Author Note: This is my entry for the Chit Chat Challenge #4.

My pairing: Morgan/Prentiss - My scenario: Character A's pet dies while in Character B's custody…and mayhem ensues

It will be three chapters long and I'm hoping to be able to post chapters two and three over the next few weeks. I know it's already September 27 but it took me so long to figure out what pet to use... :)

Thanks to Tracia and Tonnie for the challenges! I love them :)

Disclaimer: Not mine.

Please enjoy!

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Dear Morgan,

thank you again for doing this, I really appreciate it! Mrs. Jackson from next door told me again how sorry she is for having had to leave town just this weekend. If it wasn't for her daughter's 50th birthday she would have been more than happy to take care of him.

Mr. Bubbles is easy to handle. After all, he's a fish. Please don't bother cleaning his fish tank. It can be a lot of work and he's very particular about how things are set up in there. He just needs to be fed. His food is in a can underneath the kitchen sink.

I should be back Tuesday afternoon. The service will be held on Sunday but my parents have to get back to work right away after that and I don't want my grandma to be alone so soon. After all, it's only been three days since he passed away. I have my cell with me if needed but it'll be turned off so you'll have to leave a message. But like I said, please don't bother with anything besides feeding him.

Thank you so much for doing this, I really appreciate it!

Love, Emily

Morgan put the note down and looked around. Emily's apprtment looked as organized as he would have expected from her. He let his gaze wander over her kitchen and living room and stopped when he came across the huge window overlooking the Capitol and the lights of DC. 'No wonder she loves this place so much' he thought to himself.

It was Sunday evening and Morgan had come to Emily's place to fulfill his promise of feeding Mr. Bubbles.

Sunday evening also meant that by now Emily had survived her grandpa's funeral. And he hoped that she was still holding up ok. She hadn't shown it openly but he knew that she had been crushed when she had heard the news. He's heard her speak very fondly of her grandfather on a few occasions and knew that he held a special place in her heart. She had loved him dearly. That made him even more sad when he thought back to looking at her sad face and slumped shoulders after she had gotten off the phone with her mother.

That had been on Thursday while they had been on a case in Montana. She had spoken to Hotch right away and asked for a few days off. Hotch had seen the look in her eyes and immediately agreed. She had insisted on finishing up the case with them though or at least stay until Saturday. But the team had made it back late Friday night. So after having repacked her go-bag, checking in with her neighbor and then begging Morgan to take care of feeding Mr. Bubbles instead, Saturday morning had found her on her way to Scarsdale, NY where her grandparents had resided for the last four years.

Morgan, meanwhile, had accepted her spare key and made his way to her Brownstone tonight to make his first acquaintance with Emily's little goldfish friend.

The agent trailed through the living room to the fish tank next to the window and bent down to be on eye-level with his friend's scale-covered room mate.

"Hey, little guy. Enjoying the view of the big city?" Mr. Bubbles might have looked at him or not, Morgan couldn't tell. He watched him make his way back to the small cave and disappear. He really had yet to figure out the appeal of a pet fish...

Morgan walked back to the kitchen and opened the cupboard underneath the sink. He found various boxes and bags labeled with fishy things. 'Man' he thought 'it's like a pet store down here. She must really like the little fin-ball...'

He finally found a can labeled "Mr. Bubbles" and pulled it out. Emily had told him that she would feed the fish before she'd leave and all he had to do was dump three teaspoons of fish food in the water on Sunday. He found the spoon in the can and went over to the aqarium to do just that. After the last spoonful he dropped the spoon back into the can and sealed it with the lid.

When he looked back into the fish tank he saw Mr. Bubbles hesitantly make his way out of his little hide-out and towards the surface to get started on his dinner. Behind him he was dragging a nasty looking mass of green mist. Morgan's mouth twisted in a disgusted expression.

He didn't know anything about fish, but this certainly couldn't be good.

He didn't care what Emily had said - he was cleaning the tank. That way things would be taken care of and she wouldn't have any problems when she got back.

The only remaining question was: How do you clean a fish tank?

Mr. Bubbles didn't just inhabit a small bowl fitted for a single gold fish. He had a copy of the entire ocean bed at his disposal. Taking a second look though Morgan decided that it wasn't big enough for him to not be able to carry it the few feet to the bathroom he had made out on his way into the appartment just minutes earlier.

He unplugged all the equipment placing the cords safely on the ground and wrapped his arms around the glass box. Lifting it up carefully he slowly turned around and made his way down the hall. After he had used his butt to push the door open he set the tank down on the floor and turned on the lights.

And noticed his next predicament.

Apparently, this was only the guest bathroom. There was no bathtub or even shower and only a small sink. Debating his choices he figured that carrying the heavy object all the way upstairs was not an option. The small sink would just have to do.

He went back into the kitchen to find a bowl to fill with water and grabbed the spoon net that he had noticed on his search for fish food earlier. Back in the bathroom he managed to fish Mr. Bubbles out of his comfort zone and dropped him in the bowl now filled to the brim with water which he set on the edge of the sink. He moved over to the toilet right next to it and pulled up the lid. Making sure that Mr. Bubbles was sill moving around in high spirits he bent down and grabbed the tiny cave out of the tank.

He should have known.

He should have known that you shouldn't clean a fish tank if you had never done it before. If you didn't know anything about fish and fishy things whatsoever. If whatever went wrong would greatly upset one of your best friends.

But Morgan didn't know. In fact, he was just finding out now. He was just now learning a lesson for life about what happens when you take on responsibilities you shouldn't have taken and going the extra mile when you should have stopped before the finish line.

Because when the cave-like object slipped from his hands and hit the bowl on the sink it toppled over and sent its occupant flying high. High enough to make it all way over the the still open toilet.

And Morgan was honest, losing his own balance, trying to find his footing and hitting the flush in the process wasn't helping either.

Unfortunately, realization hit too late.

By then Mr. Bubbles had already started his unexpected adventure down the drain.


Honestly, I developed such a strong bond to Mr. Bubbles while writing this that when I got to the end of the chapter letting him be flushed down the toilet made me truly sad...

I hope you liked it! Please drop me a note about what you think and keep your eyes open for the next chapters! And thank you for reading :)