Chapter 1

Summary: Harry was in love with his older brother's best friend, Draco Malfoy, but then he found out there was no reciprocated feelings. He ends up going to Beauxbatons instead of Hogwarts, and doesn't see Draco till the summer after graduation. Has Draco decided to change his mind about Harry? Pairings: (MAIN) Harry/Draco, Jared/Neville, James/Severus, (OTHER) Harry/Viktor, Harry/Cedric, Harry/Blaise, Draco/Astoria, Draco/Seamus. SUB-Harry and DOM-Draco.

Standing at around 4" 3', eleven year old Harry Potter looked up with wide, innocent eyes peering over the counter, only a tuff of black hair showing. The glasses he wore, round and absolutely awkward looking, blocked a bit of his vision, but he could still hear. He looked at his big brother, Jared, who was 15 years old with auburn hair and hazel eyes. Next to him was Draco Malfoy.

To Harry, Draco, was a God that could do no wrong. But, as the other boy was much older than him, it stands to reason that there were any reciprocated feelings. The young black-haired boy was oblivious to this fact…until now.

"So, can you believe our little Harry will be attending Hogwarts with us this year? It seems like he is all grown up." Jared faked cried.

"Damn, now I will be stalked at school too!" sneered Draco, in true Malfoy form. "Will you tell the runt I am not interested and to leave me the fuck alone. I don't need this shit!"

"Dray calm down, you know he won't have any time to actually do that. First year is always loaded with new things to keep the kiddies entertained."

"I don't know why your little brat of a brother is so attached to me, but it has got to stop." Draco said firmly.

Harry stood frozen as his brain tried to catch up to what just occurred. His Draco hated him! His blonde prince didn't want him around anymore. Trying to not make any noise, Harry left the room and silently sniffed as his little heart broke into a million pieces.

As he sat in his room, trying not to cry like a little kid like he swore he wasn't to his father, he made plans. He may be 10 but he was not stupid, he knew he needed an out. So quickly he wrote a letter to Headmistress Maxine, who ran Beauxbatons. The school was known to be mostly girls, but they took boys as well. Harry knew that if they let him in, he could attend there and Draco wouldn't have to deal with him anymore. It was a perfect plan. Now to tell Daddy. It was going to be hard though.

His daddy, James Potter, thought of Harry as his 'baby boy' and nothing could stand in the way of his innocence. Sometimes people would joke around and saying that he was the favorite; Daddy would correct them by saying he loved his sons equally but sometimes you had to wonder. James always wanted Harry to be by his side so he could protect him from anything or anyone. He's been teaching DADA up at Hogwarts for a few years now because he was bored and he was so excited that his little boy was coming.

It took only a day for there to be any kind of reply. A snowy white owl came to his window and gave him the letter that would alter the course of his future forever. Inside, Madame Maxine, accepted his request and sent him a list of all he needed for the school year. There was an attached note that explained where he had to go on September 1st. Harry jumped around in his room, excited. James came into his son's room and looked at the excited kid in confusion and amusement.

"You OK, buddy?" James asked.

"More than OK, I have gotten accepted!" Harry shouted, causing both Draco and Jared to peek in to see what all the noise was about.

"To Hogwarts? Of course you did, but that was a while ago, why are you happy now?"

"Not to Hogwarts silly! To Beauxbatons, of course." Harry shook his head, completely forgetting he never told his family about applying.

"WHAT!" James, Jared, and Draco screamed. Harry than stopped jumping and flinched harshly at the tone.

"I know your upset…" he was interrupted.

"Upset? UPSET? Why would I be upset, huh? You decided, without telling anyone else that you were going to leave us and not attend Hogwarts. Our family has always gone to the school!" James ranted.

"Listen, before going I wanted to check out other options, that's all. But, when I looked I found that Beauxbatons would be better all around for me than Hogwarts. Everyone says that Hogwarts is the finest wizarding school, but if you look at curriculums throughout, Hogwarts lacks. There is much more classes to take and they don't split their school by houses, but by years. There is no 'house rivalry', and 'house favoritism' and they accept more than just humans, so I have a better understanding of other races. It will be perfect for me! Can't you see it? The even have an exchange program with Dumstrang so I can visit there and meet even more people! "

"Harry, it is a 10 year school, not a seven year like Hogwarts. If you end up hating it, it will seem all the longer." James was desperate for his son to go to his school.

"Daddy, please! Let me go!"

"…OK but if you end up hating this school, please tell me so I can enroll you into Hogwarts immediately!" James finally said, ignoring his oldest son's protests.

"OH! THANK YOU! Thank you! Thank you!" Harry jumped up and down excitedly!

"What? Dad, you can't do that! I have been looking forward to showing my little brother the ropes!" Jared yelled at his father. Draco seemed strangely quiet about the whole issue, but he occasionally gave his 'once' little stalker a few long glances.

"I have got to go pack and then, Daddy, we need to go to Diagon Alley and get all of my books, supplies and robes. Oh, this is so exciting!" Harry said in one breath as he went around his room to pack everything.

November 1st

"OK, Harry, you got everything, correct?" his father asked him for the millionth time that day. They stood at the marina, apparently, instead of a train, the people of Beauxbatons took a portkey to their school. All they had to do was go to a yacht in the marina and there would be an escort for them to the school.

"Yes, Daddy," Harry said placating his father.

"You are totally sure you still want to go through this, because it's not too late to get you into Hogwarts," James asked.

"Totally, now don't worry, I will be home during the summer and holidays, just like Jared! I will send you post every week, I promise!" Harry said as he hugged his father one more time. Then he moved to his big brother and hugged just as tight. "I am sorry I won't be joining you, but you probably would not see much of my anyway because we have such a age gap. Plus, if I went to Hogwarts I would probably be in Ravenclaw."

"It's all right Harry; I think I have gotten use to it by now. Just, write me every week as well and tell me if there is anyone giving you trouble!" Jared said.

"I will miss you both! See you at Christmas break!" Harry said as he went on to the boat, his things in hand.


Harry took a deep breath and looked into the boat and a walked in and inside there was a boy, a few years older than himself. He had rich brown hair, with crazy blue eyes.

"Bonjour, Harry Potter, I am your escort, Thomas," the boy said with perfect English, even if there was a smiggen of French accent.

'Hello, Thomas." They shook hands.

"You ready?" he asked.

"Yes, yes I am."