Chapter 1: She-Wolf

'I guess,' Kya thought staring up at the large building in front of her. 'This is the place.' She scowled at the door and crossed her arms. She didn't want to do this, what if it was the wrong place. She growled at herself and did what she always did when she was nervous, said 'to hell with it' and just went ahead and got it over with.

The loud knocking echoed through the great mansion like a temple gong in the mountains and was answered shortly as the words, 'Come In.' shot through the girl's head.

Kya growled again, she didn't like telepaths, and she didn't like empaths either. What was in her head and in her heart was for her to know and impart upon others as she saw fit.

'Don't be shy.' The voice said coaxingly in her head. She growled again,

'Well at least I know he's not an empath too.' She though and then heard chuckling.

'No, I'm not.' Kya growled again, and shoved open the door roughly making it swing back into the wall and forward again leaving a lock shaped dent in its wake.

'I'm in,' She thought growling mentally. 'Now get the hell out of my head.' She got the idea that whoever had been speaking to her was smiling now but he did as she requested and 'left', so to speak.

'Logan.' The man turned over and pulled his pillow over head head.

'Logan.' The man scowled and pressed the pillow against his head harder.

'Logan!' The man growled with exasperation and sat up quickly.

'What!' He thought gritting his teeth.

'We have a visitor. Would you be so kind as to go receive her.' The professor asked in his always calm voice.

'Make someone else do it!' The man thought, flopping back down on the bed irritably.

'I'm afraid the others are all currently occupied Logan. It's going to have to be you.'

'Then make one of the twerps do it.' He growled.

'I don't think that would be wise.' The man growled again.

'Fine! Just get out'a my head!' He snapped.

'Thank you.'

The man growled again and got up, he had slept in his jeans so he grabbed a flannel shirt that had been draped over a closet door and through it on over his wife-beater, muttering as he stalked out of the room and shut his door forcefully.

'God-damn Professor,'He thought to himself. 'Who the hell does he think he is? It's my god-damn head! He has no right to be in it!'

Kya crossed her arms with annoyance and leaned against one of the wooden pillars in the entrance hall,

'Well,' She thought. 'They obviously know I'm here! What? Am I supposed to just go off and figure it out myself or is someone gonna show up and give me a God-damn hand!'

Kya wasn't the most patient person in the world at the best of times but at moments like this she was truly volatile.

"Finally!" She thought as she heard someone coming down the stairs, she didn't realize she had said it out-loud and even if she had known she never would have thought he could have heard her from so far away.

The man was there in less than a minute and looming over her ominously. He glowered at her and she returned the gesture.

'He's sexy.' She thought with a feral smile, her eyes glinting mischievously. 'I hope he's one of the teachers.'

Logan looked down at the girl expressionlessly, he recognized the look that flashed across her face and smirked.

"Come on kid." He said grabbing the suitcase next to her and turning to lead her to her new room. She bristled but followed him wordlessly up the stairs and down a hall to the last room on the left in one of the school's many wings. As he walked in he tossed her suitcase on the bed and turned to her.

"This is yer room fer the moment," Logan said in an detached tone like he'd said it so many times he couldn't even be bothered to pretend that she was any different than anyone else. "Fer now you'll be rooming alone. The professer'll call ya down to his office in a little while and he'll introduce ya to everyone then he'll tell ya where you will be stayin' after he asks ya some questions, so don't get too comfortable 'cause ya probably won't be stayin' in this room.'

"Okay," She said shrugging. "Thank you by the way." She added as the man made to leave. He grunted in response and shut the door behind him. Kya smiled to herself, she liked the way he talked.

'Miss Fringe.' She scowled, the voice was back.

'What?' She asked crossly.

'I'd like to see you in my office so that I can introduce you to the staff and see about your living arrangements.' The voice said pleasantly.

'Fine, I don't suppose you'd be kind enough to tell me how to get there?' She was being passive-aggressive now. She had been wondering around the mansion for the past 10 minutes in a vain attempt to find the kitchen. The man chuckled and explained how to get there before leaving her to thoughts. She followed the directions without a problem and came upon yet another imposing dark wooden door. She rolled her eyes and knocked and the door opened promptly.

"Welcome."A man said, Kya's ears pricked as she recognized that voice and swiveled down and back at once, glaring at the man whose voice had interrupted her thoughts so many times that day.

"My name is Charles Xavier," The man said kindly as he rolled around the desk towards the girl. She looked at the wheel-chair with a raised eyebrow. "I am the headmaster of Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youngers."

"No, really?" Kya said sarcastically rolling her eyes. A man next to her in dark red shades stiffed and she tensed as well but kept her eyes forward, pretending she hadn't noticed but keeping an eye on him with her peripheral. Xavier just smiled patiently and nodded,

"Yes really. You may have already heard of me refereed to as 'The Professor' or 'Professor X' feel free to call me either. These," He said motioning to the people in the room. "are the instructors here at Xavier's Institute. This is Dr. Jean Grey, the resident medic, also called Phoenix."

Dr. Grey smiled welcomingly at Kya and Kya returned the gesture with a quick smile and nod of acknowledgment.

"This is Scott Summers, aka. Cyclops." The Professor said indicating the man in the shades, the man stuck out his hand and puffed out his chest importantly. Kya smirked with cynical amusement and shook his hand.

"This is Ororo Iqadi, or Storm if you prefer." Kya smiled genuinely at her, she liked her short silver-white hair and the energy she gave off. Storm nodded and smiled at Kya in return.

"And I believe you have met Logan before." The professor said simply.

"Yes," Kya said glancing at the rough looking man with amusment. "But we never really got down to introductions."

"Ah, well then this is Logan, also known as Wolverine." Xavier said. Kya smiled and turned to him offering him her hand,

"I like the name." She said with smirking in a way that to an outsider might be considered insincere. Luckily that was not how Logan saw it.

"Which one?" He said smirking himself and crossing his arms, refusing her outstretched hand. Her smirk changed into a grin and her hand found its way into her jean pocket.

"Both." She said simply.

"Ehm." Kya glanced in the direction of the man called Cyclops.

"Yes?" She asked, her face and voice completely void of emotions so as not to project the aggravation she was feeling. The man nodded in the direction of the professor and Kya looked at the elderly man raising an eyebrow.

It was another half an hour before she finally left the room. For the most part the questions she had been asked were generic,

'What's your name?'


'Do you have a last name?'


'How old are you?'


'Are you a mutant?'


'Then what are you?'

'A flamingo.'

'Do you really believe that?'

'Sure, why not.'

'Why did you come here?'

'I like to take unconventional vacations.'

'Where are your parents?'

'In africa.'

'Do they live there?'

'Where else would a flamingo live?'

The questions went on like this for 10 minutes before the Summer's man lost it.

"Look kid, we don't have to take you in you know that? Professor X is only trying to get to know you better so why don't you stop being smart with him and answer the questions."

Kya turned calmly to regard him, her eyes black and indifferent,

"I'll start answering the questions when he asks a few he doesn't know the answer to."

Summer's got quiet and Logan's eyes glinted appreciatively, anyone who could shut Shades up like that was welcome in his opinion.

Xavier nodded and smiled at Kya,

"Very well then but for the sake of the non-telepaths in the room if you will please..." Kya rolled her eyes,

"My name is Kya Fringe, I'm 18 years old, yes I'm a mutant, no I don't really believe I'm a flamingo, I don't know why I came here, I don't know where my parents are, and they may very well live in Africa but once again I don't know." She said reeling off the answers to the questions she had been asked a few minutes ago in the very order they had been asked including the patronizing ones just to be snarky. Xavier smiled at her graciously and moved on to the real questions,

"What do they call you?"Kya's eyes glinted and she let slip a feral smile,


"And what are your abilities?"

"I am a lycanthropic metamorph. I have the ability to change between wolf and human form and all stages in-between at will in addition I have enhanced senses, strength, agility, reflexes, coordination, balance, healing and endurance as well razor-sharp claws and fangs." She said stoically.

"How well can you control your powers?"

"My control is killer, sir." She said smirking slightly at her joke, next to her Logan sniggered and Scott's face darkened.

"How are you with others."

"Honestly I like my own space. If your trying to discreetly figure out how I'd do with a roommate I'll tell you right now I don't want one. I realize you might be more inclined to give me one because I said I didn't want one but I think that would be a mistake."

"Fair enough, so how did you get here?"Kya shrugged,

"I walked."

"From where?"

"Alaska."Even the professor looked taken-aback at that. Kya merely shrugged,

"They have beautiful forests." She offered in explanation. After a few more questions she was told she could leave,

"Oh but one thing Professor X is it?"The professor nodded at her and she continued. "I have a dog, a big dog. May he stay?" It wasn't a question it was an ultimatum and the professor knew it. He glanced towards the forest surrounding the institute in the direction the dog happened to be sitting awaiting his master's command. The professor nodded.

"Very well but make sure that he is on a leash when he isn't in your room or in the forest, I don't want him scaring the other students."Kya nodded, smiling graciously and exited the room.

"But Professor!"She could hear Scott saying in a ferocious whisper down the hall. "You know we don't allow pet!"

"Put a lid on it Summers," Logan growled. "Chuck made the rules he can bend'em if he wants."

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