by Gunman

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Summary: A strange event causes Emi Isuzu to revert to her true form. Desperate to avoid being seen, she asks Maya Natsume for help, who pawns her off on Masataka.

Story idea from minellinoreturn


Chapter One
Loss Of Ki

Many people think that Tokyo is a city. While this is depicted in various movies (mostly Godzilla ones) it is not true. Not exactly.

Tokyo, in of itself, is actually a conglomeration of 23 special wards that make up Tokyo. Like counties that form their own state like in the United States. Officially, Tokyo Metropolis, a large and gigantic city, is considered the capital of Japan, though it is one of Japan's 47 prefectures. Tokyo itself, as a city, was once it's own prefecture, until it expanded after the end of World War II.

It is far from the center of the Tokyo Metropolis, In one of the neighboring special wards, that Todo Academy sits. And it is here that a very unique group of people would be effected in a very unusual way.

It happens once every few thousand years. A special celestial event caused by a momentary shift in the planets alignment. The proper alignment of the planets goes in a particular order: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. (Starting at the Sun, of course)

When these planets come into perfect alignment, it usually causes major changes in all of the planets involved, sending shockwaves of energy across their landscapes that physically alter their surface appearance.

But once every so often, every other of these planets come into perfect alignment, which causes something different to happen.

In this case, the planets Mercury, Earth, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto came into perfect single-line alignment on January 31, 2010, right during the middle of the school year. This alignment sent a shockwave of energy coursing through every planet starting from the sun and extending out through each of the aligned planets.

Mercury was hit harder, naturally, being the closest to the fiery star called the Sun. The energy wave then jumped from Mercury and flew towards the next closest planet. Normally this would have been Venus, but since it was not in alignment, the energy wave had no closer planet to strike and thus had no extra planet to jump off of like a child jumping from one rock to another across a running river.

This caused the energy wave to lose strength as it found it's way to Earth, washing over the planet like a wall of sound as it continued on towards the other planets.

In the high school known as Todo Academy, the energy wave was felt. While the impact was not felt like a tidal wave, it's effects were just as debilitating.

For the school, you see, was home to several rather unique individuals who possessed special powers that were known as Ki. Through the manipulation of this energy, they were able to preform a wide variety of special moves and attacks. They could even use Ki to change the appearances of their own bodies, making them look different than what they had originally been.

But when the wave washed over Todo, it had a type of nullifying effect on all the students there that possessed this Ki ability.

For most, this meant little to the Ki-users, as they maintained a regular appearance that they used every day of their lives.

But for others, such as 17-year old Maya Natsume, this was more of an inconvenience.

"What's wrong, sister?" Aya Natsume, Maya's 16-year old sister who possessed long chestnut brown hair and eyes, asked.

Standing before Aya was her sister, as tall and as strong and as shapely as she was popularly known for. While this was her true form, it slightly shocked Aya since Maya often hid her appearance using Ki-energy to make herself look like a 4-year old girl. Now was not the case.

"I don't know." Maya Natsume, tall, shapely, athletic, with long flowing lilac-colored hair (and two hair-antenna sticking out of the top of her head) just looked at her shapely body. "This probably won't last long... but it's strange. I wonder why this is affecting me like..."

"HELP! Someone Help!"

The Natsume sisters looked up and around themselves at hearing that sudden call for help. Curious, especially at why someone would try and call for help in this school, the two sisters made their way down the hallways and eventually found themselves at the girls restroom.

Entering the second floor girl's restroom, the pair were shocked to find a rather unusual site before them.

Sitting before them on the floor of the restroom, was a large blob of flesh with a messy mop of pink-red hair on top, several white and black strips of cloth lying around the blob, like they had exploded off it.

It was the hair the allowed Maya to easily identify her.

"Emi? Emi Isuzu?" the lilac-haired beauty gasped.

Oh god! Not her! Emi gasped when she looked up to see who had arrived.

"What happened to you?" Maya asked.

"What does it look like, Natsume?" Emi snapped. "Something's wrong with my Ki-flow. I can't manipulate my body fat like I normally can."

"Yeah. Sis is the same way. She doesn't look like a little kid anymore." Aya stated.

Lucky bitch. Emi mentally huffed. "Look... I'd rather not be seen like this." she said. Especially by Mitsuomi! "So... could... you... help... me?" Emi strained to get the words out of her mouth.

At seeing this, Maya was immediately conflicted. While she and Emi were technically rivals, being in different clubs/groups, Maya had no real desire to either fight or humiliate the pink/red haired girl. However, while she didn't think it was right to leave her sitting naked on the restroom floor like this, Maya was not what one would consider a Samaritan, either

I should help her, but... I don't really want to. So... I'll get my proxy to handle this. Maya thought with a smirk. "Don't worry. I'll get you some help." Maya said with a smile, before grabbing Aya's hand and exiting the restroom.

Emi sighed as Maya said that, and left.

Great! At least I'll be able to get through this without help from that bitch. Emi thought.


"But I still don't understand what you want me to do!" Masataka Takayanagi, the brown-haired, brown-eyed, anti-weapons specialist shouted as his club captain pulled him down the hallway, until they reached the second-floor girls restroom, where they saw Aya Natsume standing guard.

Maya let Masataka go as they reached the restroom.

"Here? You want me to go in here?" Masataka gasped.

"That's right. There's a young woman in there who desperately needs help." Maya explained.

(Inside the restroom)

Desperately? Did she say 'desperately'? Oh, I'm gonna make that bitch pay for this! Emi thought.

(Outside the restroom)

"Well... I don't know... I... I mean I guess I could... but..." Masataka mumbled nervously.

"Then it's settled. Good luck, boy!" Maya smirked happily as she slapped him on the back and, without so much as warning, pushed him into the restroom. You are so gonna need it.


Author's Notes:

While I like doing a good Masataka story, I have to admit that this pairing wasn't one of my first choices. A few months ago, someone (minellinoreturn), approached me with this idea and thought I could do a good job on it. I have to admit that I wasn't sure how to do this pairing any justice, but after a few PM's back and forth, we finally came up with what I consider a fairly decent plot. So, here is the start to what I might continue as a 2 or 3 chapter story. It just depends.

Also, the date that I choose for this story is one of sheer randomeness. It doesn't have anything to do with the original Tengho Tenge timeline or anything like that.

Hope everyone likes this story and will give me lots of reviews.