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Since there will not be a sequel to iDo Care, I've decided to start a new story, Sam Puckett's List of Ways to Be a Delinquent. In it, Sam tries to teach Freddie to be like her.

Note: This will most definitely not be one of those Freddie goes bad-boy stories, there's too many of those already. Freddie's gonna have a lot of fails in his lessons. It's meant to be a comedy. This is loosely based on the Glee episode about the GList, if any of you have seen that. Yeah, that kind of fail.

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Sam Puckett's List of Ways to Be a Delinquent

Chapter 1: Prologue

"What do you mean, I'm number two hundred and seventy seven?" Freddie roared.

Sam rolled her eyes, shoving the paper into his face. "Check out the list!"

Glancing over it quickly, Freddie groaned. "Why the heck am I number two hundred seventy seven? I'm on a popular web-show, I'm good looking, I wear nice clothes-"

"Correction," Sam butted in. "You're the techie of a popular web-show, you look like a dork, you wear dorky clothes and you're in the A/V Club. Your only redeeming qualities are that you are 'friends' with me and Carly, that's why you're not dead last."

Sighing, Freddie considered this. "What number are you?"

"Twenty," Sam stated proudly. "Only because I threatened them to put me in the Top 20. Figures they'd stick me at the lowest possible place."

"Yeah," Freddie sighed wistfully. "Wish I could do that."

Sam smirked at him. "Yeah, not happening anytime soon, dork."

Mouth open in surprise, Freddie's head shot up. "Sam, you're a….um…troublemaker!"

Sam cocked an eyebrow. "Yeah, so?"

"You can teach me!" Freddie exclaimed.

Sam eyed him. "Heck to the no."

Face falling, Freddie replied, "Why not?"

"Because, you're too dorky to ever become a delinquent like me," Sam struck a pose.

"No, I don't want that level of delinquency," Freddie shook his head vigorously. "I just want to, you know, do a couple of bad things. Raise my rep a little higher so that I'm at least in the one hundreds."

Sam stroked her chin, deliberating. "It will be a challenge."

"Definitely," Freddie agreed, hardly even daring to think about what she was saying. "But Sam Puckett is always up for a challenge, right?"

"I suppose," Sam blinked a few times. "Fine, you're in. But don't think I'm treating you any nicer." Sam flicked his forehead. "Be here tomorrow before school."

"Thanks, Sam," He said appreciatively.

Sam rolled her eyes. "Yeah, yeah, don't get all mushy-gushy on me. This is a one time thing, all right? And you owe me big time, Benson."

"Got it," Freddie grinned. "How about I take you for smoothies tomorrow night?"

"Sure," Sam smiled. "See ya tomorrow, get ready, cause you're gonna be shocked."

Shoving her copy of the Ridgeway Popularity List into his hands, she stalked off. As she walked, the terrified students parted a pathway for her.

Freddie sighed, flipping through the list. The numbers 277 (out of 400) glared back at him, so he flipped back to the first page.

Carly was number 7, as expected. iCarly had helped her to gain popularity. Plus, she was naturally nice to every single person she came across, unlike Sam, and she wasn't any sort of dork, like Freddie.

Thankfully, Gibby was lower than him, at number 320. Gibby didn't seem concerned about it though.

"I GOT NUMBER THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY!" Gibby shrieked as he skipped down the hallway.

Raising an eyebrow, Freddie questioned, "Is that really a good thing?"

Gibby shot him a dubious look. "Of COURSE! I was expecting, like, three hundred and fifty. I got promoted!"

Freddie nodded. "Um, okay."

Whipping out his cellphone, Gibby dialed a number. "Hey, Tasha-bear! Yeah, I love you too. Yeah, I miss you. Guess what, I got promoted…" He suddenly noticed Freddie was still standing there and motioned to his phone. "Mind giving us some privacy."

Nodding, Freddie replied, "Sure, whatever, Gib." He then walked off towards his next class, English, which he had with Sam but not with Carly.

In the middle of class, something smacked him in the back of the head. "OW!" He exclaimed.

The teacher glared at him. "Do we have a problem, Mr. Benson?"

"No," Freddie lied. "Neck cramps."

Another note hit him, and Freddie resisted yelling this time. Instead he picked up both scraps, fully intending to throw them in the trash, until he glanced down and noticed the writing scribbled on it in Sam's horrific handwriting.

Yo, Benson,

Nice lie. Didn't know you had it in ya. Now look at my other note.

Freddie gaped, surprised. How had she known he'd choose to look at this note first?

Yeah, I'm a mind reader (that was sarcastic, in case you couldn't tell). Nah, I just know ya that well, nub. I've known you for what- ten years? Nine? Too long, in my opinion.

Now look at my other note or face my wrath!

(Who else do you think?) OF COURSE IT'S SAM!

Chuckling to himself, Freddie unfolded the second note.

Hey, dorky student,

Just wanted to remind ya that you owe me smoothies tomorrow. Also, I came up with an idea (yeah, that fast), and it's pretty darn bad if I do say so myself, so prepare yourself. Don't wimp out on me or you'll wish you hadn't. Oh, and by the way, let me tell Carls. I'm better at explaining. If you tell her, she'll flip.

And you wouldn't want that for your precious Carly, would ya?

Peace Out,

Sam I Am

At first, Freddie wondered why she hadn't just texted him, but then he remembered that she'd broken her phone when trying to jump out of a taxi after spotting a Robin's Weiner shop. She'd been thrown onto the ground, sprained her ankle and cut her leg from where her phone shattered inside of her pants pocket. Mattered and bloody, she still stumbled into the store. The blond 'demon' had ended up calling him after the Shay line was busy, and he was sent to pick her up.

Oh, Sam.

She smirked at him, sending one of their glance-messages that they so often shared. You ready for this, Benson?

Raising an eyebrow, he mimicked her face. You better believe it. Bring it on, Puckett.

She nodded slightly, her confidence becoming more pronounced. Oh, I will. And I'm not holding back at all.

He shook his head. I never wanted you to.

Yet, later that night as he lay awake in his bed, unable to sleep, he couldn't help but think about how terrified he was of the coming day (and that one terror Sam Puckett).

Oh, great.

How was that?

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