Filled request from a friend on LJ/dA. I might do another one soon since I feel like I skipped out on the main point of the request which was the Japanese clothing.

Request: Hibari/Ryohei
Perferably in japanese clothing.
Everything else I'll leave to your imagination.

Also the formatting for this is extremely fucked up. :/ It looks better on my LiveJournal.

You're too loud.

The dull yellow sticky note stuck to the communal refrigerator by the grumpy little male that liked his morning tea in peace, taped up almost three years. It was a reminder from Hibari for Ryohei to stay quiet when ever Hibari was in the shared kitchen. Of course it never worked because as soon as the boxer would see the Cloud he would start talking away about everything and nothing at all.

You're extremely quiet.

Stay out of my office.

The paper had seen some better days. There were rips and tears from where Ryohei would tear it down and Hibari would have to fight it out of his hands and tape it back up. In actuality it was the third of it's kind to be taped up onto the door. The first had suffered way too much damage to grace Hibari's office door so he had his second make him a new one. Then another after that.

It's extremely lonely.

Stop coming to my place uninvited.

The sign was printed and laminated on origami paper that Ryohei had gotten Hibari for Christmas and written with the calligraphy brush that he had gotten him for his birthday. It was the only presents that made it past Hibari's doors. All the rest were thrown away and forgotten in the nearest trash can so many had learned to give him things that were disposable. Ryohei was the only one that never learned.

The paper is the ONLY invitation I need.

We're not friends.

The white piece of paper was slipped in the wedding invitation and sent back to the happy couple. The invitation had been sent back and forth five times after that and finally Hana decided to just stop trying. So now it lay on top of Ryohei's desk underneath a small cropped out picture of Hibari dressed in a violet colored kimono and Hibird on his shoulder.

Please come?

I respect you.

The file was turned into Tsuna under the circumstances that Ryohei would never get to see the peer evaluation slip. And when the time came to go over the files during the meeting it had simply turned up missing. Everyone just assumed that it was empty like all the other reports Hibari filled out for the guardians.

You are an extremely cool person!

I love you.

The words were scrawled on a torn up picture of Ryohei and Hana on their wedding day. The bride in her brightly colored kimono was no where to be found, instead it was just Ryohei standing there in his black kimono and hakama pants with his violet obi. The color of the sash was the only thing that Ryohei fought for though nobody but Hana knew.

I loved you to the extreme.

Here Lies The Namimori Warrior

Hibari never wanted a western styled funeral- Ryohei argued to Tsuna until his throat was sore. But it was Vongola tradition that all the guardians were buried in the same place that their leader was to be buried and nothing that anyone said or did would break ten generations of tradition. Tsuna was sure that Hibari would respect even that. So after the vows were said and the praises have been sung the freshly dug grave was left alone with a note placed under a rock on top of the headstone.

I'll always miss you.