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By the way, if you haven't read my story Straw Hat Legacies: The Name's Caout, you will have no idea who two of the characters mentioned in this tale are. Caout and Hazuki are sisters and the daughters of Luffy and Nami. Caout was kidnapped as a baby but the crew got her back eight years later. That's as simple as I can make it. I will be using some of my own characters for other chapters.

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It was definitely the oddest thing Hazuki had ever experienced. Well, scratch that. It was on the top ten for oddest things she had experienced.

And the day had started off so normally too…

It was a nice average day. Nice average sunshine. Nice average clouds. Nice average seas. Yes, everything was proper and nothing was out of the ordinary.

Soon, the Thousand Sunny came to a stop on an island to resupply. With Luffy having gotten his appetite back after the crew found Caout again two months earlier, the Straw Hat Pirates had to deal with the fact that they had to go back to buying tons of food in order to satisfy their captain and his black hole of a stomach.

Hazuki jumped at the opportunity to go exploring in the town. After all, after being told she couldn't go away from the ship for seven years, Hazuki leapt at any chance to explore an island.

"Remember, Haz!" Nami called from the ship as her younger daughter climbed onto the dock, "You stay with your sister at all time, okay?"

"I know!" seven year old Hazuki replied, readjusting her glasses. Her eyesight had gotten blurry a few minutes earlier so she needed to wear them, "Geez, Mama! You are such a worrywart!"

"No worries, Mom!" eight year old Caout called, putting her arm on Hazuki's shoulder, "I'll make sure our little redhead doesn't get herself killed!"

"Haha…" said redhead laughed in monotone, "That's real hilarious, Caout…"

"Haz! You've got to try this!"

Hazuki, who had been sitting on a bench and watching the citizens of the town walking about, turned towards her sister, fixing her glasses at the same time. Caout was running at her at top speed. Hazuki noted that the girl had around two dozen sticks coming out from her mouth. Caout's cheeks looked like those of some squirrel who had shoved nuts into its mouth.

"This is the best takoyaki I have ever tasted!" Caout said in a muffled voice as she handed a stick over to her little sister, "Try one!"

After clarifying that no, Caout hadn't put this particular stick in her mouth, Hazuki bit into one of the steaming octopus balls.

"Wow," Hazuki said as she chewed, "This is pretty good! Pretty hot though…"

"I'M GOING BACK FOR MORE!" Caout yelled excitedly as she ran off.

"Wait, Caout! We have to go back to the ship soon!" Hazuki cried to no avail, "Man…What a troublesome sister…"

"Hey, watch it you twerp!"

Hazuki snapped her head towards this tough voice. She saw a small blonde boy, probably no older than her, with a boy around four or five years older who was giving the smaller one an angry look.

"I-I-I-I'm s-s-s-s-sorry," the blonde boy stuttered, cowering in fear, "I d-d-d-d-didn't mean to b-b-bump into you…"

"Sorry doesn't cut it!" the older boy yelled in reply, "I'm gonna pound you, twerp!"

As the boy raised his fist, the younger kid put his hands over his eyes. But instead of feeling pain, he heard a yell.


The blonde looked and saw that the boy who had been bullying him was jumping around crazily, reaching into his shirt. The older kid finally pulled out a stick of takoyaki.

"Serves you right."

Both boys looked and saw Hazuki looking at them, a satisfied smirk on her face.

Hazuki was surprised by her actions. A few months earlier, she would have never dreamt of sticking a stick of super hot takoyaki down the shirt of a boy who was older and bigger than her. But the events that transpired back on Serafus and Garuka helped to make Hazuki braver. So now she could only smile casually as the older boy marched up to her.

"You little creep!" he yelled as he reached towards her.

Hazuki reacted swiftly. She kicked upwards, aiming at the one spot all men pray will never suffer any injury…

"C'mon!" Hazuki yelled as the boy fell to the ground in pain, grabbing the blonde boy by the wrist, "While he's busy, let's make a break for it!"

The two ran off. Hazuki laughed loudly, hoping that Caout wouldn't worry if she came back and didn't see her at the bench.

She didn't notice that the face of the blonde she was holding onto was turning steadily redder.

"I'm Hazuki! Who are you?"

After Hazuki and the boy had gone far enough, Hazuki thought it was time for a proper introduction.

"I'm Koda…" the boy said in a quiet tone, not looking Hazuki in the eyes.

Hazuki leaned in close to the boy's face, much to his surprise. She scrutinized his face.

"Are you sick?" she asked as she pressed her hand against Koda's forehead, "You're so red…"

Something seemed to snap in Koda. He suddenly grabbed Hazuki's hands in his own and looked at her seriously. It was a funny scene for an outsider. An adorable boy who was looking so seriously at a pretty and taller young girl.

"What's up with-?" Hazuki began to ask, only to be cut off.

"Will you marry me?"

Needless to say, the redhead's jaw dropped at this question. She waited nervously for a few seconds, waiting for Koda to say "Just kidding!" or something like that.

But he just looked at her with that same expression.

"W-w-w-where did that come from?" Hazuki asked, her panic starting to come out.

"You saved me!" Koda answered, still holding the girl's hands, "The only way I can repay you is by marrying you!"


"Don't worry!" Koda said with a grin, "I'll take good care of you! My parents and I live in this big house, so there's plenty of room for you!"

"That's not the problem!" Hazuki screeched, ripping her hands from the boy's grasp, "I'm not marrying you! I don't like boys that way yet!"

"Oh…I see what's wrong…" Koda said, "I didn't do it properly, did I? Wait here and I'll be back soon!"

Hazuki watched in shock as Koda ran off.

Hazuki panted as she collapsed onto a box. A few seconds after Koda had run of, so had she. She had run as much as she could until her legs finally gave out.

"I hope this is far enough," Hazuki muttered, "Geez! I hadn't expected him to propose!"

Hazuki removed her glasses, which had become foggy due to how hot she was. As she wiped them with her shirt, she noticed a colorful mass appear before her. Her sight was too poor for her to figure out what it was. But it smelled amazing.

Hazuki put on her glasses again and saw that it was a bouquet of various flowers. She smiled until she realized who was holding said flowers.

"Koda?" Hazuki said in disbelief as she recognized the blonde's smiling face.

"What about now, Hazuki?" he asked, "Now will you marry me?"

"I said no!" Hazuki said as she got up.

Before Koda could say another word, Hazuki ran off.

"There's no way he followed me here!"

Hazuki took a break outside a shoe repair shop. She looked inside of the shop and saw that a clock on the wall said it was nearly two. The Straw Hats were planning to leave the island at around three.

"I better find Caout and get back to the docks…" Hazuki said as she brushed some of her orange bangs out of her eyes.

"Now will you marry me?"

The redhead flinched and turned to see Koda, smiling and holding a box of assorted chocolates.

"Listen, kid," Hazuki said, "I just saved you and that's it! You don't need to marry!"

"Yes I do," Koda replied, "I must pay my debt back!"

Hazuki groaned loudly before running off yet again. Koda's shoulders fell slightly. What was he doing wrong?

Caout walked around slowly. She was confused. One minute she had been eating the tastiest takoyaki in the world and the next thing she knew, her kid sister disappeared.


Caout looked in the direction of the voice and saw, running toward her in a blind panic, was her aforementioned little sister.

"Geez, Haz, where have you been?" Caout asked as the redhead stopped in front of her.

"Boy…Bully…Takoyaki…Down shirt…Marriage proposal…Help!" Hazuki said in gasps.

Caout tilted her head in confusion. Say what…?

Hazuki, once she had gotten her breath back, fully explained what had been going on so far. By the time she was done, Caout was laughing at the top of her lungs.

"It's not funny!" Hazuki said furiously.

"Says you!" Caout responded, "So, let me get this straight. You saved this boy from a bully so he wants to repay you by marrying you? And he won't leave you alone, although you said no?"

Hazuki nodded, only making Caout laugh more.

"Okay…" the older girl giggled, "I think I know what to do about this…"

"Hazuki!" Koda called as he walked around with his box of chocolates and bouquet of flowers, "Where are you? I still want to marry you!"

"Hey, watch where you're going brat!"

Koda snapped his head in the direction of the voice. He saw Hazuki, his beloved red haired savior, with some black haired girl who looked really mad at her.

"Sorry!" Hazuki apologized quickly, "It was an accident! I didn't mean to bump you!"

"Sorry ain't good enough, redhead!" Caout growled in response, grabbing Hazuki by the shirt, "That little 'accident' has earned you a good ass kicking!"

Koda watched in shock, the stuff in his hands falling to the ground. He flinched as the black haired girl suddenly punched Hazuki.

Hazuki fell to the ground with a grunt. Caout pulled her up roughly.

"What are you doing?" Hazuki hissed, "That really hurt stupid!"

"We have to make it look realistic!" Caout whispered back.

"Not that realistic!"

Caout proceeded to punch Hazuki yet again, remembering to hold back just a bit. Suddenly…

"Get off of my fiancée, you jerk!"

Caout stumbled as she felt someone grab her around the neck from behind. Hazuki looked up and saw that it was Koda, growling fiercely and holding Caout tightly in his grasp. Koda took one arm and started pulling on Caout's hair.

"Let go, kid!" Caout yelled, pulling on the boy's arms.

"Not until you leave Hazuki alone!" Koda yelled back.

"Okay, I promise! Just let go of me!"

Koda pushed himself away from the girl, who ran off.

"Meet you back at Sunny," Caout said in a very low whisper to Hazuki as she ran.

Koda brushed himself off and then walked over to Hazuki, who was grinning at him.

"Okay…" Koda said, "Now will you marry me?"

"Why should I?" Hazuki asked, "You just saved me from a bully, like I did with you…I'd say we're pretty even, right?"

Koda looked surprised for a second. He thought this over for a moment and then smiled.

"Huh…I guess you're right…" he said, "Whew! That's a relief!"

"That we don't have to get married?" Hazuki asked with a laugh.

"Yeah! I mean, you're not really pretty at all!"

Hazuki could only gape as Koda ran off happily.

"WHAT THE HELL, YOU BRAT?" she yelled.

Poor Hazuki…The thing is, she actually is pretty cute. Oh well, fret not Hazuki! One day you'll meet a boy who loves you!

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