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Angela and Brennan walked arm and arm down the street to the frozen yogurt place after stopping by the ladies room so that Brennan could fix her make-up. There wasn't a line and the two ladies placed their order and were out the door within five minutes. They strolled quietly along the road until they came to the Jeffersonian Rose Garden. Angela chose a bench close to the fountain and Brennan joined her.

"It's weird being this close to the lab and not able to go in. It's like the time I came home and my mom had changed the locks on me and I couldn't get in the house," Angela said, chuckling. "She warned me it would happen if I broke curfew again, but I, obviously, didn't listen."

"My parents did that to Russ once," Brennan added quietly. "I let him in through my window."

"I wish I had a sister like that. Russ was a lucky kid."

"Yea. He obviously didn't see it that way or else he wouldn't have left me, too." The anger and bitterness she still held on to coming to the forefront.

"I'm sorry, Sweetie. I didn't mean to bring that up."

"It's not your fault, Ange," Brennan sighed, looking around the rose garden. "At least now he is somewhat a part of my life. I adore Emma and Hayley. And Amy is very nice. She seems good for Russ." She took a spoon full of her yogurt and ate it. "At least one of us got a happy ending," she whispered.

"Oh, Bren, you're gonna get your happy ending."

"No, I won't, Ange. I had my chance and I let it go because I was scared."

Angela looked at her friend, the confusion evident on her face. "What in the world are you talking about, Bren? That's the second time you've said something like that today."

Brennan took in a deep breath and exhaled slowly. She never wanted to tell Angela what happened that night in front of the Hoover because she knew her friend would be disappointed in her. She set her yogurt to the side and ran her hands over her face, trying to summon up the courage to tell Angela everything.

"Sweetie? Come on. You know you can talk to me," Angela pleaded.

Brennan looked at her friend and offered up a small smile. "Booth asked me to give us a shot." She paused only to let Angela pick her jaw up off the bench. "We had just left Sweets' office and while we were there, he challenged Booth to break this 'stalemate' that, apparently, we were in. Booth never answered Sweets or acknowledged what he challenged Booth with and I thought the subject would be dropped. Booth said he was hungry and asked if I wanted to go get food. I was hungry as well so I agreed. We left together and as we left the Hoover and Booth stopped us at the side steps and—"

"The one's with the 'dream' quote down front?"

"Yes. He said 'I'm the gambler and I believe in giving this a shot' and I panicked, Ange. I tried to give him reasons why we wouldn't work and he grabbed my arms, and he brought me into his body, and," she sighed, "Ange, he kissed me. He kissed me and I pushed him away," Brennan explained, brushing at the tears falling from her eyes. "I panicked and I did the only thing I could think of."

"Oh, Sweetie. I'm—I'm so sorry."

"Booth told me that he wanted to be like old people that have been married for thirty forty, or fifty years. He said that if you talk to man, it's always him who says that they knew from the beginning that they would work out. Ange, I never wanted to get married… and Booth knew that. He said that he 'knew'. That he 'knew' that about us."

"And that freaked you out." It wasn't a question. "Booth offered you everything you wanted.' Brennan opened her mouth to argue but Angela cut her off. "Sweetie, I know you have issues with monogamy and marriage but Booth had you thinking about it for a moment. He was offering you what you grew up with, Bren. You've even told me yourself that your parents had a great marriage. That you knew they loved each other and that when you were younger, you dreamed of that."

"But that was years ago, Ange. Before my family deserted me and I found my mother's remains in bone storage. Before my dad came into my life dressed as priest, handcuffed me to a bench, and drove away again. Before I realized that he'd been in touch with Russ long before he ever contacted me." Brennan wiped her eyes and stood up from the bench. "I deserve Booth's hate, Angela."

"No, you don't, Brennan. Booth had no right to say those things about you," Angela argued back. "Booth was being an ass and you did nothing to deserve that."

"Yes, I did. I broke his heart. I hurt him, Ange. That is something I never wanted to do."

Angela stood up and walked over to her friend, taking hold of her shoulder. "Sweetie, Booth pushed you too hard, too fast. Deep down he had to have known that. I love you, Brennan, but you don't handle emotions that well." Angela saw Brennan's mouth open to argue with her. "Don't, Sweetie. You know it's true. You would have gladly said yes to him that night if he had given you some time to process. Maybe not even that night, but after you'd had time to process all your thoughts then you know you would have said yes. You love Booth, whether you want to admit it or not."

Brennan shrugged out of Angela's hold and walked away from her. "I do love him, Angela. I love him so much," Brennan finally confessed, wiping the tears from her eyes. "But I'm too late. He loves Hannah now."

"Bren, I find it hard to believe that Booth confesses his love for you and then roughly eight months later is madly in love with someone else."

"He never said he loved me that night," Brennan said quietly. "He never spoke those exact words. He just said that he wanted to give us a shot."

"Sweetie, he implied it."

"But, Ange, I'm not good at reading people's implications!" she yelled. "I can't read people like he can! I have felt something for Booth for a long time, Angela, but I vowed never to act upon it."

"Why, Bren?"

Brennan let out a deep sigh. "Because we are so different. Sure we could get together an be happy for a while, but it would only be a matter of time before those differences became problems and then we broke up. I don't have his open heart, Ange. I can't love like he does."

"Yes, you can, Brennan. I've seen it."

"No!" Brennan sat back down and placed her head in her hands. "I couldn't fathom losing him as my best friend. Besides you, Angela, Booth is the only person who has never left me. I couldn't risk that friendship on the 'chance' that a romantic relationship between us not work out. I would have lost him completely and I couldn't stand the thought of that."


"And Booth obviously agreed that I don't have his kind of open heart because twenty seconds later he said that he needed to move on."

"He what?" Angela screeched.

"He told me that he couldn't wait any longer and he needed to move on. I told him that I knew he did but, Angela, I didn't think he'd do it so fast. Not even two weeks later he was dating Catherine."

Angela ran her fingers through her hair and sighed heavily. "I want to kick his ass so bad, Bren."

"That would not be wise. Booth does not like to be hit. Though, since you are a female, he would not hit back so that would be good."

"Not literally, Sweetie." Angela placed her arm around her friend and kissed her head. "I love you, Brennan, and I'm so sorry this has happened."

"It's my fault, Angela. I pushed him away."

"No, Sweetie, you freaked out and he should have realized that. But no matter what, Booth should not be treating you this way. He has no right to hurt you just because his ego took a hit," Angela said, angrily.

Brennan stood up and brushed off her pants. "We need to get back, Ange. Cam needs us to help save her job."

"Bren, what's happening with Cam is not your fault. I'll have a talk with her. Booth too, for that matter."

"No!" Brennan shot back. "Booth is to never know that I heard what he and Caroline said. He's not to know that you are aware of what transpired between us that night in front of the Hoover building. Booth has moved on… and I guess it's time I did the same."