What happened? Where am I? Were the first questions that naturally sprang into his mind while he wandered around through the misty forest. He was alone and afraid. He could not remember how he had gotten into this situation at all or what he had been doing prior to entering into this predicament! In fact, he did not even recall his own name…

Night was falling and the sun was setting in the west. Fear gripped his heart anew as he glanced around the darkening forest about him. Tears welled up in his icy blue eyes when the nightly creatures began coming out of their hiding and into the cooling dusk air. The hairs on the back of his neck stood up as he frantically looked around, trying to identify the terrifying sounds that rumbled and twittered around the woods.

Unable to think of anything else, the small child ran. He did not know where he was going or what he was doing exactly, but he knew he had to get out of the forest. Nothing ever good turned out for someone who wandered alone in the dark, of that he was certain. Everything else be damned!

He tore through the woods, not stopping or slowing down. He felt unusually small and weak, his head began to spin and it was hard to keep up such physically exertion. But no matter how much he wanted to stop, how his lungs screamed or his legs protested, he did not stop running. He could not. He tripped and fumbled, but never fell completely down. He wanted to get out of this forest! He wanted to go home! The only problem was he did not know where home was, or if he had ever had a home…

At last, the lighting began to change, and he knew he was coming out of the forest. Tears of utter joy spilled from his eyes as he pushed himself a little bit harder, wanting to reach safety just a little bit sooner. But what he found once he escaped the dreaded forest was hardly comforting.

Once out of the woods, the child's eyes widened in horror. While he was out of the foreboding forest, he had come to find the carnage of an old battlefield. Shocked, the boy tried to turn back and flee into the forest, but changing directions that quickly was never a good idea. Instead, he found himself slipping and falling to the ground.

He landed with a hard thud upon the dewy grass. He ended up splitting his lip from the impact of hitting the ground, but that was not his primary concern. Sitting up as fast as he could, the little boy began crawling away backwards, closer to the forest he had only a moment before escaped.

What had happened here? What was going on! He could not remember anything that had happened to him, nor could he recall hearing anyone fighting. Was that why he had run into the woods to begin with? Had he found this horrific site before?

Scared to go out into the field, scared to go back into the forest, the little boy found himself trapped. Praying silently, the child wished that his guardian would come and save him from this terrible nightmare. But then another question rose; had he ever had a guardian? A parent? Had there ever been someone out there to care for him, protect him?

There was nothing else he could do but stay put, he decided. Although he was frightened and cold, he was smart enough to know that if someone was going to happen upon him, it would have to be here, at the forest's edge. No one in their right mind would venture into that dark, forsaken woods, and they might come closer to the battle field out of curiosity. If he just stayed put, he was certain someone would happen upon him…eventually.

Shivering and sniffling, the child laid down upon the ground and curled in around himself to try and stay warm. Maybe if he closed his eyes he would wake up and find out all of this had just been some sort of terrible dream, and he would wake to see an adult sitting beside him, reassuring him that everything was all right and it had only been a nightmare. Maybe, just maybe, if he closed his eyes, everything would be all right…

Author's Note: yeah...this is the start of what I hope to be a nice little ficlet about my two favorite characters in Hetalia. Please tell me if you're liking it so far or not. It's just an idea that won't leave me in peace, so I had to write it down. If it's crap, tell me so nicely. ^_^ Thanks everyone!