Death's Angel

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"Speech of the dead"


Shadow Raven presents:

Chapter 1: Death and the Angel

Harry desperately clung to the dying body of his fiancé as tears flowed down his scarred face. The war with Voldemort was over but it was not without its losses. The final battle had been a massacre with the fighters on the side of the Light falling under the numerous forces of the Dark. The Dark sustained losses; however, they were not as numerous as those of the Light, until His death. It was through a stroke of luck that Harry was able to strike down the Dark Lord when he was occupied with desecrating the body of the last link that Harry had to his family: Remus. Lupin had fallen only moments earlier, and seeing his adopted father's body fall had blown him into a towering rage and he had thrown the most high powered curse he could at Voldemort. As the curse struck him, he had time to throw one last curse back to him. The one that struck his fiancé. Voldemort had had the last laugh.

"Don't leave me Nym"


Tears racked through his body as he felt her getting weaker and he managed to choke out "I love you, Nym"

"I…love.. you too Harry." No more words were needed after that, and Harry took that moment to press his lips gently to hers as he felt the life ebb out of her. Unknown to him a golden nimbus of light shown from their conjoined bodies, if anyone would have been there to see it they would have been blinded by it and the feelings of love that emanated from them. But there was no one there to see it. Everyone was either dead or unconscious, and the Death Eaters had all died when Voldemort was struck down. So there was no one.

Harry desperately clutched to her body, completely unaware of his surroundings. If he were to have been he would have noticed the gentle breeze that flowed around him as if speaking to him. However he was oblivious to all of this.

It was hours later that Harry began to feel weaker. He felt as if his very heart was being ripped out of him. Of course to him, his had already been ripped out not two hours ago. Yet it was still there. This experience was excruciating, hurting even more than his scar ever did. Pain coursed through him that seemed to emanating from his heart. Gasping he collapsed to the ground on his back.

"I'm coming Nym"

As the last of Harry's life flowed out him gigantic black wings that originated from his shoulders burned into the ground extending to a sixteen foot wing span. The wings were scorched into the spell struck ground and it instantly became sacred ground to those that knew of its purpose:

An Angel had fallen.

The gentle breeze that had been embracing Harry suddenly violently increased and whipped around his body as though embracing him and welcoming him home. However it did not seem to have any effect to the environment around it. Nothing moved inside of this cyclone. And briefly the wind seemed to speak for just a moment, before it too died away.

:My Angel has fallen:

-Death's Angel-

"To think that he is so young"

"Love does strange things to someone. You of all people should know that"

"Shh, he's coming around"

"Go find Him"

Harry became aware of these voices as he regained consciousness, but did not comprehend what was said before they faded away beyond his hearing. Slowly he got to his feet and reviewed his surroundings. He was certainly not at the sight of the battle where he had died. At this thought tears formed in his eyes as he thought about Nym. Through blurry eyes he observed the desolate landscape he was on.

Next to him a large river flowed silently, its mirror like water making no noise as it crashed violently against the jagged obsidian rocks on its shore. The river seemed to extend forever into the distance with no sign of the opposite shore. Although seeing the shore would have been next to impossible as a thick black fog lay over the land, blocking and absorbing any light that shown into it like some instant darkness powder that the Weasley Twins had invented.

The only light came from the eerie full moon that shown directly above. This was a moon that would have had even complete lycans trembling in its shadow. Even this light was not much as most of was swallowed up the fog, leaving only a few rays of light to make it to the ground and highlight its barrenness. The ground itself appeared to be made of a fine black sand just lay limply on the ground, not being disturbed by any wind. The air itself was dead.

By far the eeriest thing about his environment was the gray shapes that floated through the black fog, voices trailing along behind them as they seemed to speak. The voices floated along the dead air, in varying intensities, from pitifully wails of despair, to shrieks of pain, to the gentle caresses of innocence and kindness. However most of the shapes did not take notice of him. Only three shapes seemed to notice him as they stood just beyond the realm of his visibility.

:Harry Potter:

Harry spun around to find the source of the voice, when he noticed that it appeared to echo from around him as if it had not singular orgin.

:Do not be afraid Harry Potter, for I am the one who brought you here:

"Who are you" Harry demanded, his grief forgotten in his moment of fear.

:I am many things; I am Hades, Lucifer, famine, disease, war. I am all of these and more. However what I am is Death:

"Dea…" he fell silent at the figure that strolled out of the blackness that was the fog. It was a man.

The man was tall and appeared to be about 50 with coal black hair and eyes that seemed to be deep emotionless pools of black. He was dressed in a black cloak that was covered in blood red runes that he did not recognize. On his finger was a silver ring that seemed to emit a ghostly aura that Harry felt oddly drawn to.

:Yes Harry, I am Death. Or at least what you perceive Death to look like. And you are here because of what you are:

"What I am?"

:Yes, four years ago you died. In that moment you became what you are, and would have been here sooner if you were not returned to the living:

"Tonks" Harry whispered.

:Yes, she saved you, adding something into the equation that I was not prepared for:

"What is that?"


"Love…" he repeated tearfully.

:Harry Potter, you are here for a reason. It is time for you to achieve what you were meant to all those years ago:

"and what is that?"

:An Angel. Harry when you died, you died of horrible suffering. You died selflessly, and in doing so became an Angel. One of my Angels:

"One of your Angels? But you are Death"

:Even Death has angels Harry. You would know them as necromancers. They are the ones that ferry the dead here: Here the man gestured towards the silvery grey shapes that floated lazily about in the darkness. With that movement Harry realized that the shapes were actually people. Ghosts. In that moment Harry realized where they were, but had to ask to make certain.

"And where are we?"

:We are in the Realm of the Dead:

With that it was confirmed. "The Realm of the Dead, so does that mean…" "Am I dead?"

:Yes and no. You did die Harry, but I have seen fit to give you a second chance, to right the wrong and devastation that occurred in your world:

"The wrong in my world?"

"That should be obvious"

Harry thought for a moment then "Voldemort"


:Not specifically him, but rather the destruction that he has caused. The world should not have ended up the way it did, too many innocents died because of him. Tom Riddle believed himself the master of death because of his supposed "immortality". He believed that because of this he should not fear death. Death comes for us all. Even Nicholas Flamel and his wife knew that death would come for them eventually. However Riddle refused to acknowledge this:

"What does this have to do with me?"

:You are the correction. I am offering you the chance to right the wrong that he caused, to save those who died because of him:

"Nym. Will I be able to save Nym?"

:You will. Harry Potter will you become what you were meant to be, to correct the imbalance. To become the Angel of Death:

Harry hesitated, "What will you do?"

:I shall return you to your world, to the past, to your fourth year. To where it all went wrong. In the process you shall receive abilities beyond what any on Earth could achieve. You shall receive the mastery and knowledge that is the Black Arts:

Harry thought this through. He would be able to save those he loved. "Sirius! I'll be able to save Sirius!" but somehow he knew that Death would return him without Tonks. "If I do this, will you give me back Nym. Return us to how we were? I cannot do this without her. She is my very heart and soul."

For the first time Death hesitated, before he said :You are different Harry Potter, you contain something that no other Angel of Death has ever had before you. You have Love. This will change things, but I will grant you this. In order to get this though you must convince her of your love. If you do this she will retain all of the memories of what happened in the previous life:

"He'll do it"

"Of course he will, his whole life now revolves around her and now they can be together again."

At Death's words Harry's mind was convinced. "I'll do it"

:Excellent. Welcome Harry Potter to the ranks of my Angels. Before I send you back know this, someone will contact you when you return and teach you what you will be able to do, so do not be afraid when they do so. Also do not tell anyone about what you are except those you trust completely. Are you ready?:

"Ok. Yes, I'm ready" At his words of acceptance his world began to turn black and the Realm of the Dead seemed to slip away from his consciousness.

:Good luck Harry Potter, My Angel of Death:

-Death's Angel-

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