Fandom: Smallville
Title: "Crystal on Marble"
Characters: Lana/Lex
Description: Lana goes back.
Rating: T
A/N: This is a short one. It was written for the Doomed Ships Ficathon at LiveJournal. I chose the following prompt:

Smallville. Lex/Lana

So come to me my love
I'll tap into your strength and drain it dry
Could never have enough
For you I'd burn the length and breadth of sky

Disclaimer: Not of these people belong to me. Duh.

It's been years since she left Smallville, and even more since he left. And now, she spends most days alone in her modest home in Grandy. She has a family now: a beautiful daughter, Cady, that she deeply loves, and a husband, Pete, who's in the military. She realized about a year ago, though, that he's a prick. Not a prick really—not a man that's bad enough to give her the strength to leave him—but sometimes he's mean or stupid, and he's always boring.

When he's there at all.

So when Cady's at school and Pete's away, her mind sometimes drifts to her first marriage, the one that she's supposed to be ashamed about and that Pete still hasn't "forgiven" her for. They never talk about it, and it's still a sore spot between her and Nell.

But the truth is… she's afraid at how unashamed she actually is. She wonders what he's doing right now, how he's living, if he regrets…them.

And then, because she's Lana, she just calls him.

Well, LexCorp anyway.

"This is… Lana," she says. And what is she, five?

"Um, OK…Calling for whom?" the receptionist asks, puzzled.

"For Lex Luthor."

The receptionist scoffs. "Lex Luthor?"

"Yes," and Lana feels a faint panic. "This is LexCorp, right?"

The receptionist ignores the question. "What, exactly, is the purpose of your call?"

"He, um… he knows who I am."

"I need a reason ma'am."

"I promise you," she says, taking a deep breath, and—sick of being scared and bored and not in control—she channels the Lana she used to be—the Lana who was beautiful, and young and always got her way. "He will know who I am."

The receptionist sighs reluctantly. "Please hold."

Then there is silence—no hold music or advertisements or canned apologies for making her wait—and in that silence, her confidence falters.



She hasn't heard that voice say her name in…ages, and she'd forgotten its power…and allure.

"Yes," she replies simply. She didn't prepare for this. This is what she gets for being impulsive and juvenile. She isn't 19 anymore, and Lex isn't just the bald bad boy of Hicksville, Kansas. Things have changed.

He starts again. "Is there something—"

"Lex," she interrupts. "I'm at home. Pete's gone. And…" She pauses. She wants him to cut in, or maybe just understand what she can't say. But he doesn't. There's more silence and she can't take the suspense; her heart just might stop if she doesn't hang up right now. But she…can't.

"Lana," he says finally. "What is it?"

"I need you."

There's more silence, and then she hears the distinct sound of crystal clinking against marble.

"Wait right there," he says, and a chill rushes down her spine. "I'm on my way."

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