Digimon Tamers

Return of the Dark Masters

This is fan fiction that I came up with in which after Digimon Adventure and the Digital World was seen in the sky Digimon became a world wide card game.

After the Digidestineds return, TK and his mother left for Shinjuku where he met his next door Neighbour Henry Wong and was reunited with his partner Patamon and became a Digimon Tamer and fought alongside the other Tamers for several years.

Now at age Fifteen, TK and his mother are returning to Odaiba.


Kari Kamiya sat at her desk in her classroom while waiting for class to begin when a fifteen year old boy entered and spoke with the teacher.

"Alright everyone I'd like for you to welcome a new student to the school. Everyone this is Takeru Takaishi." The teacher said.

"Please just call me TK. TK said bowing.

At hearing this Kari's head snapped up and stared at the boy. Throughout the rest of the day Kari tried to speak with him but never got the chance until after school.

TK was walking over to a large tree after everyone had left school when Kari caught up with him.

"It's been a long time." She said standing behind TK.

TK turned with a big smile on his face. "How much I've missed that smile." TK said making Kari blush.

Kari walked over to TK and hugged him.

The next thing TK knew he was thrown to the ground and a boy with Tai's goggles was standing in front of Kari.

"Hey pal stay away from Kari, she's my girl." Davis said.

But the next thing Davis knew he was flat on his ass as a result of a blast of air hitting him square in the face.

"Don't touch him punk." Patamon said hovering over Davis.

"Patamon stand down. It's alright buddy." TK said getting up. "Leave him be."

"Patamon, it's good to see you again." Kari said.

Patamon smiled and flew into Kari's arms and hugged her.

Several people came running up and saw Kari holding a small Digimon with the new guy in school and Davis on the ground.

After Kari made the introductions to TK, introducing Yolei, Cody, Ken and Davis. Davis not being impressed that TK was a Digidestined. Yolei suggested that they visit the Digiworld and so they headed to the Digiworld and walked threw the forest and saw a small Digimon running scared.

"Elecmon, you alright?" TK asked as they ran to the injured Digimon.

The Elecmon looked up at TK and said "Their coming, thousands of Tankmon. Help us Tamer." After saying this the Digimon fell unconscious.

TK looked to Patamon and said "Go take a look pal." And then turned to Kari and said "Can I borrow that D-Terminal of yours?" Kari nodded.

The Patamon's voice could be heard from TK's pocket. 'You better take a look at this TK.'

TK pulled out what the other thought was a Digivice but it was different than the last time Kari saw it. As he held it in his hand a holographic display showed what Patamon was seeing and the screen showed Tankmon. Thousands of them.

"This is not good you guys get out of here I'll handle this." TK said taking of for the edge of the forest.

"Fat chance TS I don't back down." Davis said running after TK.

At the edge of the forest the Digidestend found TK and Patamon standing looking out at the Tankmon army.

"You ready?" TK asked Patamon. Patamon nodded and TK took out a game card.

"What's a Digimon card going to do?" Davis asked annoyed.

"Just watch." TK said as he swiped the card.





Patamon was replaced by an angel with shining wings.

Magnaangemon flew toward the Tankmon army and drew his sword and called his attack.

Gate of Destiny

A golden gate appeared in the sky and began sucking in some of the Tankmon but the others had other plans


Several Tankmon fired their attacks at Magnaangemon sending him crashing to the ground in front of the Digidestined and sending TK flying back in pain. After the smoke cleared Patamon was lying on the ground.

TK looked to his partner and said. "You ok buddy?" Patamon nodded. "If we're going to beat these guys we've got to go to mega."

Patamon nodded as he and TK got up ad stood in front of the others.

"Let's do it. Biomerge Activate."