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"Sirius Black, you lying bastard, you owe me five galleons!"

"I do not, Wormtail," Sirius laughed, rolling his eyes as he lolled back in his chair tossing James's adopted snitch, the glow of the fire spreading pleasant heat over the area where he and his three closest friends sat. "You're delirious."

"And you owe me five galleons!" squeaked Peter crossly. "I won the bet, Remus told me! I can't believeyou'd do that! I want my five galleons!"

"Ugh, Remus," sighed Sirius, rolling his head around lazily to glare amiably at his friend.

"Actually, Peter, he owes you ten," Remus corrected, not looking up from his book. "The five he took from you, and the five he owes you from the bet."

"Remus!" Sirius yelled, throwing his un-started homework in Remus's direction. Remus caught it before it hit him, scanned it quickly and then looked up at Sirius.

"Are you going to do this anytime soon?"

"Nah," Sirius replied, grinning. He looked at Remus and smiled cheekily. "However..."


"Please?" Sirius changed his expression to one of innocence. "Puh-lease?"


"Uh, you're such a tight arse," grumbled Sirius. "If I don't get this in, then I'll fail the bloody subject."

"Then do it then," shrugged Remus.

"I can't!" Sirius groaned. "It's too school-ish!"

"That's why you can't do your work?" Remus snorted. "It's 'too school-ish'?"

"Look. You've done all my other essays, Remus. Professor Crane will realise that it's a different style, and quite frankly, a load of shit. I have no idea what I'm writing. Do you want me to fail?"

"Alright," sighed Remus, as Sirius beamed at him. "What's it on?"

"It's your forte, Moony," Sirius said with a sly smile.

"Oh?" Remus asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Progress of the moon on its twenty eight day cycle."

"That, my friend, is taking the piss," James said, speaking for the first time that evening.

"Oh, did someone say something?" Sirius teased, pretending to look around. James clouted him playfully, before catching sight of the golden ball hovering above Sirius's hand.

"I want my ten galleons!" Peter interrupted.

"Sirius Black, what is this crap you've taken down for notes?" Remus sighed.

"Is that my snitch you're playing with?" James accused, looking up at Sirius.

"Shut up!" Sirius yelled, laughing over the top of them. "I can't hear myself think!"

"You're not the one doing the thinking," muttered Remus as his hand ran over the parchment, drawing large flourishes and loops in his elaborate writing.

"That should come naturally to you," Sirius shot back. He turned to Peter. "Okay, I do owe you ten galleons, but I was going to deduct that from the money that you owe me, Wormtail."

"What money?" spluttered Peter, turning pink in the face from anger and starting to resemble an adorable red-cheeked munchkin. "I don't owe you any bloody money, Sirius!"

"Yes, you do," smiled Sirius slyly. "My services aren't free, y'know. James and I require a payment of five galleons per annum. As this is our fifth year, I do believe that you owe us twenty-five galleons each."

"Ludicrous," sighed Remus. Sirius shot a glare in his direction.

"Why?" Peter asked, growing steadily more lilac colour. "What've you ever done for me, Padfoot?"

"Who lied for you when McGonagall poked her nose in asking who set fire to the dormitories? Who took the cover for the exploding pumpkins? Who helped you turn into an animagus?"

"That's... That's... I HATE YOU SOMETIMES!"

"Glad," Sirius dismissed, before turning to his other friends. "Yes, James, this is a snitch I'm playing with, but I don't believe it's yours. Madam Hooch doesn't agree with that statement, you know there's a reward of twelve galleons for whoever turns it in? And Remus, I don't get the sodding essay. It's your specialist subject, not mine. Honestly."

"Sirius Black, you arrogant twat," a voice from behind him sounded. He looked up to see Lily Evans standing over him, her hands on her hips, red hair twisted into two long waist-length plaits. "I heard what you said to Severus today."

"Oh, did you?" Sirius replied in mock surprise as James straightened so suddenly he almost fell from his seat. Lily simply scowled harder at the boy draped across the armchair.

"Look," sighed Sirius, rolling his eyes before looking back at Lily, "he was asking for it. You can't just hex someone and then expect nothing in return!"

"You didn't have to say that to him though, did you?" Lily shot angrily. "That really hurt his feelings!"

"Has he been snivelling to you?" Sirius asked, mock concern lacing his voice. "I suppose he's been crying into your shoulder about Big Bad Black?"

"No," Lily replied crossly.

"Then get off my case," Sirius said, flicking his gaze back to the fire.

"Is that it?" Lily demanded.

"What more do you want?"

"An apology!"

"I haven't done anything to you."

"Not for me, for Sev!" Lily cried. "Tomorrow, outside potions, you can make an apology to him!"

"Yeah," Sirius said blandly. "Like that's going to happen."

"Oh, it will happen, Black," Lily said dangerously, and for the first time, Sirius felt a flicker of fear. "It will happen, outside potions tomorrow."

"What if I'm not there?" Sirius argued, trying to cover his uncertainty at arguing with Lily. "Y'know, I could catch a deadly disease or something. It could be contagious, and everyone could... die..." He faltered slightly at the look on Lily's face.

"You will be there," she told him, "or you'll be wishing you had caught a deadly disease."

She span around on her heel, her red plaits whipping Sirius's face, before turning back.

"And Potter," she said, with a disgusted look at James, "stop drooling over me. You are so not my type." She gave him a look that suggested he had just dribbled on her top and left, this time for good.

After she was well out of earshot, Sirius gave a false chuckle.

"And I suppose you weren't scared at all of her?" Remus said, unphased.

"As if," Sirius snorted. "She's about as scary as my Mum."

"Your Mum is scary," Peter commented.

"That sort of defeats the object, doesn't it, Pete?" Sirius responded with a sigh.

"What he's trying to say is that he is terrified of Lily Evans," Remus said, lazily flicking his wand to stoke the fire, "and is using his mother as a comparison to his fear."

"I'm not afraid of my mum!" protested Sirius, jumping from his chair.

"Of course you aren't," Remus replied in a bored drawl. He frowned slightly. "Sirius Black, what is that?"

"What's what?" Sirius snapped, looking over at his notes.

"The question 'what compound is the moon made of'," Remus supplied, scanning the parchment with a disapproving look, "has been answered with 'edam'."

"What's the real answer?" Sirius shot. "Ha! You can't answer that, can you?"

"I already have, Sirius," corrected Remus.

"I'm not drooling over her," James spluttered, recovering from his gormless expression and frowning.

"Oh, you are alive then," Sirius muttered, sitting back down in his armchair after throwing a hard glare at Remus.

"I'm so not drooling over her!" James repeated crossly, scrambling to his feet. "She's a cow! She can't accuse me of drooling over her when she hangs around with that... greaseball, Severus Snape! If anyone's drooling over her, it's him!"

"How outrageous," sighed Sirius sarcastically.

"Anyway, as if I cared about her," James spluttered, "I can't think of anyone I care less about, other than Snivellus. And even then, I care more about him than her. What is there in her worth to care about?" He looked around defiantly at his friends before blushing. "Oh God. I'm in love with her, aren't I?"

Remus stopped what he was doing, Peter stopped cussing and Sirius slipped the snitch into his pocket as the three gave him sympathetic smiles.

"I'm in love with her," he groaned again, putting his head in his hands. "Oh, God. I'm in love with Lily Evans."

Sirius smacked a gawping fourth year as James banged his head against A Standard Book of Spells: Grade Five.

"There's nothing to see," he snapped at the boy. "Stop gawking and go play with your own year." He turned back to his friend as the lad scurried away to the dormitories. "It's not that bad, James. I mean, she's not snogging Snivellus yet."

"You're so comforting," said Remus snidely, frowning admonishingly at Sirius.

"I'd have been comforted if I were him," muttered Sirius in reply, turning to pull the snitch from his pocket again and toss it in the palm of his hand.

She stroked her hair from her face and tucked it behind one pale ear, the lobe of which glittered with a jade earring. She twisted her arms up behind her in a yawn and threw her head back so that her long locks brushed the granite floor.

"James. You're doing it again."

James shook his head and blinked hard to get out of his stupor. He turned to look at Remus. "Doing what?" he asked innocently.

"Eye-boggling Lily Evans," replied Remus cynically. "It's really quite nauseating, if I'm honest."

"Your face is nauseating," retorted James for no particular reason. Remus raised his eyebrows.

"James, I'm not impressed. This girl's not good for you. Your insults are deteriorating."

"Look, shut up about Lily, and I won't tell Sirius about your crush on McGonagall."

"I do not fancy McGonagall!" hissed Remus, causing a couple of people on nearby desks to snigger. He flushed. "Idiot."

"You deserved it," James shrugged, smirking as he turned to face the front. "Pay attention to transfiguration now, Remus. We don't want to miss a thing Minnie does, do we?"

Remus smacked James with his textbook with a satisfactory CRACK as it collided with his arm, attracting the attention of his classmates and teacher.

"Potter, Lupin," McGonagall snapped, "what in the name of Merlin is going on?"

"James is an asshole," Remus said, shocking the class. Remus Lupin speak out of turn? Shock horror!

"Oh really?" McGonagall questioned, raising one thin arched eyebrow. "Perhaps you'd like to express your opinion on Potter tonight in your detention. If you two are quite finished, I'd like to return to my lesson."

She returned to the front, heeled boots clacking against the granite, the sound reverberating throughout the room.

"You did that intentionally," James tormented, nudging Remus. "To get her alone in her room. It's shocking. She's like, fifty."

"I do not fancy McGonagall!" hollered Remus. Just a little too loud.