Written for Hogwarts Online Prompt of the Day

Prompt: Just the way you are

You know it's all wrong

Messed up, torn up, wrong.

He is dating Parvati,

Who belongs with him

And you're just a girl,

Who is off-limits to him.


But he always rather liked,

The forbidden fruit,

So much like you,

And you can't help but

Respond to the pull.

He grabs you,

And you melt against his frame.

He kisses you,

And you taste his glorious lips.

You f-o-r-g-e-t,

He is the same guy,

You warned Parvati against.

You f-o-r-g-e-t,

He is the same guy,

You always hated.

All you remember,

Is the movement of his lips,

The sound of his heart,

The feel of his soul,

Against yours.

You wonder how long this will last,

This sneaking, peeking, kissing

Because you now see what's in front of you,


He would go back to Parvati,

And you would be left all alone


You try to back out now,

When there is still time,

To nurse your broken heart,

When you have accepted the reality,

Even if it's harsh.

But he won't let,

Oh no, he won't.

Because he isn't done playing with you


You try to stop him

But you can't - because it's so damn hard

To convince your heart,

That he ain't yours,

Because it's just the way you are

Living in dreams


So you let him pull you,

Tug you,

Force you,

Into the dark classroom

And for the night

You pretend,

Once more,

That he is only yours.

I feel like doing the sequel to this one - or maybe a companion fic :) Let me know your thoughts :)