Bats In The Belfry
By Black Dragon Queen

Pairing: Clark/Bruce, Kon/Tim Implied, Others will appear as needed.
Rating: Anywhere from G to R depending on the chapter. I'll make it T just to be safe.
None of these Characters belong to me. They belong to their respective creators and copyright holders.
Universe: No Particular Verse. I love the movie Bruce but we'll see other places such as Justice League and Teen Titans.
Notes: This will pretty much be random drabbles as inspiration strikes me. Just fun fluff.
Summary: The one thing the Kryptonions never expected they'd have to deal with was the Bat Family's "Extended Family"


Clark was awake with the first ray of dawn over the horizon. Even though the light was hidden behind the multitude of oak trees that lined the massive Wayne property, Clark still knew with every molecule of his being the exact moment the yellow sun the Earth orbited first show it's radiance to chase back the dark of the night. It was the same every morning wherever Clark might be, be it Smallville, Metropolis or Gotham. It was like a sudden rebirth of not only the day but of Clark himself.

There was a small mutter beside him and Clark glanced over to find Bruce had confiscated his pillow and had already buried his face in the hollow Clark had left. If Clark was the dawn then Bruce was the dusk. Up with the moment the sun dipped below the horizon, the shadows wrapping around him closer than any cape and cowl could ever achieve Bruce was creature that was one with the night.

It was probably what brought them together faster than any of their similarities ever could. The saying that opposites attract was more than just a saying when it came to them. It was their differences that completed the other. Bruce's methodical multitasking and Clark's so-called fly by the seat of his tights as it were. They had had their differences, their fights, their problems but in the end it was something about the other that always pulled them back, each one gravitating to their opposite.

Or perhaps there was something about the so called "bat family" that the Kryptonions couldn't help gravitating towards. Kon and Tim were probably still out for the count if they ever went to bed in the first place. They might still be up playing video game for all Clark knew. Not that he wanted to check in case they were up but not playing video games. Clark shuddered a bit at that. That was one thing he did not need to see.

With a sigh Clark cracked his neck a bit when his eyes suddenly met another pair staring unblinkingly back at him. Clark froze, his eyes caught by the unwavering gaze. Moving slowly so as not to alarm the owner of the gaze Clark reached back and shook Bruce's shoulder.

"Wha-?" Bruce groaned through the pillow.

"He's back," Clark declared with a note of wariness in his voice that was rarely heard by anyone save Bruce and almost always for this exact reason.

Without even raising his head Bruce fumbled a bit for one of the ornate pillows and with unsurprising accuracy hurled it at they voyeur. "OUT!" he bellowed though it was muffled slightly by the pillow.

The intruder let out a piercing squeak before he flew about the room a bit before finally flying out the window. Bruce was already curled back around the pillow Clark had used and buried under the blanket, his leg thrown over Clark's lap for all appearances asleep once again. Clark shook his head before he looked back at the window the bat had flown out of, a thoughtful look on his face. The bat had been rather large with a few flecks of gray on his brown fur. Clark had a more than a feeling he'd seen it before. "Was that the same bat as yesterday?" he asked after a moment.

"If it was then it was Boris," came Bruce's reply.

Clark glanced down at his lover amused. "I can't believe you name your bats."

"They came with the names, I just inherited them," was Bruce's standard reply.

Smirking, Clark leaned down and dropped a kiss on the back of Bruce's neck before he headed for the shower and prepared for the flight back to Metropolis.

Landing on his balcony while the sun was still only halfway over the horizon, Superman sighed as he instantly looked about the room for anything out of place. Kon was still at the Wayne manor but as long as he made it to class, Clark wasn't all too worried. Smiling slightly he raised his hand to the clasp on his cloak and whipped it off with a bit more force than perhaps was necessary. A sudden noise from the fabric had Superman on the opposite side of the room already crouched in a fighting position before recognition finally hit.

Surprised, he straightened and started looking about the room with his x-ray vision even though he already knew where the culprit had gone. Floating upwards slightly so he could see the top of his highboy dresser, Clark stared at the smaller bat that was nestled in the dark corner in the corner where the walls met. It's almost pure black coloring making him nearly invisible to a normal human gaze.

"You're back too, huh?" Clark chuckled as he stared at the little creature before reaching out and scooped the bat up into his hands.

The bat amazingly remained perfectly still as he allowed the Kryptonion to carry him in the cup of his hands. Balancing the bat in one palm he brought it to his chest as he moved towards the phone. The last time the bat had tagged along with him to Metropolis Clark had just flown him back the next day and let him loose in the cave but Clark wasn't going to be home for the next few days. He was going to a press conference in Washington with Lois and he was meeting her at the airport in four hours and he wasn't about to abandon one of the Wayne bats for nearly a week.

Punching in the number for the direct line into Bruce's bedroom he was surprised it took two rings before the billionaire picked up. "Still asleep? It's only five thirty." Clark teased.

"What do you want?" Bruce's aggravated tone grumbled down the line.

"I seemed to have picked up a hitchhiker."

There was a long pause. "Hang on a second." Clark blinked as the line went quiet.

He stared down at the little bat in his hand. "Did he just put me on hold?" The bat just nestled down deeper into his palm.

There was a click as Bruce returned. "Okay, you've apparently got Lex."

"LEX?" Clark yelped, nearly dropping the apparent second owner of the name. "You named one of your bats after the man sworn to kill me at any cost?" The bat squeaked and Clark could have sworn he sounded affronted.

There was a snort. "Of course not," Bruce said through a yawn. "The bat had the name long before Luthor." Clark glanced down at the animal. He was no expert but the bat looked rather young. "Anyway, it's short for Lexington."

"Uh-huh…" Clark hummed disbelievingly.

"Just leave him on the balcony before you lock up," Bruce instructed and Clark could almost here the eye-roll. "He'll find his own way home." Clark looked at the little bat dubiously. "If not he can always take a midnight flight back tomorrow night."

"Oh ha, ha." Clark frowned at the phone before he brought it back up. "He's your bat."

"Not my bat-" Bruce muttered before he hung up.

Clark sighed and glanced back down at the bat. "I hope you really can find your way home," he mused. "I'd hate to find out what Bruce would do to me if I lost one of his precious bats."

The bat squeaked in answered before leaving Clark's hand and flew back to the highboy to settle down for the day in the nice dark niche.