Yeah, They're Still Not Mine.

Ever since he'd been cursed, given his soul back to overpower the demon inside, Angel had been trying his hardest to remain 'good.' To do good. Sure, it hadn't been a perfect road, he'd had a lot of struggles whether that be when his loneliness had gotten the better of him and his attempt to return to Darla, the man he'd finished off after having been shot in that small diner, his disgusting years of punishment to himself that followed just to name a few, but he was doing his best. So... maybe a small, tiny little slip here and there didn't really matter, right?

There were two monsters, one being Angelus and the other known as jealousy, raging inside of him ever since Buffy had told him that she was here on a date with that goofy looking blonde boy. It took all of his self control not to snap the boys neck. And that was even before all their touching and their talking... their kissing. That was a pain he couldn't remember having experienced before.

"You should go," he said as he stood next to Owen moments after Buffy, Willow and Xander had taken off, an evil gleam in his eyes.

"You think? I mean, she said... and I don't think she wants me to..."

Angel smiled, doing his best to take from Angelus with it and sent the boy off to the danger zone. It wasn't like he honest to God was hoping for some accident of some kind to happen along the way or when he got to the staked out by vampire's funeral home... but he didn't think he'd mourn the loss any if something did happen. It was wrong, he knew that, but some things just couldn't be helped. When it came to this little blonde slayer... well, sometimes he just couldn't be helped.

He knew he was putting extra stress on Buffy and that did give him pause, and knew if something did happen to the boy she might be saddened, but he knew she'd find a way and save the day. That included saving this Owen fellow too more than likely. That in itself did have an upside though. She'd realize there was no sort of future for the two of them with the brutal truth of her gift and the risks that came with this life.

Whistling, he headed home, hoping he'd stumble on his next excuse to come talk to her soon.