It's a twist on two over used plots. Girl Harry and sent to the past although it's not going to be in the Marauders time line. I'm afraid I say to many of those already so I decided to go a little further back. Anyway I have decided to post this story even though I know chapters will be longer to write and readers will have a long waiting time to get the chapters updated. I am happy to say though that I already have four chapters done and I will be working on the fifth chapter. Hopefully you will like the story because I've been working on it for the entire summer. Along with this story I have decided to post a second one. That one is being betad while this one has not been. Now Harry Potter does not belong to me and I hope you like the story.






Goop, Time and Gender's

Chapter 1






It was the first potion class of the year. Of course Severus Snape was expecting something to go wrong after all it was the fifth year Gryffindor's and Slytherin's and that meant the infamous Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter fight along with the an explosion thanks to one Neville Longbottom. Yes it was going to be quite a class.

As the door opened the students walked in and he wanted to really right now just kill himself. Potter and Malfoy were already late by one minute and so he gave them a detention each while taking fifty points from Gryffindor. Since they were the last in they had no choice but to work together.

"Today you will be working with the person next to you. Take note that this potion is very hard and that even one explosion can trigger another." He hissed eyes going strait to Longbottom who paled. "Let us hope that you have chosen an acceptable partner. The instructions are on the board get to work!" He snapped.

In little to ten minutes each team had started to work together. Weasley was with Granger, so he was expecting an acceptable potion. Crabbe was with Goyle so that would probably lead to disaster, then Longbottom with Tomas, perfect they were all going to die but then he had Potter and Malfoy, he was really going to hell.

But hell was not what was welcoming him that day, as forty minutes into the potion the Longbottom-Thomas potion exploded, rocking the entire class. He didn't notice that some of their disgustingly orange potion had landed in Malfoy-Potter's potion but he did notice when the thing exploded and covered both boys in it's goop. Suddenly the other potions exploded and in a bright flash of light they were all thrown to the ground. Minutes latter Severus finally stood up and turned his furious glare on Longbottom and Thomas making them both pale in fear.

"Do you know what you have just done!" He hissed anger bowling around him. "You! Insufferable fools!" He shouted and at that moment the distinctive sent of urine filled the room and Severus found himself to be very proud as he noticed that both boys had literally pissed themselves.

Turning away from them he made his way to the second explosion expecting to find his two students on the ground covered in potion goop but he was not expecting to see that both students were missing and only their wands, school bags and outer robs remaining. Fear clutched at his heart just as his door was slammed open to reveal a worried Headmaster and Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts not to mention two of the most well respected Gryffindor's he had ever met.

"Severus what has happened?" the worried Headmaster asked walking into the class and noticed that all the potions had exploded but he also noticed the absence of two of his students. "Were is Mr. Potter and Mr. Malfoy?" he asked worried.

"I don't know." Severus Snape whispered and for the first time as a teacher of Potions at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, he was shocked.


Oh my god his head hurt! Was the only though running through Draco Malfoy's head as he opened his eyes. The last thing he remembered was being in Potion class with Harry Potter as his partner and then Longbottoms potion exploding making there's explode and cover them then other explosions.

"Oh god my head..." Whispered a voice beside him.

"Potter." he whispered finally looking around but what he saw made him blink. Yes beside him was a Potter but Harry Potter he was not sure because right at that moment he was looking at a girl with long beautiful black wavy hair and soft pale skin. Although she was covered in Potion goop. When their eyes met he knew their and then that that was Harry Potter.

"What happened to us and why the hell do I sound like a girl?" the now female Harry Potter asked him.

"I don't know Potter but eh the potion did something to you because you're a girl." Draco said eyes wide.

"I'm a girl." Harry murmured then it clicked and her eyes went wide in shock. "I'm a girl." he whispered then looked down at her chest and screamed. "What the fuck am I doing as a girl!" She screamed making him blink.

"Did you swallow any of the potion?" he asked her.

"I was in the middle of yawning Malfoy what do you expect." She hissed making him blink.

"So we got our answer, the potion turned you into a girl." He said simply making Harry blink.

"Well that makes sense." She said thoughtfully then she looked around. "Draco we're in Hogwarts." She said softly making Draco's eyes widen.

"But how we were in the Potion lab." he whispered.

"How on earth am I supposed to know." She hissed anger blazing in her eyes. "We should go to the Headmaster's office." She continued standing up but before she could get to her feat she fell forward landing right on Draco.

"My god Potter can't you keep yourself from falling." He growled.

"Well sorry Mister My-hair-has-to-have-so-much-gell-in-it-that-it-lays-flat Malfoy but I am not used to this goddamn body." She hissed giving him a glare.

"Fine I'll help you." he grumbled helping her up and then letting her line on him.

"Draco, if it was the first class of the day why the hell is it dark outside?" She asked him worried. That of course made him blink in shock and turn around to see that indeed Harry was right and that it was now dark outside.

"This is confusing we should really get to the Headmaster's office." He said worried.

With that they started to walk but after the two first hallways Harry got used to walking so she walked on her own. Finally they arrived at the Headmaster's office and looked at the gargoyle.

"Ok he likes naming his passwords after candy's." She told Draco making him roll his eyes.

"Are almighty Headmaster can really be smart sometimes." he said sarcasm lasing his voice but he was not expecting Harry to giggle softly.

"What, you're right now lets just start naming candies." She said with a sigh.

"Blood suckers." "Sugar quills." "Mars bars." "Smarties."

"How the hell do you know what Smarties are?" Harry asked Draco while staring at him with an odd look.

"Well sorry if I actually like Smarties, they are really good and maybe the only good thing muggles made." He told her making her snicker.

"You keep surprising me Draco." She said then looked at the gargoyle and snapped her fingers. "Lemon drops." She said but still nothing and that made her frown. "Bubble gum." She asked weakly and to her shock the Gargoyle jumped aside.

"Our Headmaster is really crazy." Draco muttered going up.

"I agree." She said shaking her head.

Finally arriving at the door they knocked but got no answer. Harry frowned then waived her wand.

"Of course he wouldn't be in his office it's super time." She said shaking her head.

"Let's just go in." Draco sneered.

Opening the door they went inside and were greeted with the sight of the Headmaster's office. Draco didn't seem to care about the decor that much, probably because it was his first time in the office but Harry had already been their many times before and she was worried.

"Draco something is really off, the Headmaster had far more things in his office then this." She informed her friend making him frown. "I also don't recognize any of the things here.

"How would you know that?" he asked her.

"Perhaps, Draco, it's because I have been in this office more times then I can count." she hissed making him frown.

"Well if that's true then what would have happened for him to get rid of some things?" Draco asked.

"I don't know." She whispered but suddenly her eyes landed on Fawkes and she smiled.

"I can always count on you can't I Fawkes. You who saved me from death." She whispered walking over to the beautiful bird but then she stopped. The birds eyes seemed confused as if it didn't recognize her.

Suddenly the door opened and they both turned around to see the Headmaster standing their with his wand raised and a look of suspicion on his face. Both Draco and Harry looked at each other in worry as they noticed just how much younger this Albus Dumbledore looked from the one they knew.

"Headmaster Dumbledore I understand this may be quiet suspicious but I wish to ask you what year it is?" Harry said going over to Draco.

"It is 1943, also you can call me Professor Dumbledore as I am only taking Headmaster Dippet's position for a few months as he is sick with his wife." he said simply and so making both Draco and Harry pale considerably. Before Harry could fall to the ground Draco caught her and puled her onto his lap.

"Oh my god, what the fuck are we going to do." She growled looking at Draco who swore.

"I don't fucking now I mean time travelling is really hard to do." He answered shaking his head then he paled. "Fuck do you know when we are." he told her making her frown.

"Of course back in time you damn idiot." she hissed but then she froze and her heart went right down the the toilet along with the remaining colour of her face. "No, no, no please no, first Voldemort, no I can't deal with another Dark Lord, Draco, especially not Gellert Grindelwald!" She cried out shaking and tears falling from her eyes. Draco noticed her break down and with out thinking he held her close to him.

"I take it then by your small argument that you come from the future." The stand in Headmaster stated softly.

"Yes sir, we do come from the future but I don't think we should be telling you this." Draco said softly.

"Do not worry my boy, all we have to do is obliviate my mind before you leave." The Headmaster said brightly. "Now why don't I summon a house elf for some tea and some refreshments so that your friend might calm herself so that we might speak." he said going behind his desk and smiling.

"I think that would be a great idea sir." he agreed.

"Pinky." The Headmaster cried out and with a pop a house elf appeared.

"What can Pinky do for the Great Headmaster, Headmaster sir?" she said brightly.

"I need some tea and some sandwiches." He said hearing Draco's stomach rumble.

"Yes sir." Pink said then disappeared. Seconds latter tea appeared along with some sandwiches.

Suddenly Fawkes thrilled softly and flew over to Harry landing on her shoulder and singing beautifully. Harry calmed down and gave the bird a smile before moving to the chair beside Draco. Fawkes, though, went to her lap letting her pet him.

"I see Fawkes has taken a liking to you my dear, it is not often that that happens." He said.

"I know sir, Fawkes is very close to me in the future." She whispered softly making him smile.

"So you come from the near future I see." he said.

"Not quit sir, you see we come from the year 1995-1996." Draco said making him frown.

"I see then, please why don't you introduce yourselves since you seem to know me and tell me how you got to be here and why you are covered in goop." He said curiously.

"My name is Draco Malfoy." Draco said then looked to Harry.

"My name is Harry Potter, I used to be a boy by the way. We suspect that we were sent back in time by a Potion incident because really that's the only thing that could explain it. We were in Potion class and potions exploded. Anyway I ended up swallowing some which is perhaps the reason why I am a girl right now." she said with a sigh.

"I see." Dumbledore said thoughtfully.

"Sir I don't think telling my family about this is a really good idea." Draco said seriously. "I know personally that they are supporters of Grindelwald and so showing up with the Malfoy name wont be a good thing." He said.

"I must agree I wish to tell two people though." He said. "The current Minister of Magic and his wife." he continued making Harry blench, she really didn't trust the Ministry that much.

"Who might they be sir?" Harry asked.

"Well I would think you Miss Potter would know, it's Lord Christopher Potter and Lady Maria Potter nee Black." he said making Harry shock.

"What..." She whispered, hope in her eyes. Such hope that Dumbledore was wondering what had happened to this young girl.

"Sir before you tell anybody you must understand a bit about our lives." Draco whispered softly while looking at Harry who met his eyes. She nodded and then took a deep breath.

"It will be weird meeting a member of the Potter family because for as long as I've known I have been the only Potter ever alive." Harry said softly. "You see my parents were killed by a Dark Lord and I was raised by my abusive aunt and uncle." she told them while looking down at her hands.

"Miss Potter I understand your hesitation about meeting family but I must tell you that Christopher and Maria are very wonderful people and treasure family beyond everything. They would be very happy to meet you and yes even you Mr. Malfoy." he said smiling.

"What do you think Harry, meet the Ministry of this time." Draco asked. "After all we are stuck in this time for god knows how long." he said smirking and making her laugh.

"I suppose you are right, I think it would be a good thing to meet them." She agreed making the Headmaster smile.

"Then why don't I call them over." The Headmaster stated standing.

He then went to the fire place and started to call leaving both Draco and Harry to themselves. Looking at the sandwiches Harry carefully took one and started to much on it. Five minutes past and suddenly the fire flared making both students jump to their feet and turning around.

Two people stepped into the office and Harry was amazed. Lord Christopher Potter was a very handsome man with black hair pulled back into a low ponytail. He had amazing blue eyes that seemed to be filled with trust and compassion. He was tall and had a muscular build. He wore black robs with a blue trim. Beside him was a short petite woman with dark wine red hair and beautiful hazel coloured eyes. She wore emerald green robs that fit her form perfectly. Her own eyes though were filled with love, trust and kindness.

"Albus old friend, very good to see you." The man said smiling brightly and shaking the Headmaster's hand.

"Very happy to see you as well Christopher. Maria my dear you look just as beautiful as ever." The Headmaster said making the woman laugh softly.

"Thank you Albus now what is this I hear about time travelling." She said making him laugh.

"Always the one that goes to the point my dear." the Headmaster said brightly. "May I introduce you both to this two young students of the future, Mr. Draco Malfoy and Miss before known as Mr. Harry Potter." he said and with that both Potters turned their attention right on Harry who fidgeted slightly under their gaze.

"Their, and mine as well, thoughts are that young Harry was turned into a girl after she accidentally swallowed a bit of potion." The Headmaster said.

"It's a pleasure to meet you both, Lord and Lady Potter." Harry said with a hesitant curtsy, Draco did the same but he bowed.

But before Harry could saw anything else she was being hugged and she soon found that it was Lady Maria Potter doing the hugging.

"Oh you don't need to call us by those titles child, after all you are family." She said brightly then pulled away and looked her over. "You are far to thin dear." She cried making Draco snicker and Harry glare at him.

"Why don't we all sit and talk about how we will deal with this." Lord Potter said but still gave Harry a worm smile.

"I think that is a brilliant idea." The Headmaster said then summoned some chairs for both Potters.

Harry retook her chair and the Headmaster went back to his own chair. Before anything started though Fawkes went back to Harry and cuddled to her making her giggle softly.

"Want more attention do you." She said softly. "Does the Headmaster not pay more attention to you?" She asked innocently while looking at the Headmaster.

"I give him what attention I can." The Headmaster laughed hearing the joking tone in her voice.

"I know." She said brightly while Fawkes thrilled joyfully.

"Well then why don't we get started on the explanation." Lord Potter said brightly.

"Well you see sir, we were in Potions and potions exploded. We were covered as you see and blacked out. We woke up in a hallway and found that it was dark outside when we were just in our first class." Draco started to explain.

"Apart from that we have no clue how we got here." Harry finished.

"Alright then Albus I have a suggestion." Lord Potter stated comely.

"I am all ears Christopher." The Headmaster stated smiling.

"Well it is clear that they have to attend school but cannot attend under their own names. You Harry can because I can just clam you as a distant relative, that's parents were killed in the war." He said. "Draco on the other hand resembles a Malfoy far to much so he would have to be hidden under glamours, but those are also tricky because they can fall at any time." he said.

"If I may sir." Harry said politely.

"Of course." the Minster said smiling.

"Draco please trust me in this, we have to make you less Malfoy like." She said making him sigh.

"Fine." He agreed.

Looking around herself for her wand Harry paled as she noticed that she didn't have it.

"Draco do you have your wand?" she asked worried.

"Of course I have my bloody wand..." but his retort failed when he to paled and noticed that he didn't have his own wand.

"Damn it, Snape doesn't like us using wands in Potions and so their are in our outer robes that were on the ground." He said making Harry grown.

"My dear, what is your core?" the Minister asked.

"Phoenix feather." She answered.

"I'm afraid none of us have that core." he said making Harry frown.

"Well I haven't used it in a while, probably because I didn't want anybody to know." She said looking at Draco who frowned.

"What do you mean?" he asked worried.

"Just don't move." She whispered raising both her hands and closing her eyes. Draco tensed as he sensed something happening he also heard the adults gasp.

"Alright I'm done." Harry whispered considerably tired. Draco shot up and raced to a mirror looking at himself in shock.

His blond hair was no longer filled with gel but clean and falling around his face in silky strands it was also slightly darker. His eyes though were a darker shade of blue and not the molten silver he was used to.

"How did you do that?" He asked turning to Harry who was siting in the chair tiredly.

"Wandless magic." She answered simply.

"That's an amazing feat my dear." The Headmaster said.

"Thank you sir I have always been able to do a little bit of it but that's by far the most I have ever done." She said smiling.

"Well the changes are simple but do the trick Mr. Malfoy now it's just the name you need to change." The Minister said brightly.

"I do to, Harry Potter isn't really the best name for a girl." Harry said making Maria smile.

"I agree with you their dear." she said softly then placed a hand on her forehead worried. "How are you feeling, using wandless magic is very high level magic and tiresome." She said softly.

"You should rest child." Christopher Potter said worriedly.

"I don't know why you did it Harry I mean all our lives we have been enemies." Draco said looking at Harry.

"Draco we may have been enemies since eleven years of age, but right now you and me need each other. I find myself seeing a new side of you Draco Malfoy and I want to know that side much better now that I see it. I know I refused your friendship, to tell you the truth you reminded me of my snotty big headed cousin, Dudley, but I hope that you can forgive me and hope that you will accept my wish for friendship because I accept the one you gave all those years ago." She said making Draco blink in shock.

"You, Harry Potter, are one weird person." He said then smiled. "I agree with you and now that I see a new side of you I have come to the same conclusion, perhaps when we get back to our time we can start to change Hogwarts for the better but for now let us start with a friendship." He said making Harry smile.

"Thank you so much Draco." she whispered.

"Well then why don't we start in choosing names." The Headmaster said brightly.

"Well I don't think I would mind going by the name Orion Draconius but for a last name I don't know." Draco said.

"Evans, why don't you take my mother's maiden name it's not a pureblood name so you won't have to fear about that." She said brightly.

"You wouldn't mind?" He asked shocked.

"No my mother would want me to help a friend in need and you are a friend in need." She said making him smile.

"Thank you." he whispered.

"Then you will be now known as Orion Draconius Evans and you my dear." the Headmaster said looking at Harry.

"I knew a girl when I was in Primary school, she was really nice to me and even went against Dudley. Her parents had taken her away from the school after Dudley had harmed her. Her name was Dawn.

"I like it." Maria cried making Harry smile.

"Then my name will be Dawn Potter." She said brightly.

"Well then let us continue, now as it is the middle of the year you will be starting quiet late." The Headmaster stated.

"Middle of the year, oh boy it was just the beginning of the year before we were sent back." Draco said.

"How old are you both?" Christopher asked.

"Fifteen." they answered.

"Since you have missed haft the year may I advice you both to be in your fourth year then. That way you are not confused by starting in the middle since you already learned everything in your forth." Christopher said making them smile.

"That's great, I can enlist have a bit of a normal fourth year." Dawn cried cheerfully.

"What do you mean normal fourth year young lady?" Christopher asked sternly. "Aren't all years at Hogwarts relatively normal?" He asked.

"Well not if your Harry Potter." Draco whispered making Dawn glare at him.

"It's nothing, Draco is just being his annoying self." She said trying to distract them.

"Don't lie to us young lady because right now we are your guardians." Maria said sternly yet Dawn could see the worried look in her eyes.

"Just tell them Dawn, plus I want to hear this to. Only you and the infamous Golden trio know about what really happened during all our years at Hogwarts." Draco stated.

"Fine Orion I will." She said making the Headmaster and the Potters smile.

"I am very happy to see that the both of you are getting used to your new names but apart from that I have deduced that this will be a long and exiting tale so why don't we move to my siting room." The Headmaster said.

"I think that will be a very good idea Albus I have a feeling we will need a very comfortable area to sit in for this tale." The Lord of the Potter family stated making Dawn moan.

"Why do people always think that my life is so horrible?" she asked Orion.

"Because from what I know it is." He told her smirking.

Standing up they all left the office only to enter a sitting area. Going they all took seats and Fawkes seem to keep to Dawn which made the Headmaster chuckle softly.

"Now my dear why don't you start the story of your life." The Headmaster said brightly and with that simple push the four soon found out what exactly it meant to be Harry Potter.

"Holly shit." Orion whispered eyes wide as he stared at Dawn who had Fawkes cuddled to her, her own arms around the bird.

Looking up at everybody Dawn was shocked to see their reaction. Dumbledore had a look of great sadness while Christopher looked enraged while Maria was crying. Draco on the other had looked horrified.

"How the hell are you still alive?" He asked her making her laugh.

"The power of luck is on my side." She told him.

"My dear, I apologies." The Headmaster said.

"Don't Headmaster, it is all in the past for me the future for you but it will be in the past for you when me and Orion do return. Am I the only one that was not weirder out by how that sounded." She asked.

"No I was to." Orion said laughing softly.

"Well why don't we get you both to bed, it's a late night and tomorrow we shall travel to Diagon Alley to gather your things." The Headmaster said.

"I shall bring them Albus, they need robs, clothes and everything else." Maria said.

"But we have no money!" Both of them cried out.

"Nonsense we will pay for everything plus the Potter vaults will turn to you latter on my dear don't worry." Maria said smiling.

Soon both children were ushered into bedrooms and then into beds. Before long they both fell asleep soft smiles on their faces.