Title: Growing Pains

Author: KB103
Pairing: Callie/Arizona A/U
Rating: T (for now)
Summary: Sometimes it hurts to grow up. We struggle to find out who we are and swim through fogs of uncertainty. It isn't always pretty, but there is no escaping it. When Callie and Arizona meet their senior year of high school, they are faced with struggles, realizations, and a whole lot of smiles. Together, they find the fog to be a little less dense, but no less uncertain.
Disclaimer: I do not own Grey's, that distinction is reserved for Shonda. No copyright infringement is intended by this story, just lots of smiles and giggles.

A/N: Ok so I've been sitting on this for awhile. This fic actually has a story of its own. I originally wrote this nearly 4 years ago as a Mer/Der fic. It was my very first one and it got me into the business of fic writing. Now, at the request of my lovely girlfriend, I've been transforming it into a Calzona fic. It's just a lot of fun and I hope you all enjoy it. So yeah...this is a high school fic, but it goes past that, so buckle up peeps.

Happy Reading,


Callie Torres walked up the stairs approaching the massive edifice in front of her. She wasn't sure exactly how excited she was about this school year. Sure, it was her senior year, but she was bored out of her mind. She already knew that she was attending next fall: the University of Maryland, having committed last year. All she had to do was sign a letter in November and her future was set. The only thing Callie had to look forward to was graduation, which wasn't until June. Basically, for the next nine months she was going to be putting up with the same shit as always: school, basketball, and well basketball. No distractions. That was her motto.

Callie entered the school and made her way to her locker. She grabbed her books and continued down the corridor to her first class, AP Physics. Waltzing into the classroom, Callie headed straight for the back. She slid into a chair at an empty table and saved the seat next to her. Not one minute later, a tall, redhead walked into the room. Callie flashed her a smile and motioned to the chair next to her. The girl returned Callie's smile and sauntered over to her.

"Thanks Callie. You know, for saving me a seat."

"What are best friends for? Besides we're in AP Physics, and I know you. You're relatively normal. Some of these people are just weird," Callie replied, gesturing to the corner where a couple kids sat exchanging Pokémon cards. Callie didn't mind the Pokémon cards, she had them when she was a kid. It was the fact that the fad died something like five years ago, and well those boys were eighteen.

Addison followed Callie's gaze, settling on the two boys. "You are so right."

Callie smirked at her, "Aren't I always?"

Addison laughed, "That you are." In all honesty, Addison was being truthful in that statement. Callie was brilliant, and Addison was no slouch herself. Together, they worked through their APs and dealt with all of the challenges high school had to offer. They had grown up together in DC, weathering the absenteeism of their parents and dealing with one another's personal struggles. Through thick and thin, Callie and Arizona stayed together.

The sound of the instructor's, Mrs. Terry, voice jarred Addison from her thoughts. "Students, pay attention please. We have a new student in class. Please meet Arizona Robbins. Arizona, you may sit with Teddy over there." Mrs. Terry motioned to a table diagonal to Callie and Addison. Addison watched her as she went to her seat. She glanced at Callie who was busy scribbling something in her notebook, not was paying the slightest bit of attention.

"Callie!" She hissed

Callie didn't even look up. "Hmm?"

Addison elbowed her, "CALLIE!"

"Oww!" Callie yelled in pain, drawing attention from the other students. "What the hell was that for?"

"New girl," Addison said motioning to Arizona.

"Does it look like I care?" Callie asked as she put her hand on her chin pretending to ponder the situation. "Oh right, nope. I don't."

Addison rolled her eyes, "Callie, for someone being so brilliant, you are fucking stupid."

"I'm going to pretend you did not just say that."

Mrs. Terry continued the class by announcing that there would be a lab that day. Addison and Callie made their way towards the lab table they were assigned to. Callie made the mistake of looking at Arizona and their eyes locked, her piercing blue eyes burning a whole into her skull. After what seemed like hours, Callie looked away and continued chatting with Addison.

Arizona watched the Latina talk with her friend. She was one of the most beautiful girls she had ever seen. Her raven colored hair was pulled back in a long ponytail, and those eyes. Arizona's breath hitched when their gazes met earlier. Breathtakingly stunning. She knew they had never met, but the girl looked so familiar. She nudged Teddy. "Hey, what do you know about her?" Arizona asked, nodding at Callie.

Teddy smiled. "That's Callie Torres."

Arizona's eyes went wide. "Callie Torres? You mean committed to Maryland Calliope Torres?"

"The one and only," Teddy replied, "So you know basketball then? That's awesome, but I wouldn't call her Calliope. That could be dangerous." Teddy shrugged, "Do you play?"

Arizona chuckled, "Yeah, I'm a point guard. I bet I could take her."

Wanna bet? 50 says you don't even score a point."

Arizona looked at her like she was insane. "Are you kidding? I'm a quick little guard; she's a post. I'll dribble around her in two seconds. You want to bet on points?

"Ok," Teddy said, nodding her head. "If you win, I'll give you 100 bucks. You won't win, so when you lose…" Teddy hesitated. "You have to make out with Mark Sloan in the middle of the cafeteria."

"Deal," Arizona replied as she shook Teddy's hand. she walked over to Callie and stood behind her. Callie could feel the blonde's body heat, her breath tickling her neck. Addison looked at Callie and raised her eyebrows. Unable to stand it anymore, Callie turned around. She was met with Arizona's blue eyes.

"Can I help you?" Callie asked, slightly irritated.

"Umm yeah. I was wondering if you wanted to play a little ball later?"

Callie smiled at her. "I don't think that's a good idea."

Arizona's eyes darkened in a challenge. "Afraid?"

Callie put her foot on the basketball she always had near. She rolled it towards her body with her foot. Kicking it up to her hands, Callie thrust the ball forward as if she was throwing it at the small blonde in front of her. At the last second however, she rolled her fingertips underneath the ball, stopping it millimeters from Arizona's face. Callie couldn't help but smile as Arizona visibly flinched. "I'm never afraid," Callie said in a harsh whisper.

Arizona stumbled back towards Teddy, who was doubled over in laughter. Arizona sat down on her stool and slouched in defeat. Teddy was was still laughing when he looked at her blonde partner. "Dude…"

"Shut up!" Arizona snapped. She sat there for the rest of the period pouting, waiting for the bell to ring.

At the sound of the bell, Callie bolted out of the room. She didn't want anything to do with Arizona Robbins or her blue eyes. She silently thanked the scheduling god that she had a free period. Normally she would do homework, but today she needed a break. What better way to take a break from the world than going to the one place she feels at home.

Callie approached the gym with a smile on her face. She hadn't shot in a couple days, so she knew this would feel good. She pulled out the key her coach had given her and let herself in. It was just the way she liked it; dark with only a few beams of light shining through, and she was all alone. To Callie, there was nothing better than taking out her frustrations on an innocent basketball. Better the ball than someone's face, namely Arizona's. Arizona, why was she thinking about her?

Shaking her head, Callie opened the door to the locker room. It was dark and no one was in sight. She walked over to her corner on the right side of the room. She opened her middle locker, where she kept her shoes, and grabbed her favorite pair. They were her custom Adidas shoes. The base was white, with beige stripes. The top and the area along the laces were lined with the same color as the stripes. Her number, 22, was embroidered on the toe in big black letters and on the heel was a smaller version.

Callie grabbed her ASO ankle braces out of her left locker. She quickly put them on and grabbed her shoes. She reached over to her right locker and grabbed a pair of baggy black shorts. She pulled off her pants and slipped the shorts on, letting them hang gently on her hips. She took off her shirt and tossed it aside before grabbing an athletic bra and a cut off t-shirt. She quickly changed, throwing the remaining clothes into her right locker. Then, she grabbed her Wilson Evolution basketball from the top of the locker on the left. She double checked that she had everything. When she was satisfied, she trudged out of the locker room and out onto the court.

As Callie was turning around to lock the door, she heard a voice. "Hey there stranger, mind if I join you?"

Instantly recognizing the voice, She whipped her head around. "What the hell are you doing here?"

"I should be asking you the same question," Arizona smirked.

Callie returned her sly smile, "No you shouldn't because unlike you, I have a key."

"Well then, maybe you should lock the door next time. Besides why would you have a key?"

Callie laughed in her face, "Do you not know who I am?"

"Umm apparently not."

"I'm Callie Torres, Maryland's prized recruit," Callie snapped, getting somewhat annoyed.

"Maryland Community College?"

Callie rolled her eyes. "I was referring to the University of Maryland."

"Oh I am so sorry," Callie snickered. "Doesn't matter who you are, I'll still beat you."

Callie chucked the ball at her. "Really? I remember a certain ass kicking in Physics this morning, and rest assured it wasn't mine. But if you want to play, first to 5; we play ones and twos. Make it take it. Take it back to the 3 line, unless it's an air ball."

Arizona smiled at her and gently tossed the ball to her. "Okay then. Check up." Callie tossed the ball back to the blonde and got down into her stance. She seemed slightly amused. She put her foot by Callie and went to dribble. Callie; however, anticipated this and stuck her hand in. Before Arizona knew what hit her, Callie had a lay-up.

"1-0," Callie called out as she went to the 3 point line. Arizona was fuming. This girl had just picked her pocket like it was nothing. Callie smiled sweetly as she threw the ball to her. Arizona threw it back, a little harder than she should have, causing Callie to frown at the smaller girl. Arizona went up to pressure her. Callie made a shot fake, but Arizona didn't flinch. Instead, she tapped the ball out of Callie's hands and drove the ball in for a layup of her own.

"Ones!" Arizona exclaimed as she trotted back to the three point line. Callie frowned and threw the ball at the blonde. Arizona smirked and jabbed, making the Latina respect her drive. Before Callie could react, Arizona resumed her previous position. She launched the ball towards the net, smiling as it swished through the bottom. "3-1" the blonde said, smirking as she watched a look of shock pass over Callie's face.

Callie nearly growled as she handed the ball to Arizona. She closed the gap between them, "bellying up" as her coach referred to it. Her quads straining, Callie moved quickly and cut off Arizona as she tried to dribble around her. Arizona was surprised; she didn't expect the brunette to be so quick and agile. Never the less, Arizona caught Callie as she overstepped by just a hair. Arizona took one hard dribble before spinning to her left, leaving Callie in her wake as she hit another layup. "4-1, are you playing? It's no fun if you don't play."

By this time Callie's anger steamed out of her ears. Her hands flexed around the basketball. Arizona was so smug and so proud of herself. The blonde was damn good, Callie would give her that, but she was better. And Callie was about to prove it. She chucked the ball at Arizona and nearly hit her in the head. "Come on, let's play," she said.

Arizona took one dribble to her right and Callie slid with her. Arizona smirked before going back behind her back, but Callie anticipated it. She poked the ball free with her right hand. After gathering it, Callie set her feet behind the 3-point line, and let the ball fly to the rim. Swish. "3-4," Callie said quietly as she stood at the black line. Arizona threw the ball at her. Callie could feel the familiar tingling in her body. She always had this feeling when she felt good on the basketball court. Callie couldn't help but feel a smirk creep onto her face as she caught the ball in stride, once again sending it towards the basket.

Callie never got tired of hearing a basketball drop through the bottom of the net. It certainly didn't upset her now. "5-4, Blondie."

Arizona toyed with the ball. "Win by 2?"

"Oh definitely," Callie agreed. "I like to leave being the winner without a shadow of a doubt."

"Just play," Arizona retorted.

Callie smirked. She started to dribble with her right hand. She scissored the ball between her legs before popping it out to her right hand, making Arizona reach just a little. Expecting Arizona to make an attempt for the ball, Callie rolled it behind her. Callie took one more dribble with her left hand, pinning Arizona behind her. She pulled up, shot faked, and Arizona went flying by. Callie had all the time in the world, so she made sure she looked at Arizona before she shot it. . Swish. "Game," She called out to the blonde. "I'm going to go shower." With that, the Latina walked into the locker room not even glancing back at Arizona.

Arizona watched her walk away, unable to speak. She couldn't believe that Callie had just beaten her. No not beaten, toyed with her, then kicked her ass. Sure she was highly ranked, but rankings weren't everything, especially in high school sports. Plus Arizona was no slouch. She had received letters from various division one colleges. She just hadn't committed yet.

Arizona sighed and picked up the ball. She began to shoot around, starting with lay-ups and gradually moving out. She kept hitting one jumper after another, only missing every once in a while. Arizona heard the locker room door open. She looked, and saw Callie walking out. She smiled at her and walked out the door.

Arizona's eyes followed her as she left. There was something about her that was captivating. She couldn't put his finger on it and it was bugging the hell out of her. Arizona shot one more shot, grabbed her bag, and went to lunch.