Hey there everyone, LadyCaledonia here~! This is a side project that I am working on along with 'Into The Woods', just to introduce the three British Isles brothers a bit more clearly.

Most of my fan fics will probably be Hetalia based, because its one of my favourite anime between me and my friend who roleplays with me.

And yaoi, did I forget to mention I write mostly yaoi? Well most Hetalia characters are male after all!

This fanfiction serves as a sort of introduction to my three Hetalia ocs based on the other countries of the United Kingdom - Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Do not fret, this fanfic is M rated for a reason~! US x UK added in there too ^-^

This fanfiction is based upon roleplays between my friend and I. I play England and Scotland while she plays America, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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Kilts, Lambs and Drunken Brothers

Chapter 1 - Not Routine


When America arrived at the world meeting that one day, he expected it to go as normal. He would stand there and be the hero of course, telling the other nations who would listen to his great plans for the world. At some point, Germany would probably shout at him to either talk about something relevant or sit down and he would chose the sitting down option with his trademark laugh. Germany would drone on for the remainder of the meeting and then when everyone was finally restless with boredom the meeting would end. America would wait until most of the other nations left and would grab a certain Englishman's hand, grinning at him as the others green eyes finally acknowledged him. The American would then pull his lover into a heated kiss, England would protest for the good part of five seconds before finally relenting and letting America drag him to their shared hotel room where they would have the greatest sex ever. It would always end with his cute little England crying out his name, then America would wrap his arms around him and pull him close to his chest as they slept and that was the great routine he looked forward to at every meeting.

And so far today his list had been correct. Telling his awesome plans at the meeting, check. Germany shouting at him, check. Sitting fidgeting in his chair as he finally waited for Germany to shut up, check. America leaned back in his chair with a broad smile as he ignored the other nations leaving, his attention trained on the bushy browed man that he loved so much. America pushed his chair out as he stood up, taking confident strides over to England and grabbing his wrist. He was just about to pull the man closer to him but to his surprise England turned around to face him, a serious look on his face. Wait, this wasn't going to plan, he wasn't supposed to turn around yet!

"America, I really really need to talk to you" said England, a small hint of nerves hiding in his eyes.

America blinked his ice blue eyes at the Brit as he stared at him. Definately not part of his plan. Not the moans and whimpers he wanted to hear from his (yes, his) England.

"Umm...sure England, what was it you wanted to talk about?" he asked curiously.

England made a quiet sigh, America could see that England wasn't completely comfortable with whatever he was going to say. Now he really was curious.

"You know we've been dating for...what a few years now?".

"Two years, three months and four days~" chuckled America.

England frowned a bit as he was interrupted and America mimed zipping his lips shut, if anything to see that cute pout of frustration on his face.

"Yes well that long. I feel as if we are going to continue this relationship then you should...well meet my family" he said.

"...Huh? I thought I was your family...WAS" America stressed, since England got very bitchy whenever he brought up their not so happy past.

"America, let me ask you this, do you know what the United Kingdom is?" England asked, though he looked slightly annoyed that he had to give some sort of explination.

America put a finger to his lips as he thought this over, what was it again? It was on the tip of his tongue...

"Oh oh oh! You're the United Kingdom Iggy!" he said, grinning at just how smart he was.

Though not for long when he saw that England wasn't very impressed with that.

"Idiot...I am England, I represent England!" stressed England. "My family consists of the other countries that make the United Kingdom!".

America just stared at him with a blank look on his face, causing England to give a frustrated sigh. England grabbed America's hand and dragged him over to the table, pushing him down into his seat and making a hand gesture that just said 'stay'. America watched from his seat as England walked over to the bookcase opposite him, laughing quietly as England scrunched his face up in concentration over reading the titles until he grabbed one and marched back over to where America was seated, dropping the book on the table. America leaned forward a bit to read the title and was slightly disappointed to see it was an atlas.

"England I don't see what this had got to do with-".

"Cause you're an idiot who doesn't own a map other than your own" England said, flipping over the pages until he stopped on one page, America could see the title 'United Kingdom' at the top. "There, look at the borders and the names".

America pouted at England, he was in such a mood but maybe if he did this tiny thing then maybe he could go back to his list and get England into bed. He shifted a bit closer and gazed down at the squiggles all over the picture of the island nation. America could see England's name outlined in bold but there were other names he didn't recognise as he moved his finger over the lines representing the borders.

"Wales...Scotland...Northern Ireland? Wow England, you're a lot smaller than I remember! I thought that whole island was yours but you're just itty bitty when you add those three together!" America exclaimed, laughing to himself.

England rolled his eyes and drummed his fingers impatiently on the table. "Those three are my family, my older brothers to be precise and after much thought I've decided you should meet them".

America looked up at England, that information still processing in his mind. He didn't see England being the youngest of a family, he didn't see England having actual brothers but he could see from this map that he was serious. But wait, with his common knowledge of his awesome Hollywood films, that meant that England thought their relationship was serious and was willing to take it to the next dangerous but brave step - meeting the other's family! Score for America!

"But what about this area around Northern Ireland...?" he asked and by the instant look of rage on England's face he knew he shouldn't of asked.

"We don't talk about her" England growled, snatching the book back and slamming it shut. America couldn't help but smile at the angry red shade England's face had turned, it was such a cute colour on him.

"Ok forget I asked...but Iggy, I'm so happy that you want me to meet them!" laughed America as he stood up and pulled the English nation into a tight hug, ignoring England's loud protests into his chest.

"Idiot, let go of me, we have a plane to catch!" came England's muffled reply.

America instantly let go of him, probably from shock that England had just assumed he would say yes and had booked the plane previously. Typical for England to assume he knew what he was going to do. "Do we have to leave right now...? Can't we go back to the bedroom and-".

"No, we're leaving straight away, I don't want to give them an excuse for slandering me on being late...not that they are ever doing anything, they will certainly complain" England said, taking hold of America's hand and leading him out of the room.

America pouted and slumped forward a little as he walked. This was certainly not how he wanted his plan to go for today!

End of Chapter

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