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Satisfied Love

Chapter 13: Return Home

Days went by, nights came and went and things improved.

Vegeta never went into his son's room again. Trunks had more nightmares - but he found another way to stop them. He did it the only way he knew how. He would not cuddle him, he would not protect him from all of it. That was not the way he did things, it was not the way he solved problems and it would not be how his son would be stronger. Weakness only brought forward more weakness. He had to fight it on his own. Sometimes, he thought about how it was his death that caused his son's grief but he always pushed that thought aside. Although, it was impossible to rest or to keep training when his son was having his nightmares - the disturbance in Trunks' ki was too great. He was forced to do something. That was when he settled on the best solution available; he would pulse his ki. Every minute - just for a little while.

And it worked. Through his hazy nightmares, Trunks would feel it and realize his father was not dead and he would return to peaceful rest.

Vegeta never told him he did that and he never would.

It paid off since the boy started having less and less nightmares. He no longer did it as often, slowly lessening the pace. Eventually, he would stop doing altogether. He was old enough, he did not need to be re-assure his entire life. Vegeta grew up in a harsh world, no peace, no cuddling, no lie that covered the truth. The world was terrible, threats would come, the Earth would be under attack again. He did not wish for it, but he was warrior; he would always be prepared for it. His son needed to learn his ways and do the same kind of training to be prepared no matter what. He would not be a weakling like Gohan.

As he sat in the main control chair, his arm crossed over his chest, he watched the two blue suns rising, casting a glow of darkness over the ship. They had been far away for a while now. The woman wanted them to take a trip and they did. He was fairly certain that whatever childish issue had plagued his son prior to the trip had vanished. It also gave him time to recharge his batter, a vacation away from Earth. It was his son's home planet, along with the woman's, but it was not his. He could see that she hardly thought it made a difference but he did not see things the same way she did.

Also, there in the back of his mind was a thought; the woman was not that far from her due date. He would hate the shrieking that would follow if he was not there in time to witness it. Not that he wanted to - but she was loud.

Perhaps it would be wise to take the time to teach his son how a battle could happen on another planet. A real battle. He could turn supersaiyan and he had managed to land a punch once; this was something he could handle. After all, he might train him in different gravities but he knew Trunks was never as comfortable as with Earth's true 0 gravity. Plus, the atmosphere here was slightly different, the air harder to breathe, his lungs never filling to full capacity. A true warrior had to be ready for everything. The fights might not always happen on Earth and he did not want to see his son losing because of something this foolish.

Kakarot's sons would most likely fail because of this - despite the claims of Gohan's growing strength. Vegeta would not admit to it. He was older and he spent years wasting his potential. Perhaps if he had actually trained instead of studying, he would be worthy of being called powerful, but he did not. Kakarot was always gone, training for himself, seeking new challenges and sometimes, bringing some enemies to the Earth because of his sheer foolishly. Vegeta could have destroyed the Earth because of him - the idiot believed him to be sorry and a changed man after their first encounter on Earth. Anyone with half a brain would have known Vegeta was sarcastic.

Kakarot might be strong but he was a complete idiot and his sons were not prepared for a real war. They were not ready or willing to make sacrifices. They were too human. He would not let that happen to Trunks. He missed some moments of his life but it would not happen again. The woman clearly could not be left in charge of the boy's education. And now there was another brat coming along, another one to train and to teach the ways of fighting and war. This time, he would start the training much sooner and ignore all the incessant whining coming the woman. Saiyans trained young. That was their way.


Vegeta spun the chair and looked back to see his son standing in the middle of the room. His hair was tousled, purple locks standing in every direction and he was still wearing his blue pyjamas, covered in spaceship - the woman's choice no doubt. He was rubbed his blue eyes, adjusting to the light in the room, a daze remaining since he had just woken up. He was sleeping better now and he was thankful.

"Get dressed."

"Where are we going?" he asked before yawning.

"Training." He paused. "Then home."

Trunks' eyes widened a bit. He knew better than to ask about when they were going back home. However, he had been a bit excited to get back, especially since he wanted to fight with Goten and show him he could beat him even better than before with all of his new training. Goten's training partner was his brother which was nowhere near as amazing as having Vegeta has a teacher. He was going kick ass when he would come back! And his mom - he missed his mom. He would not tell her that, she would give him those gross kisses - but he missed her nonetheless. He could tell his dad missed her too; he was quieter than usual.

"Now, boy."

"Yes, dad," Trunks replied before running towards his bedroom.

He would make the most of this opportunity.


The sun was setting in the horizon, the sky taken by the dark colors of the night coming in, as the moon was finally peeking through the clouds. It was quiet in Capsule Corporation. Bunny and her husband were already in bed, and Bulma was downstairs, sitting at the kitchen table, with papers sprawled all across the wooden piece. She had her fingers dug into her hair, blue locks tangling in her fingers as a frown adorned her face. Her half chewed up pencil was in her mouth while she tried to figure out how to fix the problem that laid in front of her. She might be a genius but she could not work goddamn miracles.

She sighed before laying flat on the table and closing her eyelids; her brain needed a break. Ever since the boys left she had been trying to keep herself extra busy. Bulma was always an independent woman, leaving when she pleased, going in adventures, sometimes running away from them, but the point was she did as she pleased. That toned down when Trunks was born but she still kept a freedom in her life. Now that they were gone it was rather strange; it was quiet, nobody was asking her to fix anything, she did not have to take care of anybody and suddenly it felt like she had way too much time on her hand and she was not certain she enjoyed that feeling. Bulma was not one to leisure around, bathing in the sun. She needed the thrill, she needed to create genius inventions.

At least she had her baby to keep her company. Unfortunately, the little thing could not exactly talk back. Nonetheless, it made her feel slightly less alone.

As her nose pressed into the table, she felt a vibration that caused her forehead to smack hard against it, and she quickly lifted herself up, her eyes opening wide; she was very familiar with that sound. She was quick on her feet and hurried outside. She was almost too late as she saw the big spaceship landing in the backward, creating gush of winds and nearly bending the surrounding trees in half. She should be grateful that Vegeta was landing it instead of simply crashing it and leaving a huge crater for her to take care of - there was hope even for him. Once the wind died down, she safely approached the ship, waiting for them to come out.

The white door opened and laid flat on the ground. The first person to come out was Trunks and he had a huge smile on his face as he spotted his mother. He ran in her direction, his arms opened and waiting for the hug that was to come. Bulma opened her arms and waited for him to launch himself at her. The closer he got however, the more she was able to see the few bruises he sustained. She frowned, but remained in position regardless. For them to be still visible, it meant he got them recently. Hopefully nothing happened on their little trip. She doubted they were from a confrontation between Vegeta and Trunks; she could still hear their cute little moment. Not that she would mention it to Vegeta.

Finally, Trunks reached her and wrapped his arms around her waist, her huge belly keeping some distance between them. She bend down a bit and hugged him back, her hand patting his back. He felt taller, older. Although she was fairly certain that was just the impression she was getting since he had been away for a while.

"Did ya have fun?" she asked before ruffling his hair.

"Mom," he whined before flattening his hair back on his head. "Yeah, me and Dad kicked some ass."

She raised an eyebrow, not sure she liked his answer, but did not mention it. No, instead she would talk about it with Vegeta.

"Can I go call Goten?"

"It's a little late."

"Ah but mom."

"Chichi won't be happy."

His eyes widened. "I'll wait until tomorrow," he mumbled before pulling away from his mom. "I'm hungry!"

She laughed. "There's food in the kitchen."

He did not need to be told twice and before she could even see him past by, he was running at full speed leaving nothing behind but a blur of purple. She shook her head before re-focusing her attention on the spaceship, waiting for Vegeta to finally come out. He sure was taking his time. Maybe could he knew she would not be happy to have her son returned to her all bruised up. She was well aware that her strong was far from human and that little scratches could not harm him but it did not mean she had to like it. He was still her child and her first instinct was to be protective of him.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, his spiky hair came in view and she smiled. His arms were crossed in front of his chest, his stern look present on his features - as always. His footsteps were slow, as though he was in no rush to see her again. He did come to a halt when he arrived in front of her, except his eyes were not focused on her; instead, he was staring at her huge belly. He stretched out a hand and put it on her stomach before closing his eyes. He was trying to feel the child. Since such sweet moments were rare coming from Vegeta, she let him do it before starting her questioning.

However, when he did pull away from her, she rested her hands on her lips, her eyebrows furrowed.

"What happened to Trunks' face?"


"He said you kicked ass?" She poked him in the chest. "You better not have let my son fight aliens. Dende knows we don't need any more enemies."

He resisted the urge to roll his eyes. "Woman, your son didn't fight anyone." As if he would let his own son fight aliens he knew nothing about. What kind of fool did she take him for? He was not Kakarot, he went into battle with a plan and strength. Not stupidity.

"He better not, mister."

She knew he took great care of Trunks, she even witnessed one of those moments. Nonetheless, Vegeta could get a bit lost into battle sometimes and she rather not take any chances.

"And the baby's fine, thank you. I can take care of him."

"And I can take care of the boy," he said before brushing past her and heading inside of the house.

She had to concede he had a point but it did not mean she had to admit he was right. Instead, she caught up to him - only because he let her. Frankly, she could not go very fast with her huge belly getting in the way. She bumped into his shoulder, looking at him with a smirk on her face."Take a shower, you stink."

It brought back memories, memories that were threatening to make her laugh but she managed to keep a straight face. She saw him give her a glare but he said nothing. They kept walking side by side, in silence. Distance was hard. Sometimes she did not know what was going on in that little head of his. He made decisions that baffled her and she could not always make sense of everything. Still, she trusted him and she would not change him. He never asked her to change.

Her hand brushed past his, but he never held it.

Tonight might be a little different.


It took hours before Trunks agreed to rest. Instead, he stayed at the table, emptying the fridge - with Vegeta's help -, and he told tales of his little adventures with his dad. How they explore the planet, never knowing if something was going to attack them, but he was totally ready to defend them both if the occasion presented itself. He never mentioned the nightmares but Bulma assumed it was because he was a little embarrassed, and because Vegeta had dealt with it. She laughed at his stories, ignored the way Vegeta nearly rolled his eyes at Trunks' exaggeration. She simply enjoyed the fact that, after everything that happened, the two of them were able to have fun together. She worried before and now, that nasty feeling in her chest was gone.

Once he agreed to sleep, she nearly passed out in the bed. She was sinking in the mountain of blankets and pillows while Vegeta was showering. Apparently he did follow her little order. She wanted to stay awake, spend time with him, ask him questions but her eyelids were heavy. Nonetheless, she managed to keep fighting the tiredness away, hugging a pillow to her body. Dende, what would she have to do, give up in order for Vegeta to give her a nice back rub? Her back was killing her - all because she was carrying his kid. Saiyan babies were no walk in the park and her body was getting a little old for it.

Not that she would ever say that to him.

Her eyes were closed, her world nothing but softness and backaches by the time she heard him turn off the shower. Minutes passed before the door opened and he came out of the bathroom. He had nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist and she felt a shiver run down her spine. She spent many nights sleeping alone and truth be told, it would be nice to have his warm body by her side again. They had been completely quiet since her pregnancy. Granted, the sickness and everything else made it quite difficult for them to be close sexually. It still was difficult. Although part of her wanted to ignore that - hormones were making her body go insane and he was - well Vegeta was damn fine.

The bed shifted when he sat at the edge of it, and her sudden desire was stronger than her tiredness. She managed to sit up on the bed and then she crawled to where he was sitting. She pressed her belly to his back and wrapped her arms around his neck, her mouth hiding near his earlobe. She could not tell him she was amazed with all the progress he had made as a parent. Since she could not tell him, perhaps she could show him. She let her hands drag down his chest, feeling the hard muscles beneath her fingertips. She thought he might have a reaction but he simply stood there, back straight, while she touched him.

"Did you have fun?" she asked, almost whispering in his ear.

"Woman, it wasn't a vacation."

"Yes it was," she said, her tone a little stricter. "You were on a vacation with your son and it didn't kill you."

Vacation were not even fun, so how did she expect him to have any fun if he disliked the damn things in the first place? Sometimes, she made no sense at all. He shifted his gaze away. "It was fine."

"Good," she replied before pressing a kiss at juncture of his neck and shoulder. He was so warm and she felt terribly cold. She leaned into his skin, the roughness of it, the scars, brushing up against her cheek.

"What are you doing?"

"What does it look like I'm doing?"

He could not possibly tell her that he did not miss this. She knew Vegeta and she knew about his libido and there was no way that he did not want to jump her bones. Plus, pregnant or not, she was a very damn attractive woman and there was no way he would be able to resist her. When Bulma Briefs turned on the charms, nobody could resist her. Her hands dropped to around his waist, her fingertips lingered around his navel, daring to go a little lower.

"Vulgar woman," he said as he wrapped his fingers around her wrists, stopping her movements.

"Are you serious?" she asked as she tried to tug herself free. "I'm not in the mood to play games, Vegeta."

"Not my fucking problem." She was the one playing them - just what was she trying to do? He kept himself away, he had no choice. Did she think he forgot about the kind of sex they had the last time she was pregnant? He did not. However, this pregnancy was very different from the last one. If he had her now, he would not be nice to her and her body proved time and time that it could not handle much at the moment. The only thing to do was to wait. That did not mean it was fucking easy and she did not need to be teasing him. He was not going to let her play with him like he was a toy.

"Seriously, Vegeta, I'm not gonna beg for this."

"It wouldn't work, woman."

"Why the fuck not?" She was trying to not let her anger flare but he was getting the best of her. It was never quite easy but he was rarely being this stubborn about this particular topic.

"You're weak," he finally said, hoping it would finally put an end to her useless ministrations. Adjusting to being back was giving him a headache and he did not need her screeching in his ears over something as trivial as this. Also, the lingering feeling of her hands over his body was not helping either. He wanted to throw her flat on the bed and give her what she was asking for, regardless of if it would hurt her or not. He was not stopping for him but for her and yet she kept on pushing the issue.

"I'm pregnant not weak."

"Woman, you're pregnant and weak."

"It's fine now."

They had not had any problem since she installed the little ki device. She could handle this; she had been up and about on her feet since the beginning and what exactly did he think she did while he was gone? Sit on a chair and stay still? No, she did things, she moved around, she looked after herself and not once did she feel weak. It was sweet that he was worried but he did not have to be and now he was getting in the way of what she wanted - what they both wanted. She pulled herself away from his back and he let her arms go, even though he did not fully trust what she would attempt to do next.

She manoeuvred herself around him, straddling his thighs. Because of the size of her stomach, she was nearly falling backwards which forced him to wrap his arms around her waist, else she would find herself on the ground. Since he was afraid of her weakness, as he so gently put it, she thought she would use it to her advantage. It paid off. He might like to act almighty without a care in the world, but he did care. Even though some of his actions might have made her forget in the past. She leaned into his chest as best she could, her hands holding on to his muscular shoulders.

"I'm fine," she repeated again, as though she was trying to prove a point.

It did not stop him from grumbling and looking away. His fingers were digging into her side, holding her close to him. She was so close to his breaking point, she could tell. Vegeta was nice and caring but the sweet guy act was not his strong suit. If she could push the right button she could lead him exactly where she wanted him.

"If you're not up to the challenge…"

"I'm not gonna fall for that, woman." Who did she take him for? He did not rise to the first challenge that presented itself - he could not be manipulated that way. It might have work a few times in the past but he knew better now.

"Fall for what?" she asked innocently.

She covered his hands with hers, gliding up her body until they were resting on the side of her breasts. So far he had not put up any resistance and she was glad. If she could move his hands it was because he was allowing her to - they both knew she did not have the strength to make him do anything. At least not the physical strength. She began pushing his hands forward, sliding them over her breasts. They were large and sensitive, and it had been so fucking long. His fingers trailed over the mounds, flickering across her nipples and their immediately hardened beneath his touch. She kept her lips pinched, holding back any sound that might want to pass her mouth.

His eyes watched her, a predatory glaze shining in them. She kept moving his hands until each of them were cupping one of her breasts. Slowly, she let go, waiting to see if he would pull away or keep them there. Once her hold on him vanished completely, she was pleased to see that he did indeed leave them there. And he said he was not going to fall for it. Yeah, right. That man had too much prize to resist anything that might look like a challenge. She sneaked her hands until they were tracing the muscles of his stomach, abs by abs, shivering at the feeling it was providing her. He was sculpted like a god. And though she looked like a giant watermelon, she could feel the increasing pressure building up, pressing beneath her core. She was not leaving him unaffected.

She tilted her head back as his hands began to knead at her mounds, the relief of the pressure that had been building up for so long, finally getting to her. She swallowed hard, her heart stuck in her throat. "Vulgar woman," she heard him whisper again. He was not exactly a saint himself.

One of his hands moved away from her breast and wrapped around her waist. It was with one swift pull that he shifted them around. He laid her flat on the bed, where she had less risk of falling behind, and he secured himself between her legs. This time, there was no missing the erection that was growing behind his towel. She inhaled sharply, while his touch send jolts of pleasure through her body. She wanted to tug at the stupid thing, leave him naked, but it was completely out of her reach - probably his doing. He had a satisfied smirk on his face as though he had a plan. Hopefully it would not be something that would backfire in her face.

He still thought it was a terrible idea to go through this - but she kept pushing him. Her touches, the thoughts of her body were the first reason why he strayed from the path he set for himself, and how he ended up where he was now. Although he absolutely hated to admit it, he was not bulletproof when it came to her attempts to seduce him. It left him perplexed for a long time but he never did find an explanation for it and he stopped looking for one. He was here now, it was all that mattered. He tried to leave, it did not work, he tried to go back and even that was not a satisfying solution. This was where he was now, where he would be for a long time.

It did not always please him, sometimes, it might be a tad strange, leading him to not-so-great decisions, but it was a fact he came to accept.

He did underestimate her a few times. And he knew his strength, he could control it. If she did not want to give up, he would show her what she got for pushing the issue so much.

Vegeta tugged at her nightgown, her breasts wasting no time before emerging from the white silky fabric. Her nipples were still hard from when he first touched her through the clothing. He leaned forward, capturing one of her nipples in his mouth. A hint of breast milk filled his mouth but he ignored it as he kept on sucking, nibbling. She twisted beneath his body, the desire clouding her eyes. Her pink lips parted as she moaned and her arms lifted while she sought to dig her fingers through his hair. He brushed his nose against her flesh, inhaling her scent, which was slightly altered by the pregnancy.

When he finally released her with a pop, she leaned back into the bed. Deciding that he did not even like her night gown in the first place, he ripped it off, from the side, mindful of her stomach, and he watched the goosebumps that formed her skin as the cold air washed for her. He completely removed it from her body, baring her nakedness to his eyes. His mouth fell upon her stomach where he began trailing his mouth, never stopping until he reached the end of the path. His erection began rubbing against the fabric of the yellow towel and he decided that the feeling was bothersome and irritating. He used his free hand to snatch it away, tossing it carelessly upon the ground.

His bare member pressed against her, her wetness transferring to him and she let out a moan that sounded like a purr. It had been so long since the last time she felt him inside of her and her body could hardly wait. She ran her tongue over her lips, the anticipation rising inside of her. It was frustrating that her stomach was restricting her movements, preventing her from roaming her fingers over his perfect form. She was unable to feel him, touch him as she pleased.

He felt her wetness spilling out of her and he growled. He was tired of wasting time, he wanted to plunge inside of her, remember the feeling of her walls clenched around him. He also almost about to do it, when he felt a wave of her juices hit him. Until he realized that was not what it was. He sniffed the air once and then twice until he came to the definitive conclusion that this was not her arousal. He lifted his body away from her and stared down between her legs. A puddle of clear liquid stayed the sheets beneath her. He was not sure she noticed because her chest was still heaving rapidly, following the spike in her arousal.


For a second, she was destabilized as he used her name. Something was wrong, something was very wrong because Vegeta never, never used her name. She swallowed hard before using her arms to lift her body up, allowing her to sit up. She glanced at his face but he was not looking at her, no instead he was staring at the bed as though he was completely mesmerized. She followed his line of sight and saw the large puddle on the bed. Almost as if one cue, a first wave of pain hit her. Oh, oh god. Now? Now? Why was it that her babies always had the worst timing when it came to the birth? Seriously? Now!

And how come she did not feel it before? Was it the ki device? Or was there something wrong with her child? A sense of panic filled her chest but she tried to hide it from Vegeta, even though it was pointless since he could already feel the disturbance in her ki.

"Baby's coming," she said with a small smile.

"Almost missed it," she said while she gripped at his shoulders in the hope of getting herself on her feet.

For a moment, he did not move.

"Get me some clothes will ya? You kinda ruined my gown." Not that she was complaining. Although she would have enjoyed it a lot more if she had gotten something out of it.

"Vegeta, I'm not gonna do this by myself move."

"Not your slave, woman," he said as he finally got up the bed.

He marched towards the drawer and grabbed a pair of spandex short for himself. She truly thought he was not going to get her anything until suddenly she was hit in the face with one of her orange dress. It was not what she would have picked but she supposed it could do for now. She was only going to give birth, it was not a press conference.

Focusing on her clothes, focusing on Vegeta allowed her to forget the real issue that was bothering her. Since the beginning she worried about the child and what might have happened because of the weakness of her body and the use of the ki device and now they were about to find out. Did she harm her child or did she save them up? She made mistakes in her life and she did not mind any of them, but this would be one she would have a hard time living with…

She shook her head, chasing the thoughts away from her mind. She did not need to be thinking about this now. She did not need to jinx it; she had no reason to think that her baby was not perfectly healthy. She should worry more about the pain she was about to put herself through. Giving birth to Trunks was no walk in the park and she had a feeling it would be much harder this time around.

"Come on, let's have a baby."