Note from the Author: First off I would like to point out the flaw in the logic of Pachysam's request. If you read my preview you'd realize that Nigel is traveling back to Africa while the Dodo was discovered and lived on the Scottish islands thus we will not be traveling back to rescue Dodo's yet.

Chapter 5

War on Time

There is something missing from our world, the amazing animals that time has left behind.

But what if we could bring them back? What if extinction didn't have to be forever?

We're going back in time on a safari with a difference, as wildlife adventure Nigel Marvin, plunges into pre-history, to rescue creatures on the brink of extinction; his plan is to bring them back to the safety of the present.

And give them a second chance.

This time wild life explorer Nigel Marvin goes back in time over 100 years ago to rescue animals that man kind has wiped out.

Welcome to the ultimate wildlife sanctuary, welcome to Prehistoric Park!

Prehistoric Park: Lizard house

Bob along with a good chunk of park workers were renovating the caves into a clone of the bug house complete with pond plants and UV lights.

Ok we'll basically going to turn this mountain into what is known as a biosphere once we set the atmosphere the plants are going to work with the animals to maintain the atmosphere at a maintainable level for the lot of them the problem is with so many of the little buggers we're going to need a lot of plants and a lot of space, which reminds me I wonder how Jackson's doing said Bob?

Deep inside the mountain Jackson had a hockey bag slung around his shoulder and was using a piece of string to make his path throughout the mountain securing it from time to time with nails.

If it worked for the guy with the Minotaur it'll work for me said Jackson.

Jackson heard someone talking.

Excuse me said Jackson.

Jackson toke out a can that was tied to the string which was tightly wrapped around a block of wood.

Bob what do you want said Jackson into the can?

Nigel wants you to come back he's getting ready for his next mission said Bob.

Check on my way, they can send a signal through the fabric of space time but they can't send one through a bloody mountain said Jackson.

Jackson observed a moving shadow down the cave.

Scratch that something else is loose down here I will investigate said Jackson.

Jackson removed a pipe from the hockey bag he was carrying around and investigated the caves.

The aviary

Nigel drove up in a jeep and waved a flag signaling a worker in the mouth of a cave; worker went inside and Bob came out on the radio.

Hi Bob where's Jackson said Nigel?

Reported that one of the animals is loose down in the caves and went to investigate said Bob.

Inside the mountain Jackson was stalking the animal while making sure to carefully mark his trail with the nails and string.

Where in the world are you said Jackson?

Jackson heard a roaring sound he turned around to see the male cave bear lunged at him he toke out the pipe and began spinning it around defensively intentionally scrapping it against the flint walls, ceiling, and floor of the cave creating sparks that caused the bear to back up as Jackson approached the bear forcing it back against it's original cave at which point Jackson simply knocked it out with the pipe.

Now stay there you big ugly brute said Jackson.

Jackson used his keycard to open the gate and walked out onto a cliff and spotted Nigel at the lake side.

Well better go see what he wants said Jackson.

Jackson closed the gate behind him then leaped off the cliff and landed on the chain net the Mosasaur leaped up and knocked Jackson into the air; Jackson did a back flip barrel role and landed perfectly on a single pole in front of Nigel and Bob.

Bob the Bear is loose in the caves said Jackson.

Uh got yah said Bob a little stunned.

So what are we after now said Jackson?

Jackson and Nigel rode to the time portal site in the jeep.

We're going back one hundred and thirty years ago Africa to rescue some species man kind has wiped out said Nigel.

130 years, that's risky, said Jackson.

Says the person who eats dinosaurs for breakfast said Nigel?

I merely don't want to alter human history the 19th century had a profound effect on human kind said Jackson.

Then we will simply not make our presence known said Nigel.

If we start World War Three I'm holding you responsible said Jackson.

Technically it would be World War 1 said Nigel!

Not funny said Jackson.

Jim Ben and Bill arrived at the site and the portal was activated allowing the 5 of them to enter the past; the team arrived on a mountain side overseeing a village.

This is not going to end well said Jackson.

Nigel used his binoculars to zoom in on the village and saw that they were using Quagga as horses.

This is going to be tricky; one part of our quarry is down there said Nigel scratching his head.

Then perhaps we can trade for them said Jackson.

Prehistoric Park: lizard house

Bob oversaw several park workers bricking up the passage way of the male cave bear sealing it in-between the wall and the door that allows the workers to feed it.

Now that's done the workers can get back to work on mapping the tunnels, what about the Mother and her Cub said Bob?

Bricked too said a worker.

Ok I say we brick up the rest of the tunnels and be done with them said Bob.

We'll have to get permission from Nigel first said a worker.

Better hope he gets back soon those Eggs are going to hatch, and that means we're going to be flooded with giant carnivorous frogs said Bob!

That's not a visual I need to see said the Worker.

130 years ago

Ben Bill and Jim were changing from their 21st century attires to 19th century deer skin Nigel had already changed and Jack was waiting for the others in 21st century attire.

Why are you three dressed like David Boone said Jackson?

We can't strut around dressed like we're from another century said Nigel.

You are said Jackson!

Not the point said Nigel.

Yah I'll stay here and look after base camp you guys go barter for horses said Jackson.

Nigel slid down the mountain side and arrived on the boarders of the village sensing immediate hostility.

Ever get the feeling you're not welcome said Nigel.

The villagers had a look on their faces that some how screamed cannibal one villager looked like a village leader; the leader in question walked up to Nigel and began spitting curses at him in an incoherent language.

Oh this isn't good said Nigel.

A white man came into the village on a horse with numerous men following him.

Very not good said Nigel!

A loud gun shot echoed throughout the area was head and the leader was killed with a bullet to the head several more were heard and the others were killed as well.

Nigel we have a situation said Jackson through the radio.

I'd say we have a situation you just killed five men in cold blood said Nigel yelled Nigel into the Radio!

They were slave traders said Jackson.

Excuse me said Nigel!

The man you are standing in front of is named Balthazar Borgia a notorious slave trader who left bodies from here to Canada the mere fact that you are here is reason enough for him to dismantle you said Jackson over the radio.

What was that you were saying earlier about altering human history said Nigel!

So instead of dying in the Atlantic from his ship sinking a mystery sniper blew his brains out but I still have work to do say Jackson!

What are you talking about said Nigel!

Without their loyal captain his crew and cargo will never leave the country and therefore serious alterations to history thus they must die I'll go kill off the crew the Small Pox will kill off the villagers said Jackson.

Whoa, what due you mean small pox said Nigel.

The ship was sunk because the cargo was infected with small pox that will kill them off then you can bring the Quagga back in the mean time you should get checked out said Jackson.

Whoa I'm not going to let you kill seven people said Nigel.

You don't have a choice said Jackson.

Sigh said Nigel returning to the base camp.

Prehistoric Park

After explaining from afar the situation Nigel was quarantined in makeshift camp and Susanne and General Hammond came in to give him an update on his health.

Well your in good health no Small Pox said Susanne.

We've sent a scout back through the portal once he confirms the villagers are dead we will send men in hazmat suits back to the past to retrieve the Quagga said General Hammond.

Wait are you telling me that we're just going to stand here scratching our heads and wait for those people to die then ransack their camp said Nigel.

If memory serves me correctly the study for various possible uses for the time travel technology included alleviation of untold amounts of human suffering, that very use was discounted because of the fact that it would have an unfathomable effect on human history said General Hammond.

I'm not talking about alleviation of untold amounts of human suffering I'm talking about saving one village said Nigel.

Nigel no if you can't follow the arrangements of our deal then you can be removed from field work said General Hammond!

You don't have the authority to due that said Nigel!

But I do have the authority to have the camp bombed effective immediately said General Hammond.

Are you blackmailing me said Nigel?

Absolutely said General Hammond!

There was moment between Hammond and Nigel that could only be described as electrified.

Ah if you two are done debating male dominance I'll go get the suits ready said Susanne.

130 million years ago

Jackson was riding along the African savannah in a jeep when he spotted a camp of men; Jackson checked the location against a map he stole from the corpses of the dead slave traders.

Bingo said Jackson.

Jackson grabbed a supply of machine guns and grenades from the back seat and slung them around his shoulder.

Go time said Jackson.

Jackson walked into the camp with two pistols drawn.

You know I toke this job to take a break from killing people said Jackson.

The men attempted to grab rifles.

But for you I will make an exception said Jackson.

Jackson used both pistols to shoot at the men successfully killing off two suddenly a Rhino smashed into the jeep rolling it on the ground a short distance before it focused its beady eyes on Jackson.

Oh crapes said Jackson.

Jackson narrowly avoided the rhino and jumped into the jeep he threw down a time portal post drove through the camp and nearly ran into another rhino with two smaller rhinos; the larger rhino then joined the first one in chasing Jackson with the smaller rhinos following the second one; Jackson threw a second post beside the first, activated them, and drove into the park; in the park Jack came out of a portal.

Everyone GET OUTTA THE WAY yelled Jackson!

Just after Jackson uttered his warning the Rhinos came rampaging out of the portal; Jack ditched the motorcycle at the last moment and climbing up the wall to safety; the jeep crashed into the wall putting a small hole into it ironically plugged by the jeep itself; the lead rhinoceros crashed into the jeep and pushed it through the wall creating a hole for itself and the other rhinos.

Oh crapes said Jackson.

Jackson loaded a taser and tranquilizer gun onto his bike and went after the rhinos; First Jackson tried the tranquilizer gun on both the Rhinos only for them to rebound off of them.

Crapes said Jackson.

With the attention of one of the rhino's earned Jackson attempted to drive away and use the taser on the rhino following him only to be again deflected.

Oh come on said Jackson!

Jackson turned around the motorcycle and pointed it at the rhino Jackson jumped off and grabbed the Rhino around its neck and forced it into a stop placing it into an unconscious choke hold.

That takes care of him, now lets take care of you said Jackson staring down the second rhino.

Jackson grabbed two discarded tranquilizer rounds and ran up to the rhino slid underneath it and stabbed them into the Rhino's chest knocking it unconscious after Jackson got out from beneath it.

Ok lets get them back through the portal people yelled Jackson!

No we shouldn't say Susanne rushing up to Jackson!

What, I thought Rhino's were endangered, wouldn't it be better to put their gene pool back into the rest earlier said Jackson.

Except that this isn't a modern rhino, the still very much alive White Rhinoceros has a square lip the Black Rhinoceros has triangular lip like these four said Susanne.

Black Rhinos they don't look black said Jackson?

The only difference between a Black and White rhino is the lips said Susanne.

Oh big difference, I'll have Bob put them into with Hairy said Jackson.

Hairy said Susanne?

The Wooly Rhino said Jackson!

Oh, well that's a bad Ideal male Rhino's have incredible territorial aggression and the mother has even more aggression when they have young to look after said Susanne.

Great even more angry animals said Jackson.

Jackson's Radio began ringing.

Hello said Jackson into a radio.

Hey Jack five guys came through the portal 4 minuets ago said a man on the other end of the Radio.

Our guys said Jackson.

Didn't recognize them, didn't have any of the Quagga with them said the man on the other end.

Black or White asked Jackson?

White said the man on the other end.

Send security detail to search the park if they find them feed them to Terrance said Jackson.

A little extreme don't you think so sir said the man on the other end.

They're over a century away from their own time they have no ideal what's going on and more to the point we have to kill them anyway, furthermore they're slave traders no one is going to shed a tear for them said Jackson.

Sir we have a situation in the aviary said a worker over the radio.

We're not moving the sea snake deal with it said Jackson!

It's not that the Hynerpeton Eggs have hatched and they've matured at an accelerated rate, sir they're loose in the aviary said a security worker on the other end of the radio.

Send a squad of marines to meet me at the aviary and nobody leaves the park without my express written consent is that clear said Jackson!

Jackson, with his signature golf bag full of all sorts of weapons, met the marines outside the aviary and gave each one of them a tranquilizer gun and a melee weapon of some sort.

Spread out and hunt them down said Jackson.

What nothing for me said Nigel?

Jackson looked over to see Nigel walking up to the assembled group of soldiers; Jackson tossed Nigel an AK-47 and a hockey stick.

We'll deep scan the lake first to catch the runners said Jackson.

I'm sorry I don't believe you're going on this operation; you are restricted to your quarters until I decide what to do with you said Nigel!

First off I don't know what problem you have with me all of sudden but if you what the help of my men you need my trust and respect both of which you shall instantly lose if you try to undermine my authority without good reason said Jackson.

You want good reason, I'm afraid I cannot work with a psychopath, you do know what a psychopath is don't you because you act like it said Nigel.

[Snickering] and to think that I was going to send you a get well card said Jackson.

What are you talking about said Nigel?

You did after all walk through a disease riddled village completely unprotected said Jackson.

Having suddenly got what Jackson was telling him Nigel climbed aboard the ship and welcomed Jackson aboard as if he were an old friend; Jackson began using a search light to keep an eye out for any Hynerpetons while also observing Jim foolishly stick his head over the ledge of the ship.

I wouldn't stick your head out there like that said Jackson.

Why not said Jim?

Suddenly a baby Hynerpeton leaped out of the water and attempted to chomp Jim's head, only to be timely saved by Jackson firing a tranquilizer harpoon into the Hynerpeton and dragged onto the ship.

Anymore questions said Jackson removing the harpoon and tossing the Hynerpeton into storage.

No sir said Jim.

Good Bill deep sonar scans look for human size salamanders, Ben arm the tranquilizers for war, and Jim said Jackson!

Yes sir said Jim giving Jackson a classic Eye-Eye.

A Second Hynerpeton leaped out of the water and attempted to snap down on his stuck out elbow only to be harpooned again by Jackson.

Don't make me drag your slimy carcass out of the water said Jackson removing the harpoon and again expertly tossing the second Hynerpeton into storage.

From a distance five men in 19th century clothing observed Jackson and the crew as they tranquilized a small amount of the otherwise massive amount of the carnivorous amphibians: Jackson correctly guessing that they were being watched looked over to the five men.

All military units to the aviary the travelers have been spotted said Jackson.

Jackson was just about to put his radio back into his pocket when security called.

What is it Mac said Jackson.

Facial recognition just came back on the tape all five men were enforcers for a major human trafficking operation operating in the 19th century; each with skill equal to you said Mac.

Jackson dropped the radio and grabbed a chain and throughout the hooked end into the middle of the lake: the chain was caught by the Mosasaur who dragged Jackson out onto the lake and sent him flying to the shore where grabbed a rock to anchor himself and bounced off it landing perfectly on the ground.

JACKSON WHERE ARE YOU GOING yelled Nigel across the lake!

The Mosasaur came back and attempted to chomp down on the boat: Ben fired a tranquilizer harpoon into the head of the Mosasaur causing him to veer and avoid the boat and head directly for shore.

DIRECT HIT yelled Ben!

Ben only just now realized that the harpoon was attached to a chain which was also attached to the deck of the boat.

Oh how I despise this job said Ben.

The Mosasaur crashed into the shore head first and after a moment the dragged boat was beached with him; Nigel crawled out of the wrecked ship and observed that the Mosasaur was still breathing.

Well we better get him back into the water said Bill.

Not so fast I have an ideal now that the Mosasaur is out of the water said Nigel.

While Nigel implemented his plan Jackson had started a fight with his five 19th century counterparts who had stole 21st century technology from several soldiers they had managed to kill.

Well numbers isn't much of a problem for them; they have our technology, so that just leaves one advantage left said Jackson.

Jackson toke out his spare radio and contacted the control station for the park.

Hi I need cage 7 to be opened ASAP said Jackson.

Ah but sir said the operator!

That was an order you schmuck said Jackson!

Suddenly a cage opened behind the men they looked around to see the two adult Saber Tooth Cats, suddenly the female leaped at one of the men while the male pounced and killed another, the others tried to shoot the male but Jackson shot a bullet through one of their wrists and through a knife through another's hand disarming them in more ways then one.

Easy there boys those are my cats said Jackson.

The four remaining men jumped the fence in the saber tooth cage and narrowly avoided a second attack from the female saber tooth, then Jackson goaded the male into leaping at him, jumped out of the way, the saber tooth landed in its cage and Jackson manually closed the cage.

One down said Jackson.

Jackson observed the men taking a break in the Titanosaurous enclosure to tend to their wounds.

Well this is an accident waiting to happen; I think I'll kick it in the pants said Jackson.

Jackson toke a garbage can lid and duck taped a block of C4 with a detonator to its lid and tossed it Frisbee styled to the opposing side, of the enforcers, of the clearing where the Titanosaurs were grazing; Jackson toke out a detonator and armed the explosive.

I almost petty them said Jackson.

Jackson detonated the C4 and triggered a Titanosaurous stampede the men attempted to flee the area but one tripped and looked up just in time to be stomped flat.

Two down three to go said Jackson observing the unfortunate fate of the flattened enforcer with his binoculars!

The aviary

Meanwhile, while Jackson was dealing with the enforcers Nigel was putting his plan to capture the escaped Hynerpetons into action, with a single command from Nigel, Bob and Bill with a net attached to the bottom of their boats and skimmed the lake in the process catching the hundreds of Hynerpetons that had escaped into the lake in the net.

Run a few more scans of the lake just to make sure we got them all said Nigel.

No problem boss said Jim.

And where on earth did Jackson go said Nigel!

He went after the time travelers said Bob.

And he left us with a giant carnivorous sea snake and an army of human sized salamanders said Nigel.

Sadly Jackson is the only one capable of standing a chance in a fair fight against those guys said Bob!

With all do respect Bob; Jackson doesn't fight fair said Nigel!

Bug House

In the Bug House the three men were attempting to hide from Jackson, unaware that Jackson was watching them and preparing to strike, without warning Jackson grabbed the scorpion and threw it at the three men creating enough chaos to violently stab to death one of the men the others quickly ran out of the Bug House in a panic.

Three down said Jackson.

Jackson chased the remaining three terrified enforcers out of the Bug House and to mammoth mount where Jackson Made full use of Martha to chase the three enforcers to T-Rex Hill where they attempted to hop the fence however upon reaching the top Matilda bit down and swallowed the lead man, the other two having been lower on the fence instead wisely chose to run the other way, unwisely directly towards a nearby lake.

You fools are lizard food said Jackson.

The Two men jumped the fence and ran across a wooden walk way, suddenly the Deinosuchus leaped out of the water and bit down on one of the enforcers while the other one managed to get away.

Damn said Jackson.

Jackson too hopped the fence this time in order to get to the workers walk way Jackson saw the final enforcer heading to the time portal site.

He'll be boxed in there I can head him off said Jackson.

Meanwhile the group sent to the past to retrieve the Quagga had just come back through the portal with the last to arrive being Susanne and quickly met up with Nigel.

Its good your back some people came through the portal a few hours ago and Jackson's been tearing the park down looking for them said Nigel.

Our people said Susanne confused?

Slave Traders from the past said Nigel.

Oh dear you have any ideal where they are now said Susanne.

Suddenly as if on cue fire from a hand gun punctured Nigel's arm, looking up Susanne saw the final slave trader leaped down from the wall kicked Nigel aside and grabbed Susanne and pointed the gun at her head.

Send me back where I came from NOW Yelled the final enforcer.

Jackson arrived on scene observing the hostage situation.

Stand down, open the portal back to his time line said Jackson.

The Men did as Jackson ordered them and Nigel Watched in disbelief as Susanne was dragged into the portal with the final enforcer and went over to scold Jackson.


I think that we have a time machine said Jackson.

Early 19th century: Time Portal site

The final enforcer dragged Susanne through the portal; all he heard was a single click before Jackson killed him using a shot gun.

What, who, but you were said Susanne confused?

Time travel can be a pain sometimes, basically 10 minuets after you were dragged through they sent me back 10 minuets before you and him arrived waited here for yah and killed him now you got to go back through that portal and prove that my genius plan will work said Jackson.

Ok, you coming with me said Susanne?

Nope the guys in quantum physics don't think it's wise to have two of me in one place said Jackson.

Still slightly dazed by Jackson's bizarre plan she simply decided to go with it.

Next time of Prehistoric Park

In the season finale of Prehistoric Park Nigel goes back in time to rescue one of the most ferocious creatures of his home land.

A Massive T-Rex like creature Chased after Nigel in a jeep.

And the full military force of Prehistoric Park is unleashed for the first time.

Bob was struggling to fire a Vulcan 70 machine gun.