by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Tenjho Tenge or any of their characters.

Summary: A strange event causes Emi Isuzu to revert to her true form. Desperate to avoid being seen, she asks Maya Natsume for help, who pawns her off on Masataka.

Story idea from minellinoreturn


Chapter 3
Live In Help

After a good laugh, Emi had Masataka roll her over to the back of the apartment building.

"You own this whole place?" Masataka asked.

"Sort of. Mitsuomi and his company actually own this. I got it because of that." Emi replied.

Masataka didn't say anything more as he rolled her around the back. As he approached the rear of the 'house' he noticed that there was a ramp that lead up to the back door.

Masataka had never really interacted with Emi so he was momentarily curious.

"Why do you have a ramp in the back of your house?" he asked.

"For days like this." she said.


"Maya didn't really tell you about me, did she?"

"Not really. No."

Guess I shouldn't be surprised. She thought. "My special ability is to be able to control my body fat. For some reason, I can't do it now."

"You can't either?"

"You mean you..."

"My Ki-abilities aren't working either." he stated.

Right. Like it wasn't obvious before. She thought. But has everyone with Ki-abilities been affected like us? I wonder how long this will last?

Masataka had some trouble pushing Emi up the ramp to her back door. But when he finally got her up to the flat surface in front of the door, he was able to more easily open the door and push her into the house itself.

They passed the kitchen and rolled into the large living room where Masataka saw a rather large couch that could have fit six or seven people at once.

"Where to?" he asked.

"The bedroom would be the better place." Emi said. "In the back."

Masataka wheels Emi into the back room where her bedroom is. The bed is actually a very large four post bed, (twice the size of Emi herself) the bed posts looked like they were made of metal. (Titanium, actually.)

Wheeling her around to the side of the large bed, Masataka was now faced with an even larger (to excuse the pun) problem of getting the rather large woman onto the bed where she would be more comfortable.

The problem was, how to get her off the cart and onto the bed, without dropping her?

His solution came in the form of a small electrical lift, like a modified farm jack with wheels, that he recalled seeing, briefly, out the corner of his eye, when he entered the house. It was fairly old, but would have to do. At the very least, he wouldn't have to do this by hand, which would've been even more difficult, and borderline impossible.

Retrieving the jack, which was jerky and a little old, Masataka made his way back to the bedroom where he was able to (with great effort) roll Emi off the cart and onto the lift. He was grateful that the jack actually held up to the size that Emi was now. It took nearly an hour to get her from the cart, to the lift, and then from the lift onto the bed. The easiest part was to get the lift to raise Emi up to the mattress itself. Rolling her, that was the difficult thing.

"Is there... anything else... I can help... you with?" he wheezed.

"Uh... could you get me a few snacks from the kitchen?" she asked.

"Uh, no problem."

"Thank you."

Masataka walked into the kitchen and went to the cupboard.

Inside he found dozens of different snacks. Mostly cupcakes, dingdongs, twinkies, nacho-flavored potato chips, seven different kinds of candy bars, lollipops, cotton candy, twelve different kinds of bubblegum, nine different kinds of brightly colored soda pop, and eight different kinds of nuts.

"Guess she's got a bit of a sweet-tooth." Masataka said. 'A bit'? He mentally huffed. This place is like a small restaurant! Don't go there, Masataka! You know who you're dealing with.

He walked back into the bedroom, empty-handed.

"Uh... exactly what did you want?" Masataka asked.

Right, should have made a list. Emi thought. "I guess... as much as you can carry?"

"...right." he stated as if it were an afterthought.

Masataka returned to the kitchen and started loading his hands with as much as he could carry. He started with the soda pop, then the candy bars, then the potato chips, then the cupcakes and twinkies.

When he returned to the bedroom, he sees Emi stretching out her hands, reaching for the food like a hungry child.

Reminds me of Dale Biederbeck from 'Monk'. He thought as she started eating. More like inhaling.

Masataka just watched her with a mixture of shock, disgust and amazement.

"What?" Emi asked, pausing briefly after finishing off her chips.

"I... just wonder if all this is really healthy?" Masataka asked.

Emi just stared at him.

"Healthy? Of course it's not healthy." she said.

"Then why do you do it?" he asked.

"I've got a sweet tooth."

Called it. he mentally cheered. "But aren't you worried about... never mind."

She didn't think anything about his stopped speech, but after she finished her candy bars, she then looked at the young man.

The first thing she noticed was that he was still here.

"You're still here." she said.

"Yes." he said.

Her eyes darted back and forth for a few seconds, as if confused.

"Why are you still here?" she asked.

"Well... I... didn't know if you might need anything else." he replied.

A small flash of pink adorned her cheeks before it disappeared.

Was he actually volunteering to stay? Why? Because of compassion or some kind of responsibility? It would have been nice to know which one before she said 'yes'.

"Uh... well, I'm..." she started to say, when...

Gurgle, Gurgle!

"Hunger or indigestion?" he asked.

"Bathroom!" she replied.


Taking Emi to the bathroom had been a chore in of itself. To say nothing of the mess that result because of her need to go a number 1 and 2.

Regardless, Masataka managed to conduct himself in a fairly professional manner.

(IE: he didn't throw up.)

Afterwards getting her back onto the bed was an additional chore.

"Are you alright?" Masataka asked.

"Yeah. I'm fine." Emi said, blushing because he had, again, inadvertently grabbed one of her rather large breasts.

Not like it could have been avoided, really, but it was still something of an embarrassing situation.

At any rate, it proved to both of them that Masataka was something of a valuable commodity. Which kinda made Emi think back to her previous predicament. Specifically the one where she was unable to do much of anything for herself. Usually she would have had some degree of mobility, but... well, now it was pretty much impossible. Because of her body-fat manipulation technique she had never truly needed any kind of live-in assistance. She could go back and forth from her fat form to her sexy form at will. But like she had stated before, something was inhibiting her from doing this.

Which naturally lead to Emi asking this question.

"Uh... Masataka-san?" she asked.

"Yes?" he replied.

"Would you be willing... what I mean is..."

He kept silent, letting her find her voice.

"I... never really needed any help, before, so I... I... was wondering if you'd mind..."

He still remained silent.

"I could... probably use some help, you know? Until this... whatever it is... wears off and I can... I mean..."

"You mean like... live-in help?" he asked.

"Sort of." she replied.

"Sure. But, do you want me to come back tomorrow or... just stay here with you?" he asked.

Her cheeks actually flushed at the young man staying and helping.

"Uh... it might be easier... if you stayed." she said softly.

A small smile actually flashed across his lips. She was asking for his help. He was needed. That, was enough for him.

"Okay. Just, uh... I need to go back to my apartment and get my clothes and stuff." he said.

"Oh. Of course."

"Alright. I'll be back as soon as I can."

As he departed, Emi hoped that he would return soon.


Authors Notes:

Not much I can say about this except that I wasn't sure when I was gonna get it out. Not much action, more drama thatn I'm used to writing. So, hopefully everyone enjoys that much. I'm also slowly building their relationship. But any help would be welcome.