched position by the doors, Astrotrain strolled out, giving the Air Commander a short nod.

"Nice night, huh?" the triple-changer boomed.

"Oh, simply sublime," Starscream replied sarcastically.

Astrotrain chuckled. "Still glitched off, huh? Sucks to be you," the huge mech grinned, "But that's the price to pay for being the Leader's favourite, right?"

Starscream's intakes spluttered at that. "F-favourite? Hardly!"

"Heh, whatever you say, Starscream. I'm off for a patrol. Enjoy your night-watch," and with that, Astrotrain transformed into his shuttle-mode and took off.

Starscream's optics followed him enviously. 'Favourite,' indeed. He scoffed aloud. At least now, he was alone again, and could refocus on his plans.

Megatron had entrusted the new science project to him. Foolish, certainly, but he appreciated the opportunity. He would make sure that ill-begotten device malfunctioned, and the results would be devastating. Then, finally, he would get his chance to lead the Decepticons. It served Megatron right, for this disgrace.

Second-in-Command. Air Commander. Fastest flier in the army- on sentry duty. The insult was beyond all comprehension! That rusty, manipulative, boorish waste of scrap...

"Starscream," came the comm. link. How convenient.

The Seeker deliberated before begrudgingly responding. "Yes, Lord Megatron?" he said, vocals dripping with acid.

"Your relief is on its way. I require your presence in my quarters."

Starscream ground his dental plates together in irritation. "I would rather stay out here. I'm getting quite fond of this paltry duty you have assigned to me."

There was a low growl from the other end of the link. "I am in no mood for your disobedience, Seeker."

Starscream's head swivelled to look at the entrance, only to see Skywarp shuffling out. He looked like he'd just been demoted, or worse. The tri-coloured mech narrowed his optics suspiciously. "Very well, my Lord... I'll be there at once," he cut off the link before Megatron could even reply, and continued to stare at his Trine-mate, servos on hips.

Skywarp smiled nervously. "I'm here to take over, for you!"

"What did you do?" Starscream asked bluntly.

"Nothing, Megatron just asked me to. He said he needed to speak to you face-to-face," the purple Seeker refused to look his Trine-Leader in the optics.

Starscream leaned into the other jet's faceplates. "You're a poor liar. I demand an explanation, when I get back!"

"There's nothing to explain, 'Screamer..." Skywarp protested unconvincingly.

Starscream just snorted, brushing past him and heading inside. He was tired of everyone thinking him a fool. It just made his anger and indignation grow.


"What did you wish to discuss, Great Leader?" Starscream sneered in greeting, respectful as ever.

Megatron gave his Second an unamused glare. "I have been hearing things about you, Starscream. Most disconcerting things."

Starscream chuckled. "I'm flattered you pay them heed. What did you hear? I have nothing to hide."

Megatron leaned back in his chair, narrowing his optics as he assessed his Second's insouciant demeanour. If this turned out to be a waste of time, he would have those other Seekers punished. "Don't play coy with me, Starscream, it never gets you anywhere."

"Oh, I beg to differ," the jet continued to smirk brazenly.

The silver mech shot up, thumping both servos onto the desktop with enough force to send various objects and empty energon cubes flying. "You'll be begging me for mercy if you keep this up!" Oh, how he wanted nothing more than to put the Seeker in his place- under him, pleading for forgiveness. But first, he had to decide whether Starscream's recent scheming was anything to be taken seriously. "Why do I even waste my precious time with you?" he scowled, noting with some satisfaction how the Seeker straightened with a frown.

"Is this matter you called me for going to be something trivial, like sentry duty?" Starscream's tone was serious, for once, but his words were chosen with the intent to infuriate- Megatron was sure.

It certainly offered some insight on just how aggravated his Second was by the aforementioned sentry duty.

The tyrant slowly lifted one arm and pointed his Fusion cannon directly at the jet's dark faceplates, the pale violet glow from the oncoming blast highlighting his attractive features so very nicely. "It is not your place to judge whether my decisions are 'trivial' or not!"

He expected Starscream to cower and start his predictable wheedling, but Megatron was surprised when his optics didn't so much as flicker as he stared down the ominous barrel of the cannon.

"Then, please- discuss these rumours with me, if you will."

Megatron tilted his helm slightly, processing what game Starscream might be playing. He scanned his Second's pretty but blank faceplates, trying to compute why he was acting so abnormally obedient. Ah, of course- the Seeker thought that if he pretended to be official and well-behaved, Megatron would not foresee his upcoming rebellion.


Megatron did laugh, long and hard. It only increased when Starscream's features twisted in confusion.

"I fail to see the hilarity," he ground out.

Megatron finally stopped, lowering the cannon. "I am merely amused by your ignorance, Starscream, nothing more."

"Ignorance?" the Seeker stepped two paces forward, seemingly inspired with confidence by the lowered threat of the Fusion cannon. "I did as you asked: I responded to your summons; I willingly entertained the notion that there are matters regarding me to be discussed; I stand here loyally as you point your weapon at me, then you laugh in my face and call me ignorant?" His optics flashed angrily, and he gestured wildly with one servo, "What exactly do you want from me, that I don't already give? What further humiliation will you inflict, just to-"

Megatron cut off the Seeker's furious tirade with a swift and forceful kiss, black servo gripping Starscream's helm in a tight, possessive hold. He wrenched his head around to accommodate for the grinding of his hungry lips, enjoying his Second's muffled protests.

When he finally let his iron grip slacken a fraction, Starscream took the opportunity to nip at his lip components in retaliation.

"Hnn... You've been drinking," the SIC said in a tone bordering on disapproval.

"Sometimes it is necessary when dealing with one as treacherous as you," Megatron replied, making no attempt to mask his pleasure at their close proximity.

"Wouldn't it be wiser to have your wits about you, if that were the case?" Starscream smirked, straining slightly in Megatron's grasp.

"I always have my wits about me where you're concerned, Starscream, which is why you'll tell me if there's any truth to these rumours," Megatron said authoritatively, looking down his nose at the Seeker.

"Heh," Starscream took hold of Megatron's servo, still clamped to the back of his helm, and pried it off, digit by digit. He laced his own fingers through the black ones, before bringing them to his lips and mouthing at the dark digits. "First, I would have to know what they were."

Megatron's coolant fans began to thrum at the Air Commander's seductive behaviour, the urge to merge with him growing rapidly. "My sources indicate that you're planning another uprising. Need I remind you how these always turn out?" He frowned as Starscream's glossa darted out briefly to tease his phalanges. It was... distracting.

"Oh, please, Megatron," Starscream drawled, "Do you truly believe everything your minions tell you? Has it never occurred to you that they are merely jealous?" He lowered their joined hands from his face, and leaned in to ghost light kisses over Megatron's chest and neck.

The silver mech grunted, approximately 75% sure that Starscream was lying. "Jealous of what, Starscream?" His free servo inadvertently crept up to run along one of the jet's wings in admiration.

"Of my position, of course," Starscream smirked, his optics and vocaliser teasing. "Whether I'm referring to my rank, or the privileges I share with you... Well, I'll leave that up to your imagination, if you have one."

Megatron was gradually growing closer and closer to just throwing the other mech down and having his way with him, but he wouldn't dismiss what he'd heard earlier so easily. "You really think your own Trine-mates envy you that? I have trouble believing so."

Starscream faltered, his disarming seductiveness wavering for a moment. "They accused me of plotting against you?"

"They came to me directly, my Second," Megatron smiled broadly, knowing he had him now. "As Trines go, I'm sure it's safe to say they know you better than most, do they not?"

Starscream tried to step back, only to be stopped by the now firm hold on his right wing. "They like to think they do..."

The warlord snarled, pushing the Seeker roughly against the wall. "Admit when you're caught, Starscream- I know when you're lying to me."

Looking defeated, and more than a little frustrated, Starscream simply glared into his Leader's optics unflinchingly. "And I happen to know that you'll forgive me, as you always do."

"You seem very sure of that," Megatron growled, his lust for the Seeker still burning insistently.

"You said so yourself, before- The only thing keeping me online is your desire for me," Starscream said with a hint of an arrogant smirk.

The Decepticon leader processed this, begrudgingly impressed by his Second's devious, winsome ways. "Then what do you suppose will happen, when that desire is finally sated?"

Starscream laughed, squirming against the wall. "It will never be sated!"

"Then let us test that theory," Megatron said in a low, foreboding voice. He took hold of the tri-coloured jet's legs and draped them around his own waist. With a slight hiss and a click, his interface panel slid open and his thrumming spike emerged.

Starscream's mouth fell open in unadulterated shock- or it could have been awe. "So... You do have the means."

Megatron snorted. "Open."

The Seeker squirmed some more, seemingly content to gaze upon his Leader in all his glory. "When I'm good and ready, Lord Megatron."

"You're always good and ready, you wanton wretch," the silver mech grit out, supporting Starscream's lower frame with one servo, while the other deftly opened his newly-repaired cockpit and began plucking at various wires.

"What are you doing?" the Seeker squawked, his limbs twitching sporadically. "Are you... Are you hacking me?" his vocaliser was at its highest, most indignant pitch.

"Much as I enjoy it when you play hard-to-get, my patience is fragile tonight," Megatron said matter-of-factly, as he continued to infiltrate his Second's systems via connection points in the ends of his digits.

"How dare you!" Starscream wailed, barely managing to override the numerous attempts to open his interface panel. "You have no right to do this, you deranged, concupiscent old assemblage of scrap!"

"You'll be singing a very different tune, soon enough," Megatron rumbled, unfazed by his SIC's insults. His hacking attempt was proving to be a challenge, what with Starscream's desperate interference- it made it no less enjoyable, though.

He was rudely interrupted by a sudden comm. link, which startled both of them. "Not now, you idiot!" Megatron barked.

"I'm sorry, Lord Megatron!" came Skywarp's frantic vocaliser, "But there's an unknown aircraft approaching the flight deck...!"

Starscream arched an optic ridge at that, while Megatron shook with fury at having to stop his ministrations. He was just about to respond, when Skywarp added in a slightly sheepish tone:

"...Oh wait, it's just Astrotrain..."

Megatron barely restrained a furious roar from being sent down the comm. link, instead uttering a quiet, "very well" before cutting the link.

Starscream smirked at him, then began to laugh infuriatingly. "And to think you believed something that fool told you! Hahahahaha!"

"Shut up, Starscream!" the silver warlord boomed, resuming his previous efforts while the Seeker's guard was down. "I'll have you yet!"

When he felt and heard the satisfying sound of Starscream's interface panel successfully snapping open, Megatron wasted no time in plunging straight in, revelling in the loud, throaty moan it tore from his Seeker's vocaliser.

"Megatron...! Ohh, you... Pit-damned... FRAGGER!" Starscream cried, clearly taken aback by the swift brutality of Megatron's unfettered thrusts. His valve was still wonderfully slick, however, as the Decepticon leader had anticipated- what he hadn't expected was how exceptionally good the Seeker felt. To be inside him, thoroughly infiltrating him at last... It was going to be filed away for later use; that was irrefutable.

Keeping his piston-like thrusts at a fast and heavy pace, Megatron adjusted the Seeker's legs just enough to afford him a better angle, penetrating the deepest, most sensitive circuitry in Starscream's inner valve.

If the loud, decadent moans and screams weren't enough to increase Megatron's pleasure, the sight of steam beginning to pour out from under Starscream's canopy certainly was. The Seeker wouldn't take long, Megatron was confident.

Despite all the scheming, all the lies and all the trouble his Second gave him, it was all too easy to lose himself in the Seeker's beautiful frame, and his dark, twisted systems. The things that should matter became low-priority, and the simple act of interfacing with the one Decepticon he'd craved for millennia became everything.

But with that revelation came the irksome reality that Starscream was correct; this desire could never be sated. He knew that now. Once would never be enough.

Looking into his Second's blazing optics with a frown, Megatron saw that Starscream was thinking the very same thing. Even in the throes of overwhelming pleasure, that damned Seeker was inwardly laughing at him, gloating- thinking he had won.

In a surge of renewed fury and vigour, Megatron lifted Starscream from the wall, and threw him onto his desk, never losing the delicious connection they currently shared. Starscream only groaned passionately at the change in position, spreading his legs further apart to accommodate for Megatron's vicious pummelling.

It was a beautiful sight, that much was certain. Megatron couldn't help but stare as he forced himself deeper and deeper into the tri-coloured mech. At least he had succeeded in wiping that smug look from the Seeker's enraptured faceplates.

"Mmmm, Megatron... You're... You're every bit as -ah!- vicious as I'd hoped," Starscream managed to utter, even as the back of his helm bounced unceremoniously on the desk's surface. "...And you know just where I need it... Oh, PRIMUS, yes..."

The tyrant allowed himself a smirk. The traitor switched between insults and flattery as often as a Decepticon transformed in battle. It was just another one of those traits that Megatron found humorous.

He felt Starscream's fingers come up to claw at his shoulders, indicating he was not far from overload. As Megatron was close himself, he generously decided to let his Second climax first.

"Oh... Oh... Frag..." Starscream's dark faceplates contorted with almost unbearable pressure, his frame tensing before beginning to convulse with shock after shock of electricity. "MEGATRON!" he wailed with finality, pressing himself as close to his Leader's white-hot frame as possible.

Grinning triumphantly to himself, Megatron finally allowed himself to overload shortly after, grunting with suppressed ecstasy as he stiffened against the mech below him. He felt himself unload waves of energon into the Seeker's already soaked valve, and only when the pleasure subsided, did he pull out and stand up. His spike retracted into his array, and the panel slid closed, wetly.

Starscream lay sprawled in a sticky, slightly smoking mess. It was hard to tell if he was even online.

Megatron leaned over his recently conquered Second, smiling smugly to himself. He braced an arm on either side of Starscream's helm. "Starscream." He frowned.

The Air Commander's optics flickered online briefly, before dulling again. "...You don't look very happy, for someone who's just interfaced," he commented dryly.

Megatron's servo immediately coiled around the Seeker's throat, strangling him . "Don't ruin my moment of triumph."

"Triumph...!" Starscream managed to gargle, before fading out in post-coital aftershock.

Megatron's grin returned. With Starscream most definitely offline, he allowed himself to take in the sight of his victory. It was most pleasing, and yet... He felt like some sort of branding was in order, to mark this satisfying occasion when Starscream was put in his place by Megatron.


Starscream stirred with a groan, taking a moment to calibrate his sensors and take in his surroundings. He sat up, finding himself still lying across Megatron's thoroughly abused desk.

"That miserable slagger..." the Seeker muttered, feeling utterly drained of energy. With another groan, he slid off the desk one leg at a time, and stood on unsteady pedes. He rubbed the back of his helm.

Well, his plan had certainly worked- Keeping Megatron sweet so that he wouldn't suspect what lay on the horizon. It had seemed a little too easy, at first, but the way his frame felt now... It was a wonder he could still function. He'd never been fragged so vehemently by anyone. He expected nothing less of Megatron, however.

Looking down at himself to survey the damage, Starscream sighed. Scratches here, dents there, some burnt out circuits, most likely...

Then he saw it. Scrawled on his glossy red hips, in distinctive black paint smudges, were the letters: M...I...N...E.

Starscream's fists shook. His canopy rattled. His entire chassis trembled. "MEGATRON!" he screamed wrathfully, despite knowing the warlord was probably not within hearing range.

With a string of uttered curses, the Seeker stormed out the room and made for the maintenance bay. He had to have it repainted before anyone saw it. The shame and humiliation would be unbearable, especially as Megatron was bound to find it so amusing.


Upon reaching the maintenance room, however, Starscream remembered that the Constructicons were currently on an assignment, and weren't present.

Pouting, Starscream went in, anyway. He was a scientist; he could repair himself with ease, if he wanted to. He didn't have much experience with painting himself, but how hard could it be?

Sitting on the edge of one of the workbenches, the Air Commander looked again at his blemished hip plating, scowling. He picked up a paint-gun, squinting at it doubtfully.

A low, derisive chuckle came from the doorway, and Starscream's helm spun in that direction furiously. "Look what you've done!"

Megatron stood in the entrance, stance smug, arms folded across his broad chest. "It seemed that you needed reminding. Might I suggest a buffer? I'd say I went through even the primer. Oh, and try not to enjoy the vibrations too much." With another barking laugh, Megatron turned and walked back down the corridor, leaving the Seeker feeling even more disgraced.

"Just you wait, oh Mighty Megatron..." Starscream mumbled, reaching for the buffing tool instead. "The marks I leave on you will be a hundred times worse..."


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