by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Evangelion, Rosario+Vampire or Twilight: New Moon.

Summery: As Lady Oyakata launches her attack on the humans, the News Club and Ruby try to stop her from making a fatal mistake, which leads to incredible ramifications.


Chapter 3
Showdown At Witches Knoll

(White Sakura Inn)

Jacob and Ruby were kissing.

But around the corner, the others were watching.

Shinji and Yukari were staring at the wolf and witch from the bottom corner of the wall, while above them, Tsukune, Moka and Kurumu were staring at the kissing pair from above them.

Just then, Jacob grabbed Ruby's arm and twisted it back.

Everyone balked at this rather violent act, until Ruby got this dreamy look in her eyes.

"Oh, Jacob-kun!" Ruby sighed and laid herself against his chest affectionately.

The others looked at her in surprise.

"Great! She's a masochist!" Kurumu uttered.

"But I thought Alpha wasn't... like that." Tsukune said.

"He isn't. Unless...Of Course! Jacob imprinted on Ruby! That means he would know what she would like and such." Shinji explained.

"So because she likes it rough, he acts rough?" Kurumu asked.

"I suppose so." Moka said. "Though... I'm sure he doesn't enjoy hurting her."

Tsukune realized that Moka was right about that, as Jacob did not look too pleased with having to hurt Ruby, at all.

The pair kissed again.

"Oh! It's so romantic." Kurumu whispered. "Tsukune, kiss me!" the succubus puckered up.

"Would you stop that!" Moka hissed at the bluenette.

"Will you be quiet?" Yukari hissed at both of them.

"Too late!" Ruby snapped.

"We can still hear you!" Jacob snarled.

The others 'eeked' and remained hidden. However, it was enough of a distraction for Ruby to jump out the nearest window, spread her wings, and fly back to the Knoll. Jacob just watched her go, his enhanced eyesight catching her tears falling from her eyes.

Just staring out the window, Jacob barely noticed the other members of his pack, and their girlfriends, all approach and surround him by the window.

"So? What do we do?" Shinji asked.

"We go after her." Jacob said.

"What?" Tsukune asked.

"Ruby said that her lady was preparing to launch a war against the humans of this city." Jacob said.

"Ruby's going to help her?" Yukari asked.

"I don't think that she wants to hurt anyone. But..."

"She's loyal to the woman who raised her for all those years." Moka said.

"Well... if we're going to help her, we're gonna need a ride." Tsukune said.

"Ride?" Jacob asked. "Wolves can cover a lot of ground pretty quick."

"But busses go faster." the Bus Driver grinned, suddenly appearing behind them.

(Witches Knoll)

When Ruby returned to the Knoll, Lady Oyakata was naturally upset at her. Not only had Ruby allowed herself to be defeated, but she also had a can of juice that Yukari had given her as a gift. Using her vines that emerged from her own hands, Oyakata had snatched the juice out of Ruby's hands and tied her up, accusing her of falling under the persuasions of the humans.

"I didn't fall under their persuasions! And they're not humans! Not anymore." Ruby said.

"It doesn't matter, Ruby. How could you let them influence you? How could you fall for their lies? How could you betray me like this?" the older witch hissed as she used her vines to crush the can that Ruby had with her. "What good have all my teachings been? Do your parents deaths mean nothing to you? Do you care nothing for you people? It seems you must be... reeducated!"

The vines lashed out and captured Ruby.

"My... lady... please forgive... AGH! It Hurts!" Ruby gasped out.

"This is for your own good, Ruby." Oyakata said.

"J-J-Ja-cob...-kun..." Ruby wheezed.

Suddenly a bus exploded overhead, flying over their heads and landing near the sunflower fields.

"What? A... bus?" Oyakata gasped.

The door opened and six people stepped off the bus. Ruby gasped when she saw them.

Jacob Black - Quileute werewolf, pack leader.
Shinji Ikari - Quileute werewolf, former robot pilot.
Tsukune Aono - Quileute werewolf, former human.
Moka Akashiya - female vampire.
Kurumu Kurono - female succubus.
Yukari Sendo - preteen witch.

"Let! Her! Go!" Jacob snarled when he saw Ruby wrapped up by plant-like vines.

"Jacob-kun!" Rudy gasped when she saw him.

"So... it's you." Lady Oyakata said. "I've heard of you from the crows. The humans who defeated Ruby and nursed her back to health. What brings you back to my Knoll? Have you come to join us, perhaps?" she asked, power exploding from her body.

"Whoa! Such a powerful aura!" Moka gasped.

"What about you, young witch? Come to us, it's not too late. Join your own people at last! We are far superior to the humans. And I'll prove it... By Killing Them All!" Oyakata declared.

However, Yukari just stared at the elderly woman, shaking in fear, as she wrapped her arms tightly around Shinji's arm.

"I see... what a pity." Oyakata said.

"You just scare her, you old hag!" Kurumu spat at the old witch, sticking out her tongue as well.

"We've come for Rudy! Let her go, or I'll tear your head off!" Jacob snarled.

"Oh will you now?" Lady Oyakata asked. "And just how do you plan to accomplish that?"

"WOLF PACK!" Jacob shouted.

"CHANGE!" Tsukune and Shinji shouted.

Instantly, Jacob transformed into a large black wolf, Tsukune transformed into a large brown wolf, and Shinji transformed into a large white wolf.

"Well... can't let you guys have all the fun. Let Do It, Girls!" Kurumu shouted.

Kurumu transformed into her succubus form: wings, tail, ears and nails all extending to reveal she was not human. Yukari pulled her wand out of her cape with one hand, a pack of tarot cards in her other hand. Tsukune pulled Moka's rosario off of her choker with his teeth, transforming her into her sexy silver-haired vampire form.

Lady Oyakata gasped. "A vampire... a succubus... a pack of wolves! So many monsters! Standing together? And with you?" the older woman asked her apprentice in shock.

"Not just with me! For me!" Ruby shouted.

Jacob, Shinji and Tsukune leapt into the air and bit through the thick vines that held Ruby. Once she was cut free from the vines, the raven witch fell and grabbed onto Jacob's fur, the Alpha Wolf leaping away and landing back on the ground with Ruby sitting on his back comfortably. The pack following close behind him.

"Bring her back to me, you mongrel!" Lady Oyakata shouted at Jacob.

"Jacob-kun's loyalty is to me!" Ruby gasped as she slid off of Jacob's back and onto the ground, standing beside the large black wolf. "He will not listen to you!"

"But you will!" Oyakata shouted.

"My Lady, Please! We don't have to do this!" Ruby pleaded with the older witch. "Please, do not force this fight!" she pleaded.

"What are you saying, Ruby? You now stand against me? Against all that we have worked towards? With these... evil outsiders?" the old witch shouted.

"They are not evil, my lady! But they are strong. They are all good! Please, don't do this!" Ruby pleaded again.

"I see. They have poisoned you against me. Filled your head with such nonsense that you have turned against all that we have worked towards. All that we have tried to preserve. They are no better than the humans! They are all trash... and deserve to die!"

"My Lady, No!"

"Then You'll All Have To Die!" she shouted at Ruby.


The group gasped as a massive wave of energy washed over the field, rumblings coming up from the ground itself.

"What is that?" Kurumu gasped.

"L-Look! The sunflower field! Something's coming out of the ground!" Yukari shouted.

"Sunflower field?" Oyakata gasped. "Hee-Hee... look more carefully. That... is not a sunflower!"

The sunflowers began to warp and change.

"Horticulture is my hobby. I've been nurturing this species for quite some time..."


"Hanabake! The Man-Eater!" she exclaimed as the creature burst forth from the ground.

The thing looked like a cross between a plant and an alien creature (you know, the one with Sigorney Weaver). It had a large open mouth with a row of razor-sharp teeth, a large single black orb sitting on top of its head, long, sharp claws on both front and hind feet, and a long tail that looked like a whip-weapon with a spiked blade on the end.

"What a lovely opportunity to see how it's growing." Oyakata said. "KILL THEM ALL!"

The Hanabake hissed and lunged at the group. It's first target, the busty Kurumu.

The large brown wolf growled as it leapt into the air and slammed into the man-eating plant.

"TSUKUNE-KUN!" Kurumu and Moka shouted as the large wolf tussled with the man-eater.

Shinji was about to intervene, when Jacob suddenly barked at him, stopping him from joining. It was obvious to the others what Jacob was doing: This was Tsukune's fight!

"Why are you doing this Ruby? Why do you defy me?" Oyakata demanded as the two creatures fought fiercely.

"Because... I want to believe in what Jacob-kun and the others said. That living... in peace... is possible! Like my parents wanted!" Ruby declared.

"You're parents were killed by humans! Murdered like common street trash! That is how humans treat each other! How they treat our kind! As it has been for centuries!" Oyakata snapped.

"But not all humans are like that. Some are, but not all. You would condemn an entire race for the actions of a few?" Yukari shouted, standing next to the large white wolf, petting his fur.

"Ah! It is so sad that such a young witch has been corrupted by the humans lies as well." the older witch said.

Just then, the Hanabake that Tsukune had been fighting was thrown down at the feet of Oyakata. The brown furred wolf snorting at the defeated beast and then padded back towards his pack and friends. Everyone just stared at the older witch wondering just what was going to happen next.

"So... you managed to defeat one of my creations. Impressive. But can you defeat an entire army? RISE MY HANABAKE!" she shouted.

"Did she just say..." Kurumu started to say.

"Army?" Yukari gasped.

Just then, the entire sunflower field started to rumbled, shift and shake, as dozens, then hundreds, of plant-like creatures exploded up from the ground, surrounding the teenage monsters in a semi-circle.

"If you want peace, I will give you peace. I offer you one last chance, Ruby. And to you, little witch. Join me now, or suffer the fate that the humans have brought upon themselves!" Oyakata hissed.

"No." Silver Moka declared, answering for everyone.

"What?" Oyakata asked.

"I see it now. It isn't peace born of protection and survival that you want. It is the peace of the grave that you want. You want blood, and blood... is something that I understand!" the vampire hissed, the brown-furred wolf next to her snarling. "It is a pity that you chose this path. My friends were actually sincere in their offer of peace." she said as she gently stroked Tsukune's head. "Especially my Tsukune here. I'm sure you would have found it amusing to hear what he had to say on this matter. He isn't a warrior, but he does fight his hardest for those he cares for. He fights to ensure that unnecessary blood is not spilled. And out of respect for that passion, I offer you one last chance to avoid your own death."

"Do you hear this, Ruby? Do you hear how they threaten me, threaten us, to force us to make peace? Do you hear this foolish dribble that they are spouting?"

"It is not foolishness, my lady." Ruby said softly, still standing close to the large black wolf. "Is it really too late? Is war the only way left for us?" she asked, thinking back to how her parents had wanted to achieve an understanding with both humans and monsters. "I remember what I wanted years ago. What I had forgotten. I... I want to believe in Jacob-kun and the others."

"Then you leave me no choice, Ruby." she said as she took out her spellbook and began chanting.

Ruby gasped when she realized what she was doing.

"No! Not that spell!" Ruby gasped in obvious fear.

"ULTIMATE MERGER SPELL!" Oyakata screamed.

Everyone was naturally confused when the Hanabake turn towards the elderly witch and run at her, piling over each other and lifting her off the ground. They gasped in shock when they saw all of the Hanabake slowly start to merge together, their individual features disappearing as Oyakata cackled madly at what was happening.

The end result was gigantic and horrifically mangled monster, towering over them at least a hundred feet, with at least six large arms, multiple mouths with spiked teeth, and in the chest of the beast, was Lady Oyakata, who looked like the lower half of her body was integrated into the monster itself.

The spell she had used was called The Merge. A spell of last resort... merging with another creature in order to incorporate its powers. Once it's complete... the user cannot return to their own form.

"No..." Ruby cried, knowing that her lady was now farther gone than before, and there was no way back for her. "PLEASE! SOMEBODY STOP HER!"

"Shinji-kun! Get me closer to her!" Yukari shouted as she jumped onto Shinji's back.

The white wolf growled as he charged towards the large merged beast. When the pair were close to it, Yukari jumped off of Shinji's back and slammed her wand into the beast's foot.

"SIPHON TECHNIQUE!" Yukari shouted as the power surged from the monster through her wand and into her body.

Shinji barked in concern as the energy flowed into Yukari's 11-year old body, causing her to scream out in pain.

"IT'S... TOO... MUCH!" Yukari shouted as a sudden surge of energy hurled the girl away from the monster.

Shinji leapt into the air and twisted his body so that Yukari's flying form slammed into his stomach. He crashed into the ground, cradling the witch girl tightly, cushioning her fall.

The giant monster turned towards the pair, slowing in step as it shot out several thorns as projectiles. They didn't reach the pair as several of the thorns bounced off of a strange orange energy field that surrounded them. No one noticed that Yukari was still unconscious, meaning that it wasn't her who had erected the field. They simply paid it no mind as they had much larger issues to deal with.

Moka and Tsukune raced along the left side of the rampaging monster. Ruby and Jacob raced along the right side of the rampaging monster. Kurumu was flying overhead.

"We have to stop her before she gets to the city!" Silver Moka shouted.

"But how?" Kurumu cried out.

Just then, Oyakata's path was suddenly blocked by a small wall of ice that appeared out of nowhere and wrapped around the merged-monsters feet.

The giant beast paused, as did everyone else, as the beast was literally frozen in place.

"What?" Ruby gasped.

"Who?" Silver Moka shouted.

"Look!" Kurumu shouted.

Standing before the massive beast was a single human-looking girl with wild lilac hair, dressed in a pale white, long-sleeved sweatshirt, short pleaded skirt, purple striped stockings, white tennis shoes, a black belt around her left thigh, and a gold locket around her neck. Her skin was soft and pale like freshly fallen snow, her eyes a pupil less blue.

But her most distinctive feature, were the large ice-like claws where her hands should have been.

"All plants wither and die when they are frozen." the girl said.

While the giant monster struggled within the cold-grip of the mysterious ice, the group of monsters quickly ran up to meet the young lilac-haired woman.

"Who are you?" Silver Moka asked as she and Tsukune approached her.

"Mizore Shirayuki." the girl said. "Our teacher sent me."

"Our teacher?" Kurumu asked.

"Ms Nekonome." Mizore answered.

"Really?" Silver Moka asked.

"She thought you could use the help." Mizore stated.

Suddenly, the giant monster broke out of it's icy restraints.

"It's Loose!" Kurumu shouted.

The creature growled as it slammed its fists into the ground, trying to crush the monsters into paste. Silver Moka was the first to leap out of the way, the wolf pack following her, the succubus flying away and the snow girl dodging as best she could.

Silver Moka growled as she jumped onto Tsukune's back.

"TSUKUNE! GET ME UP THERE!" she shouted.

The brown-furred wolf growled as it took off towards the large creature, and with a very, VERY, impressive jump, flew towards the head of the creature.

Silver Moka leapt off of the large wolf and flew towards the great beast.

"Time For You... To LEARN YOUR PLACE!" the vampire girl shouted as she lashed out a fierce kick towards the center of the creature itself.


The blow from Silver Moka's kick reverberated across the landscape, catching everyone's ears.

"She Did It!" Kurumu shouted, seeing the massive beast topple backwards a bit.


"HaHaHa! Now you are mine!" Oyakata laughed as tentacle-vines shot out and wrapped around the vampire girl, even as the large creature righted itself.

Damn It! It's body is too mushy! It won't take the impact! Silver Moka thought as she struggled in the vines grip. I need something other than a physical attack!

"That actually stung a little..." Oyakata grinned, revealing that the left side of her face was actually pushed in. "...but my powers are not limited to size. The Merger spell can pull in and add the power of other monsters to my own. And right now... I WANT YOURS!" she hissed as the vines started to stab and push into Silver Moka's body through her arms and legs.

"Wha... AGH? IN... SIDE... ME?" she screamed as the pain quicky became unbearable.

Suddenly, a wolf's howl was heard.

Silver Moka and Oyakata looked up to see three wolves running across the back of the merged Hanabake. The snow girl, Mizore Shirayuki, was astride Shinji (the white wolf), and leapt off onto the monsters back, slamming her hands into the creature itself, sending waves of cold across it and causing the old witch to hiss in pain.

"No! The Cold!" she shouted.

The wolves leaped over the monster, leaping off of it's arms and legs and attacking the old witch directly.

"AAAHHHHH!" the older witch screamed as the teeth of the black, brown and white wolves bit into her body and tried to tear her apart.

Distracted, Oyakata never noticed Kurumu fly in a slice at the vines that held Silver Moka.

"RRRRAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! GET OFF OF ME!" Oyakata screamed as her vines violently stabbed at the wolves, pulling them off and casting them down.

Mizore took the chance to leap off of the violent moving monster, falling and being caught by Ruby, who flew back down to her friends.

Hissing at the 'insects', the massive creature turned around and continued on at a quicker pace towards the city.

Back on the ground, the three wolves who had been hurled off of the giant beast were whimpering in pain as the girls quickly moved to them.

"Tsukune?" Kurumu gasped as she landed next to the brown-furred wolf.

"Jacob-kun!" Ruby cried out as she pulled herself against the black-furred wolf.

"Are you alright?" Mizore asked the white-furred wolf as she knelt next to it.

"How are they?" Silver Moka asked, limping up towards them.

"Fine. But weak. That fall did a lot of damage to them." Ruby said as Jacob tried to sit up. "Easy, Jacob-kun. Easy!"

"I thought your ice was supposed to hold it!" Kurumu suddenly snapped at Mizore.

"The creature is far too large to be contained by a single Yuki-onna." Mizore said.

"So you're not much help, after all." Kurumu snarked.

"And how much damage have you done?" Mizore asked simply.

"SHUT IT!" Silver Moka snarled, causing the pair to fall silent before their argument started. "We have to stop her before she reaches the city!"

Tsukune barked in agreement, even as he struggled to sit up.

"But how?" Kurumu as she hugged Tsukune around his furry neck.

"Destroy her magical object." Ruby stated. "The source of her power!"

"But where is..." Moka shouted, then paused when she realized where it was. "Got It! Kurumu! Ruby! Mizore! Distract her! I'll hit the object!"

"Alright. If you're sure." the succubus nodded as she took off into the air, followed by Ruby, who was carrying Mizore.

Jacob barked at Shinji, who got back up and ran after the pack leader, both of them running beneath the flying monster girls.

"Tsukune? Are you up for this?" Silver Moka asked as the brown wolf nodded at the vampire girl.

It was then that Silver Moka noticed something she hadn't before about the wolf. Tsukune's eyes, were red with black cat-slits in them.

"So... it seems as if my vampire blood has given you something as well. Yes. I can sense it. Strength of the vampire. That explains how you were able to jump so high the last time." Silver Moka smiled. "And how you made such a fast recovery. Well, then... let's not let the others hog all the glory."

Jumping onto the back of the large wolf, Silver Moka lightly kicked his sides, causing the wolf boy to take off in a very fast run.


Ruby and Kurumu were flying around the large plant-like monster, which was annoying the witch lady, while Mizore was trying to freeze it's legs again, and both Jacob and Shinji had managed to get onto it's back once again to attack Oyakata like they did before.

Oyakata unleashed a fury of razor-sharp vines towards all of the monsters, each of them striking them and tossing them back from her.

"Now... nothing will stop me destroying and absorbing the entire city of humans. One city after another will fall to my power and in the end..."

Her dramatic speech was cut short, when a large brown wolf flew over her head with a silver/white haired woman riding upon it.

"YOU!" the old witch shouted as she ordered her vines to kill the vampire girl.

Silver Moka leapt off of Tsukune, flying towards the witch, as the razor-sharp vines missed her and impaled Tsukune instead.

A shrieking howl sounded from the wolf.

"TSUKUNE!" Kurumu shouted as the vampire woman flew towards the old witch.

"TSUKUNE!" Silver Moka shouted, turning her attention to the older witch. "YOU DARE HURT MY TSUKUNE, YOU BITCH! KNOW! YOUR! PLACE!" she screamed as she threw herself towards the book that was right underneath Oyakata's original body. Clenching her fist tightly she struck the book with all her might, punching through the thick hard-back covers and its numerous pages.

"urk." Oyakata gasped out weakly, her entire body suddenly feeling weak and pained.

The second the book was shattered, the gigantic monster suddenly started falling apart, crumbling, breaking and crashing hard into the ground, while Ruby flew in and caught her falling mistress.

All around them, the monster plants were withering and dying, falling apart so as not to leave even the vaguest likeness of their previous forms.

Ruby just held the injured and dying witch in her arms while Jacob, still in wolf form, stood behind her just watching.

"R-Ruby... you knew." Oyakata whispered.

"Yes, my lady." Ruby said with tears in her eyes. "My new friends showed me. Violence and death will only end up destroying us."

"But... the Knoll..."

"I promise you! I won't let them destroy it! No matter what! I will find a way!"

Oyakata smiled. "I'm sorry. I should... have tried... to live... with you... as my... own. My... daughter." she said with a smile that Ruby hadn't seen in years. It was the last smile she would see, as the older woman's head fell to the side, her eyes open and her smile still etched into her mouth.

Ruby just cried as Jacob, now in human form (wearing jean shorts and shoes), just kept close watch on her.

Off to the side, Moka and Kurumu stood on both sides of him, tending to an injured, now human-Tsukune (wearing only his pants and shoes) who had several holes in his body.

He would live, though. His wounds would heal, thanks to his vampiric/wolf powers, but it would take a while. Moka just held him.

"You're a real idiot, you know that?" Silver Moka asked, holding Tsukune's head to her chest.

"Yeah... but that's what you have to do... for the woman you love." Tsukune said with a smile.

Kurumu just huffed, wishing Tsukune had done that for her as well. But she smiled when Tsukune reached out and touched her hand, giving it a squeeze.

"Hey! What did I miss?" Yukari asked as she rushed up to them astride a large white wolf.

Kurumu turned to the preteen witch and gasped in shock.

"Oh, not much, just..." the bluenette succubus started to say, then paused when she finally noticed the preteen witch. "Y-Y-Yukari?" she gasped, then turned to where a second white wolf was standing next to Mizore.

"Yeah?" the witch replied.

"What happened to you?" Kurumu asked.

Standing before them was not an 11-year old preteen girl, but a 15-year old teenage hottie.

The girl in question looked like a dead ringer for Pink Moka's twin sister. (At least in body. The face and hair were quite different) It also made her outfit look smaller than it really was on her new body.

"And what the hell happened to Shinji? There's TWO of him?" Kurumu shouted as the two wolves just walked toward each other, and merged back into one white wolf. Kurumu blinked in shock. "I repeat! Yukari, what the hell happened to you?" the succubus gasped.

"I tried to siphon off some of Oyakata's magical energy in order to weaken her. But I absorbed too much and... boom... my body incorporated that energy in to my own in order to make me, physically, grow. So what do you think? Hot, or what?"

"I'd say... or what!" Kurumu said, trying to reign in her emotions at seeing her preteen rival looking so much more grown up than her personally suggested.

WHAM! A wash bin slammed into the succubus's head.

"Ouch!" Kurumu snapped.

"At least I have breasts this time! And a body just like Moka's!" Yukari declared happily.

"You mean... the other me... right?" Silver Moka asked with a snarl.

"Right! Of course!" Yukari said meekly.

"Fine, but what about Shinji?" Kurumu asked. "Did you do this?"

"Nope. It's something that he did on his own. Kinda freaked me out too. Thought I was dreaming or something after I got knocked out by all that energy." Yukari said as Shinji shifted back into his human form, which was only his pants and shoes on his body.

(Witches Knoll)

"So... what now?" Jacob asked once the group arrived at the mansion.

"She deserves to be buried, here, on the Knoll she so loves." Ruby said.

Hidden deeper into the Knoll, father back from prying eyes, sat a large and old mansion where Oyakata and Ruby had lived for years. It was here that Ruby brought her friends, and where she would bury her teacher and mother-figure.

Ruby and Jacob would tend to that.

"Thank you, Jacob-kun." Ruby said.

"Of course." Jacob said.

"Please, make yourself at home." Ruby said to the others, who were sitting in the living room. "I need to tend to a few things."

Ruby takes Jacob to her room in the mansion where she lived for years. There she gathered the necessary items with which to preform the 'last rites' to her mentor. She and Jacob walked out of the mansion and into the rear garden where Oyakata was to be buried.

The last shovel of dirt was heft, the last rites preformed. Jacob and Ruby walked back to the mansion where the others were waiting patiently for them.

"So... what do we do now?" Tsukune asked.

"We go on, and live... the way my mistress and I should have lived." she said as she linked arms with Jacob. "But first... we will live here for a time, to rest and reenergize ourselves."

And with that, the group set themselves up for a nice, peaceful, mini-vacation.


Authors Notes:

I'd like to thank everyone who sent me suggestions on this story. I apologize if this chapter is a little short, please let me know if you like it or not. Alot of this felt rushed.

It's been a long time since I updated this story, but hopefully this altered fight chapter will help make up for that.

Also, while the boys seemingly have special powers as well as that of their wolf abilities, I tried to make it as unique as possible.

Tsukune possesses super strength due to Moka's blood being in his veins when he was turned into a wolf. (From the fight against Kuyo)

Shinji possesses not only an AT-Field, but other Angelic powers, such as duplication (the 7th Angel) and basic regeneration.

Jacob will develop his own special powers later on.

Yukari's transformation is a lot like her older version in Volume 2 of Season II of Rosario+Vampire after she ate the Gro-Gro Drops.

The next chapter will be a lemon, with everyone actually getting some.