Living with a broken heart

Chapter 1

It's been five years since I've seen him. Five years that I've been living with a broken heart. It was my week off from guarding Lissa and it couldn't have come at a better time. Abe is in the hospital. We were joking around in the kitchen when I got the call.

"Hello? May I speak to Rosemarie Hathaway?" Asked a woman on the phone.

"Yes this is she... What is this concerning?" I replied.

"I'm a nurse and I was hired to take care of your father—"

I cut her off. "What's wrong is he okay?" I could hear Lissa through the bond asking what's going on.

"That's why I'm calling..." I pinched the bridge of my nose. "He asked me not to call you but he's has cancer, and he's dying."

"Dying?" despite my best efforts my voice cracked, I realized then that I was still in Lissa's kitchen with four faces looking at me. Lissa, Christen, Eddie and Mike. Mike is in love with me he thinks I don't know it but he's not that good at keeping the guarding mask up. "I'll be there soon."

"Rose... I can heal him." Lissa said.

"No, Liss that's not a good idea." I don't want her to build up the darkness anymore than she has too. Then quickly ran up stairs packed my bags and called the replacement guardian to work with Mike.

I replayed that phone call over and over in my mind while I was on the plane. I was going back to Siberia, Russia. That's were Abe collapsed unfortunately. I haven't been back there since I was staying with Dimitri's family. I hope I don't run into any of them while in here. Especially Dimitri. I haven't heard from him since his love has fade.

I got off the plane and I have six miss calls one from Lissa and the others from Mike. Mike is also Lissa's guardian he's really cute with his green eyes and short brown hair. He killed five strigoi but has nothing on me. I killed ten (not counting all the ones I killed getting over Dimitri.) and have two battle scars. We hooked up for a while but I felt bad about leading him on when I can't return his feelings.

We were sparing in the gym and for once I let him pin me. He was looking down at me there was something in his eyes. Maybe desire? I'm not sure but then he kissed me. It was so sweat, and soft like he wasn't sure how to proceed. He pulled away from me and then I flipped him over and attacked him with my lips. At first he was surprised but then he just got more aggressive, until he pulled away.

"Rose, I've got to tell you something." He pushed me off him gently and moved to be eye level with me. "I'm in love with you."

I was so caught off guard that I just froze. Even though this was a completely different situation the words "Love fade's; Mine has" passed through my mind.

"You can't love me. I'm not good for you." I said and got up. I looked in the mirror and I could see the evidence in my hair of our steamy make-out session.

"Look I talked to Lissa." I spun around to face him. He continued. "I know your hurt but just let me try."

"Don't you dare talk to her about me again." I was pissed. "You had no right to do that." I said and walked out of the gym with him staring after me.

That was the last time I let him touch me. That didn't cause any pain. I closed my phone and caught a cab to where Abe had a house here.

When we got to his lavish mansion I was greeted by the maid. Maid? Really dad? She took me to his room and I pushed open his door.