As the fireworks came to an end Clary's mother, with Luke in tow, wandered over to where she and Jace stood.

"We're going home" Jocelyn announced.

Clary glanced up at Jace, "I'll be home soon" she said.

Jocelyn nodded, "But make sure it's before midnight" she said sternly.

Clary nodded and gave her mother a brief hug then watched as they disappeared around the corner, Jocelyn's hand confidently in Luke's. Clary smiled softly, happy that her mother was finally getting what she deserved. Clary could feel Jace's eyes on her. She lifted her head and smiled at him. He gave a small smile back.

Everyone else in the square started to depart too, Isabelle gave a cheery good-bye as she and Alec left with their parents. Magnus left not long after them, leaving Clary and Jace, along with a few stray Shadowhunters, the only ones there.

"I guess I'd better get you home" Jace said reluctantly.

Clary sighed, "Yeah I guess."

Jace dropped a brief kiss on her hair before tangling his fingers with hers and starting off down the road. They walked slowly, trying to make their time together last longer. The streets were empty, lit only by the street lights. Clary couldn't help but look at it as a painting, what colours would create the blue shadows or the sandy walls of the buildings. Clary sighed and tightened her fingers around Jace's as a splash of red was added to the picture by Amatis's house.

Once they reached the door Clary turned to Jace with a sort of sad smile appearing on her face. Jace ran the backs of his fingers down her face with the same smile.

"I wish you could stay" Clary said quietly.

"So do I" Jace said framing her face with his hand.

Clary stretched up on her toes to press her lips to his. He kissed her gently, sweetly at first. Then his hand came up to lace in her hair and the kiss deepened. Clary wound her arms around his neck kissing him for all she was worth. No barriers, just Clary and Jace. It felt right. Jace's arm wound around her, pulling her against him. She tunnelled her fingers into his hair, loving the freedom of being able to just be with him. They soon broke apart, gasping for air. Clary rested her head against his shoulder as she tried to slow her pounding heart.

Eventually she pulled back looking up at him with her heart in her eyes.

"Good-night" she said in a whisper.

Jace replied by lightly touching his lips to hers, tightening his arms briefly then pulling back and releasing her. Clary smiled slightly then turned and opened the door. She glanced at him one last time before quietly closing the door.

Clary kicked her shoes off once inside, appreciating being out of the wretched things. As she padded quietly through the house, she glanced into the living room. Jocelyn and Luke were asleep on the couch, with Luke's arms tight around Clary's mother. A small pang of envy zapped inside Clary, a part of her wishing that were her and Jace. Then she had an idea. Clary bolted for her room and straight to her window, bolting her door on the way. She threw open her window and exhaled in relief. She could see Jace's silhouette lit by the dim light of a street lamp, not far away.

"Jace! Jace!" Clary called in a loud whisper, knowing he had good hearing.

Jace turned around, looking around for the source.

"Up here!" Clary said, waving her arm wildly.

He spotted her then ran back toward the house. Clary jumped when Jace appeared at the foot of her window, she forgot how quick he was sometimes.

"My mother and Luke are asleep downstairs" Clary informed him, waving him up.

A smile spread across Jace's face before he jumped up and caught her window sill and slipped through.

"How-?" Clary began to ask, "Oh part angel, right" Clary said.

"Couldn't live without me?" Jace murmured with a grin.

Clary just rolled her eyes and grabbed Jace's hand, dragging him over to her bed. Jace stretched out and lay back against the pillows while Clay lay down, placing her head on his chest. Right above his heart, listening to its steady beat. Jace's arm snaked around her, holding her tight against him.

"It seems so...surreal" Clary said quietly.

"Well it's not everyday a girl gets to hide a god in her room" Jace said in his cocky tone.

"I wonder why I bother with you sometimes" she said exasperated.

They talked in quiet, intimate whispers for hours after that. Talking about anything and everything like their favourite toy as a kid, to their first kiss. Until Clary started to nod off against Jace's chest.

"It's late" Jace said quietly when Clary gave a huge yawn.

"Mhm" Clary mumbled, burrowing into his chest.

She felt him kick off his shoes then reach down and drag the comforter up and over them. Clary sighed contently as Jace pressed his lips to her forehead. His arms tightened and Clary felt his head rest atop hers.

"I love you" was the last thing she heard before the darkness of sleep engulfed her.

The scene seemed familiar. Lake Lyn stretched out before her. Its surface reflecting the moons grey face. But then a hand clamped over Clary's mouth. She struggled against the hold then tried to scream as her attacker turned her to face them. Valentine.

"I'm dead because of you" he hissed, "and now your going to die too."

His hand circled her throat in an unbreakable grip, while the other left her mouth and slipped down the grasp something at his waist. As soon as the hand left her face Clary screamed.

Valentine laughed, "No one will hear you."

Then his hand that had gone to his waist re-appeared; holding the Mortal Sword. Clary felt the salty tears tracking down her face.

"Good-bye, my daughter, Clarissa Morgenstern" Valentine seethed as he raised the sword.

He touched it to the skin just above her breast and agonizingly slowly pierced her skin. Clary felt the cool steel penetrate her skin, seeking her heart greedily, while her scream of pain rang loud in her ears.

Clary bolted upright in her bed, her heart beating loud and her breathes coming out in quick gasps. The comforter clung to her, using the fine sheer of perspiration coating to her as glue. Slowly reality began to seep in and the nightmare faded. She registered her room in Idris, the light breeze floating through the window and finally the strong arm draped around her waist. Jace stirred, frowning.

"Clary?" He mumbled.

She didn't reply but just waited. Jace opened his eyes quickly when he didn't get an answer, just as Clary knew he would. Taking in her dishevelled appearance, he sat up next to her.

"What is it?" he asked, his hand coming up to rest on my back.

"Nightmare, Valentine, Revenge-" She choked up, not able to finish.

Clary didn't realise she was crying until Jace's hand came up and gently wiped away her tears. The arm around her waist came up to cradle her head against his chest.

"Shh it's alright, he can't get you, and I'm here, your safe" he soothed.

He was rocking her back and forth like a mother consoling a child. Her tears slowly stopped and Clary curled her fingers into his shirt. Jace's arms tightened, holding her close. His arms made her feel safe, protected. He slowly pulled them back down until they were lying down again.

"Go to sleep, I'll still be here, I promise" Jace said quietly, comfortingly.

"Thankyou" Clary said tilting her head and kissing him lightly.

"Anytime," he said as she placed her head back on his chest, "I love you."

"I love you too, My Golden Warrior" Clary murmured, drifting off to the rhythmic beat of her Golden Warriors heart.

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