I may not have ever been on drugs but I have certainly dealt with some bad pains like that- especially with the whole puking from the shock of the shot. I never want to go through that again and I'm sure Fllay doesn't either.

By the way, I no longer have a beta reader. I decided if I want to get the chapters out sooner I should just post them after trying to fix them as best as I could by myself.

Title: Enemy across the Line
Gundam Seed
Kira/Fllay/Yzak triangle
One cold, rainy, night changes the lives of many people, especially for a young red head and two coordinators. Kira/Fllay/Yzak
I don't own Mobile Suit Gundam Seed.

Enemy across the Line – Chapter Three

Kira rushed through the buildings in a hurry to get to Athrun's place. He knew that Athrun would be angry at him for harboring a natural but he also knew how much Athrun trusted him as a friend. He was bound to help him out. At least he really hoped so.

A few people waved at him as he ran by but he didn't have time to chat. They probably wondered what was wrong because he was always a friendly person. After a few breaks and more sprints he had finally made it to Athrun's place. He was breathing really heavy and having a hard time standing but he was there.

He rang the doorbell and waited. It didn't take long for Athrun's voice to come over the intercom in a worried voice.

"Kira! What happened? What is wrong?" he buzzed him in and Kira staggered his way to the door.

Athrun was there waiting for him with a look of worry all over his face. Kira smiled at his friend, he was glad that even through all the change in the war he was still his best friend.

"I need your help." He took a deep breath to try and get back into control of his breathing and exhaled slowly.

"What's going on, Kira?" Athrun ushered Kira into his home and put him down in one of his chairs.

"You had to deal with people who were addicted to heroin, haven't you?"

Athrun's looked at Kira strangely. "You didn't?"

Kira waved his hands in the air in panic. "No- no! It's not about me."

Athrun sighed in relief. "What's going on? Is there someone who needs help?"

Kira nodded his head. "It's a young girl. I found her and took her to my place but I have no idea what to do."

Athrun quickly rushed towards a closet next to the door and pulled out a pair of keys. "I know just the thing. Let's go get it and help her out."

Kira smiled, Athrun hated knowing that people were suffering. However, he wondered if he would have been this upset if he knew that she was just a natural. He decided that it would be best if he kept that to himself until they got there. He felt a little guilty for tricking him but Fllay's needs were way more important right now.

They walked quickly to the medical ward that Athrun's father had most control over. It was kind of ironic that such a cold hearted man was in charge of people's health but right now he was glad since that meant Athrun had his way around the place.

He walked him over to a medicine cabinet and took out his keys to unlock it. "The thing she is going to need is another dangerous drug so she will need to be monitored when taking it. This is a medication brand but the drug itself is another one they use on the market."

Kira sighed. It figured that the only help would be another drug.

Athrun handed him a few bottled of something called Methadone and then shut the cabinet and locked it. "That should be enough. This will take time but that should at least help with all the withdrawal symptoms."

Kira nodded his head. "Thanks Athrun."

"Let's get going then."

They made their way back to Kira's house with Kira wondering how well Athrun was going to take this.

"Kira!" Athrun yelled at him when he saw the girl shivering on the floor.

He glared at him with a new found anger. "This girl, she couldn't possibly be a coordinator!"

In reality, there was no easy way to tell who was a coordinator and who was a natural except for their huge difference in strength. However, the state she was in was a huge clue. While coordinators could get addicted to the drug, their symptoms to the addiction were not as severe.

"Um, yeah about that-" he was nervous now.

"I have no reason to help a natural."

At this Kira got a little angry back. "What do you mean? She is just another helpless girl! She hasn't done anything wrong."

Athrun looked back at the form laying and shaking on the floor but didn't look convinced.

Kira's face hardened. "Are you going to tell me that you would let a girl die just because she is a natural? Have you seriously turned that cold?"

"It was her fault for getting addicted in the first place." He voice was cold and harsh.

Kira was furious now. What right did Athrun have in saying something like that? He had no idea who she was!

"I'm disappointed in you." He almost couldn't hold back his rage as his fist clenched so tight he was sure that he was ripping the skin in his palm.

"How dare you! You know what they have done to our kind." He lashed out in anger.

Kira looked at Fllay, she had turned to look and see what was going on. She looked like hell, her face was ghostly white again and her lips were chapped.

"She didn't do anything besides she is like this because of us!"

This took Athrun by surprise. "What do you mean by that?"

Kira decided it would be better if Athrun hated him more than he hated her. "You know that man Crueset, right?"

Athrun nodded his head but glared at him in a way that said he better be careful what he said next.

"Well he was the one who did this to her. He drugged her against her will and used her as a sex slave."

Athrun looked back at the girl and then towards Kira again. "How do you know this? She could have just been lying."

Kira couldn't believe how stubborn Athrun was being. Maybe he was wrong in thinking he was still the same friend he could always trust.

"I know! I know because I'm the one who killed him!"

Here was a girl who had done nothing wrong in her life and was getting treated like she was the most evil thing in the world-while the man who actually was the evil of the world was getting praised and mourned over his much deserved death.

Athrun dropped the bag he was carrying and Kira was glad that he was the one holding on to the medication.

"I knew something was going on with you but I never dreamed it would be this bad."

They stared at each other as if trying to see who would crack first.

A small moan from Fllay is what had Kira break away. He rushed over to Fllay to check her temperature again. She was still burning. He took the cloth from the water bowl next to her and whipped her down again. She grabbed his hand but it was even weaker than usual. "I'm sorry." She croaked and Kira felt like crying but sucked it up.

He turned back to his best friend while holding on to her hand. "If you don't help her and decide to rat on me then I will be sure to fight you. You can count on that."

Athrun said nothing but he could see how serious Kira was. He had no idea why he seemed to be so attached to a stranger - and a natural at that - but then again it was Kira. Sighing, he gave in and made his way next to her.

"I'm not going to tell on you." He opened his bag and took out a needle. "Hand me one of those bottles would you?"

Kira was shocked that Athrun gave in after all the fuss he was putting up earlier. He wasn't going to jinx it and ask him why he changed his mind though. He watched silently as he began to treat Fllay with expertise.

He kept holding on to Fllay's hand through all of it. Despite the pain she also seemed to be a little afraid of Athrun. He wasn't surprised though, she had no real reason to trust him except from his word and even still she had no reason to even trust himself.

After he was done Fllay started to dose off and her shivers slowed down.

"Her fever should go down but when she wakes up she will be covered in sweat. Get her into something drier to wear and wipe her down. When she gets her strength back take her to my home so she can take a bath, she really needs it."

Kira got up and let got of her hand as she fell asleep. He felt so relieved to see that she wouldn't be suffering as much anymore.

"Thank you Athrun."

Athrun put away his tools and sighed. "I will come by every day to monitor her and slowly wean her off this with plenty of fluids and possibly an IV. She is still going to be weak from time to time but this is better than cold turkey right away."

"Thank you again Athrun." Kira was just going to drop it but he couldn't help but ask. "Why did you change your mind?"

Athrun looked at the sleeping girl and closed his eyes. "I didn't do it for her."

Kira looked confused and Athrun saw this when he looked back at him.

"When I saw how you rushed towards her and even looked at me as if you would kill me to save her, well I was convinced."

Kira felt a little guilty for saying such harsh things to his friend. "I'm sorry about that. I didn't really mean it."

"Sure you did but it's okay- I understand." Athrun stood up and headed towards the door. "I'm going to head home now, but we are going to need to have a long discussion soon."

Kira nodded his head. "Sure."

Then Athrun was gone and Kira was left alone with Fllay once again. This girl had really changed his life already and he wasn't really sure why he cared so much.

Fllay trailed behind Kira slowly as they made their way to Athrun's house. She was still a little weak and tired so he kept a slow pace. Thinking it would be best to keep her hidden until she was completely healed he took her down all the darker places.

She was scared so she held on to his arm. Kira promised her that nothing would happen because he was there but the dark places always brought back bad memories for her.

By the time they reached his house, Fllay was exhausted. She didn't know how she was going to be able to make the trip back without passing out or just making herself gross again from the sweat.

Kira pressed the buzzer to call for Athrun. Fllay watched silently from behind him. She kept trying to tell herself that it was all going to be okay but for some reason she couldn't stop shaking from nerves.

Athrun's face showed up in the monitor. He knowingly nodded his head and buzzed them in. Flay was hesitant until Kira held out his hand for her. She took it and relaxed some when she felt his warmth. She took a deep breath and tried to tell herself that – if Kira trusted him – she should do the same.

His house was so grand that Fllay couldn't help but gawk at her surroundings. Kira laughed slightly when he noticed her open mouth.

"It takes awhile to get use to doesn't it?"

Fllay only nodded her head in response.

That was when Athrun walked up. He gave her the look over but mostly ignored her presence as he began to talk with Kira.

"Sorry if it was hard to get her here. I will be sure to give you guys a ride back." Athrun then motioned for one of their maids to come over.

"It's not a problem, but that would be nice since she is still a little week." Kira responded, watching the maid. He always thought it was strange to see them but he figured everyone had to make a living in same way or another.

The maid bowed at them and kept her eyes down.

"If you would please show Miss. Fllay to the bathing courters and give her any help she may need."

"Yes Sir." She finally looked up at Fllay and instantly she felt nervous. The maid was obviously not happy having to serve someone she didn't know anything about.

"If you would follow me ma'am."

Fllay followed her down the hall, hoping she would make it back to Kira eventually. She was getting the strangest feelings that she might not survive this.

"Enjoy yourself Fllay. I will be waiting here for you so don't worry."

Fllay calmed some when she heard Kira say this. He always seemed to know what to say to her, like he could read her like a book. It was both soothing and a little unnerving at the same time. She hoped it was just him that could read her like that and she wasn't jut wearing her emotions on her sleeves. She waved at him as he waved back and continued to follow the maid, who was starting to leave her in the dust.

Fllay soaked in the wonderful bath and never felt so good. She was always usually covered in grim and dirt. She loved the smells that flowed in the water and the smells of the soaps and shampoos.

The maids tried to help her bath at first but she struggled with them until they gave up. She didn't want anyone to see her body. All the holes and bruises she had was not something she wanted to show off.

After she vigorously washed her body and hair she just sat in the tub and soaked. It was quit a shock- she never in a thousand years would have guessed she would be in a place like this a few weeks ago.

Her mind wondered back to the days before she was captured. She was a happy little girl, probably spoiled beyond belief.

Then the wars started. At first it didn't affect her much, she was in the good part of the town but soon it trickled in.

The worst day ever was when her parents had left her to go fill out some thing for their survival and they never came back. She watched in horror on the news how the building used to help people was targeted and bombed. They had no hopes for any survivors as the smoke and fire kept rising higher and higher into the sky.

Fllay was an orphan instantly. She hid out into her huge house for many days, praying they would come, that it was just a dream.

The only people who came in happened to be drug dealers looking for a place to hang out. She decided to sneak out of the house to keep from getting caught.

While she was sneaking out she heard a familiar voice and froze. Her emotions got the best of her because the voice sounded just like her father's. She followed it until she came around a tall man with a mask and blonde hair. She reached out to him in a blunder, calling out for her father.

She was weak, starving and in so much pain so the stress of it all made her collapse. When she came to she was being fed through and IV and thought she had been saved. She found out the man she saw was not her father but was actually a man named Creuset.

He was so kind to her. Treating her like a precious jewel, brainwashing her to trust him. He even went so far as to tell her he knew who bombed that building and would help her get her revenge. Then he used her to earn profits by feeding her drugs and selling her off to high politicians that could afford her.

Tears began to stream down her face as she thought about all those horrible things she had to endure. She didn't know how she managed to make it out alive. There were many times when she wanted to kill herself but she ended up being too much of a coward to ever go through with it.

"Miss Fllay, are you okay in there?"

Fllay was jerked out of her memories at the sound of the knock on the door. She quickly splashed water on her face and answered.

"Yes, I'm just about to get out."

She rose out of the bath, sad that it would be over but figure they were getting impatient with her. She didn't want to make Kira wait too much longer either.

She walked over to where she had laid out her clothes and frowned when she realized they were not there.

"Where are my clothes?" she asked out loud, hoping someone was there to hear her.

Then one of the maids came in with a bundle of clothes in her hand. "They are currently being washed. The master has provided another outfit for you."

Fllay looked at the dress and was amazed by the quality of the fabric. She couldn't believe that coordinator would let her wear something this nice. She wondered if it was because of Kira or if it was because he just didn't have anything else shabbier around his huge house. For some reason she couldn't help but feel insulted, no matter what it was.

Still, she couldn't very well go around naked. She slipped it on and looked at herself in the mirror and was shocked. The color, shape and everything looked perfect on her. It was still a bit lose but that was to be expected with her lack of weight.

She started to twirl a bit to see how it flowed until she heard a light cough from the maid behind her. She blushed slightly but was also annoyed by how rude the maid was being to her.

"Please follow me. The masters are waiting in the lobby."

Fllay did as she was told.

Fllay walked into the huge lobby, expecting to see Kira and Athrun but was surprised to see there was a new person in the room. It was a young girl, about her age, with pink hair and a bright smile on her face.

Fllay felt like sneering. She knew this girl had to be rich and pampered. She felt jealous because she used to be that way.

"Oh My! It fits you so nicely!"

The young girl rose from her seat when she saw Fllay enter and clasped her hands together in a girly way. She walked up to Fllay and held out her hand.

Fllay hesitated to shake it but when she saw Kira nodded his head she gave in and held her hand out as well.

"Hi, I'm Lacus."


Fllay didn't really want to say much more. She couldn't make herself sound cheery and she was actually feeling very uncomfortable with all the attention being put on her.

That is when Kira got up and made his way towards them.

"Come have a seat with us Fllay. Lacus happens to be Athrun's fiancée so she is harmless."

Fllay wanted to tell him that just because she was a fiancée to the guy who was reluctant to help her at first didn't mean she was harmless but there was a look in his eye that told her not do to so.

"Athrun called me here because he wanted my help with clothes."

Lacus sat herself back down on the chair next to her fiancée.

"I was a bit surprised. He has never really asked for my help before. I was almost worried he was seeing someone else but then he told me you were a friend of Kira's."

Fllay just stared at her as she kept blabbing on.

"I didn't have time to shop for anything knew so I just grabbed some of my things. I hope it is to your liking."

Fllay's eye twitched. This girl irritated her and she probably did it without even meaning too. She really didn't want to know that these nice clothes were probably ones she would never wear again because they were too old or out of fashion for her.

"No, this is just perfect, thank you."

If there was any negative tone in her voice no one seemed to pick up on it.

"I'm glad. I hope we can become the best of friends."

Fllay smiled as best as she could at that. She wondered if the girl even knew she was not a coordinator. That was something she was going to have to ask Kira about later.

She was so uncomfortable with everything that she couldn't wait to go back to that small, ruin down apartment. She was starting to feel like that place was her home.

To Be Continued.