So, my amazing sister, Jinsey, and I were watching the Bones season 6 premier Thursday night... and we both walked away from it a little pissed! I can't tell you how many times Jinsey and I both said "Oh hell no!" to something someone said...

All I can say is POOR BRENNAN! Booth reverted back to season 1's "jack-ass booth" as Jinsey likes to call him... and Cam reverted back to the woman I hated back in season 2. I LOVE me some Wendell, btw! We need to see more of him!

So this is a little collaboration between Jinsey and I, something to keep our minds off of things. It's a little AU version of the premier and some events may come out of order... but it wouldn't leave us alone! It came about from the little scene between Caroline and Booth when his office is being cleared out... and let's just pretend that that particular little scene came about after Brennan and Angela's conversation at the diner.

If you want to read more... let us know! Btw, Brennan may seem a bit OOC, but that's okay, right? ;-) She's done some major changing lately...

And... we don't own BONES. If we did, things would have gone differently...

Angela looked up as she heard the door slam behind someone. She was shocked to see that it was Brennan. Jack stood behind her and placed his hand on her shoulder.

Brennan stalked over to the forensics table and slammed her hands down on the cold metal. "Damn it," she swore under her breath, not noticing the startled artist and entomologist behind her. "I knew better!" she seethed, wiping at her tears.

Angela stood up and sauntered over to her friend. "Something you want to share with the class there, Sweetie?" she chuckled.

Brennan jumped and spun around to face her friend. She felt her anger grow, this time at herself for being vulnerable in front of someone again. "I'm fine, Angela," she said as she walked away, hoping to find an empty room. She tried to closest door and it was locked. She reached for another and it was locked as well. She made her way towards a third door just around the corner and it was filled with boxes and broken equipment.

Jack and Angela watched as she bolted from the room, confusion evident on both their faces. Jack nodded at his wife as she silently told him she was going after her friend. He laid a comforting hand on her arm as she passed the lone desk in the room.

"Damn it!" Brennan yelled, slamming her fist against the wall. "This is why we need offices!" she hissed at no one in particular, leaning her forehead against the wall. She barely recognized the staccato sound of Angela's heels until her friend places a comforting hand on her back.

"Sweetie? What's wrong?" Angela questioned in her soft voice. "But you dare tell me that you're fine because that is obviously a lie," she said, sitting down beside her.

The concern and care in Angela's voice set off a whole new batch of tears for the anthropologist. She turned and slid down the wall until she was sitting on the floor, her knees drawn to her chest. "What's wrong with me, Ange?" she asked, brokenly.

"What do you mean? There's nothing wrong with you. You're amazing, Brennan," Angela answered, smiling and running her hands through Brennan's hair. "Where is this coming from?"

Brennan wiped at her eyes and stared at the wall in front of her, not daring to meet Angela's eyes. "Cam is very mad me," she stated.

"Why is Cam mad at you? We figured out that the boy isn't Logan. That's a good thing, right?"

"She said it's my fault that everything fell apart. That my pursuing selfish desires led to Mr. Nigel-Murray going on TV, Dr. Edison taking another position, Wendell having to go fix buses, Fischer going to where ever it was he went. Booth going to war. You and Hodgins going to Paris. I let it all fall apart, Ange."

"Hey, Sweetie," Angela interrupted, "none of that is your fault, okay? Vincent was perfect for Jeopardy because he is chock full of useless facts. We all knew Clark would run away eventually. He hated the fact that we were sometimes 'unprofessional', though I don't know where he came up with that. Wendell is fine, Sweetie. You didn't know the Jeffersonian was going to discontinue the program after you left. That was stupid on their part. They knew you were coming back. And don't get me started on Fischer. He was a nut job long before you left," Angela explained, chuckling softly. "As for Booth, that was his decision. He's a big boy, Sweetie. Lastly, Bren, Hodgie and I needed a honeymoon, you know. We both wanted a lengthy one, Sweetie. It probably would have happened regardless of your decision." Angela smiled as Brennan finally turned her face towards her. She wiped the tears from her cheeks and pulled her into a hug. "Cam was way out of line, Brennan. You were given this amazing opportunity and you couldn't pass it up. I don't blame you for going. Things were getting a little tense around the lab."

"That actually was my fault, Ange," Brennan mumbled.

"Why do you say that?"

Brennan pulled away from Angela and ran her fingers through her hair. "There's something I never told you."


"About Booth and myself."

Angela plastered on her signature 'cheeky' grin and turned her body towards Brennan. "Do tell, Sweetie."

Brennan rolled her eyes at her friend. "It's not like that, Angela." Brennan looked away and wiped at her tears. "When I told you about my dreams in Maluku, why did you say they meant that I would die loveless and alone?"

Angela gasped softly. "Oh, Sweetie, I was just being—I wasn't serious. I was only kidding."

"But, Ange, you're right."

"No, Brennan, I'm not! I didn't mean to hurt your feelings like that, Sweetie! You have so many people who love you."

"You didn't hurt me, Ange."

"Then who did?" Brennan looked down at the floor and placed her head on her knees. "Sweetie, tell me so I can go kick their ass," Angela demanded. She watched as Brennan's shoulders continued to shake. "Brennan?"

"It was Booth," Brennan whispered.

"Booth? What did he do? Is it because of the new girlfriend?"

Brennan wiped her eyes on her sleeve and shook her head. "No. It has nothing to do with Hannah," Brennan hissed. "This was all Booth."

"Sweetie? What happened?"

"I went to the Hoover building to show Booth what we'd discovered. That the remains were definitely not those of Logan Bartlett but that of a three year old asian boy who died sixteen weeks ago. I noticed he was talking to Caroline so I walked up to them," Brennan explained through her tears. "They were talking about me, Ange, and Booth was cruel. It was like neither of them even liked me. Have they been pretending all these years?"

Angela couldn't believe what he was hearing. She couldn't fathom that Booth would talk bad about Brennan to anyone. "Are you sure you heard them correctly, Bren?"

"My auditory system is fine, Angela. I know what they said. Caroline asked if Booth had anything happen in Afghanistan that he wanted to talk about. She said 'a lil sumthin sumthin'? I'm not sure what that means but I'm guessing it's something sexual because Booth looked around him and pulled out his cell phone and showed Caroline the picture of Hannah. He obviously didn't look well enough because I was right there, Ange. He used to could sense my presence and now… it's like I don't exist."

"Well Sweetie, that didn't sound so bad," Angela tried. "Booth knows you exist."

"That's not what hurt. They both stared at the picture of her and Caroline said something about her chin. Booth was hiding it in his jacket, like he didn't want anyone to see. I don't understand that. Caroline asked if I knew about her and Booth said yes. She said that should take the 'emotional pressure' off of me." Brennan looked away from Angela again and wiped at the tears. He hated crying in front of someone. It didn't matter who it was. "I don't know what that means exactly, but I think it was meant as an insult. I feel emotions, Angela."

"I know you do, Sweetie. Is that all?"

Brennan shook her head to indicate no and took a deep breath. "She asked if Booth was staying, if we were going to get the team back together and he said he wasn't going anywhere but he was sure that I was going to head back to the Maluku Islands. He intentionally mispronounced it again. I know it was intentional because Booth is not as stupid as he wants people to believe he is."

"No, he's not."

"Well, he told her he was sure I was going back so that I could find my missing link to humanity." Brennan's breath caught in her throat on a quiet sob. "Caroline said that everyone would like for me to find my missing link... and Booth—Booth said 'yea, we'd all like that' and then he laughed, Ange. He laughed at me, about me. Then he pulled out her picture again and said that there wasn't any missing link on her. He—" she couldn't continue as her sobs overtook her.

Angela pulled Brennan into her arms and rubbed her back. "Sweetie, I'm sorry."

"He was cruel, Angela. He acted as though I was—as if I was some damaged—as though I was worthless." Her whole body shook with the strength of her cries.

"Brennan, you have to calm down."

"But, Ange, he was mean," Brennan cried. "He laughed at me and he even insinuated that I was ugly. I've never felt so sick in my life. It felt like someone kicked me in the stomach."

"I know, Sweetie," Angela tried to console her friend, but inside she was fuming. Fuming at everyone.

"Ange, my heart hurts… and I know that's not possible."

"Yes, it is. Booth crushed your heart." She continued to rock Brennan in her arms. She noticed Jack peek his head around the corner and the two made eye contact. She knew her husband heard every word and she could see the anger in his eyes as well.

Booth and Caroline laughed as he slipped the phone back into his pocket.

"Way to go, Booth," Caroline said as she slapped Booth's shoulder and walked off.


The FBI agent turned when someone called his name. "Sweets! What's up?"

"I just passed Dr. Brennan in the hallway and she seemed very upset. What happened?"

"Bones was here?" Booth found that hard to believe. "Last I checked, she was down in the forensics lab with everyone else on the squint squad trying to identify those remains for Cam."

"No, Booth, I passed her in the hall and spoke but she blew right past me. I swear it looked like she was crying, man."

Booth scoffed. "Nah, Sweets. Bones doesn't cry. You were probably just in her way and she wanted a reason to push you, huh? Ha. I'm sure she's fine."

"I wouldn't bet on that."

"Look, Sweets, Bones is fine. She's with the squints and playing with bones and all that other science crap she loves. She's fine," Booth said, flipping his poker chip in the air. "Gotta run, Sweets," he called as he sauntered off.

"Come one, Sweetie. How about I drive you home, okay? You look exhausted."

"I don't want to go home, Ange."

"Well then how about we get out of here and let Jack have the place to himself. You know how he is when people crowd his work station. We can go grab some frozen yogurt."

Brennan nodded her head and stood up, offering her hand to Angela who gladly accepted it. "Thanks, Ange."

The two friends linked arms and walked out of the lab.