Pairing: SasukexHinata

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Just one of the Guys

It's my Last day of my sophomore year of High school and I'm just in my room staring at myself in the mirror after a long day. First off, a girl came up to me and confessed her undying love
for me telling me that I was the boy of her dreams, which would have been great if I were a boy or maybe if I "swung" that way but I happen to be a straight female who is just a tomboy.
Second off, I confessed my feelings to my crush Naruto, who happens to be a good friend and he thought I was joking and laughed about, it gave me hard pat in the back and said "Good one" and walked to the rest of our friends. I laughed with him so I wouldn't feel like a fool and embarrassed but I already did.

My name is Hinata Hyuuga. I am the heiress to the billion dollar Hyuuga Corporation Byakugan, which is much like the Johnsons and Johnsons corp. I have indigo hair that reaches my shoulder which I always hide in a cap or a beanie so it looks even shorter, I have slightly tan skin and pale lavender eyes. Yup I'm a tomboy but I never thought I look that much like a guy but I guess I was wrong. I do wear baggier clothes than my friends and all those friends happen to be guys. My shirts are really loose and I do wear double sports bras and wrap them tightly with bandages to hold down my chest. I don't know what to do with it, my chest is huge. I don't even know what size I am because all my life it's been sports bras. I know what you're thinking, how can this girl be so dense? Easy I grew up with all boys.

My mother died when I was 3yrs old giving birth to my little sister Hanabi. She had long indigo hair that reached past her waist, a heart shaped face, a button nose, full red lips, bright lavender eyes with thick lashes, light mocha skin, and a great smile with huge dimples. She was absolutely beautiful but sadly can't remember her; all I have left in her memory are pictures and paintings of her. I wish she were alive so I could have a female in my life that would explain what's going with body. All the changes that occur once you hit puberty. So I could finally tell someone who isn't Hanabi about my crush and actually get good advice for once, not telling me to threaten, hit or buy the boy I like. God knows I can't talk to my cousin Neji or my Father about any of that. They would freak out just like when I got my first monthly gift.

I remember that day clearly my father cried on his knees and yelled to the heavens in the most dramatic way "Why God, Why is this happening? She's too young; my poor baby girl is going to have vultures surrounding her! Not if I have anything to do with it no male will attempt to corrupt her until she's 30 and I'm dead!"

I was crying and freaking out it wasn't until my neighbor Asuma's girlfriend Kurenai explained to me what was going on that I finally understood I wasn't dying of internal bleeding like Neji said and it was natural for a female to go through that. I had barely turned 11 at the time. Gosh I miss her. She was so sweet and was always there when I needed her, too bad she moved to Sauna to teach right after that. I remember after that day Neji and my father started buying me a bunch of sports bras and even bigger clothes. I didn't complain I always wore loose clothes they were so comfortable and I must say I do like my comfort. That's when my attire started looking more masculine and guess people started thinking of me as a male as well.

My father Hiashi is the Head of Byakugan. He is a very rich and powerful man. He is also owner of the famous football team The Shinobi. He is very business savvy, too bad he isn't like that when comes to his two teenage daughters. He has long chocolate brown hair, strong jaw, pale silver eyes, and an overall dominating presence. He is very handsome and my cousin Neji, whose father Hizashi was my father's twin, and Hanabi look just like him. They are all vey gorgeous and I happen to be the black sheep. He is very overprotective of me. You would think since Hanabi is younger it would be her but no it's me. He even let her go to an arts boarding school last summer and he didn't even mind that she did not come home for Christmas and she is only twelve going on thirteen. So she hasn't been home at all for about a year and how do I miss her. She should be back in a week or two. I hate being the only girl in the house. My father is constantly telling me that men are the devil and only want one thing and won't tell what the one thing is and I have no idea what he's yelling about when he says" You better not know that thing". I live a very sheltered life even though I hang out with guys, My father and Neji make sure of it.

My cousin Neji is like a brother to me. He is only a couple of months older than I am. He has been living with us since he was 4yrs old because my uncle Hizashi died in a terrible car accident along with his mother. He is extremely protective of me and he always keeps a watchful eye on me and make sure no one is causing me any trouble. We hang out with the same group of friends and it's been that way since pre-school. Our friends consist of Lee (Neji's BFF), Kiba, Shino, Sasuke, Naruto(my crush), Shika, Choji, Kankuro, and Gaara. I am pretty close to all of them we are all really good friends. We all are really athletic, everyone is in a sport and all the guys are real popular and have their faithful legion of fan girls and apparently so do I. I love sports so much and am an avid participant at school. I'm co-captain of the track team and Sasuke is captain, I'm captain of the soft ball team, I'm captain of the girls basket ball team, I play soccer, I'm also in the martial arts team and Neji and Sasuke are captains while all the guys are members, and I play football even if I'm not in the team officially I still practice with them most of the time, all the guys play football also. I've always been into sports, my father made sure of it. He raised me the only way he knew how just like Neji. He was still a good father, he always made time for us even if he was busy running a company.

I'm still looking at the mirror and now I don't like what's looking back. I'm wearing shapeless blue jeans with an oversize hoodie and a black beanie. I can see why that Naruto reacted the way he did when I confessed. I remember after we walked to where our friends were he left to follow Sakura around. How could I forget that he likes no loves Sakura the most popular girl in the school. I'm not saying I'm an outcast because I'm not, I have awesome friends and a lot of acquaintances and people do like me. I am also pretty well known for my athletic skills but I am nothing compare to Sakura. Sakura is one of the prettiest girls in school she has guys eating out of the palm of her hand. She is head cheerleader; she's in leadership, captain of the tennis team and dance club. She is the kind of girl that always gets what she wants and for some odd reason she wants to make my high school life as uncomfortable as she can and that's why she flirted with Naruto in front me even though everyone know she really wants Sasuke. I felt like crap and I tried not to show it but Sasuke still noticed a give me a pat on the back. He's really an awesome friend whenever Sakura tries to pick on me, he says things to make her feel stupid and she goes away. I still don't get why he doesn't go out with her she really nice to him but when I ask him all he says is that she is "annoying". If that were true why does she have so many followers with a new member every day? I just don't get it I guess. Sasuke is the "heart throb" at Hidden Leaf High that refuses to go out with Sakura the "princess" of the school.

Sasuke Uchiha is one of my best friends. His father is my father's best friend so we grew up together and he happens to be my neighbor. He's Family also own a billion dollar company Sharingan, it's like Apple. He lives on the left side of my house while Asuma's family lives to the right. Sasuke has always been really nice to me, we have always got along well but I started noticing that he and the rest of the guys have forgotten that I'm actually a girl. For one they all call me Nat not Hinata, it's just Nat and most people believe it to be my real name. Then they decided that they are going to Kiba's family's summer home the entire summer. I cannot go with them because my father doesn't trust them even if Neji is going because they are all boys and he knows how boys are, they'll take my virtue and lead my way to hell for the sins of fornication. They're all leaving tonight and are not planning on coming back until a couple of days before school starts. I'm going to miss them. So I'm alone all summer if my sis decides not to come because my father is going a bunch of business trips he won't be home. I really wish I had close female friends now but I don't. I really need to start making some maybe if I had some I wouldn't be alone with the maids this summer.

I am going to be a junior this coming September and I don't want to be confused for a boy anymore. I have a whole summer without my friends so I think I should start working on self improvement. I want to be a girl for once, I want to feel pretty , I want to be asked out for the first time,I want to be confessed by a guy, I want to flirt with a boy without worrying about my daddy getting him killed but that might be asking for too much. I want to be able to watch a chick flick instead of always watching an action movie. I want to have girl talk instead of burping the alphabet and going to "pick up chicks", I'm a girl why do I want to go pick them up! I tired of it I want to transform myself this summer into Hinata not Nat. I want to be one of the girls and when school starts I'm not just going to be one of the guys.