Author note:

Just thought I would warn you all that this last chapter is just done in sections of events that I thought you'd like to know about for the epilogue. I didn't want to push the story further so this is how it will end.

Chapter 61

The end


Harry chuckled softly as he watched Ginny fuss over Ezabella. Today was the day they would be returning to England for Christmas Eve. They would be making their way to Potter Manor where the celebrations would be taking place. The entire Weasley family, the Potters, Sirius, Remus, Tonks and some Order members, even Dumbledore and some of the teachers. The Grim Reapers would be going as well. For the past few weeks, Ginny, Ezabella and himself had gone to various places, exploring and seeing all sorts of things that had brought excitement and curiosity. There last place had been New York, where Ginny had wanted to go for a bit of shopping.

During their vacations, Harry remained in contact with the Goblins, making sure that everything was going as planned for the castle. The finishing products wouldn't be done for a year yet but they were willing to wait.

"Ginny, we're going to be late." He exclaimed causing the red head to sigh.

"I suppose we're ready." She agreed before turning around to face him.

She was beautiful, as always. As a sigh of festivities, her hair was in ringlets and she wore a beautiful short sparkly sequence dress that had sleeves with slits. Beside her, Ezabella wore a cute dress that was poufy and done in gold and ivory with a white flower on her side. Her own hair was pulled up into a cut little ponytail and she wore shiny black shoes.

"Now I feel underdressed." He remarked while looking down at his plain black dress pants and red silk dress shirt, which went well with his black dragon hid boots.

"Nonsense love, you look handsome." She remarked while running a hand across his stumbled cheek, were a day of beard was growing.

"Why thank you my lady. Shall we?" He asked while raising his arm to her and taking Ezabella into his arms.

"We shall." She agreed before they all disappeared in a flash of snow.

At Potter manor, many people were waiting patiently for the arrival of the last members of the party. Harry, Ginny and Ezabella would be arriving from Merlin knew where. Everybody was already waiting. It was Christmas Eve and everybody would be together for the new Christmas.

Lily sighed as she fused over Mia's purple dress. She was worried about Harry not arriving earlier. She could still remember the day she and the others had gone to the Hospital wing just to see that all the members of the Grim Reapers were gone with only letters informing them that after so many years of war, they needed a break and so had gone on vacation. Lily, Molly and Alice had been furious along with Poppy but everybody else only shook their heads.

"Mum, he'll be here soon." Mia exclaimed as she tried to fix the girls hair.

"I…" However, whatever she was about to say was put aside as the doorbell rang.

Hurrying to the door, she opened it just in time to see Harry, Ginny and Ezabella standing there all dressed for the occasion. Each of them looked happy, healthy and relaxed, not to mention tanned.

"Harry!" She exclaimed before hugging her son who hugged her back.

"Hi mum, nice to see you so happy and beautiful." He remarked as he pulled away.

"Oh you, and really Harry, dragon hid boots?" She questioned while looking at Harry's black boots.

"Ah mum, I love you to." He chuckled causing her to shake her head before she turned to Ginny and hugged her.

"Ginny dear, welcome to Potter Manor, you look beautiful." She greeted causing Ginny to smile.

"Thank you Mrs. Potter, you look beautiful as well." Ginny whispered causing Lily to smile before she turned to Ezabella.

"Hello sweaty how's the little Princess?"

"High Grandma!" Ezabella greeted causing Lily to laugh and Harry to smirk. "Daddy said that I'm as pretty like all princesses and that when I'm older I'll be just as beautiful as mommy."

"OH I'm sure you will be darling, now why don't you three come inside. Everybody is here." Lily remarked which made Harry chuckle and Ginny scowl.

"Told you we'd be the last ones here." He teased as they walked in and took their coats off.

"Yes, yes, I should have known." She grumbled as Ezabella was put down on the ground.

"Well let's lead you to the others; they've all been expecting you." Lily said causing Harry to chuckle as he wrapped his arm around Ginny who leaned into his side. "You all gave us such a fright, when you vanished, you know."

"Sorry mum." Harry chuckled earning a soft glare from his mother.

"Sometimes I wonder about you. Look who's arrived everybody!" She exclaimed as they walked into the living room. Instantly everybody stood and moved to great them. Questions about their voyages were asked and Ginny was all too happy to tell them about them as Harry spoke with Ron.

"Hey Minnie when do you think we could play your giant chess set again?" Ron finally asked causing the Head of Gryffindor to look at them and shake her head.

"What giant chess set?" Lily questioned.

"It was one of the tasks used to protect the philosopher stone. When they were eleven the first time around, they were able to beat it." Minerva answered. "And just as what it is said, it's a giant chess set."

"Why would you want to play that again Ronald?" Molly questioned her youngest son who gave a soft chuckle.

"Because it was fun." He answered earning a shake of her head from Hermione and a chuckle from Harry.

For the good portion of the night, the groups talked and laughed, Ezabella was put to bed when she fell asleep on Ginny and after that people were showed to their rooms. Ron would be sharing with Harry who would be sleeping in his old room.

"So, mate, what are we going to do?" Ron questioned as he set up his bed and got changed.

"About what?" Harry questioned while changing out of his clothes and into some comfortable pajamas.

"Quidditch of course!" Ron exclaimed causing Harry to freeze before turning to look at him with eyes open wide in horror.


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the first game of the season for Puddlemere United and the Hallyhead Harpies! The match will be beginning in a couple of minutes so please sit back and wait patiently.

The crowd cheered as people waited for the match to begin. Many were there happy to see Puddlemere back after all the team had participated in the final battle of the war, along with many others including the harpies. However, today was a special game, not just for the fans but for the players as well. In the stands, the Potter family, the Weasley Family, the Grangers and a few others were in their own stands. The Grangers were amazed at what they say, not having ever witnessed a Quidditch match in their life.

"Sirius were is Harry, Hermione and Ron, the match is about to start!" Lily exclaimed.

"Don't worry Lily, their fine; I'm sure their coming soon. Just sit back and watch the game, I just know it's going to be great." Sirius exclaimed a happy grin plastered on his face as he waited for the match to start.

Finally the cheers were heard as in a blast of light the Harpies appeared all flying on Firebolts. The Harpies fans erupted into cheers as they did a lap before taking up their position.

Ladies en gentlemen, let's hear it for the Harpies, their captain and Beater, Gwenog Jones! Chasers, Wilda Griffiths, Valmai Morgan, and Susan Calvite! Second Beater, Alexa Slovanie and Seeker Adella Swolf!

Cheers broke out around the stands as the harpies were named but it was nothing like the cheers when Puddlemere arrived.

Now let us introduce the home team but tonight we have a really unique event. Tonight the entire team is going by their real names. As you well know, many players decide to start playing Quidditch with fake names. Well tonight, they are all showing the world who they are for real. First the Captain and Chaser, Andrew Malfoy! Then we have the another other Chasers, the one you all know as Crystal Harp now going to by her real name, Audrey Black!

Cheers broke out as the Chasers zoomed onto the field, it was clear that most of the people in the stands were united fans, which was understandable considering that they were playing in their arena. Up in the stands, Sirius was looking from the players to Lily and James; he couldn't wait to see their faces!

"Why didn't they call the third Chaser up?" James questioned but the others didn't seem to mind as the Beaters were the next to be called up into action.

Then we have the Beaters! Cory Blacstorm and Christopher Strone!

With a new round of cheers, the two Beaters left the arena, waving their bats around and doing a few tricks that earned much cheers from their fans. They soon joined the two chasers.

Now tonight we are in for a grand treat, as I said all the players for Puddlemere will be going by their real names. You have all noticed the absence of the Keeper, Seeker and third Chaser, well this evening, to play in those positions will be the reserve Keeper and Chaser, and the main Seeker. Now hold onto your hats ladies and gentlemen because even I was shocked by what I learned. Ladies and gentlemen, let's hear it for Edward Grim, Seeker! Bilius Sphinx Keeper and Elizabeth Reaper, Chaser!

Instantly the stands erupted into cheers as the three youngest players joined the team waving at the people grins on their faces.

But you all must be wondering, what are their real names! Well its time that you know, for the Chaser, we have Hermione Granger!

In their booth, those who knew Hermione could only watch in shock as the moment her name was announced, glamour's fell revealing her true appearance to the world. Her parents, who were in the stands, watched in shock and slightly horror that their own daughter was willing to play a game on a broom!

"It can't be…" Lily whispered eyes wide before narrowing and turning to look at Sirius who was laughing.

Second ladies en gentlemen Keeper, Ronald Weasley!

This brought shouts of shock from the Weasley family who then erupted into cheers as they realised that their brother was now a professional Quidditch player.

"Ronald Weasley you are in so much trouble!" Molly screamed as she looked at her son hovering there waiving to the crowed as though he wasn't just fifteen and playing professional Quidditch.

Third but not lease, ladies and gentlemen, we have Harry Potter!

This time the stands seem to break the sound limit as they all cheered for the Seeker who had won them the Quidditch world cup! Everybody was shocked but not as much as James and Lily Potter who when their son's name was announce could only gap in shock at their oldest son waved. Beside them Sirius was laughing at their shocked looks which seemed to startle them out of it.

"You knew! You knew my son was playing professional Quidditch and didn't tell us! You knew!" Lily screamed.

"We only learned after they made the team and after the Evans Family reunion at that. But look at the bright side Lily they already have a world cup under their belt." Remus exclaimed while trying not to run from Lily's glare.

"My son is a professional Quidditch player!" James exclaimed joy filling his voice as the reality of the situation finally came crashing down on him.

"James he could serious get hurt!" Lily exclaimed while turning to her husband who by all means looked as though Christmas had come early.

"My son's a professional Quidditch player Lily!" He exclaimed before cheering his son on earning a glare from his wife even more so when Sirius, Remus and Tonks joined in.

"Now Lily, you should remember that Harry isn't a boy." Minerva remarked causing Lily to sigh.

"I suppose so." She agreed. "I just worry about him so much."

"We all do, oh kick their ass Hermione!" Minerva exclaimed as the game started and Hermione had just scored the first goal of the game. Her exclamation seemed to shock Lily and the Grangers but she didn't seem to mind as she soon joined the four others in cheering on Puddlemere United.

The game lasted a good five hours before Harry finally caught the snitch, but by that time Puddlemere was a good three hundred points ahead of the harpies who just couldn't seem to beat the trio Chasers or the Keeper.

As the stands erupted into cheers, Puddlemere did a large lap before landing and walking into their changing room. Back in the stands, Sirius turned to everybody catching their attention.

"We'll be going to Grimmauld for the evening since we're going to be meeting Puddlemere there. Harry thought you all would like to meet their team mates, although most of you have seen them as they fought in the last battle." Sirius remarked earning nods from everybody else.

In the locker rooms, Harry chuckled to himself as he washed of the sweat. The game had been a good one especially the start when they had been announced. He knew they would be in for an earful once they got to Grimmauld but Harry just didn't care. It had been hilarious to hear Minnie during the start of the game.

"So where are we going?" Andrew questioned as he walked out of his shower and started to dry off.

"Number Twelve Grimmauld Place. We'll be apparating there and meeting the others. You guys don't mind right?" He asked while turning the water off from his own shower.

"No, happy to meet your family, although we did meet a few of them not long ago, they didn't know that you played for Puddlemere back then so it wasn't a real meeting." Andrew answered before wrapping his towel around his waist. "Plus, it's going to be funny to hear."

"You have no idea." Harry agreed as he dried off and wrapped his own towel around his waist before walking out to his locker. Grabbing his change of clothes, he started to get dressed. "You'll also be meeting my daughter."

"What bloody daughter!" Came the round of exclamation that had the trio grinning.

"Harry adopted a girl, her names Ezabella and she calls Harry dad and Ginny mum now. It's absolutely adorable, ever since they returned from their vacation she's been doing it. Shocked Harry's mum when she called her Grandma Lily." Ron said chuckles still leaving him at the thought of his own mother's expression when Eza called her Grandma Molly.

For a good few minutes, Harry told them about his daughter before finally they were ready to go. With the address handed to everybody, they left for number twelve Grimmauld Place.

Walking in Harry instantly heard a squeal and looked down to see Ezabella running towards him a happy smile on her face. With a wide grin, he picked her up and twirled her around, when he turned to look at the others he placed her on his hip and gave a grin.

"Everybody I'd like you to meet Ezabella, she's my daughter. Eza this is the people I play Quidditch with." Harry announced and a sudden squeal had him looking at the females of his team in shock.

"What, she's so adorable!" Audrey exclaimed in her defense.

"Harry James Potter!" Came a scream causing Harry to wince and the others to grin.

"Hermione Jane Granger!" "Ronald Billius Weasley!"

"Damn triple names." Ron muttered while the others could help but laugh at the unfortunate trio.

Just then, three rather irate mothers arrived and the trio gulped. It was clear that they were not impressed, especially since Hermione's mother was a muggle and it had been the first time she had ever seen Quidditch.

"Um mum, how did you like the match?" Harry questioned yet he could see the tick at her forehead and gave a light wince. This was not good.

"Why is it that you forgot to mention that you played for a professional Quidditch team at the age of eleven?" Lily questioned her voice sharp and hard.

"Or the fact that you thought it best to tell Sirius yet not us!" Molly exclaimed.

"I thought you understood Hermione, that big things like this goes through us!" Mrs. Granger reproached causing the trio to sigh but just then, Minerva walked behind them.

"I understand that the three of you are angry that they did not inform you of this. But you know perfectly well that you would not have agreed to them playing Professional Quidditch at the age of eleven. I understand Mrs. Granger's thoughts for she has just been recently told the truth of her daughter, but you all must remember that they are not mentally the age they are physically. They were responsible in the fact that their grades did not slip and the fact that they were able to not be affected by the fame it brought them." She stated. "Now we are not here to argue but to celebrate the amazing win and to meet their team mates."

With that the three mothers deflated and slightly chastised the group was lead to the party room where in kittle to no time they were celebrating that days win against the Harpies.

It was a beautiful summer's night, a cool breath filling the air causing the grass to sway softly. In the sky, no clouds obscured the view of the stars and crescent moon above. At the old Hogwarts castle, two teens walked through the gardens.

Only days ago the castle had been finished, the building restored to what it was supposed to be, the gardens returned to beauty and everything warded with unbelievable wards. It had taken a few years to gather the various material's for the décor of the castle. Both had spent months researching what they wanted and wait was beast for their home.

"It's amazing to finally have a home of our own." Ginny whispered as she and Harry walked through the gardens.

The last three years had been a blessing, with no war and only a few Death Eaters left, they had been able to relax and capture the rest of the Death Eaters with little effort. Bearson and the other Lord Vampires had come down hard on all Rogue vampires and now that population was gone and things were striving for the Vampires and werewolves thanks to Amelia who was all too happy to help those who had helped them against the darkness that would have reigned hard. It helped plenty that Harry and she would normally be seen with Bearson during balls and other events, showing their trust in the man.

"I agree not to mention that we've finally finished Hogwarts." Harry chuckled earning a soft laugh from the red haired woman at his side.

Slowly they approached the fountain, its gentle music soothing to both of them as they sat at its edge and looked up at the starry sky above. "You know I've been thinking."

"Oh that's dangerous, are you sure your brain hasn't turned black from the burning sensation you must have felt?" Ginny teased causing him to scowl playfully at her.

"No it has not, but as I was saying, I've been thinking. Your mother won't want us to move in together." He stated causing her eyes to narrow.

"And why not, she's known you for a long time; you're practically one of her son's, not to mention the fact that she loves you just as much. What would be her excuse!" She questioned clearly not happy with what Harry had been thinking.

"Calm down love, there are ways around it. After all there is only one thing she's going to say and I have a solution." Harry stated causing her to blink.

"And that would be?"

"Will you marry me?" He asked and as it took a few seconds for the question to set in, Ginny turned her sight away from the stars to the man sitting beside her to see that he was looking at her and in his hand was a ring. The exact ring Harry had proposed to her with the first time.

For a moment she just stared then her eyes filled up with tears and she through her arms around Harry who gave a grin as he hugged her.

"I'd love to marry you Harry Potter." She agreed causing him to chuckle as he kissed her.

It was a beautiful spring day in Scotland. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and all around there was a beautiful feeling in the air. Yet today was a rather important day. Today was the day of a wedding, one that would be the start of many others to come. Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley were at last going to share each other's vows and become husband and wife. There had been much preparation for the wedding, most especially as it was happening only a month after their engagement. They hurry didn't seem to surprise some while others were a bit worried. Still the couple were happy and to many that was all that mattered.

In a guest room at the old castle, Harry Potter looked himself over. He and Ginny had agreed that the wedding colors would be sapphire blue, silver and brown. They represented their first elementals, even though most people did not know that Ginny was an earth elemental.

Therefore, that was why at that moment he was wearing a black suit with a blue dress shirt and a silver tie. His shoulder length black hair was pulled back but his blue bangs fell forward showing his water elemental abilities. Over the last two years he had built up his body, he was quite well built and taller than before. His shoulders were broad and he normally always had a rather closely shaven, yet still visible beard on his face, just like now.

"Mate, mums going to freak at the fact that you didn't shave properly." Ron remarked as he walked into the room.

"Well at the moment Ginny's opinion matters more, she wanted it for the wedding, said it gave me a rogue sort of look." Harry chuckled causing his soon to be brother in law to shake his head.

Turning to his friend, he gave him a look and nodded. Ron was dressed to impress with his own black suit. The only different color he had was the white handkerchief in his breast pocket. Not far from him was Demeter who was dressed in a similar manor and it made Harry smile.

He had had such a hard time picking his best man, the first time around he knew down to it that it would be Ron but this time he had his brother at his side. Yet he hadn't needed to worry. He had decided that instead of having one best man, it was always better to have two and so both Ron and Demeter were sharing the owner of being his best man.

"Well I have to say you both look rather dashing, anybody to impress?" He questioned.

"Nobody." Demeter answered rather quickly making Harry chuckle as Ron rolled his eyes.

"We best get to the podium, wouldn't want Ginny to beat us there now would we." Ron remarked causing Harry to laugh and nod.

"To true my friend, to true." He agreed before throwing both his arms around the two men at his sides. "Well mates, right now is about the last few hours I'll be a lone man. From this day forward it's not just going to me Harry Potter, but Harry and Ginny Potter."

It took then a few minutes to walk out of the castle but at long last, they arrived at the outside gardens where the wedding would be taking place. Already, plenty of people had arrived, sitting and waiting for the wedding. The entire, Potter family, and Weasley family were there, all quite eager for the wedding. Even the Evans who knew about magic were there. All sorts of people had been invited, to Puddlemere United, and the Hogwarts to even the Elemental friends he had made and some of that staff. Then there was the fact that vampires, werewolves, and other members of the alliance had all arrived to witness the wedding, Bearson and his council being all too proud to be present.

"This is going to be one event not to miss." Demeter remarked and Harry gave a low chuckle.

"I completely agree mate, completely agree."

Walking down the aisle the trio soon took their places at the top where, of all people, Bearson stood. As the Lord of England, he had the power to wed others and it had been decided that he would be the one to wed Harry and Ginny.

"Nervous?" Bearson questioned.

"Slightly, wondering if she got smart and runs." Harry joked causing Bearson to chuckle.

"No way is that woman running from you Harry Potter. She loves you way too much to do that." Bearson whispered but just then a soft melody started and everybody turned to see Harry's ice phoenix, Nieve came flying through the isle. People visibly relaxed as it continued to sing its son even as it landed on its perch.

After Nieve, came the flower girl, Ezabella, who was now eight years old. She had grown over the last few years, not only in height but in confidence as well. The little eight years old was dressed to impress in a royal blue dress that went to just above her knees. All over the top of the dress was darker blue flower petals the dress was tulle, flowed around her perfectly, and went very well with the simple silver flats she wore. Her red hair was done up and in her hands was a basket with blue and silver flower petals inside.

After Ezabella though came the bridesmaids. Hermione Granger, Susan Bones, Fleur Delacour, Mia Potter and Luna Lovegood, Luna being the maid of honor. They wore similar dressed to Ezabella's but the skirts of theirs was not tulle but fabric and they were wearing high-heeled silver sandals while their hair was done in soft waves.

Finally, it was the brides turn and as she walked out people rose from their seats. Ginny, as was normal at ones wedding, was no doubt the most beautiful girl in the wedding. Her long red hair was flowing down her back in soft red locks while a beautiful tiara sat on her head. The tiara had come from the centaurs, which were just as skilled as the goblins in making beautiful things. Her dress though had been made by the Vampires; the top of the dress was made of beautiful vampire silk that was embroidered with a beautiful yet simple motif. The skirt of the dress was long, and made of tulle. It wasn't poufy though but soft and elegant keeping the appearance of a mermaid style dress. The back of it was corset style and it had a train. The entire thing was done in white. In her hands was a rather beautiful bouquet of flowers that was longer at the bottom. It was composed of white and blue flowers, mostly roses, lilies, and agapanthus's and beautiful bluebell flowers.

Walking beside her was her father, Arthur who had the brightest smile on his face Harry had ever seen.

As they walked up the aisle, Nieves song to a slightly higher but even more beautiful pitch and was soon joined by a second phoenix, this one red and gold, Fawkes. As both phoenixes sang their song, the bride finally arrived at her destination. Shaking Arthur's hand, Harry gave him a smile before turning to his bride.

"You look beautiful." He whispered as he took his place at her side.

"And you handsome." She whispered before they entwined their arms and started to walk the last few steps towards Bearson who was smiling way too cheerfully for a vampire.

When they arrive, the two phoenixes calmed their song but still a light melody continued to fill the area and with that, Bearson started to ceremony.

"Ladies and Gentlemen we are gathered here to witness the birth of a new union. Two souls who have gone through so much together are about to take the next step in their lives, the step of husband and wife." Bearson stated before giving them both smiles. From there the ceremony continued until at long last came the vows. The first to speak was Harry who turned to his future wife and looked into her eyes.

"Ginny Weasley, I have known you for a long time, longer than most people think. We have gone through time together. We have laughed, cried and smiled together but most of all we have learned that we are meant for each other. I remember the day you captured me heart, the day with your brilliant smile and your amazing spunky attitude. At that point, I knew that I could not live without you. We have fought in battles together, we have known hardship together. Yet I know that we still have so much in front of our eyes to live and I wouldn't want to spend another day without you by my side. You my flower that blooms with patient, I love you Gin-gin." He whispered finishing with her nickname that had her laughing slightly.

"I remember when I was a child, my mother, like all mothers, would tell me the story of the Boy who lived. How he was a savior. Well you know what she was right. You are a savior, my savior. You have protect me, and fought by my side. You have allowed me to grow into something that I am proud of being and you have helped me to that goal. We have gone through so much together that I doubt I could see my life without you. I love you Harry Potter and I know that I want to spend the rest of my days with you, no matter what comes our way. I know that we will be able to stand strange and together no mater wait." She whispered tears falling from her eyes as she looked up at her future husband.

"Now let us continue." Bearson whispered as the people in the crowed blew their noses. "Harry Potter do you take this woman to be your beautiful, charming, sassy and cheerful wife?" Bearson questioned causing Harry to chuckle.

"Forever and ever." He answered.

"Do you Ginny Weasley take this man as your charming, headstrong, adventurous and smiling husband?" Bearson asked causing Ginny to laugh.

"How could I say no?" She whispered.

"Then Harry, you may kiss your bride." Bearson announced and with a grin on his face, Harry placed his arm around her waist pulled her close and tipped it back before kissing her causing everybody present to erupted into cheers. "Ladies and gentlemen I now introduce to you Harry and Ginny Potter!"

Kings Cross station was filled with noise as September first came to start. For some odd reason, just like every other year groups of parents with their children hurried around the station, carrying owls, cats and trunks, some even with broomsticks. The reason for this was simple actually all those children were heading off to start a new year at their school, a school of magic called Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Yet this year was a special year. This year a group of rather special students would be attending. This year for the first time since fourteen years the next generation of first year students would consist of a member of the well-known Grim Reapers.

"Athena Potter, don't you dare even think about taking that out of your pocket!" Came a strong female voice as a group of six people hurried through the platform.

This group consisted of a tale rather well built and handsome man that had long black hair that was pulled into a low ponytail. The more shocking aspect of his hair being the blue bangs at the front. His eyes were shocking emerald green and he had a rather closely shaven beard on his face. The man was dressed in a pair of black dress pants a pair of black boots and a blue dress shirt. Beside him was a woman was beauty. She just went to his shoulders but was slime and elegant. She had long dark red hair that went her waist and worm amber eyes. She wore a simple white skirt with a yellow blouse. These were Harry Potter and Ginny Potter, married couple of fourteen years and parents of five. The eldest, Ezabella Potter was already out of school. At the age of 22, she was now working for the Goblins as a translator and Curse Breaker. The second oldest was Athena Potter who was fourteen years old. She had inherited her mother's appearance, but her father's prankster side. For three years now, she had been considered a member of the Neo Marauders, a group consisting of four other people. There was Teddy, or Ted Remus Lupin, Harry's godson. Then there was Calico Black, the daughter of Sirius Black and Annabeth, who was still a member of Bearson's court. After that came the two shockers, Alexander and Sebastian Snape, twin sons of Severus Snape and Victoire Snape, a muggle born witch from France who was well versed in Potions. When news had come out that those five had become best friends and formed a new prankster group, many had laughed especially at the fact that two of the members were the sons of Severus Snape. The funniest thing was that the entire group had been sorted into, most shockingly enough, Hufflepuff.

After Athena came her younger twin brothers, named after Ginny's uncles, Fabian James and Gideon Hadrian Sirius Potter. They were thirteen years old and had their fathers black hair but their mothers amber eyes. Unlike their ancestors, though they were not pranksters. They were more on the lines of adventurers. They spent many of their spare time exploring and getting into trouble rather than pranking people. With them though was a Weasley, the oldest son of Hermione and Ron, Hugo Weasley. They had all be sorted into Gryffindor.

Then came the youngest, the only child that looked exactly like her father. Katy Potter was a spitting image of her father. She had long black hair and emerald green eyes. She was small, smaller than most people were her age yet she was very interested in wards thanks to her father. She would be starting her first year at Hogwarts. However, with her came a group of others. First Rose Weasley, youngest daughter of Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley. Then there was Scorpius Malfoy, youngest son of Draco and Luna. Third Edgar Longbottom, youngest son of Neville Longbottom and Susan bones. Then there was the Anesta Weasley, youngest daughter of Fred, and Alicia Weasley. Then there was Roxanne Weasley, youngest girl of George and Angelina. The only other first year of the group that wasn't a part of the Grim Reapers, was the son of Demeter Potter and Astoria, Calvin Potter.

"Alright everybody, two at a time." Ginny ordered and in little to no time, everybody had gone through the barrier to arrive on Platform 9 and ¾. As they looked around Harry and Ginny smiled in remembrance before looking at each other.

"Alright you lot go and find your compartments." Harry ordered, already knowing that three of his children had plans to meet at certain compartments. Looking down at his youngest, he found her looking around hopefully.

Knowing what she was looking for he looked about until finally seeing his best mate, standing with his wife.

"I see your Uncle Ron and aunt Hermione. I think Rose will be with them." He told her causing her face to light up.

Going towards their general direction, Harry had to chuckle as he spotted the group that had gathered. Everybody was there and with a squeal of happiness, Katy ran forward and hugged Rose who with a squeal of delight hugged back.

"Harry!" Hermione greeted before hugging him and then hugging Ginny.

"Hey guys, so everybody excited?" Harry asked the children who all looked up at him and gave exited nods.

"Good, now do you guys have a compartment?" Ginny asked.

"Yes, dad was able to get one for us, already put my stuff in there." Calvin answered.

"Good, then I'll get the rest of your stuff there." Harry stated before he and Ron hurriedly got the trunks and pet cages and brought them over to were Demeter was waiting. Swiftly getting them on board Harry looked about at all the pets. Seven in total, four kittens, one pup, and two owls. The dog belonged to Katy who always loved dogs.

"You behave for her okay." He ordered to the dog that just looked up at him with sleeping blue eyes.

Jumping off the train, he gave his brother a one armed hug that he returned. Then they walked over to the group.

"Trunks and pets on the train. Now all its missing is you lot." Demeter announced but just then the train sounded its whistle and hurriedly they brought the children over and helped them get on.

"You guys are going to have a great year at Hogwarts, trust me I know." Harry remarked.

"Don't worry about the house you get into, whatever house it is will love you all the same." Hermione announced.

"Maybe a bit less for Slytherin." Ron joked earning a jab in the sides by his wife that had the children laughing.

"Don't worry about anything. Minnie's Headmistress and I'm sure she's looking forward to seeing you guys at Hogwarts." Harry chuckled.

"That's what you said with Athena, and you were sent a howler about how she could strangle you at the fact that you produced a new generation of marauders." Katy teased causing everybody to chuckle.

"Well you know your uncle Remus, Uncle Sirius and Uncle Severus also got the howlers." Harry chuckled.

However, it didn't take long for the train to start moving cutting their conversation. Before long, the train was off bringing the next generation to their destination at Hogwarts. Sixteen years had passed since the final battle against Voldemort.

Harry, had become Captain of Puddlemere for six years until he finally stopped playing, giving the captain seat to Gryffindor's' old Captain, Oliver Wood. He now worked as one of the world's top warders and was actually the Head of the warding department in the Ministry, overseeing all major wards in England, including Hogwarts' wards.

Hermione was now a primary school teacher, teaching magical children, the basics of the magical world, bringing in the muggle born students, and helping them and their parents adjust to the change. She was actually, the Headmistress of the first Magical primary school in England.

Ron was now Head Auror and was well respected in his position.

Ginny had decided to play Quidditch for four years, joining the Hollyhead Harpies before becoming a member of the Ministry, taking a position as liaison between the Vampires, centaurs and others.

Luna and Susan had both gone into become Healers, Luna was now the resident Healer at Hogwarts while Susan was Head Healer at St-Mungos, only taking the position a two years ago.

Neville was the new Hogwarts Herbology Professor, taking over after Professor Sprout had decided to retire. He also ran his own Herbology business.

The twin's business had grown; they now had a shop in Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade and La Rue de Magie in France. They had even bought out Zonkos.

Everything was going well for the Grim Reapers and their families. The world was at peace and England was happy.

Author note:

Therefore, ladies and gentlemen that is how the story ends. It has taken a good two years to write, with many stops along the way but it has been finished. With many reviews, chapters and words this story is by far the longest story I have ever written during my time in this sight. Maybe one day I will be able to beat the numbers on this story. I would like to thank all those that have continued to read and reread this story and have supported me through it. I understand that the English isn't that good but I have to say it's better than a lot I have seen. I hope you enjoyed it and look forward to hearing from you on other stories I have written and will write in the future.