Chapter 6: The Prophet's Song

It was well past midnight when Wolverine traipsed into the kitchen. Kya smiled at him and nodded in acknowledgement, before she took a sip of her pepsi and went back to what she was doing. Wolverine grabbed a beer from the fridge and dropped into the seat next to her, glancing over at her to see what she was doing. He grinned when he saw cards a scowl followed shortly after when he saw what was written on the cards.

"What'er those?" He asked point at the deck. Kya smiled at him and moved so he could see them better.

"They're Tarot cards," She said. "They are used to tell people's fortunes."

"Oh God, please tell me ya don't believe in that kinda crap." Logan groaned leaning back in his chair. Kya grinned at him impishly but didn't reply.

"Why don't I do a reading for you?" She asked, smiling at Logan pleasantly.

"No way." He barked, frowning at her. Kya's grin grew and she leaned towards him.

"Why not? I thought you didn't believe in Tarot." She cooed.

"Fine, fine ya can do the damn reading. But it better not say anything bad er else I'm throwing the damn things in the fire. Ya hear that?" He growled, glaring down at the deck. Kya snickered and began to shuffle her deck. She layed out five cards in the shape of a cross (+) and looked down at them.

"Well?" Logan asked impatiently. Kya scowled at him and waved her hand dismissively.

"Shh," She said. "I need to concentrate."

"Hmm, interesting." She said leaning back in her chair.

"What?" He asked. She grinned at him.

"Well you got The Knight of Pentacles, The Six of Cups, The Chariot, The Ace of Cups, and Justice. Collectively a very interesting set. The Knight of Pentacles represents getting something that you have waited a long time for. The Six of Cups is supposed to mean someone or something coming back after being away for a long time. The Chariot is the card of triumph, however it cannot be achieved without effort. The Ace of Cups is the renewal of love in a relationship or the start of a new relationship. And Justice represents the final righting of a wrong done to you. Of course each card could mean different things, but this is how I am translating them in relation to one another." She said looking at the cards and pointing to each one respectively as she came to it.

"So, is there a more collective meaning in them? Or are they supposed to be so scattered?" He asked. Kya smiled at him.

"Ya okay, let me finish I just told you what they mean to you but that's not your fortune. Okay so, something is going to happen, it doesn't specify when, that you have waiting a long time for and have worked hard to gain. In all likelihood it will come with the person who is returning into your life and with whom you shall share a profound relationship, though it doesn't say of what sort. And finally, when you have gained this thing it shall offer you the opportunity to right a wrong that was done to you in the past." Kya said looking up at him proudly. Logan raised an eyebrow at her before bursting out laughing.

"Really?" He said when he finally managed to calm down. "What the hell kind of fortune was that? It didn't tell me anything!" Kya scowled and crossed her arms.

"You will know what it means when it comes to pass, the future isn't as clear as some people like to make it out to be." She growled under her breath. Logan smiled and grabbed her wrist, pulling her into his lap.

"Ya well, ya said something about a new relationship. I suppose 1 outta 5 ain't too bad." He said, kissing her on the shoulder."Even if it is technically in the past."

"Hmmm, well wait a while and see if I'm not right." She said She shivering as she leaned against him, looking into his eyes.

"If ya insist." He said as he kissing her collarbone.

"Mmmm, I do." She said closing her eyes blissfully. Wolverine smirked and moved to kiss her neck but he stopped abruptly. Someone was turning the door handle. He shoved Kya off his lap and she hit the floor with a loud 'thud' just as Scott entered the room. Scott scowled at Wolverine and then looked down to where Kya lay stunned on the floor.

"I'm sorry did I interrupt something?" He asked coldly, his eyes shifting from Logan to Kya and back again suspiciously.

"Ya totally," Kya said grouchily, getting up and brushing roughly past him. "We were just about to have sex on the kitchen island when you came in. Way to ruin the moment Shades."

Wolverine was by her side in less than a minute and grinning at her.

"Ya should have seen Scooter's face when ya said that. He nearly had a heart-attack. It was priceless." He said.

"Ya?" She asked, turning to him and grinning eagerly.

"Ya," Logan said. "He didn't know whether to take ya seriously or not." Kya laughed and slipped her hand into Logan's as they walked down the hall.

"So," Logan asked grinning at her. "Just how serious were ya about that kitchen island thing? Cause my office is just around the corner, and well … It ain't marble but my desk is still real nice."

Kya laughed and whispered in his ear as they rounded a corner,

"How serious do you want me to be?"

Wolverine paused and glanced down at the girl. She had her eyebrow raised cockily at him and he couldn't help but smirk. He knew there was a reason he liked this girl so much.

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