Death's Angel

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Chapter 5: The Heir of Cyrus and Dealings with Dragons

When the Lamb opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature say, "Come and see!" Then another horse came out, a fiery red one. Its rider was given power to take peace from the earth and to make men slay each other. To him was given a large sword- Revelation 6:3-4

"You may be Death Incarnate Harry Potter, but do not be so foolish as to believe that you are Death itself. One day you will die and face Judgment like the rest of this Earth"- Sylar Loxias to Harry Potter

War Zone
Unknown Date

Cyrus Loxias, son of Morgana Le Fay and sister to Anastasia, glared down at the quivering form of Raymond Fletcher who lay at his feet. All around him lay the mutilated bodies of members of the Hunters; all killed by his vengeful hand.

For over five month's, Cyrus had been searching for where the Hunters were keeping his beloved sister and now he had a person who knew that location at his feet and begging for mercy.

"Please…please don't hurt me," Fletcher said trembling.

Ignoring him, Cyrus placed his booted foot on Fletcher's chest and pointed his massive sword to the man's neck.

"Tell me where they are keeping her and maybe, just maybe, you get to keep your head."

"I don't…"

That was as far as he got before Cyrus pressed the sword tip into his neck drawing blood.

"Don't lie to me Fletcher. I know you know where she is, now just make it easy for both of us and tell me where that is."

Raymond Fletcher was not a man known for his bravery, much less his ability to stay strong under pressure. He frequently stayed out of battles and stuck to the back of the fighting, which was why he was still alive now. Somehow in spite of this, he still managed to become second in command to Wulfric Dumbledore, the current head of the Hunters. And now faced with his upcoming death, he was no stronger than before, especially with Cyrus' legendary sword threatening to take off his head.

"I'll tell you! Just stop, please!" he pleaded.

To his relief the sword pulled away, slightly.

"Now where are they? And don't make me ask again."

That broke any reservations that Fletcher could have had left.

Smirking down at the quivering man, Cyrus mentally remembered the location before turning his attention back to the man.

"Well then, I can't have them knowing that I know where they are now can I? They could very well move before I get there. So I'm so sorry but you're going to have to die now." He said in a voice that was anything but apologetic. "Know that your death came at the hands of War and that War is coming to all of your kindred."


With that Cyrus swung the sword back and severed the man's head from his body and strode away, magic cleaning the blade of any blood that had appeared on it.

Vengeance was coming.

-Death's Angel-

Present Time
Hogwarts Grounds

Harry walked towards the shore of Black Lake slowly as though unsure of why he was doing so. Ever since breakfast that morning, he had felt an unexplainable pull to do something and until this evening he hadn't known what it was. Now he knew the pull had settled into a specific place and that was the shore of Black Lake.

What bothered him the most about this was that the pull felt familiar to him; exactly like the pull he had felt from that brief period when he had locked eyes with the man from Durmstrang at breakfast. He didn't know what it was and that annoyed him.

Coming to the end shore he noticed that he wasn't alone, for standing almost on the surf was a tall silhouette of someone that was obviously masculine. Before he could even say anything, a deep voice reached him.

"Welcome Death."

Harry froze. No one except Fleur and Tonks knew of his status as such.

A dark laugh followed this as though the man had read his thoughts.

"Yes, I know of what you are Harry Potter," the man said again with slight amusement as he turned toward a shocked Harry.

The sight that greeted Harry once more shocked him. For standing at what must have been seven and a half feet tall was a giant of a man. The man towered over him with a dominating presence that was acclimated by the fact that his eyes were completely black with no whites, a stark contrast to the metal gray of his short hair that stuck up like frozen ridges of a saw blade. He was also heavily armored for heavy plated sections of metal covered every part of his body except his head with various metal spikes in the center of certain plates like his shoulders and he held a massive battle ax in one hand with the butt planted on the ground. However Harry instantly knew that this was the man from breakfast.

"Who are you?" was all that he could ask.

The man looked down at him and smiled and spoke in an almost prophetic voice. "I am War, the second of the Four Horsemen, and you are Death, the last of them."

Harry's eyes grew wide. He suddenly remembered what Fleur had told him the other night.

"The Four are some of the most powerful entities to exist, stronger than demons and angles, stronger than any mortal or immortal being to walk this Earth. Conquest, War, Famine, and finally Death. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are each said to post a representative in their stead here on Earth. Although, it has been centuries since the last was known."

It was logical to think that he wasn't the only of the Horsemen currently active, after all Death was supposed to come last….right?

"War?" was all that he managed to croak out.

"Indeed," here he turned back to the lake "war is upon us, you know this as well as I. You can't hide from war, Death. Even travelling back to the past won't save you from it. You can try to stop Voldemort's return to power all you want, but war will still make its way to the front."

Harry started at this. "How do you know I travelled to the past?"

War chuckled again "I know everything. You could say that to a degree I am omnipotent in anything regarding war itself. I know that you died from not your wounds from your final battle, but from the death of your soul bonded. I know that 4 years from now, you died at the hands of Lord Voldemort in an effort to save Hogwarts before coming back to defeat him in a highly anticlimactic battle. I know that right now on a planet 4 solar systems over that an entire race is being massacred."

He turned back to Harry, "I know everything about war and battle. I know when they occur and what is happening. I do not know the future however. Just the present."

Harry couldn't think of anything to say and stood silent processing this as War continued to look out over the lake.

"So am I the same?" he asked finally.

War turned towards him a bit surprised. "You don't know?"

"Know what?" he asked confused.

War sighed. "She didn't explain anything did she?" he said and Harry knew instantly that he was referring to Anastasia. However before he could reply War continued to speak. "Anastasia was never one to remember the little things," he said in a mumbled tone that Harry barely caught.

"Do you even understand what you are?"

"I am the Angel of Death…"

"Yes, yes," he interrupted. "You are that, but you are more than just that." He sighed, "Death is one of the Four Horsemen as you know; the last of them, biblically in fact. When in fact there is no particular order for us. At various periods in time there have been only one Horseman active. Usually it is War. For instance, I am the fourth War on this Earth since Salazar Slytherin."

"Salazar Slytherin?"

"She told you he was unimportant didn't she?" At his nod War sighed again. "The supposed Four Founders were not as unimportant as she wants them to be. For Salazar Slytherin, Rowena Ravenclaw, Helga Hufflepuff, and Godric Gryffindor were in fact the Four Angels of the Horsemen. Their time was not a great one, for their world was set upon by no less than four different Dark Lords at one time and the whole world, both magical and non, where engaged in total war. However in their final battle, in a last ditch effort to end the wars, they came together and combined their powers to defeat all darkness. But their efforts also resulted in their deaths. So all four angels were taken from this Earth.

Two of the positions were sent back: death in the form of Anastasia Le Fay and War a year previous in the form of Cyrus Loxias, her brother. The other two were not necessarily needed at that time. Sure there was still famine and conquests, however there was not enough to consequent an Angel present. The Horsemen themselves are perfectly capable of managing their charges. And it has been this way for some time. Numerous times there have been only a single Angel present, until your awakening for instance there has only been me. But now, times have changed. The world has need for all four of the Angels. Famine and Conquest are near, I can feel it as I'm sure you can."

War fell silent as he allowed all of this to sink in for Harry and he continued to stare out over the lake.

Finally Harry spoke, "What do you mean times have changed? I aim to cut off this war before it can begin."

War turned towards him with an exasperated look. "You may be trying to end this war early, but you won't succeed."

"What…" Harry began, only to be cut off.

"Voldemort will return, there is nothing you can do to stop that. Even if you prevent his rebirth at the end of the third task, he will come back later. The Fates have decided. War will descend upon Britain unlike anything you have seen before, do not assume that Famine and Conquest or I ,for that matter, will be on your side. There have been many times when all four have been pitted against each other. There will be suffering, it is just up to you how much there is."

"What should I do then?"

War gazed at him with a steely look. "Prepare for this war, and try not to fall during it. Do not be a victim of Death. When Voldemort returns you must be ready."

"I very much doubt that Death will allow me to fall in this. He sent me back."

War snapped at this. "Do not be so foolish! Do you honestly think Death gives a damn about you or this planet? Death may have sent you back, but he has his own motives, which you may never learn. Death does not take kindly to losing. You may be Death Incarnate Harry Potter, but do not be so foolish as to believe that you are Death itself. One day you will die and face Judgment like the rest of this Earth."

Harry flinched back at the sudden rebuke. He had not expected that and if he was honest with himself, it was something he deserved too. For a moment, he had believed that, but now that motion was forcefully removed.

"I'm…sorry," Harry finally said.

War nodded at him, "It is not mine to forgive, but it was well that you learned this now. All of the previous have learned this and it was best that you learned it now than moments before your death like so many others have."

That thought was not pleasant to Harry. If what he said was true, than how many of his predecessors had failed in their goals?

Shaking his head to send this macabre thought from his mind, Harry asked the question that he had been wondering since breakfast.

"Who are you?"

War laughed.

"And we finally reach this. Very well then."

At this his form began to shift, his armor blurred and began to melt away into a dark red mist and his height shrunk until he was around six foot and the black of his demonic eyes bled inward, creating whites and a slight red tint of his irises. His metallic hair lightened becoming the pure white that he remembered from earlier.

The man grinned and looked down at Harry, "Sylar Loxias at your service. The Horseman of War and descendant of Cyrus Loxias, the son of Morgana le Fay."

Harry grinned back. "Pleasure."


"So descendant, huh?"

Sylar laughed. "Yes I am."

"So does that make you my cousin or something?"

"You could look at it that way. Now, I must be off. We will meet again Harry Potter, just remember, suffering is coming and we must head it off before it becomes too great. We are not the only powerful beings in this world."

With that cryptic message, Sylar turned and disappeared into the dark of the night, presumably towards the Durmstrang ship, leaving Harry standing there, wondering about all that he had learned. That and he needed to speak to Anastasia again.

-Death's Angel-

Harry stared down at the small Hungarian Horntail in his hand and watched as it started to claw its way up his arm.

'Just like last time' he thought.

Once again he was facing the Horntail. Not that that was unexpected. He was starting to think that Dumbledore had a hand in everything in his life. 'Moody's' use of the unforgiveables in class was proof enough of that. Just what was the man thinking; having the imposter cast those curses in the presence and on 4th year students? It wasn't something he had paid much attention to the last time around, but now that he was thinking about it, ideas were glaring out at him.

The days following his meeting with War had been rather dull. Because of the fact that the first task was rapidly approaching Tonks had been very busy with beefing up the security and dealing with the 'secret' dragons that were inside of the Forbidden Forest, they had been generally unable to spend a lot of time together. However this was mediated a bit by the fact that they had their mental link, although it was quickly becoming obvious that that it had certain limitations, mainly distance. They were beginning to realize that if they became apart too far, that the bond they shared became strained and difficult to perceive more than just emotions.

But the one thing that majorly started to annoy him was Anastasia. He had wanted to confront her with what he had learned from War, but the sentient mind of Hogwarts had been particularly evasive and refused to meet with him; something that annoyed him, as she was one of the few spirits that he couldn't force to enter his presence. Harry was quickly becoming to realize that she wasn't as great as he had originally though her to be.

Vaguely, Harry heard the whistle that announced the beginning of Cedric's run against the Swedish Short-Snout that was his adversary. Harry all but zoned completely out and watched as the tiny dragon continued its exploration of his shoulder.

That was another problem of his. What to do with his dragon. Harry had completely avoided 'Moody' in his quest to make sure he came out on top of this challenge. The firebolt path that he had taken the first time around seemed almost mediocre the second time, and what was the point of doing the same thing twice? So he had thought long and hard about what to do this time, and it all came down to the idea of briefly exposing what he was, as had happened during the wand ceremony, to try to intimidate the dragon enough in order to get the egg. Something that would surely give him credit. After all, not many could scare a fully grown dragon.

There was a sudden jolt as he realized that the tent was entirely empty and that the crowd noise had died down. It was his turn at the task. Evidently his musings had taken more time than he had thought. He really needed to stop that, he thought idly.

The whistle again pierced through his thoughts, its shrill tone beckoning him towards the tent flap and towards the beginning of the first major change in this timeline.

Taking a breath, Harry stepped into the limelight once more.

-Death's Angel-

The Horntail seemed bigger than Harry remembered. Of course that probably had more to do with the scorching hot flames that had leapt from the maw of the chained dragon at the other end enclosure, than it had to do with its actual size.

Harry ducked behind a boulder to avoid the all consuming flames to consider his first move. In order to release his aura to the dragon, he needed to be a bit closer, for proximity was everything.

Once the flames had dwindled away, Harry quickly dashed from behind the boulder and ran towards one closer to the dragon. Surprisingly, no flames greeted this movement and when Harry moved from the boulder to face the dragon he saw it's face steely glaring at him as though he was some insignificant bug. Unblinkingly it continued to stare at him, making no further movement to attack him. All around him, the audience was deathly silent as they watched the supposedly weak 4th year stand up to the enraged Horntail mother.

Taking this opportunity, Harry took a breath and released his aura, and for a split second the Angel of Death became apparent in all his glory before it faded away to the small 4th year boy that Harry looked like. The apparition was so quick that anyone of the audience who happened to catch the glimpse thought that it was just their imagination. But for the gigantic Hungarian Horntail just in front of him, whose visual speeds vastly surpassed the normal human, it was exceedingly long enough.

The Horntail's eyes widened slightly and she looked to be cowed enough for Harry to believe that she wouldn't be much of a problem for the duration of this task.

"Simple," Harry thought as he began to move towards the clutch of eggs.

He was almost to the eggs when a shrill scream pierced through the silence that had fallen; a scream that was quickly taken up by the majority of the crowd. He barely had time to look up before at the warning before the spiked tail of the dragon smashed into his stomach and sent him flying across the arena, slamming into the wall behind him.

Harry groaned in pain as he looked up into the eyes of the dragon from where she was perched protectively over her clutch of eggs. What he saw scared him slightly. If a dragon could ever look smug than the visage of the one before him was that.

Harry leaned against the wall of the arena and pushed himself up, ignoring the pain that laced through his body and looking down he took stock of the condition his body was in. There was a chunk of his side missing from where the spike had torn into him and blood was bleeding profusely from it, but other than that he seemed whole.

Muttering a simple healing spell that would hold until he could get to Madame Pompfrey, he turned to glare at the dragon that had defied him. The Horntail simple glared back him, challenging him to try again.

Harry knew that in that moment he wouldn't be getting through this like he had originally planned. The dragon was intimidated by him like he had thought it would. Rather it seemed…amused?

"What is she playing at? I really hate to do this, but…"

"ACCIO FIREBOLT!" he shouted out.

He winced as he heard the window of his room shatter in the distance. He was so going to pay for that later.

The dragon seemed to realize that he had done something and reared back, opening her maw to throw flames at him when he saw his Firebolt hurtling towards him out of the side of this eye. Running forward Harry leaped off a rock just as the broom reached him and soared out of the way of the incoming rushing dragon flames.

Spiraling up to the sky he looked down and saw the dragon below him looking considerably smaller than before. He grinned. Just another Quidditch game. With a rather protective Horntail being an over protective, and much, much larger Keeper.


Diving downward a furious pace, Harry saw out of the corner of his eye the dragon's massive eyes following his every movement closely. He needed something else. Simple Quidditch tactics weren't going to work for this Keeper. Harry swerved violently as the dragon tried to swipe him once again with her tail.

The motion brought him extremely close the far wall and caused him to make an almost 90 degree turn in a split second, bringing an awed gasp from the crowd that barely reached his ears.

"Great Scott, he can fly!" he heard being yelled from Bagman in a near mimicry of his previous attempt. "Are you watching this, Mr. Krum?"

Harry rocketed straight up into the clouds. He needed another approach to this he thought as he leveled out and looked down at the dragon that was still watching him. She wasn't going to go easy. It's almost like she knew what he was going to do before hand. But that was impossible, she couldn't possibly…

"She knows," the thought shocked him to the core. She knew everything that he was going to do beforehand. Almost as if she had prior knowledge. Almost as if she remembered him…

Then Harry smirked. If she knew him, then he could still pull this off. He just had to do something drastic.

Pulling into a steep dive Harry raced directly towards the enormous dragon in a move that seemed to shock her.

"WHAT IS HE DOING?" the scream of Bagman below him reached him and cause Harry to grin.

Not wanting to be dive bombed, the dragon opened her great maw as thought to swallow him whole. Her waiting teeth were just itching to close around him.

Just as he reached her face Harry whipped out his wand and screamed a blinding spell towards her reptilian, golden eyes and turned his broom with agility that could only come from years of seeker skills and darted around her in order to end up behind her. The blinding spell would only last a few seconds on the magnificent beast and he needed to do what he needed before she could spot him again. Pointing his wand at himself Harry whispered out two spells in quick succession that impacted him immediately.

The dragon suddenly snapped out of her blindness and hurriedly whipped her head around to face her challenger, just in time to see him race away from her towards the back of the arena.

Not this time. He had seriously pissed her off this time. Her giant leather wings snapped apart to their full wingspan that reached to nearly each side of the arena and beat them downwards in a powerful motion that propelled her up and forwards towards her prey. He was going down.

Chasing towards her prey she was startled as he suddenly stopped and turned towards her. But she looked immensely happy at this sudden change and opened her maw and clamped her teeth shut over the blasted boy that dared challenged her…

-Death's Angel-

An even shriller scream than before broke through the crowd before a deathly silence fell over the crowd as they saw the Boy-Who-Lived be eaten by the adult Hungarian Horntail. They didn't know how to process this. This wasn't possible.

-Death's Angel-

…to meet nothing but air. A whistling of wind alerted her to something behind her and she snapped her neck and head around to see what she had thought was her prey dive towards her nest.

She roared in outrage at this and futilely charged toward him to try to prevent him from reaching the eggs, but he had already snagged what she knew was the fake egg and had shot away.

Quick, white hot flames raced after him, but he was gone, to the shocked approval and overbearing applause of the watching crowd.

-Death's Angel-

[Edit] Quick note: Several people have commented on Conquest not being one of the Horsemen. It is. If you look it up, the Four Horsemen are in order: Conquest (White), War (Red), Famine (Black), and Death (Pale Green). Conquest could also stand for Victory and can represent plague, evil, or righteousness. Pestilence sometimes is used to replace Conquest in popular culture, but is not the biblical Horseman. So I am not getting it wrong.

A/n: Before I get to my rant: Harry is arrogant. Not to Malfoy degree, but in my mind if you were 18 something (or less depending on some stories) and were suddenly given the power of the gods that is matched by very few then you are going to have a degree of "Oh I'm unstoppable" and be a little arrogant. You aren't going to be all humble and think you are going to die very soon.
War doesn't know the future. Think parallel universe type things.
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At the moment you could consider most of my stories as dead. I want to rewrite Vampyre Rising to a degree, and parts of this story also. I fully intend to keep writing eventually, but I'm not sure when that will be. If I do, this story will be my focus and once I finish it, I'll move on to the others. I'm really sorry about that, but real life calls foremost. I'll keep trying though, but I can't say when another chapter of this will come out. It could be a month from now, or even another year. I don't know.

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