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Just One of the Guys: What the F?

"Pumpkin, daddy's home! Open up, so I can shower you with gifts and my love."

Sasuke pushed me off and I fell off the bed with a loud 'thump'. I started running around panicking while Sasuke regained his composure and was calm.

"Hina-Bee what's wrong? What was that noise? Is someone holding you against your will in there, if so do the family whistle." I pale after my dad said that because I knew in a matter of seconds he would break down the door.

"No Daddy I'm just not decent! I'm naked just like the day I was born into this world! Please give me a moment please!" I screeched out. Sasuke shook his head in disappointment while just sitting on my bed like nothing was going on while I was crapping bricks. I had no time for his "cool" act so I dragged him to the window. What's wrong with him! If my dad catches a boy in my room he'll send me to a convent after I witness Sasuke's murder. I have no time for his aloofness.

"Hinata something doesn't sound right if you don't open this door in two seconds I'll open it with my badass kick do you want me to use my badass kick?" After my dad said that I panicked and told Sasuke to go out the window quietly but he just shrugged and started moving slowly out the window. My dad started kicking my door so I freaked and pushed Sasuke out my two story window and chucked his shoes at him while he was on the floor. I don't know what came over me but I didn't even consider Sasu getting hurt I just pushed and threw. My father was about to kick the door open when I decided to open it.

"Hi daddy, welcome back I missed you!" I said in my best "daddy's little angel" voice. Too bad my father had to be a paranoid mess. He didn't even look at me he looked around my room.

"I smell a scent of a boy. Where is he Hinata?" He rushes in my room and checks my walk in closet.

"I don't know what you're talking about; don't you trust me? I thought I was your little girl?" if acting innocent wouldn't work then maybe being oversensitive will. He still hasn't looked t me well when he sees me; he is going to freak out more.

"Pumpkin it's not that I don't trust you, it's those filthy dirty hormone driven boys I don't trust!" my dad says while looking under my bed. "All clear! I'm sorry honey I just over reacted. Wait what is this?" my dad stumbles over a green frog wallet, on geez I'm screwed. "What's this, property Naruto Uzumaki, a condom! OH MY GOD NOOOOO! " yes he open stupid Naruto's wallet, that he must have left when he got tazed, which just happened to have a condom in it and now my father is sobbing on his knees. Today is going to be a long day.

Uchiha Manor

Sasuke's point of view

I can't believe she shoved me out the window and threw my fucking shoes at me. I was just messing with her I wouldn't have let her get in trouble. Now I'm all dirty with fucking mud and leaves in my hair. I climb through my window and get into the shower still pissed that Nata would have the nerve to do that shit. As I got out of my private restroom I find Tachi sitting on my bed. Great what's he doing here?

"What do you want?" I say in an annoyed tone

"Foolish little brother, can't I just come here to talk to you and have a heart to heart." Tachi says with a smirk.

"What the fuck do you really want? I don't have time for this." I say standing there irritated that I'm still stuck in my towel since shit face Itachi won't leave.

"Dad came into your room last night to have 'the talk' with you since mom came home hammered last night from her 'girl's night out' with Tsunade and she was passed out but you weren't here and you haven't been here all night. I also heard Hiashi cry out "OH MY GOD NOOOOO" right before you sneaked back in. so little brother did you have fun with Hina last night." Itachi said with scowl on his face

"Fuck off Tachi, it's not even like that just because you go around more than a collection plate at church doesn't mean everyone's like that. Nata and I are just best friends." I say while looking for clothes to wear.

"She likes you, you know and I'm sure you feel the same. Why don't you make something happen already?" He said while in deep thought

"Like I said we are just friends. Nothing is going on, she likes the dobe anyways." I say putting on my shirt.

"So if she didn't like that jackass would she still be just a friend? Stop with the denial or you'll lose her before you know it. A lot of guys want her and here you are the only idiot she allows to get close enough to have her and you're with your best friend shit. Sasuke I'll admit I'm one of those guys but I know that with you around I won't get anywhere and I could learn to accept that but it's a pain in the ass when you won't accept your fucken feelings for her, look around your room it's all picture of you and her, you have other friends but you choose her as your room theme. You have a 'Hina' pillow for god sakes. Come on your into her and apparently have been for a while. She's the only girl that you talk to, hug, and all that crap normal guys do with females. She won't wait for you forever so fucken do something already, you are both morons and unless one of you says something nothing will happen so fucking say something already! If you decide not to act on your feelings then so be it, I won't hesitate to act on mine and I'm sure plenty of other guys won't." He says while pinching the bridge of his nose clearly irritated.

"Like I said before fuck nut we-are-just-friends, do I have to fucking spell it out for you? And she has a Sasuke pillow too. Mom bought them." I say in nonchalantly while standing in front of him.

"Little brother you're not only foolish but you're a dumb fuck. Get ready our cousin's down stairs" With that Tachi stands up pokes my forehead and walks out. What the fuck just happened?

Hyuuga Estate

Hinata's POV

"Why has this happened? You were supposed to be the good daughter who focuses on her studies instead of boys! I blame it on society and that repulsive Naruto Uzumaki! Sweetie, please tell me that he didn't try anything on you? please tell me that you have your virtue intact! If he did no one will ever find that punk bitch spiky blonde head of his! Wait what did you do to yourself? Why do you look like that? No I knew I should have sent you to church summer camp this summer, WHY GOD WHY MUST YOU PUNISH ME? IS IT BECAUSE I RUIN FUGAKU'S LAWN SO I COULD WIN THE COVER OF STUDS AND GARDEN MAGAZINE AND THEN BLAMED IT ON HIS SON'S FAN GIRLS? I AM A STUD AND MY GARDEN IS GREATEST AND I WONT LOSE TO AN UCHIHA, I AM A HYUUGA AND WE'RE KICKASS, I DESERVE THAT COVER AND MY STUNNING FEATURES DID MORE FOR THAT COVER THAN UGLY ASS FUGAKU WOULD EVER DO!" My father is on the floor in the fetal position while Neji just walked through my bedroom door. What is this an open house crap can't I get some privacy?

"What's wrong uncle? Is it Nat's new look? Didn't I tell you that it was urgent, she looks too attractive! Now get up and tell her to change back. Tell her to strap them down and not push em' up, tell her that form fitting clothes makes her look fat and sausage like, tell her that her makeup makes her look like prostitute, tell her something that will make her self-conscious so she could feel shame and hide herself!" My dad is still sobbing in the fetal position "Uncle, get your ass up! Wait is that a condom? In Nat's room- OH MY GOD NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" now Neji's in the fetal position sobbing. I step over them so I can get ready in my bathroom and go see Sasuke.

When I walk out of my bathroom I see my dad and Neji have composed themselves. They are wearing the Hyuuga poker face now. Oh great now it will be a very, very long day.

Uchiha Manor

Sasuke's POV

I walk out of my room and bump into last person I wanted to see.

"Sasuke where were you last night?" awe fuck I don't want to go through this shit so I simply shrug.

"Sasuke my boy you are a man now! I'm so proud of you! Did you use the moves I told you about? Foreplay is always important. Was it that looker from last time cause if it was you are one lucky man? Don't worry your mom has no idea you slept on somebody else's bed and I'm sure that's not all you did." After my father said that he ran away giggling like a school girl with his arms dangling up in the air. I can't believe he's one of the most powerful and feared men in the business world. I walked down stairs and see my mom talking to my cousin.

"Sasu cakes, good morning come on and eat breakfast, I made a smiley face breakfast with tomatoes on the side!" my mom says in a cheery voice. You would never be able to tell she was piss ass drunk last night. And I'm pretty sure she's wasted right now by her 'normal' composure. Sake and eggs again is my guess why she would be buzzed now, she can out drink Tsunade on her good nights. When she's tipsy she starts talking about grand children. We'll see in bit.

"Good morning mom, thank you for the breakfast." I say in a monotone voice ignoring my cousin sly smirk. He enjoys messing with my mom when she's been drinking.

"Morning Sasu cakes, how is my little cousin doing? Haven't you gotten big so where's your other half? I haven't seen you alone in years, Auntie I think you should call Natty and her family over so we can all bond." My cousin says in a teasing tone my mom doesn't catch on to.

"Your right, I have to get my future daughter in law over here to seal the deal. Too bad her father has to be that prick Hiashi or I would love my future family in law. Sasu puffs! Tachi watchi! Get into your most appealing clothes I'm calling Hinata over!" my mom says in a sing song voice with a breath that reeked of alcohol.

"Auntie Mikoto I think you mean my mother's future daughter in law because Natty's my girlfriend or will be after today." My cousin says trying to hold in his laughter after seeing my mother's face expression. Obito has been in love with his best friend Rin forever so I know he doesn't mean anything he says about Nata because if he did I would stick my foot up his ass.

"Listen here boy, Hina is my daughter in law she will marry Sasu or Tachi got it. Have beautiful children that will love me and will call me 'grams' and I will be a 'GILF'. You stay the hell away from her, she is the only girl worthy of my babies and I'll be damn if you take that from me!" My mom said in a low dangerous voice full of malice that just caused my cousin to laugh hysterically which cause my mom to storm out of the room. My cousin turns to me with a big smile.

"It's been a while Sasuke, I missed pissing off your mom." My cousin says still chuckling

"It has Obito; I've miss seeing my mom that pissed off too. So how's college been?" my cousin Obito is going to his second year of college and I haven't seen him since his graduation over a year ago with honors like Kakashi and Rin.

"Good just busy with school and work. How's your junior year so far? I know school started a week ago but still do you like any of your classes?" Obito asked. Obito is the only Uchiha to have a job to buy his own car and pay for living expenses. It's not that we're lazy we just don't work for people, people work for us. Many family members question if he's a real Uchiha but his signature Uchiha eyes, dark hair, and good looks prove he is.

"School sucks so do my classes I just want to graduate already so I can go to college overseas. Aren't you supposed to be at school what are you doing here?" I say in monotone.

"Well I'm majoring in literature and I'm planning to teach so my school sent me over here for some special training and I was transferred to Konoha University, courtesy of your father's connection, so I can help aid some school with a teacher shortage or what not at some school. So little cousin since training will be like two months long and I won't get a dorm room for around the same time looks like we'll be seeing a lot of each other." Obito says with a smile. He is one of my favorite cousins but I'll never admit it to him.

"Just stay out of my way." I say in a cold voice as I brush past him to eat my delicious breakfast

"I love you too." Obito says as he follows me to the kitchen. When we enter the kitchen Tachi and his lover are there eating.

"Hello foolish little brother, I ate your tomatoes." Tachi says with a smirk.

"Fuck you fairy" I say as I snatch away his waffle and eat it in front of him, watching his smirk go to a frown. It's great!

"You waffle stealing ass you know I love my waffles why would you do that?" Tachi says in an emotional voice

"You ate my tomatoes! You know I love them! They're heaven in fruit form to me!" I say in the same voice

"Fuck your tomatoes they suck ass!" Tachi said

"Fuck your waffles fuck them in the ass!" I say pissed. How dare he insult the best thing in the world!

"Hey guys calm down you're starting to sound like girls." Kisame, my brother's lover says

"You're the girl" we both say in unison

"You guys are assholes." Kisame says with tears in his eyes and runs out of the kitchen.

"Tachi watchi aren't you going to chase your boyfriend?" I say in a teasing tone

"He is not my boyfriend! I don't care, he means nothing to me and don't call me Tachi watchi asshole!" Tachi growled at me

"I thought I meant everything to you! I'm not returning raven!" Kisame shouts and slams the door.

"Fuck! That's my bird! Kisame get back here and give me raven!" Tachi runs out after Kisame

"Tachi doesn't need a girlfriend; he already has a big blue high maintenance one." Obito says while eating his breakfast. I nod in agreement.

Hyuuga Estate

"You will not have any boy in your room." My dad states

"No sex!" Neji shouts.

"You will not be in any boys room" My dad list

"No sex!" Neji shouts.

"You will not be in the back seat of a car in a taco bell parking lot!" My dad shouts. What's wrong with taco bell?

"No sex!" Neji shout while pacing.

"You will not enter a hotel, motel and especially not a holiday inn!" My dad shouts again while I nod

"NO SEX!" Neji screams even louder.

"You will not be with a boy in a janitor's closet, school roof, empty class room, or any isolated place at school!" My dad states while pulling his hair.

"NO SEX EVER" Neji shouted. Oh god I don't want to talk about this

"No boys, you will not hang out or 'kick it' with any boys EVER!" My dad cries

"Hinata have you slept with a boy?" My father says while paling and sweating

Yes I slept next to Sasu but by the way the both are looking at me I'm guessing it's the other 'slept' Mina and Haku went over. "No daddy, Neji I haven't done anything."

They sighed of relief just like when I explained how Naruto's wallet made its way to my room and Ibiki confirmed it making Naruto sound like a predator.

"Why did it take you so long to answer the door when I knocked?" my dad ask

"I was afraid that you wouldn't like the way I look now." I told half the truth so I'm not a liar.

"I don't like the way you look, you'll attract too much attention from disgusting males, sweetie I can cover up one murder, five tops but I don't think I'll be able to cover up all of the murders it would take to get men not to have dirty thoughts about you. No we are going to have a bond fire." My dad says seriously

"What for uncle?" Neji asks with curiosity

"So we can burn all of her new clothes and have old Nat back." My dad says gathering my clothes. What!

"That's a great idea! Let's burn her makeup and tweezers too!" Neji says sounding much like Lee. Like hell they will touch me clothes, makeup or tweezers! I don't want to look like Bert!

"YOU WILL DO NO SUCH THING YOU HEAR! IF YOU BURN MY CLOTHES NOW I'LL BECOME A STRIPPER LATER ON OUT OF SPITE YOU HEAR ME. I'M NOT BUFFLING I'LL DO IT! I'M A GIRL THAT LOVES HER CLOTHES AND I'M ON THE EDGE DON'T PUSH ME OR I'LL BE WAVING SINGLES AT YOUR FACE LATER. NOW GET OUT OF MY ROOM!" I screech and push them out of my room after taking my clothes out of their hands. Oh crud did I just say that to them? What's wrong with me? The look on their faces was priceless though. It's the first time I ever stand up for myself, pat on the back for me.

With Hiashi and Neji

"Did Nat just yell at us?" Neji said in disbelief

"Yes my dear nephew, the devil has got her now. The devil known as adolescence has got my favorite daughter. I thought I was in the clear when she wasn't worried about her appearance but now I know I'm fucked now all I need is for her to bring home a hormone infested boy. Neji we must prepare, I'm not losing my precious princess' innocence to some man whore trying to feel her up." Hiashi said while pumping his fist in the air.

"Nat kicked your asses out of the room. I can't believe she had it in her, she finally told you guys off. Good for her I say. Oh dad Mikoto is on the phone for you, I think she's has been drinking again." Hanabi says while handing Hiashi the phone and leaving.

"What do you want hag? I'm not in the mood for your drunk rambling." Hiashi says with a bitter tone.

"Shut it you prissy little twit, come over and bring over the girls and Neji so we can have bonding time. It would be better if your ass wouldn't come but since I'm an honorable Uchiha I'm inviting your prick ass now hurry up. " Mikoto says in dominant tone.

"Why should I? Honorable my ass, you Uchiha are as honorable as the shit under my shoes." Hiashi said with his arms crossed while balancing the phone in between his ear and shoulder.

"Aw don't be such a girl Iashi, it's okay I understand you're afraid that the Uchiha are better, you don't have to come you filthy piece of shit." Mikoto said in an icy voice

"I'm not afraid and don't call me that Koto we're not in high school anymore. I'll be there I'll show you wench!" Hiashi said and hung up "Neji, Hina bear, and Hana la-la we're going to the Uchihas so we can show them we're better get ready."

"Uncle I thought we weren't going to let Nat around any boys. The Uchihas have two sons."

"They're gay my boy, the older one is always cuddling with that big blue guy and the little ignores girls so I know he's gay, come on all those girls chasing after and not one is good enough for him and he's an Uchiha he should settle for whatever comes his way. You know why he isn't interested my boy, because they pee sitting down." Hiashi said in an as-matter-a-fact voice.

"That is true uncle how could I miss that, the little Uchiha is the only guy that isn't all over Nat! Come on you have to be gay or related to her if you don't find her attractive. He is the one I'll ask to watch over her when I'm not around! I found an ally that won't try to defile my precious sibling!" Neji said with sparkles in his eyes.

"Neji you're a genius!"

"No you are uncle!"


"Uncle" they both hug with sparkling teary anime eyes just like Lee and Gai.

"Coleen I think you need a break from Lee. I can't believe you make fun of Lee and Gai when you and dad do the same." Hana said with a smirk.

"Daddy, maybe you need a break from Ibiki and Fugaku. You guys are always hugging and yelling each other's name. I don't think it's healthy." Nat said

"Nonsense it's all healthy pumpkin. Running into the arms of a man is acceptable just not for you. Now we leave, to the Uchiha manor!"

Sasuke's point of view

Uchiha manor

"Someone's at the door, I'll get it!" my mom runs to the door pushing me out of the way when she get to the door she smoothes out her clothes. "Welcome to my superior home, oh it's you just come in. Obito is in the kitchen dear."

When I look at who it was, it was my cousin's long time crush and best friend Rin the girl that has the best guys affections but chases after every other guy, was walking toward me with a smile. She gave me a big hug as I returned the hug, Nata and her family walk in and Obito walks out of the kitchen. They both give me a strange look, I had never seen that look on her before but I have seen it on Obito when Rin confessed her love to Kakashi. Nata was the first to recover.

"Obi is that you? I missed you!" Sunny runs to Obito and gives him a big hug that in my opinion took longer than necessary.

"Wow Natty you look beautiful, I miss you too gorgeous." He says taking her hand and leading her to the game room. "Oh yea, Hey Rin." With that he disappears with Nata. What the hell just happened, sunny just ignored me and left with my cousin. Shit Rin and I are still hugging. I quickly let go and trail behind them with my hands in my pockets. When I walked in I see an unholy sight, Obito is teaching Sunny how to play pool, he has his hands all around her and she's giggling as he whispers in her ear. I feel my blood boil, what the hell is she thinking? She knows how to play just fine; she never needed any help before! Cool off Sasuke. I'll just play darts so I turn my back to them.

"Arch your back like this." He puts hand on her lower back. "Alright now your hands like this. Wow Nat you smell good, Lavender?" Obito ask while he has Nata sandwiched between him and the pool table. I couldn't even throw a dart right because I just kept making sure he wouldn't lower his hand. What the hell why am I freaking out its Obito, he wouldn't take her in to his bedroom and have his way with her.

"Yup you guessed it, hey did you get that new game you emailed me about?" what they email each other since when? Since when did he sniff her!

"Yea it's in my room, come on lets go." Obito pulls her hand and vanish to his room. Hey they didn't have to go there are plenty of games to play in the game room. I was wrong he would take her in his room and have his way oh no he won't, I was going to follow them up stairs and give them a piece of my mind but I felt arms wrap around me when I look down I see Rin.

"What's wrong Sasuke? You okay you look lonely. How about I fix that for you?" Rin said with a flirty smile. She has had a crush on me since two years ago, she doesn't care that I'm younger she just likes me but I'm not interested. Don't get me wrong she is very pretty. She has big brown eyes, short reddish brown hair, long legs and a nice body. When I was about to say something I feel her lips crash on mine and of course right at that moment Obito and my Nata come in.

"Sasu come on let's go play-. Oh sorry for interrupting your make out session I think I'll meet you in your room Obi." With that Nata left strutting, she didn't care. Well why would she? We're not together anyways.

"Well I'll leave you two alone and keep Natty company in my room because her 'BFF' is too busy. Rin I don't want to go to the concert anymore so I think you should leave soon or better yet now." With that Obito glared at us and left. Rin still stood there after I pushed her off and started walking away that was until my mom came and shouted at both of us. She said no one was going to be smooching under her roof and ran to Obito's room.

In Obito's room

"Natty its okay, Sasu probably just fell into her lips, that's all, just a big understanding." Obito says while patting my back. "I know Sasuke's a jerk but he isn't like that, come on Natty I'll give you something deep fried if you give me smile." Obito says with fake cheeriness, I know he's hurt because of what happened, he's been in love with Rin forever. So I give him a smile and dig my face in his neck feeling like I want to cry. Obito knows about the kissing because I e-mailed him about it asking for advice.

"I'm too good for him anyway." Was all I could say. At that moment Mikoto runs into the room and hugs both Obito and I.

"Hina, Obito-to my little babies, I am so ashamed of my Sasu right now. I'm sorry sweetie he was dropped on his head a few too many times and he also takes after his father's family and let's face it they are all nuts. God I'm going to beat that boy senseless! He will not take my title of GILF away!" with that she runs never spilling her drink in the process

Sasuke's POV

Rin left after that and lunch was very awkward. My mom, Obito, and Hanabi kept glaring at me for reasons unknown to me well except Obito he has all the reason to be mad at me, the girl he's been in love with since he was 5yrs old kissed me.

"Hello family, Hyuugas." My father said coming out of his study with Hiashi drinks in hand. "Oh Sasuke I heard you had your girlfriend over again, how is she?" once those words left my dad's lips, I could feel Obito's glare intensify. I look over at Sunny and she was just ignoring me. Shit that's where I am, I'm in some deep shit.

"So Rin's been over before?" my mom asks obviously upset before I can say no my dad interrupts.

"Hinata is that you?" she nods "I can't even recognize you, you look an awful like the looker oh shit oh, me and big ass mouth I think I need another drink come on Hiashi lets race." My dad gives me an apologetic look and takes off.

"I really need to get this off my chest, Obito you are the hottest Uchiha ever! I love you so much and I will marry you some day!" Hanabi exclaimed and then continued eating as if nothing happened.

The day got worse; Nata didn't even look at me and only hung out with Obito. My mom kept whacking me upside the head; Hanabi flipped me off before she snuck away with Konohamaru. I just want this day to end so everything will go back to normal. In the middle of my complaining, Itachi walked through the door and slammed it, and then I heard tires cry which meant he and Kisame had another fight.

"You're in the dog house Tachi." I say in a depressed tone

"So are you foolish little brother, so are you." Tachi says while sitting next to me watching Sunny and her family leave without sparing me a glance. God I hope everything will be alright tomorrow.

Next day

Everything is not alright. She won't pick up or return my calls. Her window is locked and this morning Obito drove her to school. What the hell is up with her? Our classes together she sat away from me and was surrounded by boys while I was surrounded by rabid fan girls, during nutrition and lunch she didn't even show up which caused Lee to cry all day long, our track practice she ran with Kiba and whenever I got close enough to talk to her she would ran away, I never realized how quick she was until I couldn't catch her. When practice was over she left in Pein's car. Okay maybe she just needs some time.

One month later

She still hasn't spoken to me. I'm getting tired of trying. I never had to do this, I was the one always ignoring everyone but now here I am chasing after her, begging her to talk to me. Yes you heard right I begged her to talk to me in a voice mail I Sasuke Uchiha begged. What the hell does she want me to do? I've apologized, I've begged, I've chased, what else is there? I even asked my dad for advice and all he said was find the clitoris. How the fuck is that going to help me!

Now she's sitting at her new spot right across from ours with Shikamaru all on her, how dare she run her fingers through his hair! This is bullshit, why do I feel like a rejected boyfriend, I should only feel rejected. Damn Nata, you're making act like a fool and Uchihas don't act like fools.

Hinata's POV

It's been a month and I'm still pissed, I know I shouldn't be because he was never my boyfriend but I'm still pissed I can't believe I ever kissed that penis head. How was I suppose to feel when I see him all over another girl as soon as I walk into his house and not just any girl but Rin his cousin love interest! Then when I turn my back he makes out with her and then he doesn't bother to explain anything to me. All he does is act like nothing happened! He doesn't call me until the next morning. This past month I've only had three phone calls from him and one voice mail that demanded me to call him. At school when he approaches me he acts all arrogant so I don't even bother to hear what he has to say. Trying to cheer up Obito while feeling like crap isn't easy that day that pig kissed the cradle snatcher I had to cheer up the poor guy but it isn't really working since that sank keeps calling Obi to talk about that merf Sasuke. Gosh why do I care he means nothing to me!

"Hina you're spacing out again."Ten says while cleaning under her nails and glaring at Kin that hanging out with Neji right across from us.

"Thinking about little Uchiha again?" Mina Says while playing cards with Choji.

"Nat don't worry your deserve better, you're out of every guys at this school league. My advice is you should wait to date until you're in college. High school guys aren't worth your time, we're all assholes and all we care about is sex." Kiba says while shuffling cards and joining Mina and Choji.

"How troublesome, you weren't with Sasuke so you shouldn't be this upset right unless you have some sort of feelings for him. If you do like him then I understand why you feel so betrayed but if you don't j let's just go and be friends again so we can all hang out together like old times." Shika says while lying on my lap. I just continue braiding his ponytail and think over his words. Do I have feelings for Sasu? Heck no I just want to punch his face in.

"Hey Lazy ass, you wouldn't understand how deep girls are. This was her first kiss and it meant a lot to her but it didn't to him. It's a matter of principle and that dick has to pay. Guys don't give a shit about anything especially when it comes to girls feelings. You probably don't even remember your first kiss but to some people it's important." Temari says while throwing grass at Haku's long hair.

"Tem keep throwing grass at me and I'll cut off one of ponytails. You know I'm allergic look I'm already getting hives and its picture day!" Haku says while scratching the back of his neck.

"Troublesome woman, I can remember my first kiss, the first time I held a girl's hand even the first words we ever said to each other so don't talk like you know anything." Shika said while turning to look away from Temari. I know the answer to all of them is Ino, Shika's first everything or almost everything. I remember how close they were and how I even believed they would someday get married that was until Shika had too much to drink and made out with Tayuya at Naruto's party, and then it all went downhill. Ino has been dating Kiba for about 3 months well until this morning when she heard he fooled around with some girl at his pool party last month and dumped him. Kiba's only reply was you win some you lose some. Poor Ino she always attracted to the wrong guys.

"Shika I'll follow your advice, they don't call you a genius for nothing." I whisper in Shika's ear then I pinch his cheek. He gives me a lazy smile and holds my hand. When I look up I see Sasu staring at me, then I turn and see Temari give me a weird look. When I was about to ask her what was wrong I was interrupted.

"Hina I'm having a Halloween party and you're going. If you want so are your friends but everyone has to wear costumes, especially you Hina." Tachi says with a wink. "And everyone needs a date, so Hina I was wondering if you would be-." Tachi was cut off by yelling.

"my fair Lily in a garden of weeds, will you be my date for Sasuke's Halloween party. Please give me a chance youthful enchantress, I know you may not feel anything for me but it would be an honor to have you accompany me." Lee with hopeful eyes while holding a lily in his hand. He can get on my nerves and scare the crap out of me when he has a flower in his hand but he's a great friend and I have a soft spot for my hyper, bowl cut wearing, green loving, one eye browed friend.

"I'll love to go with you Lee." I didn't think that answer would get me tackled but it did. Lee tackled me and trampled over poor Shika, I hope I don't regret this.

School gym

Here I am in line waiting for my picture to be taken standing in between Kiba and Gaara, watching Kankuro take his picture. I feel sort of bad for Kankuro; I didn't know black eyes lasted more than a month or maybe he was just got hit really hard? After Sasu walked me to his car at the pool party, he went back to get my purse and to teach Kankuro a lesson which he will probably remember since he'll have a black eye on his school ID for the rest of the year.

"So Nat, I heard Lee's your date to the party. I can't believe he beat all of us to ask you. Now I need to find a date before Saturday, fuck." Gaara said in monotone.

"Yup, he's my date. Why don't you ask that Matsuri girl, you use to be her tutor, right? From what I remember she was smitten about you." I say while playing with the flower in my hair, yup the lily Lee gave me is in my hair. I got tired of random guys shouting 'yes I love you too, you didn't need a flower to confess your love for me.' Every time I passed by one of them or girls shouting 'stop sending yourself flowers to make Sasuke jealous, he dumped you two timer. Doing it with Kankuro in the bathroom, what a whore!' Every time I walked by them. So I figured why not put it in my hair? It would avoid many fights and insults and my knuckles are starting to hurt.

"Nat, she has a pair of my boxer that she stole out of my washer machine, they were my favorite boxers. She has a shrine of me in her locker, the principle told me to stop tutoring her because she was afraid for my safety." Gaara said in monotone.

"Hey at least they were clean, Neji's fan girls try to steal his dirty boxers with ball sweat on them, come on sure you may 'love' somebody but that doesn't mean you have to love their underworld stench. Why don't you just say your date is meeting you there and I'll keep you company, let's face it other than your friends and fan girls no normal person would want to hang out with you, you're not exactly a ray of sunshine. Besides Lee will probably ditch me for Gai since he's helping Obito chaperone the party."I say.

"Hey Ayame and Tayuya. what's up? I think we should go to the party together. Nat, Gaara if you'll excuse me I have some business to take care of." Kiba said quickly and ran away. Gaara and I nodded and continued our conversation

"You're only defending her because you were a fan girl too, you stalked Kakashi and sniffed him. are you sure prince charming will let you out of his sight and not make you join his youthful conversation with Gai. You know I may not be a sunny person but neither are you, miss mood swings. One week I love you Sasu, next week I hate you Sasuke, choke on a dick Sasuke, the week after that here fan girls take Sasu's phone number even though I'm not mad anymore I'm just evil. Make up your mind woman, just admit you like his arrogant ass already and we can all hang out in one group not be divided by Sasuke and your sexual tension." Gaara says in monotone.

"That was one time! We were watching pootie tang, I was bored, Kakashi was sitting in front of me and his hair reminded me of an herbal essences commercial. His hair was calling to me what else was I suppose to do? I'm not a fan girl, I just find him magically delicious with a perfectly toned body but I'm not a fan girl! I don't like Sasuke we are just friends and I didn't pass out his number I shouted it out and who ever got it got it, it's not my fault his fan girls have sharp ears. I'm not evil because I enjoyed seeing him break his iphone out of frustration, it served him right! You must have me confused with you, you have sexual tension with Sasuke not me, I don't even like guys they're evil, they kiss you then when you turn your back they kiss some stupid cougar. You want to see mood swings fire crotch I'll show you; I just remembered its kick a ginger day."I kick him "is monotone the only tone you know how to talk in?" I then notice that I was shouting and taking out my anger on poor Gaara but when I looked at him, he looked amused.

"so he kissed another girl, well I wouldn't of guessed that from the Uchiha but I guess I can help you get even." Gaara said in monotone.

"I'm sorry Red I didn't mean to be a douche to you; I'll give you my cookie stash. I didn't mean the fire crotch comment; well even though its true, I shouldn't talk about your crotch maybe you dye it funky colors fun, I don't know. It was the heat of the moment-" I was cut off when Gaara kissed me. Oh dear his lips are so soft. What the heck? Just like that he stopped and I was in a daze.

"Yup, the heat of the moment. Well I guess I'm next. " With that Gaara went up to take his picture and I didn't realize that people were staring until Mina whistled as she walked up to me.

"Damn Hina, lining up all the boys I see. Red is your color! Guess what I have the hottest date for the party ever! Choji agreed to take me, I was so nervous he was going to reject me but he said yes. Choji, Lee, and Tobi are the hottest guys in school. Gosh what I would do to be the lucky girl that ends up with hot ass Choji but I'm in a one-sided relationship with my ass of a boyfriend. You're so lucky to be the date of the sexy green beast of hidden leaf high. Oh look at that Itachi and Sasuke look like they're going to burst a blood vessel just because you made out with Gaara. Hina are you okay you look a bit pale do you want me to take you to the nurse?" Mina said the last part with concern

"No its okay I just really have to take whiz, please save my spot I'll be right back." I say, when Mina nods and turns her attention to an incoming Choji, I leave to the restroom. In the restroom I find a crying Ino. Even with puffy red watery eyes and snot coming out of her nose she's still one of the prettiest girls in school. She has long blonde hair that she wears in a high ponytail with long side bangs, she has deep ocean blue eyes with thick lashes and at this moment smeared mascara around them. Ino is co captain of the cheerleading squad, captain of the soccer team, she's in leadership, president of the fashion club, and she also happens to be Sakura's BFF. She can be a really big poop if you're on her bad side but if you're on her good side she's a sweet heart.

"Oh hey Nat, I didn't notice you there. You look nice for picture day. Um is Kiba still outside with Ayame?" Ino asked while fixing herself.

"Hey Ino, thank you, you look nice too. Well last I saw him he was talking to Tayuya but he was leaving. Are doing okay?" I ask with worry

"Yup, it's nothing that can't be repaired. So I've notice you and Sasuke broke up, I always thought you would be the ones to make it." Ino says while putting on makeup.

"We were never together, we just had a little fall out but it's nothing that can't be fixed." I say while washing me hands.

"I heard you and Gaara made out in the gym, I saw Sasuke and he looked like someone killed his dog. Just a word of advice, be careful who you fall for because the right guy might be in the sideline ready to catch you but you might never go their way. I know it may be great to have guys chasing after you but not all the ones that catch up to you have good intentions. Oh by the way I wouldn't open your locker if I was you, if you know what I mean. See you later Nat and take care!" with that Ino left looking like she never shed a tear. I just walked back to the gym to take my picture.

Sasuke's POV

What the hell, first she was holding hands with lazy fuck Nara, and then her date to my party is Lee, when she's my date every fucking year since we were 7 and now she's kissing Gaara! Wait it was her who gave my number out, I smashed my baby because of her! I need to talk to her today, this shits been going on too long. I wait for her after school, when I see her I pull her into a janitor's closet and close the door.

"What the hell do you think you're doing Uchiha?" she shouts at me; I hold her hands and swallow my pride.

"I'm sorry Nata, I really am. I fucked up, I was a dumb ass. Please be my friend again." I say fearing she'll reject my apology and fuck up my pride. She has a scowl imprinted on her face but it fades away and is replaced by a smile.

"Did the Uchiha just admit a mistake? Did Sasuke the bronze God Uchiha just say he messed up?" she says with a grin

"Stop rubbing it in or I'll lock you in here." I say in monotone.

"Sasu cakes its okay Uchihas suck and mess up a lot, don't worry, I, your superior understand. I guess I'll see you later, Gaara's driving me home. Bye Sasu." Nata says but when she's about to leave I pin her to the door and kiss her. I don't know why but I had to kiss her when I heard her mention Gaara. She kisses me back, the kiss gets more passionate but when my tongue was about to enter her mouth, the door opened and I hear my brother's lover

"I knew it, you guys are horn dogs. Hina is such a player, kissing two guys in one day, naughty little girl." Kisame says while laughing. Sunny digs her face in my chest while I glare at the dumbasses that ruined a good moment.

"Why don't you mind your own fucking business dick wads." With that I pull sunny out and walk down the hall so we don't have to hear their laughter. "So you gave my fan girls my number and made me break the love of my life." after I say that I trip her and she falls flat on her face. I laugh at her and walk away slowly.

"You are such a turd! I loathe you!" she gets up and walks away; I stop laughing and follow her. When I find her she's at her locker struggling to open it. I gently pull her out the way and open it. All of a sudden I'm covered in cow shit.

"Yuck you have cow dong all over you; I think I'll take the ride with Red, peace out Sasu." With that she leaves me covered with shit.

After I get home and shower and get my car washed, I look at my new iphone and see I have 2 text messages. I read them.

'Sasuke! Be my date 4 ur partay plz, I'll giv u a good nite. I luv u!xoxo- Sakura sexy ass Haruno'

I didn't even invite her, fuck.

'Hey Sasu, wash all u want but the crap won't come off cuz ur full of it, lol. Any who I think we should hang out 2morrow if that's cool w/ u. well call me craptard have a good night! ~ Hinata the don Hyuuga'

I smile and give her a call and she agrees to let me take her to school in the morning. I guess we're friends again. Now I don't have to feel like I lost an arm. Yup Hinata Summer Hyuuga means that much to me and I almost lost her. I'll never admit it to her but that thought freaked me out.

Day of party

I'm wearing a fucking cowboy costume that my mom picked out for me and I hate it but at least I'm not the pink bunny that she originally wanted for me poor Dad I can't believe my mom convinced him. Itachi is dressed up as Alice Cooper and thinks he looks hot. Kisame dressed the crow trying to be hotter. Damn this sucks.

"Hey woody, why so glum? You look like a fucking bitch when you pout." Kisame said with a smirk

"Shut the fuck up, I don't look like woody asshole. You don't look like the crow anyways dick." I say angry. He doesn't he's blue!

"Take it back!" Kisame says in the verge of tears.

Sigh "foolish little bother is there a snake in your boot again?" Tachi says with an expressionless mask that's it I'm changing. Where the hell is Obito?

Hinata's point of view

Mikoto, Tenten, Temari who has been acting distant with me, Haku, and Mina are helping me get ready for the party. They brought 3 costumes for me to choose from. One is a slutty nurse that's just a white bra and panty with a red cross on them, a school girl outfit that I wouldn't even want to wear in the shower and just brought back bad memories, and a native American costume that's has a really short skirt and a short corset top. I reluctantly chose the native one, it was more decent then the others. Since I chose the native costume they throw high heeled boots that looked like moccasins at me to wear so I can look 'sexier' according to them. My feet are going to be killing me the whole night I just know it. They did my hair down and wavy with a headpiece with a feather on it, I had the smoky eye going on too. I had a toy ax and bow and arrow as my some of accessories, I don't know why but I was told that they were very important.

My friends all look great. Haku and Temari are going together and they're dressed up as Danny and Sandy from Grease. They look like the real thing; Haku even has a realistic wig on and Temari looks gorgeous in that skintight outfit, I wonder how she's going to go pee? Mina is dressed up as Esmeralda from the Hunchback of Norte dame, because Choji is going to be Quasimodo. She looks very beautiful. I'm sure Neji is going to cry for being too late in asking her as his date after he sees her. Tenten is dressed as a very sexy Princess Leia because her date Kankuro is going to be Han solo. Neji is going to regret not asking her to be his date after tonight because she looks smoking. Even Mikoto was dressed as the 50s Cat woman and May I add she doesn't look like she has two teenage sons she looks Hot, if I'm not being too inappropriate.

After I got dressed Mikoto took pictures of me saying I looked absolutely adorable while my father wept and seeing from her smile she got the satisfaction of my father's tears.

"Hina Bee, sweetie you can't go outside like that, come on eat some bacon and while you're at it have a donut, here let me butter it for you!" my dad said while pushing junk food at my face. Neji and him have tried to make me eat more and work out less. I don't mind it's just I have the feeling they want me to gain weight.

"Hiashi stop trying to make her a porker, she looks darling just like her mom. She's going to have every boy go nuts. She is too cute." Mikoto said while taking pictures.

"Shut it you, just because you can go around looking like a hussy doesn't mean my princess can, why couldn't I have had ugly Uchiha children!" Hiashi says while crying, yes the great stoic Hiashi Hyuuga cries. Sometimes I can't believe he's so feared.

"You shut it jackass my babies are beautiful! Its Halloween its okay too look good beside Hina is only showing off her athletic physic which all your training had provided her. She has a Victoria secret model body." Mikoto said trying to peeve my dad.

"Fuck, she has no body you hear, no body what's so ever! I knew I should have let her be a chunker and made her sleep on a greasy pillow so she would have bad skin. Why did I ever put her in sports? The way she eats she should have been rolling instead of walking right now. Why did I have to be such a great father and worry about her health? All that did was bite me in the ass!" my father cries.

"Yes she's just a floating head dipshit, any who we're leaving. Come on ladies the public awaits." Mikoto says cheery.

"I think we should all stay here and wear trench coats and wait for death to send its sweet release." My dad says handing me a trench coat.

"Stop being such a party pooper they're going to be with me all night. Now just get ready for your business trip and don't worry they're in good hands."

"I hate my life! I knew I should have gotten dogs instead of having children." He muttered to himself. "Mikoto if anything happens to my little Hina bear, I shit you not Halloween will be known as the Uchiha massacre got me?" my father says in the coldest voice ever, everyone in the room shivered a little. He then turns to me. "Princess please wear the trench coat for daddy and don't remove it. If any little boy gets near you please use the Hyuuga fighting stance and kick his ass and then spray his eyes with this maze okay sweetie can you do that for daddy?" I nod and he pats my head. "That daddy's little girl now please don't do anything that I wouldn't approve of or unicorns will die and so will daddy."

My father reluctantly let me leave the house that was until he saw what Hana was planning to wear to her friend's party, remember the sluty nurse outfit, well she found it and wore it and my father looks like he may pass out at any moment especially after discovering his 13 yr old has a navel ring. Yup my daddy is freaking out which was the perfect getaway. I feel sorry for Hana for using her as a scape goat I'll make it up to her later.

"Hanabi Autumn Hyuuga what the hell do you think you're wearing? Nothing that's it, you are wearing nothing! You look like you belong on a corner standing in front of some sleazy motel with that outfit and the clear heels you have on, you look like Mikoto. You have a hole on your navel are you crazy! Go put on some clothes and come down stairs we are going over those slides again and the child birth tape. You will remove that ring and put on the belly now! You are all killing me I can feel my arteries harden when you girls do shit like this. I'm fucked having two girls. Fucking Fugaku you have it easy you lucky son of a bitch!" that was the last I heard my dad scream because we all ran to the car.

Tsunade, who is dressed as Elvira, and Mikoto drove us to the Uchiha lake side home and sped away so they can go to their own party and drink. When we get there the house is awesomely decorated but is crowded as hell. I can't find any of my friends we all got separated in the crowd. I starting to get nervous since everyone was giving me weird looks. So what if I was wearing a trench coat, did they think I was a streaker? That was until I heard the voice of an angel, well at least at the moment it sounded like one.

"My fairest Tiger lily, I didn't think you would want to match me but here you are, looking as youthful as ever matching me!" Lee shouting while sporting a Peter Pan costume, what a surprise. Yup I still have the head piece on so you can tell I'm an Indian warrior princess and what not.

"Hey Lee, you look great. Was this the surprise you were talking about? You should have told me you were dressing up as Peter Pan; I could've been Hook or Wendy. Come on lets go with the rest of our friends. Please lead the way." I say while grabbing a hold of his arm. I thought people were giving me weird looks before now they are giving me weirder looks, who cares if Lee is wearing green tights and all? He looks cool, they just don't know what cool is and let me tell you cool is Rock Lee. Oh great I spoke to soon Lee is twirling and skipping oh well might as well join him. We twirl and skip together, well I attempt to but I'm wearing high heeled boots and my ankle almost broke so now I'm just walking with style. We find our friends while looking awesome, yup we wreak coolness.

"Nat you look great!" Kiba said while giving me a bone crushing hug, I mutter a 'hi'. "you know my date Ayame?" I nod and acknowledge her. Kiba is dressed up as Tarzan and Ayame is a very revealing Jane. They both leave to the dance floor.

"Nat you look very pretty. This is my date Kiki, Kiki this one of my best friends Nat." I hug Shino and greet his date. Shino is dressed as Neo and Kiki is dressed as Trinity from the Matrix.

"Troublesome woman, I going to say 'hi' to my friend." Shika says with no enthusiasm to his date, Guren who is dressed as Princess Barbie but slutty. "Hey Nat you look good even if you do look like a streaker." He says with a lazy smirk.

"Shut it Lazy bum. There's a costume under here it just kind of sanky. Too lazy to dress up so you just came like a hobo like your usual self. Nice one Shika when I thought you couldn't get lazier." I say

"Yeah whatever princess, at least I'm comfortable and I don't have to hide my greatness. Oh look at your Sasu making his way here. Well I'll see you Nat and please don't go all girl gone wild; I don't want to have to babysit you too." With that he lazily walked away.

"hey Sunny are you planning on flashing me?" Sasu said holding his cane and playing with his hat. God he looks so good in his Alex from 'A clockwork orange' ensemble. I'm thinking impure thoughts, bad Hinata control yourself!

"In your dreams sissy boy. Hey where the hell is Leeter Pan?" I say looking around

"Your date is running to his lover Gai over there." Sasu points out. Gai is dressed up as Buddy Elf. He's decking out green tights too.

"Gai" "Lee" "Gai" "Lee" they yell and run to each other's arms. Oh dear I'm going to be ignored for another boy just great. I was hoping to have at least a bit of fun with my date but whatever.

"Ha, he's ignoring you for another guy. Gai's more appealing to him." Sasu says smirking.

"I know I wish I had a real man to talk to but instead I'm stuck with you." I say walking away before I feel Sasu grab a hold of my wrist.

"I think you should see how much man I really am." he huskily whispers in my ear so he can tease me and let me tell you it worked. Impure thoughts returning, damn you Uchiha!

"Foolish perverted little brother stop harassing Hina just because she came as a streaker." Tachi says looking very hot dressed up as Alice freaken Cooper, damn these hormones. Crud I'm an Indian whatever not a streaker!

"Fuck off Itachi, come on Nata lets go eat, I know you want too fatty." Sasu says while I glare at him and smile at Tachi.

"Hina come on let's have a dance, I promise that I'll keep my hands to myself not like little Sasu here." He says dragging me to the dance floor. I look back to see if Sasu can save me from embarrassment but he disappears. Good for nothing.

"Tachi I don't dance, I can't even do the funky chicken or the Mexican hat dance. Come on lets go eat, I'm starving. Wow look at that candy apple it looks yummy." I say while running to the table with all the food on it. When I get there I find Ino, Choji and Mina there. Choji is stuffing his face and talking to Ino who's dressed like Tinker bell, while Mina is just standing there like the third wheel.

"Hi Hina, I can't believe you are still wearing that trench coat, show off your hot body woman, its Halloween, you're supposed to show some skin and look slutty." Mina said cheery even though I knew she was anything but. Her boyfriend broke up with her earlier. She deserve better anyway.

"I thought Halloween was made up by the candy companies so they could bank in on all the kiddies that collect candy on that oh so faithful night and the poor saps that purchase that candy so that the little ones could stuff their faces and develop a sugar coma, while dressed up. I don't remember it being an excuse for girls to look like strippers." I say while stuffing chips in my mouth. Staring a Kakashi who was standing in the corning reading dressed as Edward Scissor hands looking hot as always. I have had a crush on him since I was ten, he was the only boy to make me stutter and blush madly. That still hasn't changed, I know if I was to go talk to him I would crap twice and die. I wonder what's under that masks better yet what's under that costume. My perverted thoughts were shoved back into my head when Kakashi looked up at me; we were staring at each other the trance was broken when Mina spoke.

"Gosh Hina get with the times! Doesn't Choji look so hot, what I would do to be the girl to rub that hump at night. Too bad he doesn't seem to feel that way about me; I even wore a classy slutty costume but nothing. I knew I should have rubbed some BBQ chips on me so he would want me." Mina says looking at Choji, who is talking to Ino, and ignoring her. He didn't even notice my arrival because he was just that into whatever they were flirting about. I pat her on her back and lead her to the kitchen where we get ice cream and we find Gaara there too.

"Nat, Mina." Gaara says in monotone while sporting a Joker costume? Oh my I didn't even think he would dress up.

"hey Red or should I say green, the Joker? I didn't think you would dress up but I think it suits you just right with your creepiness and all." I say taking a seat next to him while just glares at me.

"sup Gaara, you look awesome, why the long face? Please don't mind me while I down this double fudge chocolate brownie ice cream to forget my troubles." Mina says while stuffing down ice cream. While we're sitting there, I notice Sasuke talking to Rin who is wearing a sanky cat costume. I'm not jealous or anything but she looks like a total slut. Damn it woman get your paws off stupid Sasu before I get them off for you. I was about to get up and tell that little butt munch something but Sakura beats me to her.

"Hey you sank hands off my Sasuke if you know what's good for you!" Sakura yells getting to Rin's face. Finally that annoying tart is good for something. She's dressed as a naughty school girl and well it's just a pink bra top with a tiny black skirt and a tie.

"He isn't your property; he wants my hands on him anyways." Rin shouts back getting into Sakura's face. He doesn't even deny it. Sasuke just winks at me walks upstairs to the sun room enjoying the fact that girl's were fighting over him. After awhile I see Rin run to the direction Sasuke went to.

"Well at least he didn't kiss her this time." Gaara says in monotone while eating cookies.

"Shut it fire crotch, I wasn't even thinking about him." I say in monotone

"Sure you weren't Hina." Mina says in monotone while handing over the galloon of ice cream so we can share. I accept and eat my sorrows away. After about 20 minutes and three galloons of ice cream later, we all go look around for more friends; you know what they say misery loves company. We run into Kisame who is passing out drinks and is dressed as Eric from the crow.

"Hey there Hina, Mina, and Sabaku, want a drink?" Kisame says handing us plastic cups. Gaara and Mina grab theirs while mine was snatched away.

"She isn't drinking anything, now why don't you leave her alone." Neji said as he downed my drink, he's dressed as a vampire and his date Kin is dressed as a French maid, a very trashy one may I add. Oh dear her mini skirt is transparent and I just saw her thong.

"It's okay I understand but I think you could use one after being heartbroken that little Uchiha is messing with Rin in the sun room." Kisame said in a dead serious voice

"I'm not anything; I just don't care for the stuff. It's like water to me. Heartbroken, I don't even know what that means that man slut can do what he wants it's none of my concern." I say glaring at Neji and Kisame. No I have never drank anything stronger than pop but I want to sound tough not like a girl that just eat her weight in ice cream to forget that jerk. My heart did hurt hearing the news but what's the point of holding on to something that was never mine. If he wants Rin he can have her but I won't be there to witness it.

"Whatever Nat you never drank anything stronger than cola, did you come as a flasher?" Neji asked while Kin was rubbing up on him. I see Ten at the corner of my eye she looks so sad when Neji kisses Kin.

"Hey Neji you have something disgusting on your face." He stops tonguing Kin and looks at me. "There you got it off now. Just please try not get it on your lips again." I say with a smirk and walk over to Kisame and take his plastic cup and down the drink, my throat burns, my eyes get teary, and I feel like I'm going to throw up but I keep my poker face on.

"Nat you better not do anything inappropriate." Neji said.

"Don't worry Neji; I won't do anything you wouldn't." I say with a smirk

"Just don't do anything with any boys or near them, ever." He says looking dead serious.

"Like I said before I won't do anything you wouldn't. I'll wait to have sex until I'm married like you. Oh wait did you get married in your car over the summer because you sure had sex in it hypocrite!" I say in an accusing tone. Then I walk around looking for Mina and Gaara and I as walk I see Rin walking out of the sun room fixing her top with Sasuke that jezebel behind her. Our eyes connect and he looks away. That hand job, I'll just eat. Oh look Jell-o, yum. I wonder why they're in such tiny cups.

"Damn Nat lets party then. Here have another one." Ino said handing me another one. After about ten I start feeling a bit odd. Then about that time Hidan walks up next to me dressed as Jack Skellington.

"Hey Hina come on let's have a little drinking contest. If you can drink all the drinks I put in front of you and can drink as much as me, I will do whatever you ask me to for a week but if you don't you'll have to do whatever I want even naughty things. But really you'll be my slave." With that he took me a small table and poured shot glasses and for some reason I didn't abject. I just down each one of them. Slowly people started crowding and cheering me on. Even Sasori, who is dressed as the Van Gogh, Zetus, who is dressed as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Deidara, who is dressed as the Mad Hatter, and Tobi, who's dressed as Hugh Hefner, came by to join the drinking Contest. After a while Pein came by and stopped me much to Hidan's dismay. He is dressed as David Bowie.

"Hina what do you think you're doing? You're not supposed to be drink with fucking Hidan. And you guys shouldn't be encouraging this!" Pein said lecturing me and the guys. I just nodded and couldn't help but giggle. Then when I heard music and felt like dancing.

"Come on hot stuff let's dance!"I say while dragging Pein to the dance floor. We start dancing and I start dancing really close to him, normally I would freak out but today I don't care I feel so free. Gosh it's starting to get really warm under this coat. Oh Hidan's coming he should dance too.

Sasuke's POV

Crap I feel like shit for avoiding Nata but I don't know how to explain the situation with Rin. When she looked at me she looked so hurt. Fuck it I'll just go talk to her and explain that nothing happen with Rin

Flash back

"Sasuke wait please." Rin says wrapping her arms around me I push her off. I was expecting Nata not her.

"Go away." I say in monotone.

"Sasuke I really like you please hold me." She says with pleading eyes just like Sakura did an hour earlier.

"I'm not interested, now go away." I say with a cold voice.

"Sasuke, just take me." With that she starts removing her top and just leaves on a bra while she attempts to press her body on me. At that moment my Brother's bitch walks in.

"Little Uchiha, you're a dog. Hina is sitting out there eating her feelings and you're in here fucking. I may not be a big fan of Hina because she takes up my Itachi time but she a cool chick and you do this to her. You're an asshole and I hope you catch something you bitch!" with that he slams the door. Not long after Obito walks in looking pissed wearing a Willy Wonka costume.

"Get the fuck out of here you two. Rin put your shirt on and leave you to Sasuke." Obito said while glaring at both of us. We walk out and Obito just sits there.

As I walk out I see Nata gave me a pained look and I can't stand to see sadness in those big lavender eyes so I look away

End f flash back

What the fuck is going on here. Is that Nata? She's sandwiched in between Hidan and Pein! She doesn't dance! Why is she dancing?

"She looks good doesn't she? I can't wait until later, I hope I'll get to see under that trench coat." Some dumbass fan boy comments, I punch his fucking face in and walk to Nata. She's freaking with Kimimaro, who's dressed as a skeleton. She's dancing so skanky but at least she still has her coat on. I don't know how long it took me to get through the crowd of Dancers and fan girls to get to her but she had already dance with more than half the guys at the party. Right now she's dancing with Tachi but a while ago I saw her dance with Nara and the rest of our friends. Damn Tachi if his hands go any lower I'm going to break them. I see her stop dancing and get a drink and down it and then get another one.

"Nata I think you had enough." I say pulling the drink out of her hands just to have it pulled back

"This one's mine get your own." She slurs while walking away from me.

"What the heck is wrong with Nat? She doesn't drink she's a good girl. We got to do something Sasuke those are the worst when they drink. You know who many good girls I de-virginized while they were intoxicated. Tons, you hear tons! Oh my god Nat might meet an asshole like me that thinks with his dick instead of his head we need to save her! She will still be a virgin tomorrow if I have anything to do with it!" Kiba yelled and ran to Nata, I soon followed. When we got to her she seemed to be fighting with Sakura.

"Your hiding your fat under that trench coat isn't that why you're wearing it fat ass." Sakura screeched.

"They're called boobs but since you have a twelve year old boy's chest you would be confused when you see them. My ass is fat but it keeps me comfy when I sit down and it's better than looking like I have a frog's ass like you. It's ok, it's not your fault, your body just stores your fat on your forehead, don't worry it isn't so bad. With your back is turned to me I can barely tell." Nata says while downing a shot.

"You ugly bitch, how many times do I have to tell you there's nothing wrong with my forehead! You're just jealous because I'm prettier and because Naruto ditched you when you were suppose to meet on the roof to have sex with me. I'm sure you were just devastated waiting for him. You're too ugly to get a man. I can have whoever I want and you have to settle for Lee." Sakura said in a sneer.

"You are a man! I didn't even show up to see Naruto I was too busy hanging out with Sasuke, the guy that doesn't even spare you a glance. I'm glad you both slept with each other now for sure you have all the STDs you both didn't have before, you filthy whores. Settle for Lee, he's great and hot in his own way, energetic, youthful and I'm sure he'd be a fire ball in bed." Nata turns to Lee's direction and winks. He blushes. "You are so lose every time you walk I hear clapping and let me tell you pinky it isn't applause. You know what I'm not ugly because Haku told me I look good and he never lies so you can put that in your spank bag." Nata said in a drunken Ramble. "Oh my god it's so hot, can you turn on the AC Tachi? Oh yeah I love this song!" Nata slurred as she walked into the dance area. When I was about to grab a hold of her wrist Sakura jumps at me while Karin wraps her arms around me.

"Hey there baby I've been waiting all night to have some alone time." Sakura says suggestively

"Sasuke Baby lets go up stairs and have a fun time." Karin, who's in a very revealing girls scout costume, whispered in my ear

"Hn." Was I said while I pushed them away and entered the dance area. What I saw I wasn't ready for. Sunny was dancing on the table to hypnotize by Biggie in a very hot Indian costume, looks like she abandon her coat. God she looks good, her body is amazing. Oh fuck I'm getting dirty thoughts damn alcohol is making me lose my composure at least I'm not like all the other guys yelling 'take it off' or whistling or throwing money. Wait other guys those fucking horn dogs I'm going to kick their asses everyone of them for looking at my Nata. I see Kakuzu jump on the table and dance while picking up all the money. He's dressed as a pimp well its better than last year when he dressed up as a Repo Man and kept taking everybody's stuff. Fucking greedy bastard! That's Nata's she earned it.

"Hinata Summer Hyuuga get your ass off of that table and put your fucking coat on, Kakuzu you greedy son of a bitch stop using my baby cousin and you fucking assholes I'm going to beat all your asses!" Neji yelled scaring Nata and making her pop up from all fours to quick hitting the chandelier with her head and falling off the table, I catch her before she could hit the floor. As soon as she comes off kin and Guren jump on the table and start grinding on each other.

"I need my Hoes' payment or else I'm going to show her how strong my pimp hand really is." Kakuzu Said but was soon punched by Konan, dressed like an angel.

"Don't call women 'Hoes' asshole!" she said while beating him with her halo.

"You throw a single at my best friend, she's worth more!" Kiba yelled while punching a guy

"Sasuke take Nat to your room, you're the only person I trust with her." Neji yells while Mazing guys in the eyes. I Nod at take her up to my room.

In Sasuke's Room

I put Nata on my bed and sit next to her, she's awake and asking for more Jell-O goodness. Oh shit she had Jell-O shots. Oh fuck she's straddling me. Fuck she looks so hot; control yourself she's been drinking and so have you. Fuck she's rocking; I put my hands on her hips and hold in a grunt. She's getting me hard, fuck.

"What's wrong Sasu you don't want me on your lap?" she asks while biting her lip making me want to do things to her. Alright Sasuke think about unsexy things like homework that not sexy unless Nata is biting her lip while doing it. No that not going to work. Tobi's mask that just stupid unless Nata was wearing nothing but that. Okay I'm just a perv. Oh no she sucking my neck and it feels so good.

"Do you want me to stop Sasu?" she asked in a seductive voice before I kiss her lips. We start making out, I slip my tongue in her mouth and explore. We start getting more aggressive and I start exploring her body. I glide my hand over her butt and move the other to her breast. As I massage her breast she starts moaning and that just gets me harder. She moves her hips over my erection and starts rocking her hips back and forth, I grunt with pleasure. I move my hand from over her breast and start undoing her corset so I can massage her nipples and she moans. I look at her and realize how drunk she really is. She would never do this in the right frame of mind. I look at her big lavender eyes and her beautiful face, I can't do this. I know if this goes on much longer I won't be able to control myself and I'll have sex with her, don't get me wrong I would want to have sex with her just not now like this, I would want it to special like she deserves. I stop and lay down with my back turned to her.

"Sasu are you okay?" she says while rubbing my back I shrug her hand off.

"We shouldn't have done that Nata, it was a mistake." I say with my back still turned to her. "We're just friends and if we keep going we'll ruin it."

"It was a mistake?" she says in a hurt voice

"No that's not what I mean it's just your not-"I was catch off.

"Rin, is that fucking it? You don't want anything with me but you do with her. Were you fucking playing with me this whole time! Was I just a fucking make out buddy? You never did have any intention of making us anything more did you dumb shit? Stupid me because I thought we were more than friends because we held hands, sucked face and spent a lot of time together but that all I was to you, a fucking friend. I don't kiss friends; I kissed you because I had fucking feelings for you. It's already been ruined, you know what Sasuke Uchiha fuck you, you arrogant bastard. I don't ever want to have anything to do with you again; I'm tired of thinking about you like I do, of making you such a big part of my life, of fucking loving you. You're not worth it, you're not worth me. I honestly thought you were special but you're not, you fucking piece of Uchiha shit. Assholes like you are what make girls wish they were lesbian! Why did I have to be like Tachi and like dick?" She said it with teary eyes and with a straight voice I almost forgot she was drunk that was until she stumbled out of the room and slammed the door. She won't remember this tomorrow she's too drunk too. She didn't mean anything she said she's too drunk too. I just lie on my bed repeating that over and over, willing myself not to chase after her and do something I'll regret just to prove her wrong. I know she's upset because the whole time I have known her she has never ever used fuel language and now she has a mouth that can rival Hidan. I'm really hoping it's just the alcohol talking. Hinata Hyuuga if you only knew you're the only woman I want anything with.

Normal POV

Back at the party

"If they keep talking about Nat like that I won't be able to control myself, I'll kill them Obito. Now unhand me peasant and let me find my sweet little cousin so I can scold her for her trashy behavior." A drunken Neji slurred.

"Neji calm down, Genma already kicked out the group of guys that said those explicit things about Natty okay, now just relax." Obito said sitting Neji down. "Hey Gai did you get Lee to pass out yet? I told you not to let him out of your sight! You know how the kid is when he drinks especially if anyone disrespects his 'lily in the garden of weeds'. Where the fuck is Kakashi? he's supposed to help us supervise! Poor Kotetsu had to deal with Kiba and Shino; I think he might be awake now."

"They should have never called Nat a stripper; she was just being very youthful! Last I saw Kakashi he had a bottle of Jack's in hand and went upstairs. Kotetsu should be alright, he just got between the cross fire of Kiba and Shino kicking some youthful ass, amen to that!" Gai said doing the good guy pose. "I wish Kakashi would have seen me put Hidan on check then he would have seen what a great rival I am!" with that Gai started running laps around the lake.

"Hey Tenten can you watch Neji for me? I have to get Itachi off of the roof before he does something stupid." Obito says frustrated, Tenten just nods.

"I am a golden God!" Itachi screams from afar

"Too late" Obito says with a sigh and runs outside.

"Hey twenty baby what's cracking?"Neji said trying to be smooth.

"Neji just shut up, your just saying that because you're drunk and horny." Tenten says while drinking out of her cup. "So I see you brought Kin to the party."

"Yea but I wanted to bring Mina but she already had a date, Choji. Since she likes fat guys I started putting on weight. God she's beautiful I've been in love with her since middle school, I'll never love anyone else. No girl is better than her; she has the most beautiful brow eyes I've ever seen." Neji slurred with a grin only to have a fist collide with his face.

"Neji Hyuuga, you are an asshole and a slut. I can't believe I ever slept with you and thought you actually returned my feelings. Mina doesn't like you she already told you that but here I am head over heels in love with your dumb ass and you could care less. Instead you make out with Kin all night in front of me. Fuck that and forget you, you little prick." Tenten said in a dead calm voice before she stormed out. Neji was left rubbing his very swollen cheek.

"Hyuuga seems like someone finally put you in your place, gladly it was a girl, not just any girl but my future girl."

"Fuck off Kidomaru."

With Temari and Mina

"Have you seen Shika?" Tem asked a very drunk Mina

"He kept saying his date Guren was Troublesome and kept asking about Ten and Hina" Temari cringed when she said 'Hina' "and went to look for a quite place that's away from troublesome people, why?" Mina Slurred.

"No reason, hey I'm gonna get something to drink, you should talk to Choji, he looks lonely." after Temari said that, all you could she was dust where Mina once stood. Mina was on top of Choji lip locking.

"You are so full of shit, I know you like him."

"What the hell are you talking about Tayuya?" Temari said in a bored voice to Tayuya who's dressed as the Scarlett Witch.

"Exactly what I said you fucking like Shikamaru but you won't admit it because he has a thing for your little friend Hina." Temari eyes widen a little. "I know that's why you stopped talking to her the same way, that's fucked up, even I who have been in love with the fucking idiot forever don't dislike her. It's not her fault someone likes her, she's obviously having her own fucking problems with her love life she doesn't need your ass to add to them, so fucking grow up and stop being a bad friend. I heard her talking to Sora about it, how everyone changing around her. Too bad she didn't stay like a tom boy; she would have never known the drama that comes with being too pretty."

"Mind your own fucking business, it doesn't concern you." Tem said with a low voice.

"Make me. It's not my fault jealousy got the best of you." Tayuya said in the same low voice.

"Shut the fuck up Tayuya!" Temari said charging at her.

"Fuck you Sabaku!" said throwing a punch. After a couple of seconds of exchanging blows Sakon was holding Tayuya back and Kankuro was holding Temari back. They were both disheveled and had small injuries. There had been a lot of fights that night. The most popular fight of the night was Rock Lee vs. Tobi; there was a lot of slapping and eye poking. They will be sore in the morning but it was all for Hinata's love so to them it was worth it.

"this fucking night just keeps getting worse and worse, Damn Auntie Mikoto why did I have to chaperon?" Obito said with his hands over his head looking at his passed out chaperon buddies and a 'dancing' Gai, its either that or he's having a seizure.

With Hinata

"I can't believe I ever liked that fucking fuck." Hinata said entering the spare bedroom that she use to sleep in when she spent her weekend with the Uchiha family.

"That's a lot of F-bombs for you little Nat." Kakashi said sitting on the bed reading his book and dinking.

"If you haven't noticed Hatake, I've grown up." Nat said snatching the bottle from him and started chugging.

"I've notice that you've grown, in some places it's hard to not notice." Kakashi said receiving a glare from her. "So it's over for you and Sasuke?"

"There was never anything there to begin with." Nat said passing the bottle back to Kakashi who had now put away his boo, with her head down. "He never liked me, maybe it's because I'm not as pretty as fucking Rin. Come on her damn legs go on for miles while mine are just stubs."

Kakashi lifted her chin with his hands so he could look into her eyes. "Nat your very beautiful, I wouldn't do this if I didn't find you attractive." With that he kissed her passionately, it took Nat a while to return the kiss but when she did she ended up pinned down on the bed by Kakashi who was now kissing her hungrily. He started exploring her body with his mouth and hands. He started undoing her top and at that moment the door opened.

"How troublesome, hormonal teens acting like every things a motel room- Nat is that you?"

"Hey ya Shika what are you doing around these parts?" Nat says in a cheery slur slipping away from Kakashi.

"Come on Nat I think it's time to go." He says while glaring at Kakashi. "Hatake"

"Nara, why does she have to go?"Slurred Kakashi.

"Because if she doesn't go she'd be having drunken sex with you and she'd regret it." Shika said as he left with Nat in hand once down the hall "Didn't I tell you not to go all girls gone wild on me and that's just what you do. Damn Nat here take my coat."

"Thank you Shika, I think we should drink to celebrate."

"Drinking is what got you in this mess Nat. Stop pouting your bringing down the mood. Come on we're going to my car and back to my place, my mom is out partying with Mikoto, Tsunade, and Tsume so she won't be back tonight."

"How am I bringing down the mood I'm a ray of fucking sunshine, yeah I love your house it always smells like forest. I don't want to leave yet I'm fine." As soon Nat said that she fell down, Shika sighed and lifted her up bridle style lazily.

"How troublesome, Choji is already in the car with a piss ass drunk Mina, and Haku called Zabuza to pick him, Temari, and Ten up." As they walked through the party they got a lot of weird stares especially from Temari and a smirking Tayuya but Shika ignored them and Nat was to wasted to care, she waved and blew kisses as they exited.

In the car ride to Shika's

"Oh my God unicorns are going to die and it's my fault!" Hina said while crying.

"Nat your dad's been saying that forever, don't listen. Unicorns don't exist anyway." Shika informed.

"they don't exist because I killed them all!" Hina cried out

"It's okay every time Kankuro masturbates a star dies but that hasn't slowed him down." Mina said snorting. "You finally kissed Kakashi, how sweet, you been dandy over that one for a while. I would have slept with him if I were you too bad Shika had to be a cock block." Mina whispered loudly

"I heard that, how troublesome even when their drunk girls gossip." Shika muttered while Choji chuckled.

"I kissed Kakashi Hatake, I'm going to shit twice and die." Nat screeched, she finally realized she made out with him. They eventually got to Shika's house, where the girls made friendly visit to the toilet all night and the poor guys had to take care of them all night.

Monday at school

After a long Sunday morning of nursing their hangovers at Shika's house, the girls slept over Nat's house so they could go to school together. When they got there, they were many rumors going around about them, they just ignored them that was until Haku and Temari ignored them. Tenten smile apologetically and spoke to them but soon left. Mina, Nat, and Shika were all sitting in the table talking. Well Mina and Nat were, Shika was taking a nap.

"Damn it Haku is sitting over there with Ino, Damn him for being so in love with Zabuza, so what if I kissed Choji, I had no boyfriend, he broke up with me in a text earlier, hence the large amounts of alcohol I choked down. What's the deal with Tem? I know I didn't do anything to her. Whatever female friends are just drama, with the exception of you Hina." Mina said while giving Haku the evil eye.

"Thanks Mina, you're awesome too! They'll get over it whatever we did. I can still taste liquor in my mouth." Nat says making a face.

"I'm sure that's not all you taste in your mouth. There should be different kinds of spit in there since you were swapping some." Mina says in a teasing tone.

"Can it, Face sucker, I'm not the only one that was swapping spit." Nat said. The classroom door opened and the teacher made an announcement.

"Student we have a very special guest today and for the rest of the semester. Please welcome-"

"Hina don't look up!"Mina said

"what the French toast?" Nat Yelled and passed out.

"She looked up." Mina said helping revive the Hyuuga princess.

"How troublesome, this is going to be a long day."

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