After trying to avoid it in all my other stories about Kakashi and Itachi, I finally made Kakashi more of a pedophile.

Kakashi's ANBU unit was returning from a mission when they came across a hot springs. They would have to stop and sleep once before they got back to the village, so they took advantage of the hot springs.

Kakashi tied a towel around his face then went out to the water. He left his headband off and just kept his left eye shut. He was settling contently when the last stragglers in their unit came out. One of them was Uchiha Itachi. The boy was good looking and his long hair gave him a slightly feminine appearance. But as Itachi slipped off the towel around his waist, Kakashi couldn't help but stare; his Sharingan eye opening of its own accord. It was the first time he'd seen the young man naked. He was gorgeous. That's a thirteen year old?

Kakashi already had proof that the boy had hit puberty early with his deep voice, but other than his height, it seemed Itachi was already through with puberty. Kakashi was glad he was already submersed because he was getting hard. And he'd never been turned on by a man before.

When rooms were assigned, Kakashi was disappointed that he would not be sleeping in the same room as the young Uchiha. He imagined what the stoic boy would look like as he slept. His age made it taboo, but Kakashi wanted him.

Once back in the village, Kakashi cornered him. "Itachi, I noticed you don't seem to have any friends in ANBU, thought maybe you'd like to get lunch or dinner, or dangos and tea, some time."

Itachi's eyes lit up a little at the mention of dangos. "Sure. Not tonight though, I'm expected home. Tomorrow, missions permitting?"

"Yeah, see you then."

Kakashi's heart was hammering as he walked away. God, dangos! Like a little kid! For the first time he was starting to feel guilty for his feelings and intentions.