years, history, and worries

but most of all


Chapter 49






The sun shinned brightly as Dawn prepared dinner for the children. Today many of the children would be going to Hogwarts including their youngest daughter Acacia Potter-Malfoy. She would be starting her time at Hogwarts in fact and Dawn felt as though she might be quite nervous about it. Of course she wouldn't be there to watch the children board the express today, she had to make her way to Hogwarts to prepare everything and to make sure things were in order.

Seven years ago brought much change to the school of Hogwarts. Albus had retired, and now had a house in Hogsmead where students could always drop by for a cup of tea and sweats. She made weekly visits to the old Headmaster, who was always delighted to see her. After his retirement, Minerva had taken head of the school and had chosen her as Deputy giving her much more task to handle on top of handling the little Gryffindors she was now head off. It had been a shock when none of the older teachers had agreed to become head after all she was the youngest on staff, well had been at that time. Yet they all said that they didn't want the added responsibly especially since some would be retiring soon and a lot did. With Minerva making Headmistress, she had found a replacement Transfiguration Professor in one Hermione Weasley previously known as Granger.

Hermione and Ron had married two years out of Hogwarts and it had been a beautiful wedding. Held at the Burrow, the entire event was done in summer tones and held outdoors. They now had three kids, Alexander Weasley Ellanora Weasley and Chastity Weasley.

Alexander Weasley had inherited his mothers brains and his fathers talent for chess yet got dark red hair and shockingly bright blue eyes. He was a Gryffindor in the same year as Christopher, they were very good friends and were also friends with one Edward Zabini and one Alice Longbottom.

Then there was Chastity Weasley who had gained her mothers brains and her fathers talent on a broom yet she didn't play Keeper but in fact Seeker much like her uncle Charlie. She was also best friends with Orion and in the same year. They had two others friends, one named Teddy Lupin and another named Andromeda Black, Andromeda Black was the older daughter of Sirius Black and, shockingly enough, Amelia Black nee Bones while Teddy Lupin was the son of Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Lupin nee Tonks. Everybody still called Tonks, Tonks though as nobody would dare call her Nymphadora. Those four were know as great Pranksters in the school and always got into trouble, they were the mini Marauders and all in Gryffindor.

Then there was their youngest child, Ellanora Weasley, she unlike her brother and older sister had rich dark brown hair much like her mothers but quite a bit tamer. Her eyes, though, we the purist blue of the three. She was best friends with Storm and Tempest. They were also friends with Fabian Weasley and Gideon Weasley who, shockingly, were identical even though both had different parents. Fabian's parents were Fred Weasley and a Alicia Weasley nee Spinnet while Gideon's parents were George Weasley and Angelina Weasley, nee Johnson.

It was quite amusing to see, especially at school just how many Weasley's there were. She kept hearing Snape complaining about the amount but she only smiled. Most of her Quidditch team was made up of Weasleys. The Gryffindor Captain and Keeper was actually the son of Oliver Wood and Katie Bell. He was a handsome fellow and built just like his father. The beaters of the team were Fabian and Gideon while the Chasers were Storm, Tempest and Chastity. The seeker of the team was Chastity.

"Mum Acacia doesn't want to come out of her room!" Christopher shouted as he arrived in the kitchen knocking her out of her thoughts. Turning to look at her son she gave a sigh.

"Alright, hurry up and wake everybody else, breakfast is waiting and we don't want you all late for the Express." She stated as she dried her hands with the skirt of her apron and then took it off. Hanging it on a hook she left the kitchen and made her way up the stairs until she arrived on the third floor. Going she gave a soft knock at a large wooden door and waited.

"Who is it?" Came a soft voice.

"It's your mum, mind opening up?" She answered and for a moment there was no sound until finally the door opened and Dawn was welcomed with the sight of her youngest daughter. The beautiful girl was the splitting image of her father yet her hair wasn't strait but wavy like her own. It was the only thing she had gained along with her nose.

"Christopher told me you didn't want to come out. Want to speak about it?" She asked as she walked in and sat on the bed with her daughter.

"What If I'm not sorted into Gryffindor?" Acacia whispered causing Dawn's eyes to widen in shock.

"Is that what you're worried about, that you won't be sorted into Gryffindor. Oh you silly, silly child. I don't care if you're not sorted into Gryffindor, you can be sorted into Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin for all I care. What I care about is what's in here." Dawn whispered while pointing to her daughters heart. "Oh baby, I could never be disappointed just because you weren't a Gryffindor. You're my daughter, I love you with all my heart and I could never stop loving you. Why are you afraid that you won't be sorted into Gryffindor?"

"Because you're Head of Gryffindor and everybody else is in Gryffindor!" She exclaimed. "Calamity will be in Gryffindor too along with Damien!"

"Wow baby, why do you think Calamity and Damien will be in Gryffindor?" Dawn questioned.

"Because their parents were Gryffindors!" She cried causing Dawn to smile softly.

"My darling Acacia theres something I have to tell you and you have to listen to me okay." She whisper while pulling her daughter close.

"No matter who your parents are you can be sorted into any house. Even if you're siblings are in one house doesn't mean you'll be. Look at Crystal, she's Percy's daughter yet she's in Ravenclaw, while the rest of her cousins are in Gryffindor. Baby blood does not chose your house, you do." Dawn whispered and Acacia sniffed.

"Really?" She whispered.

"When I was your age and getting sorted into my house you know where the hat wanted to put me. Slytherin oh but I refused to go there. He placed me in Gryffindor where I befriended your aunt and uncle. So if it really means something to you then the hat will take your opinion and thoughts into consideration Now as for both Damien and Calamity. Remus was indeed a Gryffindor but Tonks wasn't, she was a Hufflepuff. As for Damien, well his father was a Gryffindor but his mother, she didn't attend Hogwarts, she attended Beauxbatton." Dawn revealed causing Acacia to smile. "You'll see everything will work out in the end. Now hurry up and finish getting dressed, don't want to starve on the train do you?"

"Thanks mum." She whispered before kissing her cheek and running out of the room leaving Dawn in her room alone.


Later that night Dawn stood in the Entrance hall waiting for the first years to arrive with Hagrid. She was dressed in her teachers robes. Emerald ones that fit to her body. The top wasn't high collared but cut just enough to show some of her cleavage. Her hair was down in soft waives and she had a similar hat as Minerva perched on her head.

At last the she spotted Hagrid and then the First years not far behind.

"The First years Professor Potter." Hagrid said in a cheerful voice.

"Thank you Hagrid." She murmured and with a nod the man left for his own place in the Great Hall leaving her with the first years. "Welcome to Hogwarts. This school will be your home for the next seven years of your lives. In a few moments we shall be entering the Great hall where you all will be sorted into your respective houses. There is Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. The house you will be sorted into will be like your family. You will sleep in your house dormitories, spend your free time in the house common room. It is your home until you leave this castle at the end of each year."

As she spoke, her eyes roomed over the first years, sometimes stopping on children she knew.

"Now then, I shall go and see if they are ready for you." With that she left leaving the first years on their own. After a few minutes she returned to find that the Ghost were there all greeting the students in one way or another which was quite amusing because they seemed to do it each year.

"Off you go, the feast is about to begin." She remarked and the ghost all left. "They are ready for you now."

With that she turned on her heel and the Great Hall doors opened. With two lines following behind her she walked forward and listened, with amusement as the students all gasped in way of the Great Hall. Arriving on the podium she turned to look at the Sorting hat that had been placed there before hand.

A long time ago

when I was but a newly made hat

On Gryffindor's head I sat

From that point on I saw things I will never see again

the birth of this school so proud and strong

built by four friends of talents unknown

united they stood to form this school

yet divided they fell when they left this world

Yet as they formed this school

I could never forget what talent they had to make this mess.

Wise Ravenclaw with her wand of willow

for wisdom she stood and said to thy;

I will teach the wise and the smart of mind.

Beautiful Hufflepuff stood strong and loyal

in her mind none could do wrong yet she said to the four;

I will teach those loyal and hard working.

Slithering Slytherin stood in this hall,

mind set in his ways and none to show him more

he said to the others;

I will teach those of cunning and pure.

The last to stand was Gryffindor

stood proud and tale before thy and said;

I will take the brave, and the strong to teach and to care.

In my house they shall live lives of the care.

years later here we stand and many things had changed to their land.

Once the school divided by four now united and strong as foretold.

We conquered Dark Lords and fought them all,

we stand brave, loyal, smart, cunning and all.

Yet I still have no choice but to sort you all.

but kindly remember you are all one for you united and stand strong.

Jokingly past students come to me and call you all by different names,

Ravenclaw now the brains,

Slytherin now the slinkies,

Hufflepuff a digger of old

and Gryffindor the bravest kittens you'll now.

Come all, come one

for it is time to sort you all

I enjoy these songs but it is time for no more.

With that the hat fell silent and the entire hall burst into cheers and laughter. As soon as they fell silent Dawn raised the parchment to her face and started to read the names inked on. On and on it went, student after student being called up and sorted into their house at last they arrived at the L's and Dawn gave a grin.

"Calamity Lupin!" She called and up stepped a cute little girl with bright pink hair and bright blue eyes.

Her smile could light a room without even a candle. With a bounce in her step she walked towards the stool until with a boom she fell to the ground. Dawn smiled softly as she helped the girl up, she was so very much like her mother. Blushing furiously she sat on the stool and Dawn placed the hat on her head. in the crowed of first years she could see her daughter holding her breath and crossing her fingers. with a slight shake of her head she turned to look at Calamity who seemed to be frowning in concentration.

"Slytherin!" Came a shout and with a bounce she stood from her chair and gave a curtsy before going to her chair. after a while they finally arrived at the P's and Dawn said out loud. "Acacia Potter!"

Slowly Acacia walked forward, her face mixed with fear. As soon as she sat down Dawn placed the hat on her head and waited patiently for her daughter to be sorted.

"Slytherin" Came a shout and with a bright smile she clapped with the rest of the hall causing her daughter to smile up at her.

After that she continued on until at last the last was sorted and to the joy to Calamity, Acacia and Damien they were all sorted into the same house. Dawn had to hid a smirk when she heard Severus moaning about how he was going to turn grey with a Potter a Lupin and a Weasley in his house.

Author note:

Ladies and Gentlemen that's the end of Dark Times. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did because to tell you the truth this has been one of my favorite stories with more turns that even I didn't expect. I know it's not a very long ending but it short and sweat.