She stepped into Degrassi, in her usual junkie outfit. Acid washed jeans, a deep yellow v-neck, a red hoodie and high top boots. She walked with all the confidence in the world, with her chin raised high. She strutted to her locker, number 1564, first floor, only a few steps from the boiler room. She opened it, and in it hung a picture of her, a water bottle, a few pills that would be sold and her bag. She was deciding whether or not to skip first period or go. She decided to go, but first she got her cell phone out and texted Fitz.

"Hey Fitz, meet me outside the school at lunch, I need a smoke," she quickly typed. She didn't exactly like smoking, but she was hooked, she wanted it all the time, 24/7.

She slowly walked to class, to find that she was ten minutes late, as usual. She walked in with a classroom filled with people watching her intently. She had noticed that her seat was occupied by someone with a beanie on. She walked over with an angry face,

"Uh, you're in my seat," I said aggressively. The boy looked up at me; I hadn't seen him around before. Ugh, new kid, he better not screw around with me, I thought.

"The teacher assigned me to sit here," he said. I looked at him with a powerful, hateful look. "Get up," He just stared at me, "NOW," I shouted.

The boy didn't budge. Who the hell did he think he was? I bent down to the desks level, and looked him in the eye. "Get the hell up and move," The boy finally got up and moved his stuff to the desk next to me. I sighed and rolled my eyes, and sat down.

The teacher walked in and dropped his stuff onto his desk. "Hello, class. We have a new student, his name is K.C Guthrie, K.C, please stand up," he said. K.C got up and looked around. I stared at him and laughed. He looked at me with the most abrupt face, and sat back down. I let my eyes look up and down at him, he wasn't too shabby looking, and he actually looked a bit decent. Here's your next catch, Bianca. I smiled to myself and continued to think of a plan to lure him in.