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Title: Enemy across the Line
Gundam Seed
Kira/Fllay/Yzak triangle
One cold, rainy, night changes the lives of many people, especially for a young red head and lonely coordinator. Kira/Fllay/Yzak

Disclaimer: I don't own Mobile Suit Gundam Seed.

Enemy across the Line – Chapter One

Kira stared down at his shaking hands and couldn't believe what he had just done. The gun in his hand felt heavier than ever before. He glanced back at the evidence of the crime he had just committed and his stomach flipped. The guy's eyes were still wide open, his mouth parted as well in an attempt to scream.

The man had no weapon on himself and probably wasn't even going to hurt him, but Kira was scared. He had been living in a hell since before he could remember and the only way to survive was to be wary.

Still, this was the first time he had actually killed someone. Finally reaching his limit he rushed over to the dumpster and puked up all the spaghetti he had eaten for dinner.

It was violent and gross, the red reminding him of the blood rushing from the man's chest. Even after he had puked up everything in his stomach he kept on heaving. He was a wreck and he had no idea what he was going to do.

A strong gust of wind blew past and then a sound of thunder rumbled loudly as a downpour of rain started.

Kira slowly walked towards the other side of the alley and slumped down again the wall, letting the cold rain soak him to the bone. His breath let out steam as the cold air mixed with it. It was at that moment that he thought about letting himself freeze to death. That way he would be done with all the worries and hell in his life.

It was easier thought than done though; it had barely been five minutes when he started to shiver from the cold. Still, he didn't move. His eyes stayed open as he stared off into space trying to think of anything but the cold and the pain.

Just as he was about to close his eyes and pass out, he no longer felt the cold and harsh rain on his body. He looked up to see emotionless blue eyes staring down at him. It was a young girl, probably no older than him. Her skin was ghostly pale and her hair was a dull red. She was super thin as well, probably way under a healthy weight but that wasn't really something strange in this day and time.

If she didn't look so worn down he was pretty sure she would have been a beauty, maybe even the prettiest woman he had ever seen. However – right now – she looked like she was barely clinging to life and that her soul was grasping to her with a small piece of string.

She continued to stare down at him, with the ragged but useful enough umbrella she held over their heads.

Kira wanted to speak but his throat was raw from vomiting. He was also shivering too hard to be able to spit out anything coherent. She seemed to notice so she bent down closer to his face and placed a hand on his cheek.

Kira stared into her lifeless eyes and felt a chill run down his spine but for some reason she intrigued him.

"Thank you."

The words were quiet but he was positive that she had said them. Looking confused by it the girl turned to look at the man he had just killed. Putting two and two together he figured that man was someone keeping her captive. It was something that had been going on for awhile, girls without parents or parents that owed a lot of money would end up selling their daughters to men like him.

They would train the girls to be prostitutes and get them addicted to many drugs. It was a disgusting thing. Kira's eyes darted to the thin girl's arms and sure enough there were many holes from being shot up as well as many bruises.

He felt ashamed. Here he was - perfectly healthy – but wanting to die. He may have killed a man but he should be a man about it and take the consequences. He slowly rose to his feet, getting the girl to back away from him.

Then he held out his hand.

She didn't grab it though, just continued to stand there.

"Come with me, we have to get out of this rain. I promise I won't hurt you, though I know that doesn't sound very convincing." He waited, not wanting to rush her.

After a long while he was thinking she would never take his hand so he dropped it and turned away. "Sorry for bothering you, please find somewhere safe and dry."

He really wanted to help her but he didn't want to force her to do anything, God knows she has been through enough of that. Just as he was about to walk away he felt a tug on his shirt.

He looked at her eyes and was surprised to find that they looked pleading and scared. He smiled softly and held out his hand one more time. She took it without hesitation but it had barely any strength in it.

Kira covered her hand up, wanting to warm it but not wanting to hurt her either. She felt so fragile, almost like she would break if he put any pressure. They started their walk back to his hole in the wall that he called a home. It wasn't anything fancy but it kept him warm. She placed the umbrella over the both of them but with a little difficulty because of the differences in height.

Kira placed his other hand on hers that was holding the umbrella and smiled at her again. "I will take care of this."

She nodded her head and let him take it with ease. It was much better now but still a little awkward since she wouldn't stand to close to him. He decided it would be best if she was covered more so he let his shoulder hang out on the side.

After a few blocks of walking Kira was starting to feel a little safer. He was finally reaching the part of town that was more for his kind- their turf to put it in gang terms. He hated to leave it but his friends would get mad at him for always hiding away. Just as they crossed the line he felt the girl stop and pull away. He turned to look at her face and saw the look of fear that was when it hit him.

"You're a natural aren't you?"

She tried to pull her hand out of his as tears began to form in her eyes. "Please don't hurt me, I promise I will do anything you ask of me."

"I'm not going to hurt you. I have nothing against naturals, my parents were naturals."

This seemed to calm her down a bit, but only a little.

"Listen, I'm not going to force you to come with me but my home is not far from here. It's cold and you could use some food and a place to sleep. I will let you stay as long as you like but at least stay for just the night. Otherwise I will worry and feel guilty for leaving such a frail woman out in the cold and rain."

She nodded her head. Her hand was shaking in his but she continued to walk with him.

Once they reached his place, Kira let go of her hand to pull out a key. "Now, it's not much to look at but it should be good enough."

She said nothing as he began to open the door. She looked around curiously as she observed the place. He wasn't lying about the place being not much but she felt a certain warmth from it that made her relax. It was just a one room apartment with a kitchen sink, small stove, a closet and few other small items here and there.

"You can take a seat anywhere."

She did as she was told and sat down quietly on the floor just a few feet away from the door.

"Um, I will get you a change of clothes. I have the perfect thing left behind from my mother, though it might be a little loose on you." He walked towards the clothes and rummaged through all the junk he had in there.

She was amazed by all the things he was able to get in there and was curious on what all of it was but then thought it was probably things left by his family who were obviously dead by the way he mentioned them.

It wasn't long before he pulled out a light pink bunch of material. He unraveled it with a jerk and watched as some dust flew off.

"Um, sorry about it being dusty but it should be better than soaking wet clothes for now."

She stared at it. It was a simple dress that was sure to go down past her knees. It had long sleeves and would probably hug any sort of curve she had but not make her look slutty. In fact she was sure the dress was suppose to make her look like an innocent girl, which almost made her want to laugh. She took it anyway with a nod and started to peel off her clothes.

"Oh- whoa! Wait a minute, at least wait for me to go outside or something."

She shook her head and held on to his arm to keep him from darting out. "Don't worry about it."

He stayed still so she let go of his arm and continued to get undressed. She watched as he never once turned around to look at her, it was really unusual. It almost made her feel embarrassed by the way he was acting so she got dressed as quickly as possible.

She zipped up the back of her dress as much as she could but then it got stuck on something.

"Um, I'm sorry to ask, but could you help me?"

Kira turned around and noticed her distress. "Oh! I'm sorry. Sure thing." He quickly zipped up her dress as if it was as easy as ripping a piece of paper and she wondered why it felt stuck to her.

"I just remembered."

She froze when she hear him speak again.

"I don't know your name."

She turned to look at him and saw the seriousness in his eyes. She wanted to mention to him that she didn't know his name either but figured she should tell him first since he was doing her this favor.

"It's Fllay."

He held out his hand one more time and Fllay was curious as to why.

"It's nice to meet you Fllay, my name is Kira." He waited and she realized he wanted to shake her hand. She took it and lightly shook his hand back.

He let go of her hand quickly and then turned around towards the stove. "I'm going to make some soup. Just make yourself at home."

She noticed he had some clothes for himself in his hand so she figured he would want some of his own privacy. So she walked towards the wall and sat down facing it.

She heard him laugh and wondered what was going on.

"You look like a child in timeout or something."

She turned back around to see he was just in his underwear. It surprised her when she noticed how toned he was for such a frail looking young man. It was obvious he had been trained to fight.

"I just thought you would want some privacy for changing."

He quickly pulled up his pants and put on a simple long sleeve cotton shirt. "Yeah, I figured. It doesn't matter as much to me since I'm just a guy though."

Fllay stared at him in wonder. She had never met someone like him before. She didn't even know his kind still existed. All she ever knew where men who wanted to put their greasy hands all over her.

She shuddered at the thought.

"Are you cold?"

Realizing that she must have shuddered enough for him to see she shook her head back and forth. "No, I just remembered something unpleasant is all."

She watched as he gave her a sad look and then turned to look away. She didn't want his pity- that was the last thing she wanted from anyone after all she had been through.

Soon she heard the clanging of dishes and the sound of gas being turned on. She figured he decided not to say anything more and go back to cooking that soup. Her stomach growled slightly at the thought of food. It had been a long time since she ate something decent. She blushed slightly when it was loud enough for Kira to here.

"Oh good, you're hungry. It won't be long now."

Fllay began to relax even more. She couldn't believe how she ended up in such a situation. She just hoped it wouldn't bring her more hard times.

Kira woke to the sound of a loud banging on his door. He sat up quickly and looked around the room to see that Fllay was looking terrified.

"It's okay, I will check it out. You just stay here and keep out of sight."

She nodded her head as he got up and rushed towards the door.

Kira peeked through the peep hole in his door and relaxed some when he saw who it was. He slowly opened the door and stepped out, being careful not to let him see inside.

"What's going on, Athrun?"

He took a minute to notice his appearance and saw that he looked a little stressed out.

"I'm afraid I've got some horrible news! It's Rau Le Creuset, he has been killed!"

Kira's eyes opened wide. He had heard the man's name a lot. He was supposedly a powerful leader for the coordinators and very looked up to. He never had the opportunity to see the man himself though.

"What happened?"

"Those damn naturals! He was in the natural's territory trying to do business when some random person shot him! He wasn't even armed at the time!"

Kira could feel the color from his face start to fade. It couldn't be possible. He couldn't have actually killed a man on their own side. The image of the man's corpse was starting to come back as he started to feel the soup he ate last night trying to come back.

"Are you okay, Kira? You don't look so good."

Kira just shook his head. "I'm probably getting a cold. I got caught out in the rain last night."

Athrun looked him over as if he didn't believe him. Kira knew he should have come up with a better lie, after all coordinators didn't get sick that easy. However, he must have looked bad enough for Athrun to buy it for the time being.

"Well then, you should get back to bed and get some rest. I will come by later to check up on you. We might actually have a group meeting later tonight because of the situation."

Kira reached for the door to head back in. "Thanks. I will see you later then." Just as he was about to open the door Athrun called out his name. He froze, wondering if he had caught on to something.


"You need to be extra careful from now on. You live really close to the border so I worry about you."

Relaxing, Kira turned back around to smile at his friend. "Don't worry- I'm being even more careful than usual. Thanks for the warning."

His friend waved goodbye to him and then walked away, probably going door to door to let everyone else know of the news. Sometimes he wondered how his best friend had turned into such a war nut. When they were younger he always talked about how he hated the fighting but now he seemed to be an expert at it.

Then again, he had changed a lot after the death of his mother during that bombing. It was a horrible time, he had lost his parents in that same bombing but Kira didn't change nearly as much as Athrun. The war got worse after that bombing since it had both coordinators and naturals in it. Sometimes he wished he had been with his parents during that time. In a way he was glad they weren't around to see what he had become along with the rest of the world.

Fllay was sitting in the same spot when he came back in, just staring at the door.

"It's alright- it was just a friend of mine."

Fllay nodded her head.

"We need to talk though." Kira had a feeling this was going to make this day a living hell again.

"Okay." She didn't seem like she really wanted to talk, but Kira could tell that she also didn't want to tell him no. He was pretty sure she still didn't trust him all the way.

"I won't ask anything too personal but I need to know a few things to get it straight."

He took a seat across from her and looked her straight in the eyes.

"You told me 'thank you' yesterday. Why is that?"

She shifted uncomfortably and averted her eyes for a bit. "It's because you killed the man who wouldn't let me go."

"Who was that man?"

He waited for her to respond, trying not to scare her off.

"He was a coordinator – like you – I think he went by the name Creuset." She looked back up at him only to be shocked by the look on his face.

"Um, what's wrong?"

He lowered his head and without warning he slammed his fist on the floor over and over. "SHIT! Damn it!"

She backed away, wondering what he would do to her if he seemed that angry.

But as soon as he started he quickly stopped and looked back up to her. "I'm sorry for that, don't worry, it has nothing to do with you."

"Was killing him a bad thing?"

Kira looked at her and frowned. "In my opinion- no, after all, the way he treated you – natural or not – he seemed like a rotten man. Unfortunately, I need to keep this information to myself because the others aren't going to think so. He was one of our leaders."

Fllay grabbed a piece of her hair and fiddled with it nervously. "If you don't mind me asking, why did you kill him?"

It was silent for a long time. They seemed to have a lot of those.

"It was on accident, sort of. He startled me and he was saying some creepy things. I had no idea who he was so in an act of panic, I-"

Fllay nodded her head in understanding. She knew how it ended anyway- she had watched the last parts of her captive's life die out. She had seen the man who shot him freak out and puke his guts out.

At first, she was scared out of her mind. She wanted to run away, thinking she would be next but then she couldn't pull away from her captive's body. She had no idea if it was morbid fascination with seeing his dead body or if it was a sort of crazy attachment she had to him after all the years of torment he put her through.

"Anyway, we need a plan now." Kira got back up off the floor and headed to the stove again. "I'm going to make breakfast."

"What do you mean a plan?"

She watched as he skirmished around, looking for certain pans and other things. "Well, what are you planning to do exactly? You are free from your captor now but do you have a place to go?"

Realization finally dawned on Fllay when he asked this.

"You can stay here if you like. I can't promise you complete safety but you can bet that I won't do anything to you. At least you can stay with me until you find a better place."

He said all this while his back was turned to her. She could hear the nervousness in his voice and smiled slightly. It was strange how a coordinator was going out of his way to help her when he was in enough trouble on his own. She really expected him to kick her out because having her around would only make him more suspicious especially if people knew she used to belong to Creuset.

"Thank you, but are you sure?"

He turned around a nodded his head. "Dead sure."

She laughed at the irony of the words he used, which caught him off guard. "What's so funny?"

She covered her mouth when responding. "Well, this situation is funny in an ironic sort of way really."

He smiled back. "I suppose you are right."

The rest of the day was spent in small chatter and comfortable silence. They ate their food slowly and just enjoyed being able to rest and pretend like the world was not like the way it was.

If only anyone had any idea that a coordinator and a natural were actually having a nice time together behind those rusty doors. How well would that go over?

They both had no idea but at the moment they really didn't care. For once they had a small bit of peace in their lives and they didn't feel quite so alone.

To Be Continued.