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This isn't a request. It was supposed to be in the trilogy but I couldn't fit it in. In all essence it's a deleted scene. It's a continuation of the scene that shows a four year old Harry meeting Voldemort for what he thinks is the first time. Hope you like it!

That First Day

"W-what, what did you do?" Harry asked as he pulled his fingers away from the wound and saw the blood staining his fingertips.

"I did what I had to, to make you stronger. I have marked you as the last descendant of Salazar Slytherin, making you my heir. You are now my son." said Voldemort with a twisted smile.

Harry stared up at the wizard, his fingers still pressed against his bleeding forehead. He didn't understand, that much was clear by his confused expression. He squeezed his eyes shut, clearly in pain, but he stifled the noise of discomfort.

Voldemort took a step closer and reached out, guiding the small hand away. He took in the sight of the fresh scar, marring the child's forehead, the scar in the shape of a lightening bolt. He smiled to himself.

A light touch and a whispered incantation had the wound close up instantly, leaving behind a pinkish scar. Voldemort stepped back, observing the child as he reached over to touch at his forehead and pull back his hand to see no more blood. Green eyes stared up at him with wonder.

"Thank you, sir." Harry whispered.

Voldemort didn't say anything and for a moment just stared at the boy. Abruptly he walked past him, heading to the door. Startled and a little panicked, Harry stared after him, too afraid to run behind him but clearly terrified being left alone in a strange place. Voldemort pulled open the door before he glanced behind him.

"Come along." he ordered, stepping outside.

Harry raced across the chamber, catching up with the red eyed wizard.


Voldemort led Harry through Riddle Manor, past countless doors and down long winding corridors. Harry struggled to keep up with Voldemort's long strides. He had his injured hand clutched closely to his chest, protecting it from banging into anything. He took in what he could of his surroundings but it was much too dark for him to see properly.

Harry followed behind the tall wizard, climbing awkwardly through a portrait hole into a small, narrow corridor. He shivered as the unexpected cold air washed over him. Harry stared all around him, taking in the sight of small cubicles lined along one side. They had metal bars for doors and were extremely dirty. Struggling against the poor light, Harry scrunched up his eyes, trying to see what was inside these small rooms. He saw long chains hanging from stone walls. He suddenly grew fearful, wondering with terror if this was where he was going to be put. All the cells were empty, for now.

He slowed down, waiting to see if the wizard would stop before any of the prison cells. But Voldemort walked past them and headed to the end of the corridor.

With a sigh of relief, Harry raced up behind him, careful not to make much noise. Voldemort continued up the corridor, not speaking a word. Harry followed behind him until they arrived at a small door. Harry glanced curiously at the door knob, shaped as a funny looking creature with big eyes, a long nose and strange pointy ears.

Voldemort opened the door and walked inside, coming to rest finally. Harry walked past the threshold, looking around the small, bare looking room. Voldemort walked over to the a door on the other end of the room, past a small fireplace and a wooden table with several chairs. He beckoned Harry to follow him. The four year old walked over to him.

"I want you to take a good, long bath." Voldemort instructed. "You're filthy. After today, I am never to see you in such a poor state again, is that understood?"

Harry cowered, his eyes darting to the man's hand, expecting it to raise and fall on him, to accompany the command. To his relief, nothing happened. Harry quickly nodded and then hastily added a small, "yes sir" as well.

Voldemort nodded at him, gesturing for him to get inside. Harry walked into a small bathroom, his eyes finding the tub quickly. Voldemort snapped a finger, making Harry jump. He turned around quickly, thinking the gesture was for him but was surprised when two small, pointy eared, big eyed, creatures appeared out of thin air. The house elves bowed low, their heads touching the floor at Voldemort's feet.

"Yes, my Lord?" they spoke in quiet voices, still bowing.

"Bathe this child and have him dress in the robes I leave outside." Voldemort ordered. "Be gentle with him, he is injured." he nodded at Harry's hand.

Harry watched with amazement as the two house elves babbled their thanks to the wizard. Voldemort was ignoring them. He met Harry's eyes once more before leaving, closing the door abruptly.

A sudden panic swept through Harry. He almost dashed for the door, wanting to run after the man, the wizard who had used magic and helped him, healed him. But he had been told to have a bath and he didn't want to make the man angry by disobeying him. He didn't want to be naughty. Then he would have to be punished, just like his dad punished him. Harry shuddered, the memory of his dad's beatings made his stomach clench painfully. Harry shook his head. He was going to be good and do as he was told. No matter how afraid he was.

He turned around slowly to see the two house elves filling up the tub with hot water, pouring in something from a small bottle. A thick frothy bubbly layer was forming in the tub. Soon the bathroom filled with the smell of coconuts and chocolate. The two creatures, the same height as Harry himself called him over.

"Young Master, sir!" they addressed in squeaky voices. "Your bath is ready, sir!"

Harry walked over hesitantly, silently wondering what these creatures were and why they were so funny looking. He did as he was told and quickly discarded his filthy clothes and shoes, stepping into the bubble filled water.

Harry had never had someone else bathe him. As far as he could remember, he had never had a bath with hot water. His mum used to fill a bucket of cold water and tell him to stand in the bathtub. She would dump the cold bucket of water over his head and that was it. No soap, no shampoo, no frothy bubbles that floated over the surface of the water, making Harry reach out and try to grab them. Harry let the elves bathe him, rubbing soft sponges against his skin. It tickled him and no matter how hard he was trying to be quiet, a few soft giggles escaped him.

Soon the bath was over and Harry was gently led out of the tub and enveloped in a soft, fluffy towel that was wonderfully warm. Harry followed behind the two house elves, cradling the towel against himself. The house elves led Harry out of the bathroom and into the main room. Resting on top of the wooden table were clothes and a pair of shoes, meant for Harry.

The four year old stared in wonder at the new clothes. The elves dressed him in the bottle green robes, which were transfigured from Voldemort's own robes, they told Harry with excitement.

"Master has never allowed anyone to touch his clothes." they told Harry. "Sir is blessed to have such an honour!"

Harry felt a strange burst of happiness in the pit of his stomach. The warmth spread from his stomach all through his body. They said he was blessed. That had to be a good thing.

After he was dressed and his wet locks were forced into a somewhat presentable fashion, Harry was led through the corridor and back up to Voldemort's chamber. The house elves left him at the door, hurrying away.

Harry knocked on the door with a small fist, fidgeting nervously where he stood. The doors opened of their own accord and hesitantly, Harry stepped inside.


Lord Voldemort was standing next to the large arch window, staring out at the night sky, when he heard the faint knock at the door. He wandlessly opened the doors but it was a minute or two before the child made his way inside meekly. He turned to face the boy and nodded at him, gesturing for him to come closer.

Harry walked over to him, standing as close as he dared. Voldemort's red eyes looked him all over.

"Better," he said. "You have a lot to learn." he remarked. "You're wearing the clothes of a master, you have to hold yourself such."

Harry looked up at him but didn't change anything about his stance. He stayed as he was, hunched shoulders, head ducked and hands nervously fidgeting with his robes at each side. Voldemort smirked but didn't say anything. He turned to look back out the window.

"Do you know who I am, Harry?" he asked quietly.

"No sir." Harry replied.

"They call me Lord Voldemort, those who dare to speak my name that is." he smirked. "Most are too fearful of me to speak my name." he turned to look at Harry, catching the look of confusion on his face. "Do you know why they fear me?"

Again Harry answered.

"No sir."

"They fear me, because they do not understand why it is I do the things I do." he explained. "But I'm only doing what my ancestors did before me. I carry on the noble intentions of my greatest ancestor, Salazar Slytherin. He believed the world should be a certain way. I believe the same." he turned to look at Harry, "and when you grow up, Harry, you will believe the same. Now that you are the last descendant of Slytherin."

Harry didn't look like was understanding much of anything. His small face had an expression of confusion.

"I have used magic to link us together, to form a bond of blood between you and me." Voldemort explained. "You are now in every sense of the word, my son and the last descendant of the Slytherin bloodline." Voldemort tilted Harry's face up, brushing back the boy's bangs. "This scar on your forehead is the mark to your Slytherin heritage."

The four year old clearly had no idea who or what Slytherin was but he nodded anyway.

"Okay." he muttered innocently.

"Don't worry, Harry. You'll learn all about Slytherin soon enough." Voldemort stood tall before the boy. "I will teach you all there is to magic." he said. "Under my care, you will grow to be a powerful and skilled wizard." he looked intently at Harry. "Would you like that?"

Harry nodded.

"Yes sir." he answered quietly. "But, my dad, he said I can't do magic. He said I was a...a squib."

"Your dad is an idiot." Voldemort remarked, "he doesn't understand what power is. I felt your magic, Harry, even before you walked into my chamber. You were still in my hallway with Nagini when I felt your magic, it's that strong. You have the potential, you just have to learn to use it."

Harry dropped his gaze to the floor, not wanting to contradict the man, but he knew he didn't have enough magic, his dad always told him so.

Voldemort slipped a finger under the child's chin and tilted his face up, so he could see his face.

"You have a different type of magic, Harry. It's what some call dark magic. That is why your parents disliked you. They hurt you because they can't understand the raw magical ability you possess." Voldemort shook his head. "Such fools, they don't understand that there is no such thing as dark magic. What you have is a darkness, a darkness inside of you that can lead you to greatness."

Harry stared in awe at the man.

"How...how can you tell, sir?" he asked.

Voldemort smiled at him.

"Because, Harry. I have the very same darkness inside of me. I have the same raw magical ability and it is because of this, that people dislike me too."

Harry was surprised. He tilted his head to the side, a frown on his face.

"People don't like you?" he asked in his childish innocence.

Voldemort shook his head, looking out of the window again.

"No Harry, they don't like me." he said, "When I was a boy, the same age as you, I was with people who didn't understand magic. They didn't know what it was about me but they knew I was different and they hated me for it." Ruby red eyes scanned the starless sky with intensity. "I grew up, knowing that I was different, that I didn't fit in with the rest. But I didn't give up. I let my darkness, my inner magic guide me and I set out on my own path. I fell more times than I stayed standing, but I didn't give up. I had people step in my way, try to stop me, but I pushed past them. Today, I stand as Lord Voldemort, the greatest wizard this world will ever know." he turned to look at Harry. "You remind me of myself." he told him. "You were unfortunate like me to grow up among people that don't understand you, that hate you for what you are. But unlike me, you will have someone there, guiding you to greatness. I will be with you every step of the way, until you are able to stand by yourself. Then the world will bow before me and my son."

Harry could do nothing but stare at the man in surprised confusion.

Voldemort turned away from the window, moving towards his high backed chair again. Harry walked behind him, wanting to stay close. He felt comforted being close to the man that had healed him and helped him.

"I will train you, teach you how to do magic and if you work hard and do as I say, you will become powerful enough to do almost anything."

Harry nodded, eyes wide with admiration.

"I'll do what you say, sir, promise."

Voldemort stopped and turned to look at him.

"When we are training or during lessons, you will address me as 'sir'." Voldemort said. "But otherwise you are to address me as 'father', understand?"

Harry nodded again.

"Yes...f-father." he tried, the word rolling off his tongue with difficulty.

"It will seem strange at first." Voldemort said, "but with time, it will become natural."

Voldemort pulled out his wand and pointed it at the door. A hiss of a spell and a bright light left his wand. It flew to the door and disappeared through it. Harry was watching with awe, he had never seen his mum or dad do magic like that.

Not even a moment later, a knock sounded on the door. Harry jumped with fright at the loud sound. As quick as he could he hurried to Voldemort, almost hiding behind him. Voldemort watched with amusement as the child hid behind his robes, little hands holding onto his dark robes. He looked away lazily, waving a hand towards the doors and they opened, permitting entry.

Harry peeked from behind Voldemort's robes, watching as two people, a man and a women, entered the chamber and hurried towards them. Both fell to their knees bowing deeply, just like those two creatures that had bathed him, had fallen to the ground at his feet.

"My Lord." both the man and women murmured.

Harry looked at the man, he had long blond hair and a pale pointed face. The women was different. She had black hair, like his own, but it wasn't messy. It was pretty, falling past her shoulders.

"Rise." Voldemort spoke in a cold voice and both man and women stood up. Their eyes darted to the small boy half hidden behind robes, in curiosity but they didn't dare question anything. Voldemort looked down at Harry before meeting their gaze. "This is Harry, my son."

Surprise flitted over both faces and they looked back over at the child. Suddenly both fell to their knees again, head bowed before Harry.

Harry in response shied away, hiding behind Voldemort completely.

"Rise," Voldemort commanded again. "Have a room prepared for him. Make sure it is appropriate for my heir."

Bella and Lucius both bowed their heads.

"Yes master." they both replied in unison.

They left quickly, Bella turning back to look at Harry once more. When the door closed, Harry timidly moved from behind Voldemort.

"It won't take long for a room to be prepared." Voldemort said. "Are you hungry?" he asked.

Harry shook his head, the reaction more instinctual than anything else. He would be punished severely at home if he complained that he was hungry.

"I'm not accustomed to repeating myself." Voldemort warned, his voice suddenly dangerous. Harry was quick to take a step back in fright. "so I won't ask you again. I suggest you tell the truth."

"I...I'm a little...hungry, sir." Harry admitted with difficulty.

Looking pleased with that answer, Voldemort snapped his fingers. Another house elf appeared, again bowing deeply before them.

"A simple meal and a glass of warm milk." Voldemort instructed. He gestured and the house elf quickly hurried away. "Come on." Voldemort beckoned to Harry and led him out of the chamber again.


Harry was led to another room, this one had a table stretched across the length of it, at least one hundred high backed chairs lined along the mahogany table. Harry saw a plate with a sandwich and a silver goblet sitting next to it on top of the table. Voldemort led Harry to the nearest chair and told him to sit. Harry struggled to get onto the chair, using his one good hand to pull himself onto the chair with difficulty. He managed and settled comfortably. He waited until Voldemort prompted him again.

"Eat your food, Harry."

Timidly, Harry picked up his cheese sandwich and took a tiny bite. Voldemort watched, taking a seat at the head of the table.

"Drink all of your milk." He instructed, nodding at the goblet. "You have a lot of growing to do."

Obediently, Harry picked up the goblet, his burned hand posing a problem for him to grasp the heavy goblet properly. He managed and took a sip, the sweetened warm milk was like nothing he had ever tasted. Harry took another sip, then another until the goblet was drained.

Voldemort watched in silence. Once Harry finished his food and drink, Voldemort extended a hand towards him. Harry was confused momentarily, before realising he wanted to see his hand. Gingerly, Harry showed him his burned hand. From the folds of his robes, Voldemort pulled out a jar filled with a yellow cream. Harry sat as still as he could as Voldemort took out some of the cream and applied it to his injured hand. It stung and Harry had to bite back his cries as Voldemort's application of the salve was harsh and painful. Finally the man pulled away, wiping his own fingers clean with a handkerchief.

"It will heal by tomorrow morning." he told Harry.

Harry nodded, tears leaked from the corners of his eyes but he brushed them away with the back of his good hand.

"Are you in pain?" Voldemort asked.

"No, sir." Harry replied.

"What did I tell you to call me!" Voldemort suddenly snapped.

Harry jumped and looked up at him in fright.

"F-father, I'm sorry, father." Harry replied.

Voldemort nodded tightly at him.

"I do not repeat myself." he warned, "But I've had to tell you this twice now. Remember what I tell you and act on my instructions, understand?"

Harry nodded again.

"Yes, f-father." he stuttered.

Voldemort sat back and for the next moment or two just watched the boy as he sat, trying his best not to fidget.

A knock brought both man and boy's attention to the door. Bella bowed deep.

"My Lord, the room is ready."

Voldemort nodded and dismissed her with a flick of his fingers. Again, Bella stood up and gave Harry a curious look before disappearing from view.

"Come on." Voldemort instructed and Harry hurried from the seat, not wanting to anger the man again.


Again Harry was taken through Riddle Manor, the corridors and hallways draped in darkness. Harry stayed close at Voldemort's heel, not wanting to get lost in this maze like place. Finally, after what seemed like forever to four year old Harry, they stopped next to a set of heavy looking mahogany doors. Voldemort pushed the doors open and led Harry inside.

Harry stopped just past the threshold, rooted to the spot in sheer shock. He stared at the chamber, the biggest room he had ever seen, his eyes wide and darting from one thing to another. He saw the bed, far too big for him to sleep in, an eight door wardrobe was lined against one wall, an expensive looking wooden desk and chair was in one corner and an impressive book shelf stood towering in the other. Harry walked a further step inside, looking around the room, noting the roaring fireplace that had filled even a room this size with comfortable warmth. An open door across from him showed a bathroom, white marble covered every inch of it. He turned back to look at Voldemort who was watching him.

Voldemort glanced around the room, his red eyes taking in details.

"I will get some books for you," he nodded at the empty bookcase. "Of course, first I will have to teach you how to read." he mused to himself. He turned to look at Harry. "You have a lot to learn." he told him simply. "But as for today, you need to rest." he led Harry to the bed, big enough for four adults to sleep comfortably in. He sat Harry down on the bed, taking a seat himself.

"Now, you promised to do as I say," Voldemort reminded him. Harry nodded, his bright green eyes fixed on Voldemort. "This is very important, Harry. I told you that people don't like me, they want to hurt me just like your parents were hurting you, because they don't understand us, what we really are and what we can do." Harry nodded again. "Because of that, you are going to have to make sure no one sees you here, living with me." Harry looked confused, he tilted his head to the side, a questioning look on his face. "I have a lot of followers, people that work for me." Voldemort explained. "But these people won't keep you a secret, even if I tell them to. They might tell others and if the world finds out you're here, so will your parents."

As soon as he said the words, Harry tensed, fear radiating from him. Voldemort watched him carefully.

"Do you want to go back to your mum and dad?"

Harry quickly shook his head.

"Then under no circumstances have you to ever tell anyone who you are. It could lead to you being taken away from me. Even if your parents don't find out, there are people in this world, Harry, that will hurt you solely for the reason that you are my son." Voldemort explained.

Harry nodded his head again.

"I won't tell anyone." he swore.

Voldemort smirked in satisfaction.

"Good," he praised. "You'll do well, Harry, all you have to do is listen to me and always do as I say."

Harry nodded.

"I will, father." he smiled shyly at his own attempt at remembering what title to call him.

"The only ones that know of you are Lucius and Bellatrix, the two people I called to my chambers so they could prepare this room for you." Voldemort reminded Harry. "They are my most trusted of followers. They will help train you. You are allowed to speak to them but no one else." Voldemort instructed. "Stay in this room, it is yours, you can do as you please." Voldemort reached out, brushing back Harry's bangs that had obscured his forehead. He stared at the scar again and smirked.

"Go to sleep now, Harry. I will see you in the morning."

Harry pulled off his shoes, using only one hand. He looked at the bed, afraid to stain the sheets with the yellow cream still heavily coating his hand. He turned questioning eyes to Voldemort.

"It doesn't matter. Your rest is more important than the bedsheets." he told him.

A small hesitant smile came to Harry's face. He slipped under the covers, still in his robes and settled comfortably. He pulled off his glasses and placed them onto the bedside table.

Voldemort looked at the glasses, held together by tape.

"Another weakness of yours that needs to be fixed." he said. "One last night Harry, tomorrow you will have your sight restored so you no longer need glasses."

Harry blinked in surprise at him.

"You can do that?" he asked.

Voldemort smirked as he stood up. He looked at the little boy, who seemed even smaller lying in such an enormous bed.

"You will come to see Harry, there is very little I can't do." he smiled again at the look of awe on the child's face. "Sleep now, I will come to get you in the morning."

He walked to the door, turning to look behind him when he reached the door. He saw the child had his eyes closed, already falling fast asleep.

He smirked to himself. The boy was already following his orders. Smiling with satisfaction, the Dark Lord walked out, closing the door softly behind him, as not to disturb his sleeping son.