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Summary: Katara disappears while trying to get Aang away from the Fire Nation and winds up in the arms of Team Magma. BendWaveShipper (Ash/Katara)

Bending Legends

Chapter 1: Out of the Fire, Into the Magma

This was a situation of panic. Two kids were surrounded by cells of black robes with black cymbals for heads. One was a bald boy with blue arrow tattoos over his head and hands. He wore a yellow shirt under orange shoulder cape and yellow pants. The other was a brunette tanned girl in blue. Under her feet was water acting like a puppet strung to her. The water was like tentacles of an octopus. "You've got nowhere to run, Avatar," a different female tried to call the boy to surrender. The boy glared over to the first girl. What could he do? He was flanked in every position. The girl solemnly shot a look bad, realizing there was not much of a choice.

"I'm sorry, Katara," he expressed his understanding situation. He stomped the ground which protruded emerald crystals which formed a tent of protection. The so-called Avatar began to meditate where the tattoos started to glow. Soon enough, he came out of the tent, glowing brightly from head to toe. A marvelous sight. That's when one of the robes pointed to the glow. Suddenly, a massive bolt of lightning shot out. ZAP! The bolt hit the glow. The bolt hit the boy. Knocked out from the shock, the boy began to fall from grace, panicked by Katara.

"AANG!" she teared in a loud scream. Falling, Aang was unaware that he could hit the ground. Katara pushed the water, knocking all the robes to the floor before he ran out and caught Aang. There, the damage was too much. Was Aang dead? More robes came after the two while Katara believed Aang was gone. That's when a grown man with white hair and beard stepped up, guarding the kids. This should be interesting.

"Go, now!" he gruffly ordered Katara.


"I'll keep them busy. Hurry! Get the Avatar to safety!" To Iroh, Aang was alive. Complying, Katara ran off with Aang in her arms. Tears still shedding for what may be a hopeless cause, Katara had to put Iroh's faith to believe he was alive. In a clearance, Katara laid Aang onto her shoulder and commanded water to spread over the wound. She prayed that Aang wasn't dead.

"Ka...ta...ra?" he weakly groaned. Relief. Aang was alive. That's when a large white bison swooped out of nowhere and landed by the two. Off came a tanned brunette male in blue as well.

"Aang!" he called. "Katara!" Katara handed Aang to the other male.

"We need to get outta here, now!" she roared for them to evacuate the cave. The boy loaded the Avatar onto the bison. In time too...because the floor beneath them gave way. Katara had no footing and fell down the opened hole. "Sokka!" She reached out but her arm wasn't able to reach Sokka. She fell and disappeared.

"Katara!" It was no use. He boarded the bison and flew away. Sokka looked back, realizing he was helpless. Katara was in her reach for the moment and it slipped through without warning. He glanced at Aang. The burn from that lightning strike told him that Aang did all he could to protect Katara. He wished he did the same. Was Katara dead? Hours after the fate-turning plunge, we find Katara in a posh room. She was beginning to stir. In front of her were two men in red uniforms. One was a redhead who appeared to be mid-30's. The other couldn't be described well due to the hood over his head. Katara became enraged and tried to fight her way free of the ropes containing her arms, legs and stomach.

"Settle down, now," the redhead tried to reason. "We just pulled you out of the water and prevented you from drowning." Katara wasn't in the mood to talk. Was it him? Was it the uniforms? Was it that she was now far from Aang?

"There's no way I'm confessing to the Fire Nation!" she yelled out. The two were a little more confused than startled.

"What for do you mean? Who is this Fire Nation?" Katara thought it was an act.

"Don't fool me for one minute! It's your fault that we're all in this war!" A war? To the redhead, the baffling details continued to scratch his head. The hooded one bent down and whispered something.

"Maxie, since she doesn't have any Pokémon and that's not the same uniform, she's apparently not a member of Team Aqua," he quietly pondered.

"Perhaps, but maybe it's more troubling since she's accusing us of this Fire Nation alliance," Maxie offered a possible explanation. He turned back to Katara to try and get info across. "My beliefs is that you're not from this time period, let alone from this world." That made Katara stop her struggle a bit. She wanted to know what he meant. "Right now, you're nowhere close to where any 'Fire Nation' will give you trouble. At this moment, you're in safe hands of Team Magma. It might take you awhile to realize that wherever you're from, you're no longer there. It might be best for you to cooperate at this time." Katara got the clue. She was no longer within reach of anyone from the Fire Nation. That was the only good news at this point in time. However, she was no longer with Aang, Sokka or any of her friends. Or were they?

"Was there anyone else you rescued?" she asked. Maxie dipped his head.

"You were the only one we found. If you have friends here, they're probably over at a nearby island recovering." Katara wasn't satisfied. If they were there, they wouldn't have hesitated to get her out. "However, we may need your help in this. There may be a way to return you to your friends but we won't know until everything is sorted out." A chance to be back with Aang...but she didn't want to help from her scowl. Maxie took the message. "I see. Then, we'll have you locked up in our chamber until everything settles." More hooded members filed in and untied Katara from the chair. They kept a close eye on their captive. Katara had already gone through a lot. Being locked up and away from Aang was not settling well with her. She could only imagine what these members of Team Magma were going to do. She could be tortured. She could be raped. She could die. Sitting on the steel bench, she began to cry. It was a lot, maybe too much for the young woman who could manipulate water. For an hour, she stained her face with the worried tears of what could be happening to her friends. She lied on the bench, virtually falling asleep. Her mind wandered back to her friends.

"Aang...Sokka, my brother..." Make that friends and family. "Gran-Gran...Toph...Momo...Appa..." A lot of names. The Team Magma guard overheard Katara's tearful listing.

"Plenty of folks back home you miss, huh?" the guard wondered. Katara was not sure she wanted to hear a member of Magma so soon. Her reaction became amazed that someone was paying attention to her, but tossed her head aside. It was a member of Magma.

"Like you care about what happens to a member of the Southern Water Tribe?" That must be her birthplace. The guard retracted his statement, trying not to offend their prisoner. That's when another guard came in...with news.

"Hey, have you heard?" the new Magma asked. "Maxie and Tabitha reeled in four new Febas from the ocean." New Febas? "One of them is in possession of a Pikachu." This seemed to startle the first guard. Did he know this Pikachu?

"Anything else?" the first wondered.

"Yeah, I'm taking over your position. Your shift's over." The first guard nodded to the expiration of his work and headed off. Now the new guard stood by Katara's cell. "Man, first we capture Kyogre to bait Team Aqua, then that girl and now four more kids. We may need to stuff one in here with her." Someone's sharing the room with Katara. Suddenly...

"Let me go!" a young man shouted. Sounded like this one was a handful.

"You need to cooperate!" another member of Magma scolded. Katara wasn't able to see what was going on, it was about to be close. The guard opened the door where another threw in a raven-haired young man in a blue sweat-tee and jeans. A red baseball cap was also tossed in as well as a yellow mouse with a tail shaped like a lightning bolt. Slamming the door shut, Katara had a boy and mouse to deal with, and neither of them were happy with the way they were treated. The young man growled, upset that he was tossed and imprisoned, not knowing he had a roommate.

"Well, this sucks," he murmured. "I hope May, Max and Brock are okay."

("I'm sure they are, Ash,") his mouse squeaked. Ash stood there, wondering what to do. Katara saw the mouse's tail and began to tremble. That lightning bolt... It was a bolt of lightning that struck Aang and nearly killed him.

"We gotta do something to stop Team Aqua and Team Magma from controlling those legendary Pokémon. Who knows what those powers can do in the wrong hands." Legendary Pokémon? Before more thoughts into the possibilities of what Aqua and Magma would do...

"Get that away from me!" Katara shouted. Ash and the mouse covered their ears when Katara shouted. Katara feared that she would be struck with the same lightning that nailed Aang. Ash and his mouse turned to the roommate, unsure what the heck that was about. The mouse stepped toward the girl but that heightened her fear. That forced the mouse to retreat.

"You have something against Pikachu?" Katara curled herself. Not good.

"Don't hurt me! Don't hurt me!" Ash and Pikachu were more confused than ever. How could they explain to her when she's developed a fear of lightning? Talk about a complication.

TO BE CONTINUED... (It's also my Golden Birthday today. I turn 27 on the 27th. Thanks to all who read my stories as I continue to write them.)