Chapter 3

Years Apart

Harry's first year at Beauxbatons. The first set of exchange students from Dumstrang in February.

Harry sat excitedly next to the first friend he made at the school and one of his room mates, Darius Roux. The boy was pretty eccentric and slightly neurotic but Harry quite easily attached to him. They were currently in the in front of the school where there was a huge courtyard, awaiting the arrival of the first set of Dumstrang students for the year. Harry thought it was a wonderful tradition, so that the students became aware of other cultures and countries. He wondered briefly why Hogwarts did not do the same with its students.

"So, I wonder what they are like; these new students of ours?" Harry said to Darius.

"Yeah, I wonder that as well. I just hope there are some sexy girls that come." The blonde haired, brown eyed boy said.

"Of course you'd want that," Harry rolled his eyes, "but if you get them, I want some hot guys thrown in the mix." He told his straight friend.

All of a sudden, many whispers erupted through the crowd of students as the front of them saw the 12 students that were going to be attending their school for two months.

"Children! Children, calm down!" said Madame Maxine who projected her voice so they could all hear through a spell.

Harry looked at the Dumstrang students and noticed that they wore heavy fur lined coats and some wore these hats made from some animal. Harry slightly winced; he loved animals. One of the boys, who looked to be 15 or so in the front of the line and we was tall and very muscular for his age. Harry was instantly drooling.

"That's Viktor Krum! They say that he is a shoe in for a spot on the Bulgarian Quidditch team," said Darius in awe.

"He's quite lovely," Harry muttered. The Bulgarian seeker whom they were talking about seemed to notice them and Harry quickly blushed and looked away. He didn't see the small smirk on the older boys face.

After the headmistress introduced the exchange students, they went inside the school and into the great hall where circular tables spread across the room. Harry and Darius sat in their usual spots in the corner and there were still three more seats open. They were very surprised when three Bulgarian students sat with them; one of them being Viktor Krum.

Hello, my name is Viktor Krum, and you are?" He asked with a strong accent. (OK no patience with trying to write out how he would say it like in the movie).

Darius spoke first, "Names Darius Roux, and this is my friend…"

Viktor interrupted Darius, "Harry Potter, pleasure to me meet you," he smirked as he took the younger boy's hand and gave it a feather light kiss on the back of it.

Harry blushed.

Flash forward to the day James, Jared and Draco meet Viktor for the first time.

"Now, Dad, you remember what I told you?" Harry asked his father only a few minuets before Viktor arrived via flu.

"Yes, son; do not interrogate, or harass your 'boyfriend'," James rolled his eyes.

"Very good," Harry said patronizingly as he placed a kiss on top of James's forehead.

Harry was quickly finishing up dinner in the kitchen when Jared and Draco arrived (Jared is rooming with Draco in a flat).

"Oh, Harry, you look so sexy cooking the muggle way," Draco smirked from behind him. Harry refused to turn around, but if they could see his face they would see a red hue as he blushed.

"You have some weird fetishes, Malfoy," Harry commented, and Jared snorted.

"Ha, bloody, ha, Potter. But seriously, if you want, I will tell you all of my…fetishes," he whispered the last part in Harry's ears. Harry shuddered, but didn't respond. He just picked up the wooden spoon on the stove and dipped it into the marinara sauce he had been working on all day. He took a quick taste, but the concluded that there needed to be a tad more salt. He pushed Draco out of his way and grabbed the seasoning.

"Your brother is cold, mate," Draco commented to Jared, still looking at Harry.

"Yeah he can be that way."

"I am still here, wankers," Harry muttered as he mixed in the added salt. Tasting it once more, he was satisfied.

"Harry, your…boyfriend, is here," James called from the living room.

Quickly putting down the spoon he used to stir the sauce, he swiftly made his way to where his father and his boyfriend were hold up.

"Viktor," Harry grinned widely when he saw the seeker. He ran to the Bulgarian and jumped into his arms.

"Harry, I have missed you!"

"It has only been two days, love," Harry chuckled.

"Two days too long, though,"

"OK, let's cut the sappiness and let's get to introductions." Jared called from behind the couple; a scowling Draco behind him who starred at Harry with intensity.

"Yes, yes of course. Viktor this is my father, James Potter," Harry introduced. Viktor held out his hand in greeting to which James stared at it.

"Dad!" Harry scolded. James rolled his eyes but he did shake Viktor's hand, albeit strongly.

"And this is my brother, Jared," the same process, but Jared made his glare much more clear.

"OK, so I have dinner ready, if you guys want to sit in the dining room," Harry ushered them.

"Umm, Harry, aren't you forgetting someone?" Jared asked with a raised eyebrow (probably from being around Malfoy a lot).

"Nope, I don't think so," Harry shrugged, acting innocent.

"Oh, bloody hell. Names Draco Malfoy, minister of magic, but we've already met," Draco huffed.

"See, everything is good." Harry smiled, before walking in to the kitchen.

He quickly got everything into some nice bowls and had a house elf help him bring the food to the dining room. Luckily when he got there no one had killed each other, but if they could kill with their eyes, they'd all be dead by now.

"Guys, Rocky and I have food," Harry grinned trying to lighten up the mood. It didn't work, but at least everyone put away their glares. (For all of those people who are reading this at 3 in the morning and aren't all there, 'Rocky' is the house elf. LOL)

The dinner was silent, except Harry's occasional sigh as to let the four men know that he wasn't impressed. Draco, fed up with the sigh, and a little turned on as he kept thinking of all the other noises Harry could make in bed, decided to speak first.

"So, Krum, when did you and our Harry meet?"

"Harry and I met in his first year, the first time Dumstrang and Beauxbatons exchanged that year. We were friends for eight years before I came up with the courage to ask him out, he was very intimidating for the most part. He slapped me upside the head when I finally did ask him, said that I was a stupid prat and yes." Harry and Viktor shared a smile that had Draco incredibly angry.

"And why were you scared of little Harry?" Draco sneered.

"Well have you seen him? He can be pretty scary when you get him mad," everyone in the table could agree, Harry glared, "plus, even though he is younger than me, he is much more experienced in some areas than I am."

That made everyone freeze.

"VIKTOR! I don't need my family and Malfoy knowing that!" Harry half yelled half screeched.

"Your not a virgin?" James, Jared and Draco yelled instantly.

"No, I mean come on, I am 21 years old!" Harry defended himself.

"When? WHO?" Jared yelled, eyes blazing.

"Well, since I know you can't kill them, it was Cedric Diggory right before my fourth year, at the Quiddich World Cup. Ironically, it was Viktor who supplied me with the tickets to the game. I had heard later on that he died in the triwizard tournament. It was quite sad."

No one could speak, well except the blonde minister, "Cedric Diggory was 17 and our age and you were still thirteen at the time! He fucking statutory raped you!"

"What!" James yelled, loosing all color in his face.

"And how did you meet Cedric? I wasn't aware you met him before that game?" Jared asked inquisitively.

"I met him then, it was an impulse act, but one I don't regret. He was quite talented for his age. Though, Bill Weasley was more experienced." Harry said as an after thought. Viktor shook his head, knowing all of Harry's past lovers.

"Bill Weasley? When was that?"

"When I was 18 and on that excursion to Egypt," Harry stated nonchalantly.

"How many fucking people did you sleep with?" Jared yelled.

"Just Cedric, Bill and Viktor; I mean, I only got to third base with Blaise Zambini, but you know, he was my first boyfriend."

"Zambini!" Both Jared and Draco hopped out of their chairs in pure fury. "Our best friend, Blaise? Who is our age and you were what? Twelve?"

"So, I started young? I think that it was in the past. I mean it would have only been Viktor if he stepped up to the plate in time," Harry said. (YAY! Muggle phrase!)

"That's no excuse! Why am I only finding about this now?" James all but growled out.

"Because, now I am grown up and what I did in the past was in the past. I didn't regret a thing, and you shouldn't either."

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