The raven alit on the top of Cain's drawing board, glancing down at the tedious work being done he let out a short caw before looking into the young man's face. Cain looked up from his drawing project and into the smokey black eyes of his muse.

"I know Gear, I need to get back to writing, but college has been talking up all of my time"

The raven cawed again as the student sighed and looked at the margins of his project, trying to decipher the scribbles he'd written in charcoal:

"I do not own Harry Potter, nor do I make any claims that say I do so. I do, however, own my lady Anastasia and any noncanon characters"

Cain looked up again at his muse who nodded once before closing his eyes.

"That should hold off the masses for a bit"

A/n: Sorry this took so long, college kept me busy. Special thanks to WhiteElfElder for his help, without him I wouldn't have a lot of my ideas for this chapter; my beta BatsandSpiders; also thanks to theprincedonte and DanteDevilstar for responding to have ideas bounced off them. I present to you now Chapter 4 of Death's Angel…

Death's Angel

Chapter 4: Avoidance and Confrontations

"Thought/telepathy between Harry and Tonks"
[Language of the Dead]

"I took a walk around the world to ease my troubled mind,
I left my body lying somewhere in the sands of time,
But I watched the world float to the dark side of the moon,
I feel that there is nothing I can do"
– Kryptonite, 3 Doors Down

Unknown Date
Heart Chamber

Anastasia glanced around the ornate chamber that would house her spirit, the heart and soul of Hogwarts. The chamber was large while still retaining the homely feel of closeness. The chamber was completely carved out of crystal with runes carved beautifully into the face of it. The centerpiece of the room was a large glowing emerald that would soon house her soul.

Anastasia knew that her time on this plane was coming to an end. However she could not allow all of her life's work to come to an end after her mortal death. Thus she had created the beautiful room before her, no doubt the single most beautiful and powerful thing she had ever done. In this way she would be able to live forever, and ensure the continuation of her beloved school.

Silently she moved forward until she was right in front of the heart and placing her hands upon the face of the emerald she began to chant in an unnatural voice as the numerous runes around her lit up and began glowing with power.

/My heart, soul, spirit, magic, and life I commend into to this heart. My heart shall provide the love needed, my soul the ferocity, my spirit my mistakes, my magic its power, and my life my redemption. Each of these shall provide the spirit and power that will make up this castle and her life/

Anastasia took the necessary pause as she began to glow along with the rest of the room and castle. She knew that this was the end. A small tear snaked its way down her cheek, as she realized just what she had lost amongst her life, but smiled as she realized what she had gained. She raised her voice as she spoke the last words of her earthly life.

/Into this heart I commend myself/

With that Anastasia's body disappeared as she was absorbed into the castle body and soul.

Death's Angel Anastasia La Fey was no more; instead Lady Anastasia La Fey Hogwarts was born.

11:00 Pm
Gryffindor Tower Common Room

Harry stared into the dying embers of the fire in the nearly empty common room. He was waiting for the last people to go up to their dorms so he could go to the Chamber and meet with his fiancé, however it seemed like they were taking forever. Harry sighed, thinking about the past day. After the wand weighing that morning Hermione had begun trying to seek him out no matter how hard he tried to avoid her. He was avoiding her because he honestly didn't know what to tell her.

It wasn't like he could just come out and tell her that his soul belonged to not only Death, but also Tonks, and that he was no longer even that much human; much less tell her that he was Death's personal representative on Earth and from the future. He knew that it wasn't really something that he could keep a secret from her of all people. She would know instantly that something was different about him and she wouldn't let up until she knew everything about it. Thus he was avoiding Hermione.

Ron, however, was relatively easy to avoid because he was avoiding Harry also. Ron seemed to be of the belief that Harry still entered himself in the Tournament in spite of the Headmaster's announcement that Harry did not. Besides Harry knew that Ron was not exactly someone he could trust with his secret. Thus he was not really trying to avoid Ron, Ron was avoiding him.

Harry was also avoiding the Headmaster at the moment too. Now that Harry was aware of the Dumbledore line's past he was unsure of what to think of the current headmaster. Sure he was a great man, but now Harry was taking a look at all of his machinations. For one thing, in his first year how could such a great man be unaware of Voldemort possessing a teacher or set up defenses that a group of first years could get past? Or in his second that the new teacher was a fraud? Or in his third that his assumed "criminal" godfather was out to kill Harry? And now in this current timeline, that one of Dumbledore's supposed good friends was being impersonated? Surely such a great man would know these things.

The one person Harry wasn't avoiding, besides Tonks, was Fleur. Probably one of the people that everyone expected he wouldn't talk to. Harry had in fact planned to talk to her, however not so soon, but Fleur had cornered him down by the lake the day after the wand weighing.


Night after the Wand Weighing

Shore of Black Lake

Harry stared at the stars as he sat along the edge of Black Lake. The immense lightening storm that had gone on for almost four days had finally run its course, and Harry had taken the opportunity to escape the castle and Hermione. Idly Harry picked up a flat rock and skipped it across the calming, moonlit waters of the lake.

"It's beautiful isn't it, non?" came a soft voice from behind him.

"It truly is" Harry replied without turning around and looking at Fleur.

Nothing was said for a moment as Fleur walked up and sat beside him and looked out over the still somewhat choppy waters.

"What exactly are you 'Arry?" Fleur started after a moment.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean 'Arry, that you aren't exactly human anymore. And it seems your soul is no longer just yours."

Harry started at this. He had known that she would figure out that he wasn't human, but his soul?


"I'm a veela 'Arry, I can sense people's auras and yours isn't human anymore, it's different from when I first met you."

"No, I mean about my…." Here he trailed off.

"Your soul?" seeing his slow nod she continued "Veela's are creatures of love, and can sense our soul mates by seeing a person's soul. Figuratively of course. Thus Veela need to be able to sense if someone's soul has already been taken by another, and yours 'Arry seems to be split."

Harry was silent for a moment as he looked over black lit waters of the lake. He knew that he couldn't lie to Fleur, in the future timeline she had been one of his greatest friends, confidant, and was like a sister to him. He also knew that she had seen his true form the previous day. Without turning to her Harry began slowly.

"It's because I'm not. I have the venom of a Basilisk and phoenix tears running through my veins, as well as the poison and blood of a nundu. However even those are minor in the face of what I truly am. You could say I am an angel."

Fleur looked positively shocked at this. She had of course heard of angels, nearly everyone had. Angels were said to beings of pure power and elegance, one of the driving forces of magic. Legend even has it that the veela were descendants of an angel. However few had ever met one, and here one was sitting right next to her.

"An angel?" she said weakly.

"Yes, an angel. One of the darker forms of an angel, actually." He paused as he wondered how she would take the next bit, "The personal earthbound representative of Death himself."

Fleur paled at this. She had heard of the legend of the representative of Death before. Every veela had heard of the legend before. It was said that during a time of great peril a representative for each of the Four would appear upon the earthly plane. Often they were preceded by Death's avatar first and slowly the other three would appear around him. The angels were extremely powerful, each holding the power of the one they represented and they would appear to bring peace back to the world. It was even rumored that a veela was often one of the Four, thus the reason that she was aware of the legend in the first place.

"Fleur?" came the soft question that snapped her out of her musings.

"You…you're the Angel of Death?"

Harry sighed "Yes."

"So do you know who the others are yet?"

"The others?"

"The other 3 representatives"

"I..I don't know what you're talking about."

Fleur looked at him for a moment before explaining the Legend of the Four as well as their representatives, before a quiet silence fell between them. Nothing was said for some time as they both stared out over the black waters.

After some time Fleur broke the comfortable silence between them.

"What about your soul?"

Harry started at the sudden break in the dead silence that had fallen between them, before remembering what they had been talking about.

"My soul belongs to not only Death, but also to my love."

In spite of the seriousness of the conversation Fleur smiled.

"So you found your soul mate?" she always loved it when people found each other, she was a bit of a romantic at heart.

Harry also smiled as he fondly remembered Tonks.


End Flashback

After that the conversation had lightened considerably and Harry and Fleur had struck up a fast friendship, talking late into the night before Fleur returned to the Beauxbatons carriage and he to the Chamber to be with Tonks. The first steps had been taken for him to get his inner circle back.

Thus besides Tonks, Harry now had Fleur. Now all he needed to do was figure out what to do with Hermione.

-Death's Angel-

Harry walked into the Great Hall the next morning feeling quite cheerful. He'd had a wonderful night with Tonks and now he somewhat knew what to do in regards to Hermione. Harry quickly sat down near the end of the Gryffindor table unhindered. By now most of the students had heard of his magical vow that he had not entered the tournament voluntarily and had grown to respect him. Only a select few did not believe him, those being Draco Malfoy and some Slytherins as well as Ron, who was just ignorant and jealous.

Moments after he had sat down he felt Hermione's presence quickly heading towards him. She abruptly sat next to him and in near parseltongue voice hissed to him:

"We need to talk"

Harry smiled up to his best friend.

"I know Hermione, later"

Temporarily placated, Hermione began putting food on her plate as Harry did the same. Unknown to either of them the castle seemed to 'awakening'. Age old wards began coming back up and portions of the castle began lighting up and rooms previously sealed away began opening up. The house elves were ecstatic at the sudden influx of work being given to them by the castle. Few people noticed this however. To them it was just the castle itself, it was magic after all; things like this happened all of the time.

One person however noticed and smiled serenely: Luna Lovegood. At the Ravenclaw table, the odd third year girl smiled to herself as she looked at the awakening castle. She knew that the castle was happy. After all everyone knew that happy castles produced flying snizits like the one flying around her head. The snizit around her seemed especially excited, more so than she had seen it when it appeared during Halloween. Luna knew that it probably had something to do with Harry Potter, but she decided to keep it to herself for now. She hoped that Alice, as she had named the snizit, would calm down enough for her to feed her some of the carrots that she had; but she realized it was hopeless when she just seemed to get more excited as the day went on. Sighing, Luna turned back to her breakfast, realizing it was lost cause to feed Alice when she was so excited. Why couldn't Alice see she was just trying to help her?

One other person also noticed. Feeling a gaze Harry looked up towards the Slytherin table where the gaze was coming from and looked into the eyes of a student from Durmstrang. The man was obviously a seventh year and had short pure white hair that seemed to have a metallic gleam to it. His eyes were a disturbing black that had metallic red tint to them that just conveyed power and danger. Dressed in the blood red robes of Durmstrang he was an imitating sight and had an aura that seemed to pull at Harry as though it was familiar. Seeing Harry's return gaze the man nodded once before turning back to his food, breaking the temporary spell that had fell over Harry, leaving him wondering who he was and why he seemed familiar.

When breakfast was well underway the Gryffindor table suddenly grew quiet. Glancing up from his breakfast, Harry glanced around to see the reason for this uncommon silence. Suddenly he saw the reason. He and Hermione were at one end of the table with a few spaces around them as Harry's dark mood over the past few days had seemed to have prevented most people from sitting next to him. However turning around he saw something that he was not expecting. Standing..err…floating in front of him was an eerie site: the Bloody Baron. The Slytherin ghost floated in front of him, his chains seemingly oddly corporeal and in a voice heard only by Harry, spoke.

[My Lord, it's good to see one of your kind finally back] with that he bowed, shocking the entire great hall into stunned silence. The Baron never submitted to anyone, and certainly not a Gryffindor!

[Come speak to me later my Lord, we must talk.] He then turned away and disappeared through a nearby wall. Leaving a stunned Harry and Great Hall in his wake. For nearly five minutes not a word was spoken in the hall as every Hogwarts student continued to stare in abject horror and awe at Harry, the other schools staring in awe the person who could demand respect from the dead, a remarkable achievement in itself. Speak slowly worked its way back into the hall as people turned back to their food. Hermione looked at Harry across the table.

"We really need to talk"

After breakfast was over Hermione pulled Harry from his seat and rushed out of the Great Hall doors and pulled him into a nearby class room, with almost no regard to Harry himself. Closing the door, Hermione turned to Harry with a somewhat evil glint in her eyes, showing to Harry that if he did not explain to her satisfaction then he would be in pain.

"What's wrong with you?"

Expecting a completely different opening question, Harry started.


Hermione looked towards him with now sad eyes.

"What's wrong with you Harry? You've been completely avoiding me since you've been chosen, and I know you, something's wrong."

Harry sighed to himself and absently waved his hand as a silencing ward came into existence.

"Nothing's wrong 'Mione"

"Don't lie to me Harry!" Hermione snapped "I'm your best friend Harry, I can tell something's wrong"

"Nothing is wrong Hermione" he lifted his hand to stall her sudden protest. "Nothing is wrong, it's just…something's different about me."


"Hermione" he said, cutting her off "do you remember back in third year the time turner?"

"The time turner? What does that have to do with…." She trailed off as her eyes grew wide as realization hit her.

Harry saw as the realization came to her and nodded slowly.

"You're from the future aren't you? But the time turner only goes back a few hours."

Harry smiled softly "Yes, I am from the future Hermione. Five years from the future to be exact."

"But how.." she managed, speechless.

"How did I come back this far?" seeing her slow nod, he continued "In my time, the war against Voldemort came to a bloody finish. Everyone that I had ever loved had died, including you, and I was the only one left. Voldemort was dead, you were dead, Ron was dead, hell even Dumbledore was dead" "Good riddance to that" "I had nothing left and I could not leave the world in that state, so I began immersing myself in chrono magic, looking for a way to go back in time and change the outcome, hoping to see my loved ones again. Eventually I found a scroll in from an ancient Egyptian mage who had become obsessed with travelling through time, when I discovered a ritual that would allow me to go back in time a few years. Unfortunately, I could not go back any farther than this. So I set up the ritual and proceeded to literally send my body and mind back in time. I arrived in this timeline just before the choosing of the champions. That is why I am so different Hermione. The Hermione I knew died and it hurts to see you knowing that you are still alive."

Harry hoped that she would accept this explanation, for at the moment he couldn't afford to tell Hermione that he was in fact an angel. It wasn't that he didn't trust her with his secret, it was that he didn't trust that Dumbledore wouldn't gleam that bit of information from her mind, and he definitely couldn't have him knowing.

Hermione was quiet for some time as she processed this bit of information, before she launched herself Harry and hugged him tightly.

"I'm sorry you had to go through all that Harry. Just know that I am here for you."

Harry smiled into her hair. "I know that now 'Mione."

Slowly she pulled away from him and smiled slyly "So what about that Auror?"

Harry's mouth fell open in shock.

"What, you think I wouldn't find out? Harry you've been watching her almost every time you get the chance, and don't think I haven't noticed her looking at you too."

Harry continued to gape at her. Clearly they hadn't been as discrete about it as they had thought they were.

As though reading his mind, Hermione spoke again "Don't worry Harry, I'm the only one whose noticed. The people here aren't very observant." She said the last with a grin at an obvious slight to Ron.

"She..." Here his voice cracked slightly "She's my fiancé"

It was Hermione's turn to be shocked.

"Fiancé? But as far as I know you've never…" she stopped for a moment "She's from the future too isn't she?"

Harry smiled "Yes, she was with me at the end and helped me go back in time" This was slightly true.

Hermione again hugged Harry "I'm so happy for you Harry!" before pulling away "So who is she?"

"Her name is Nymphadora..."

"Harry!" came the quiet scolding from Tonks, who had been listening in to their conversation via Harry.

"I mean Tonks, just Tonks" he said quickly. "Only call her Tonks"

Hermione grinned "I'll be sure to"

"Be sure you do. She…doesn't like her given name. Anyway we met during the summer of my fifth year, when she disobeyed Dumbledore's orders and visited me at the Dursley's. For a year we dated and it was obvious to everyone that we were in love and that we would do anything for each other. I proposed two years later." Harry smiled grimly at the memory of how he had done it.

Flashback Start

February 25, 1997
Malfoy Manor

Harry slowly opened his eyes as pain racked through his body. He immediately regretted doing so as blood seeped into his left eye from a cut that slashed across his left eye. While it was a relatively short cut, it was a wonder that he still had his eye intact. Keeping his left eye shut he opened his right and tried to take in his surroundings. He could tell very little about his location as it was dark with very little light penetrating the darkness. In the distance he could vaguely make out the shape of bars, giving him a clue that he was prisoner. That fact was proven true when he tried to move, only to discover that his arms were chained to a wall above his head and his feet where likewise chained to the ground.

Realization slowly came to Harry where he most likely was. Malfoy Manor. At the same time great sorrow also overcame him as he remembered the lost that he had felt just a little bit ago. He, Hermione, Ron, and Tonks had discovered location of the ring of Gaunt, one of the last of Voldemort's vile horcuxes and had immediately set out to capture and destroy it. Unfortunately it was being hidden at Yaxley Manor. One of Voldemort's Inner Circle members. Harry himself had no idea why it would be hidden with Yaxley. It wasn't as if Yaxley was that big of a member. It turns out there was a good reason.

The raid on Yaxley Manor had gone well, up until they were getting ready to leave. They had the ring in possession and were preparing to leave when Voldemort struck. He had apparently known that they were after his soul containers and had lured them to a weakly defended manor. It was then that it started to turn ugly. Under heavy spell fire, Hermione realize that there was only one way to escape and win this war. By sacrificing herself she destroyed the ring to allow Harry, Tonks, and Ron to escape. However, things didn't turn out the way she had planned. At the last moment Ron had turned back to his girlfriend, believing that he would be unable to live without her. The ensuing explosion of Hermione's magical core as well as that of the Ring destroyed the manor and many of Voldemort's forces, while Voldemort himself managed to escape. However the explosion and temporarily knocked out both Harry and Tonks. It was evidently long enough for them to be captured.

He was brought out of his musings by a small feminine groan from right next to him. He instantly knew who it was.

"Nym?" he called out softly

"Nym?" he repeated after there was no answer.


"Nym, please wake up" he pleaded worriedly.

It was quiet for a minute before "Harry?"

"Oh, thank Merlin, Nym. Your awake" he cried out in relief

"Harry, what happened? Where are we?"

"The explosion must have knocked us out and we were captured."


Harry was quiet. It was a rhetorical question which she knew the answer to quickly, when he heard her chains rattling against the wall. Both of them quickly thought over their situation. They were both chained in what was most likely the dungeons of Malfoy Manor, Ron and Hermione were both dead, and their only hope of escape was currently unconscious in their hideout which was miles from here. They both knew that any hope of escape was hopeless. As far as they knew, this could be the end.

Time seemed to stretch indefinitely in the small dungeon they currently resided in. They had no awareness of the passage of time outside of the cell. They had been visited by Lucius Malfoy many times during their incarceration; luckily all that Malfoy had done was torture them with spells and promises of rape and death. It seems that Voldemort had forbidden anything more than torture spells against them. That was reserved for the Dark Lord himself. However they knew that their 'grace' period was coming to an end. Lucius had let slip during his last jaunt at them that Voldemort was coming soon to pay his 'final respects' to his sworn enemy.

The cell that they were in was more visible than it had been when they had first awoken. Light now streamed in from a small window and from candles outside of the cell door. Lucius had decided that they needed to see the suffering of each other. Blood caked around numerous cuts on their barely covered bodies, each in different stages of healing. Harry himself had suffered most of their torture. Simply because of who he was, and the fact that Harry had taken Draco from Lucius just days before. Harry knew that their time was coming and felt that he needed to say something to his love before it came.

"Nym?" he asked weakly

"Harry?" came the equally weak reply

"Nym, I just want to…" he began.

"No Harry. Don't say it, please. We'll be saved" she quietly interjected.

"Please Nym, let me say it. I need to say it, I don't know if I can any other time."

"No Harry, please…"

"I have to Nym. " When he heard grudging silence he knew they she would. "Nym, I just want you to know that I have always loved you. Every since you saved me from my uncle that summer, I knew it wasn't just a silly crush. You are the only person who has always been there for me. Ron's abandoned me before, even Hermione's done it once. Everyone has, except you." He was forced to stop when he began coughing up blood.

"Harry?" she called slightly panicked.

"I love you more than anything in this world, and if things had gone differently I would be..." He was interrupted by a loud commotion from above them.

Fearing that it was Voldemort coming from them finally and that she wouldn't be able to hear what he said she frantically called out "You would be what Harry?"

"I would be proposing to you this week." He said the last very weakly as he felt the last of his strength begin to leave him.

Tears came to Tonk's eyes as she realized what he had said. It had always been her dream that he would propose to her romantically, and she vowed that when she got out of here she would make Malfoy pay for ruining her proposal. As she heard the commotion get closer them she reached out with what little strength she had left and stretched out to reach Harry. Barely finding his hand, she clasped it tightly and replied quietly.

"and I would be saying yes"

At the moment of her declaration the cell door seemed to melt away and as she felt consciousness begin to leave her she turned her gaze into the face of a vengeful angel. Standing in the remnants the door frame stood a feral looking Fleur Delacour, completely transformed in full Veela warrior mode with balls of blue passion fire in each hand, she looked exactly like an angel of vengeance and conquest.

Tonk's smiled weakly to herself as she saw Fleur. She had told Harry that they were coming. She wouldn't lie to him.

Flashback End

Harry opened his eyes to the mental caresses of Tonks and physical hug of Hermione as she clutched to Harry tightly as tears streamed down her face.

"Oh Harry."

Harry said nothing as he held Hermione.

"You know you still owe me a proper proposal, love"

-Death's Angel-

A/n: I know I said in the timeline I posted that Harry proposed to Tonks on his birthday, but things changed and it needed to be changed to a later.

Oh and I know people are going to say that it's bad that Harry caved so easily to Fleur and told her, but it's vital to a part of the plot and I won't apologize for it. And about Hermione figuring out he's from the future so quickly, all I can say is "come on, she's Hermione! She's the smartest witch of her generation for a reason"