By Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Evangelion, Rosario+Vampire, or Twilight: New Moon.

Summery: A magic spell turns Tsukune Aono and Shinji Ikari into giant wolves, who become the new members of Jacob Black's Quileute wolf pack.


Chapter 1
Wolf Pack Arise!

"...a Witch? A witch on this knoll?" a shadowed, cloaked figure said.

"Yes, Oyakata." the second figure said. "She possesses great power for one so young. She decimated an entire force of carnivorous plants guarding the sunflower fields."

"My, my. It's been may years since we met another witch. We must welcome her. After all, she is One Of Our Own!"


The tall and athletic young man with the short dark hair finally entered the city limits and looked around the bustling metropolis.

So this is a Japanese city. Jacob Black thought as he looked around. Sure did pick the farthest place to get away from Forks.

He was dressed simply in a pair of running shoes, blue jeans, sleeveless gray shirt, and a heavy-looking backpack slung over his shoulders, the young Native American teenager started wandering into the city, searching for something. Even if he didn't know what it was.

Coming to Japan was perhaps a bad move, only because he didn't know anyone here. But after what happened in Forks...

No. Forget that. Move on. It's the right thing to do. Bella made her choice. I came here to get away from that, even learned the language all the way over on the flight. Now, to find my own destiny. Jacob thought as he looked around, feeling lonely even amongst the large, gaggle of humans.

Not that he was one, of course.

No. Jacob was a werewolf of the Quileute tribe, capable of transforming from a normal-looking human into a large wolf without any special requirements. He didn't need a full moon to transform, though he couldn't turn into a human-looking wolf. Just a very, large, wolf.

Once Jacob had been part of a pack. But because of the pain he had suffered at the hands (or rather the unrequited feelings) of Bella Swan, here he was now. On his own. A lone wolf on the prowl in a city he didn't know, in a country he had never been to. No lovers, no family, no pack.

He wondered... I've come so far from my home. Will I find what I'm looking for here?

It was then that he heard a shattering of glass and noticed a small group of people running down the street as the bulbs from several street lights were shattered.

Curious, Jacob Black followed the quartet.


Shinji Ikari breathed a sigh of relief as he stepped off the bus and looked around the city. He wasn't sure where he was going, but he knew there had to be something better for him than what he had had in Tokyo-3.

Still... as he adjusted his backpack and straightened out his button-up shirt and brown slacks, he wondered what there was in this city that he could do to support himself.

He had little money, only what he carried with him; no friends or family in this city. He was pretty young to get a job to support himself. And even then, they'd require some kind of back ground info that he couldn't provide. He didn't want NERV to find him.

In this modern age of Security Cameras, Facebook, and Internet-Everything, you just couldn't hide yourself like you could ten or twenty years ago.

What am I going to do now? he thought as he kept walking, through alleyways and even climbing a fire escape to the top of a tall, nearby building. He was careful not to be noticed. Maybe if I can get up on top of this building and get a look around... I can figure out what to do next.

However, once he was standing atop the building, he felt tired, exhausted, and lost. So lost that he wobbled behind a stairwell access to the roof and crashed right behind the small roof access, where a collection of tools and a tarp covered his body as a result.

I think... I'll take a nap now. Shinji thought as his eyes closed and his body rested.

His nap lasted only a couple of hours, as he noticed a myriad of flapping sounds, belonging to a large flock of birds.

Birds? Shinji thought. A lot of birds! That's strange. Is there something up there... of interest to them? He thought as he, rather uncharacteristically, poked a curious nose out from behind the roof access and gasped at what he saw.


Yukari Sendo, the preteen witch of Yokai Academy who was still dressed in her brown outfit, white-stockings and black shoes, her most noticeable features her black witches hat and cape (aside from her short purplish hair), blinked her purple eyes open as she looked up and suddenly found herself on the rooftop of one of the city buildings. She looked around side-to-side and noticed a strange female figure standing near the edge of the roof. She looked almost like a shadow standing there, all draped in black, with several crows flying around her.

"Wha.. Where...?" Yukari gasped. "Where am I?"

"Ah! You're awake." the voice said.

Yukari looked over and noticed the woman was feeding the crows.

"So, what do you think of the human city?" she asked. "I saw the pain it caused you as a witch."

"Huh?" Yukari gasped as she took in the woman. She was older than herself, by only a handful of years, dressed in a large, ruffled pink skirt, tight leggings and arm wraps that were torn in several places, scarf and dark shirt without sleeves. Her hair was long and jet black, with only a few braids in it. But her eyes, slightly pinkish in color, seemed to speak to her of a more wild personality that lay within.

"The city... it's so empty, isn't it?" the girl said. "No water. No wind. No flowers. Not even the scent of soil or leaves. Only the stench of human Ego and Greed. It must have seemed... like a wasteland to you."

Yukari didn't respond as the crows seemed to fly all around her.

"AH!" she gasped as one buzzed her head.

"Oh, don't worry. Crows are my friends. They helped me whisk you away from those disgusting people." the woman said.

"Who... who are you?" Yukari asked.

The woman smiled. "My name is Ruby. Ruby Toujou. I live on Witch's Knoll. I came for you because I want to be your friend."

While the crows flocked all around them, Ruby went on.

"Humans are... The Enemy!" she stated. "I know. I've spent my entire life suffering at the hands of their selfishness and cruelty. They are a race of insects! Good for nothing! All they do is mindlessly expand their territory and destroy the environment! I'm sure you understand that now. After seeing their abominable city. Not only will humans and witches never understand each other... there's no reason to try!"

At hearing this, Yukari thought back to her own human friend. Tsukune Aono. He was different than the humans she had met in this city, and she wondered briefly if this was true of all humans.

"Those despicable creatures are trying to destroy this beautiful knoll covered with blooming sunflowers." Ruby said. "Yukari... we need your help. We need your power to aid us in our battle to save our world." she said as she handed Yukari a sunflower from the Knoll. "...will you join us?"

Yukari said nothing as she stared at the sunflower, understanding that a witches power was drawn from nature, and that a human city cut her off from that power. It was because of this, that she ever so slowly and subtly, nodded her head gently.

All at once, Ruby became ecstatic.

"Oh, Thank You! Thank You!" she cried and hugged the younger witch tightly.

"AWP! R-R-Ruby? You're welcome..." Yukari replied as she felt herself getting crowded out by the only other person on their roof.

However, unbeknownst to her, to either of them really, two sets of ears were listening intently to what was being said.

One pair belonged to Jacob Black, who was listening from the adjacent rooftop.

The other belonged to Shinji Ikari, who was still hiding beneath the tarp and tools left there by the buildings maintenance crews. Even the crows didn't notice he was there.

So... those two girls are witches. Jacob thought. Though he had never encountered one before, it made him wonder just what other unique creatures existed in the world. Other than werewolves and vampires that he knew of. Could I have stepped into a much LARGER world?

To the side, Shinji Ikari was having similar thoughts.

I left Tokyo-3 because of my father's cruelty. What he made me do to Toji. But now... I find out that it isn't merely my father who is cruel... but other humans as well. He thought. After hearing what the two witches had been talking about, it made Shinji wish that he wasn't human anymore either. I want to help them. But... I'm human. Would they accept my help... or would they kill me?

Just then, the door to the roof exploded open, and three people crashed down onto the roof in front of Ruby and Yukari.

"Moka? Tsukune?" Yukari gasped as she saw her friends from Yokai Academy.

"Wha... how did you find us?" Ruby gasped in shock.

"With all the crows flying around this buildings roof? You're kidding, right?" Tsukune huffed as he stood up and helped both Moka, a beautiful pink-haired girl with bright green eyes, dressed in a purple dress with white trim, black shoes and socks. The other girl was a busty bluenette dressed in a white button up shirt, red ribbons tying her hair and around her neck, short pleated skirt, white socks and black shoes.

Shinji and Jacob, who had been listening intently beforehand, could sense something strange about these newcomers.

While Jacob had his wolf senses to tell that this newly arrived trio were... human (the boy)... vampire (the pink-haired girl)... and something else (the blue haired girl)... he seemed to sense a strange new trace of blood nearby. Not human blood, but it was blood nonetheless. It seemed to be coming from behind the roof access. Strange that he hadn't noticed it before.

Shinji, while not being a monster in any shape or form, also sensed something strange about these newcomers. Peering out from behind his hiding place, his first impression of them was that they were all not human. The two girls seemed more beautiful than Asuka and Rei, and that was hard to picture for mere humans. For one thing, the blue-haired girls bustline also seemed more ample for a girl her age, and implants at that age were dangerous!

The boy, however, seemed to be ordinary, but Shinji felt a strange kinship with him that he didn't get from Toji or Kensuke.

Both Shinji and Jacob then noticed the boy, extend his hand to the younger witch, Yukari.

"We were so worried about you." he said. "Let's go home. All of us... back to Yokai Academy."

The young witch seemed stunned, but didn't argue or resist.

"Let's just call the trip and bust and go. Okay...?" Tsukune asked.

"Tsukune?" she said silently with tears in her eyes. After all the awful things I said... "Tsukune..."

However, before the preteen witch could accept Tsukune's hand, a whipping shriek and a splatter of blood caught everyone's attention.

"TSUKUNE!" Moka and Kurumu shouted as the boy fell backwards onto the ground, his red blood flowing from his left chest and shoulder like a fountain.

Jacob was the first out, followed by Shinji. The girls were too caught up with their friend that they didn't notice the newcomers. However, Ruby did.

What? Where did they come from? Ruby thought as she saw the two newcomers out of the corners of her eyes.

"Tsukune?" Yukari gasped as she ran towards the bleeding boy.

"Don't let them fool you, Yukari!" Ruby shouted, waving her wand so as to transform her body into a partial raven-form, six large, black wings suddenly emerging from her back. "Didn't I tell you that humans are the enemy! And the enemy must be slain... without hesitation!" she cried.

Within seconds, everything became a chaotic-blur as Ruby lashed out at Moka and Tsukune.

"STOP IT!" Yukari shouted as she leapt to defend the pair, only to get intercepted by a young man with brown hair and blue eyes that she didn't know and hadn't seen, who was sliced through his chest to his right shoulder. Again by Ruby's wings.

"AAAHHH!" Shinji shouted as he crashed next to Tsukune, blood oozing out like crazy.

At seeing this, both Ruby and Yukari were shocked.

I tried to end that pink-haired girl and that human boy... when Yukari got in my way. I would have sliced her... had it not been for that other boy. Ruby gasped as Kurumu and Jacob dodged another attack, this time by the flock of crows around them.

That boy... he saved me! Yukari thought as Ruby moved back up into the air, out of range of them all. He didn't know me, had no reason to help me... why...?

"Tsukune!" Kurumu Kurono shouted as she knelt next to the pink-haired girl and the half-dead boy. "Moka! You have to save him!" she cried out.

That caught Ruby's attention.

Save him? She thought.

"Right. My blood!" Moka said, as she opened her mouth in order to bite Tsukune and inject him with her vampiric blood once again.

I don't know what's going on, but I can't let them help that human! Ruby thought as she unleashed a barrage of feathers directly at the girls, slicing them across their arms and shoulders.

"AAAHH!" Moka cried out.

"OOWWW!" Kurumu shrieked.

"RUBY, NO!" Yukari shouted as the two girls were knocked back.

Not knowing what was going on, or how that pink-haired girl was going to help Tsukune, Jacob Black made a judgement call on behalf of both boys, even as Yukari tried to stop the raven-witch from attacking.

"Please. Don't attack my friends! I don't care if you are a witch like me." Yukari pleaded with Ruby.

Ruby just stared at the younger witch in shock, even as Moka and Kurumu noticed that the tall newcomer was racing over to where Tsukune and the other boy were lying.

I hope I'm not too late! Jacob thought as he bent down between the two boys.

"You... what?" Ruby gasped. "You don't care? You care more for these Beasts... than your sister witches?" she cried with outrage.

"No... I..." Yukari tried to explain.

"I Won't Accept That!" Ruby shouted as she flew up to attack once again.

As Ruby ascended, Jacob bent down between the two half-dead and heavily-bleeding boys, biting the wrists on both his hands, and quickly placing his bleeding veins over the mouths of the two boys. As his blood seeped into their open mouths, Jacob mumbled something under his breath. A spell or incantation, no one could be sure, but as he finished, he rose up off his knees and shouted.

"WOLF PACK... ARISE!" Jacob cried out fiercely.

All at once, everyone froze in place, hearing the young man's scream, as two bodies rose up and stood behind him. Practically leaping up from the ground. One was the boy named Tsukune, the other was the boy who had saved Yukari from Ruby's razor wing attacks earlier.

Both boys stood up like nothing had happened to them.

Naturally, when Ruby saw this, she gasped in shock.

"Impossible! How can you even be standing? Those were killing blows! No human could survive that!"

"What? He's alright?" Kurumu gasped at seeing Tsukune standing. "Moka! Did you..."

"N-No. I didn't! I... I didn't have time. This... is something else." Moka gasped.

The quartet of attractive girls all gasped when the boys got close to each other. A strange, powerful aura suddenly exploding from them the closer they got to each other. As if they were feeding each other in power and strength.

"Well it doesn't matter! I'll Kill You All!" Ruby screamed as she attacked.

Instantly, the boys reacted. Together, as if in a practiced maneuver.

Tsukune leapt into the air on the right, Shinji leapt into the air on the left, while Jacob leapt right up the middle, towards Ruby. Moka, Kurumu and Yukari gasped as they saw Tsukune and the other boy break through Ruby's razor-sharp feathered attack like battering rams, giving the taller boy a clear shot at the raven-witch, who nailed her in the stomach with his fist.

"Guh..." Ruby gasped as pain overwhelmed her. Impossible... I'm a powerful witch! What... are... they? She thought as she blacked out, her body going limp as she fell back to the rooftop floor.

Jacob caught her in his arms and landed right next to Shinji and Tsukune.

It was enough to break the girls out of their stupor of a trance.

"Tsukune-kun! Are you alright?" Moka asked, racing over to her human friend.

The boy in question turned around and smiled at the pink-haired vampire girl.

"I'm fine, Moka-chan. Kurumu-chan." he said to them with assurance.

"But... what happened?" Kurumu gasped. "How did you... where did you..."

"I guess there's a lot to explain." Jacob said as he approached the group, the unconscious witch in his arms.

"Yeah. I'll say." Shinji groaned, shaking his head of some rather cloudy thoughts.


The group eventually found their way to the street, finding a vacant bus stop where they just sat and waited for... something, anything, to happen.

Ruby was still unconscious as she sat between Moka and Tsukune, while the others stood around them listening to Jacob Black finish his explanation on what had happened back on the roof.

"And that's what happened." Jacob said. "I used a Quileute incantation to awaken my wolf powers inside their bodies."

"And you used your own blood so that you could revive and empower them." Yukari stated.

"Yes. I'm sorry, but... it was either that or watch them die." Jacob said.

"We're not upset at you, Jacob-san. We're grateful, but... well, it is more than a little shocking." Moka exclaimed.

"Yeah. Tell me about it. One minute I'm human, I think I'm dying... then next I'm... awake and flying through the air like a rocket." Tsukune said with a silly grin.

Jacob smirked as he said that.

"And what about you, Shinji-san? Are you alright?" Kurumu asked the other, rather quiet, boy.

"A little." Shinji said. "I feel... different. Alive. Like... I've drunk a case of soda's all at once."

Jacob smirked at that. "It takes a little while to get fully used to it. But you will."

"The sun is going down..." Tsukune said, offhandedly.

"We can't find the place we're supposed to spend the night... there's no sign of our teacher... no way to get back to school..." Kurumu muttered aloud.

"And we're stuck with a wounded witch who hates us." Moka said.

"Not to mention a pair of werewolves." Yukari said.

"Well... three, counting Tsukune." Jacob corrected.

"Oh! That's right!" Yukari said. "Sorry."

But as she apologized, Tsukune was actually deep in thought.

I do feel stronger than before! Guess I won't have to worry about troubles at school now. Tsukune thought with some confidence.

Jacob had explained that because of what he had done, both he and Shinji were now werewolves like him. Which meant that he was stronger now. Far stronger than a normal human. But Jacob had also explained that he and Shinji were now pack-brothers alongside himself. That actually gave the former human a sense of strength and security he hadn't known before.

At least Tsukune won't have to have me save him all the time. Moka thought.

However, there was a part of her that actually seemed sad at that. The part of her, perhaps her inner persona, that had grown accustomed to protecting Tsukune.

I wonder what Tsukune's blood will taste like now? Inner Moka thought.

Kurumu sighed. "The city at night... you can't even see the stars. It's sad, really." she said simply as if in thought. "So... what'll become of us now...?"

"It'll be okay!" Yukari piped up. "I know that, as long as I'm with my friends..."

"Yukari!" Tsukune gasped as the preteen witch jumped on his left arm, hugging him tightly.

"I'm so sorry! I don't know what came over me before... but whether we understand each other or not... I Still Love You All!" she declared.

"Yukari..." Tsukune gasped softly.

"And at least we've got some extra company." Yukari pointed at both Jacob and Shinji.

"I hope the place is big enough for all of us." Moka sighed. "If we ever find it."

Jacob and Shinji looked at each other in shock.

"You want us to come with you?" Shinji asked.

"Well... yes!" Moka said to the young wolf.

"Moka's right!" Kurumu said. "It's not like you're human anymore."

"Well, I wasn't to begin with." Jacob smirked off-handedly. "And besides... a wolf pack stands together. Like brothers!"

Brothers. Shinji thought. I never had brothers before.

Brothers. Tsukune thought. It sounds... strong!

Suddenly, a rather chipper and perky voice caught their attention.

"OH! Is that you?"

Everyone looked to see a rather cheerful, blond-haired woman in a sleeveless shirt and short skirt walk up to them, three crates of fish in her arms.

Some of them were still moving.

Behind her was a man in a bus drivers outfit smoking a cigar.

"Ms... Nekonoma?" Tsukune gasped in shock. And the bus driver!

"What do you think you're doing here?" Yukari shouted.

"Where have you been?" Moka shouted.

"And I'm an airhead?" Kurumu cried.

Oh, that's right. I'm supposed to be chaperoning you, aren't I? Silly me! The cat-woman thought.

Shinji and Jacob just looked at each other, sweat-dropping at the kinds of people they had fallen in with.


Authors Notes:

For the longest time I had wanted to write up a Shinji/Yukari story, but I didn't know how to go about it.

There was also the problem of what to do about Shinji as any kind of monster. It wasn't until I saw the previews for the Twilight movie, New Moon, that I saw Jacob Black transform into a large wolf that I realized I had found my monster form.

Of course, to make the story work, I decided to add Jacob into the story.

(Just so everyone knows, this story will be a Shinji/Yukari pairing, Tsukune/Moka/Kurumu pairing, and a Jacob/Ruby pairing.)

I'm also going to be bringing in Mizore Shirayuki into this story maybe by the next chapter. Though I'm not sure who I'm going to pair her up with just yet. It will either be Tsukune or Shinji.

Hope everyone likes this and will leave me lots of reviews.



Suddenly, a rather chipper and perky voice caught their attention.

"OH! Is that you?"

Everyone looked to see a rather cheerful, blond-haired woman in a sleeveless shirt and short skirt walk up to them, three crates of fish in her arms.

Some of them were still moving.

Behind her was a man in a bus drivers outfit smoking a cigar.

"Ms... Nekonoma?" Tsukune gasped in shock. And the bus driver!

"What do you think you're doing here?" Yukari shouted.

"Where have you been?" Moka shouted.

"And I'm an airhead?" Kurumu cried.

Oh, that's right. I'm supposed to be chaperoning you, aren't I? Silly me! The cat-woman thought.

Shinji and Jacob just looked at each other, sweat-dropping at the kinds of people they had fallen in with.

But the instant all three boys (Jacob, Shinji, Tsukune) locked eyes on the previously missing teacher, their lips turned into snarls, their nostrils flared, and their eyes glowed.

Ms Nekonoma tensed as her cat sense suddenly kicked into overdrive. She dropped the crates of fish and dashed down the street, right as all three boys transformed into giant wolves and bounded after her, barking all the way.

"AH! Someone Help Me!" the feline teacher shouted as the wolf boys chased her.

"Well? Aren't you gonna help her?" The bus driver asked the trio of girls.

"Well..." the witch started to say.

"I suppose we..." the vampire girl started to say.

"Nah! Serves her right for abandoning her own students!" the succubus declared.