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Four years after the events of Need For Speed: Carbon…

You are sitting in one of your safe houses in Palmont City. Four years ago, you took the city from Darius after he blackmailed you, and you haven't heard from him since. You've grown bored over the last few years. The minor crews like Inferno and Los Calibres are still pushing and pulling, but they stay away from your races.

You've been waiting desperately for something worthwhile to happen, and today is when it happens.

The phone rings.

You walk over and pick it up. "Hello?" You ask the person on the other end.

"Hello, is this (insert your name here), famed street racer and current controller of the Palmont City territories?" A man on the other end says.

"I see someone got my number." You said.

"I'm (insert a guy's name here), police chief of Seacrest County, a few states away."

"What do you want with me?"

"You see, Seacrest County is a place unlike any other. He have coastlines, mountains, deserts, forests, and most importantly, illegal street racing."

"…You have my attention."

"The Seacrest County Police Department has access to some of the finest cars in the world, exotics and muscle cars alike. The racers also have access to these cars. This leads to some of the most exciting police chases seen in the world."

His last sentence makes you remember five years ago, back in Rockport. The police on your tail, and the only way to escape was to make a nearly impossible jump.

"And why does a police chief need me?" You ask.

"You see, the racers are getting better and better. We need better speed enforcement officers to get these guys in. And that's where you come in. We want you to join the police department as a speed enforcement officer, but aside from that, you also need to be a street racer, infiltrate their ranks and tear them apart from the inside and outside at the same time."

"And what's in it for me?"

"Well, aside from getting out of the rut of Palmont, you'll be clearing your bounty so you won't worry about the cops on you wherever you go."

"And all I need to do is race?"

"And chase. If you come to Seacrest, you'll start right away."

You had to think about it for a moment. What if he's lying? What if this is just a trap to get you in jail? But clearing your bounty and having access to the best commercial cars in the world is just what you need. You also want to get out of Palmont.

"…I'll be there in November 16th, this year." You say.

"Glad you chose the right answer. Have a nice day." He says and then hangs up.

Months later, on November 15th, you're making your way towards Seacrest County. You left Palmont City in the hands of your crew, and you are due in Seacrest by tomorrow.

I hope I'm doing the right thing. You think to yourself. You are going to be against your entire street racing career. Your'e going to be a cop now, and racing as an undercover cop. All of your years on the streets of cities are going to make you feel weird in the natural setting of Seacrest. But you decide not to worry. You're going to put the past behind you, and move forward to the new part of your career. You race and you chase now, and that's how you hope it'll be for a while.

And, there you have it. I know it sounds like a great big advertisement, but this is what I think happened. And, yes, I completely disregard ProStreet, SHiFT, and Undercover. So? Well, I'll see you on the streets of Seacrest County!