Chapter 1

Just an idea that came to me and I just had to write it! I do not own 'The Little Vampire'. This also does not include any of my characters from my previous little vampire fanfics. I just thought this would be fun to write, anyways, ENJOY!

"Gregory, wake up" Fredrick said and Gregory began to stir from his sleep, "We have arrived."

Gregory mumbled a quiet "finally" as he sat straight in his seat and Fredrick gave him a small warning glare.

"Gregory, you must behave yourself while we are here." Fredrick said, "This business trip is very important and I don't want it to be ruined by your recklessness."

"Then why didn't you take Anna or Rudolph instead?" Gregory snapped back.

"You know very well that your mother insisted you come with me, and besides this trip could be good for you. You've been cooped up in the house for days on end; it's time you got out and did something which is what you will be doing while we are here."

Gregory just rolled his eyes as he fell silent and turned his attention to the small airplane window. Fredrick had taken Gregory with him on his business trip to the Bahamas and as tropical and exciting as it was, Gregory was not looking forward to it. Because Fredrick went on so many business trips, the family had come to an agreement that Fredrick would take one member of the family at a time on his business trips. This one just happened to be Gregory's turn despite Gregory's protests of wanting to stay at home locked up in his room where no one could disturb him. As much as Gregory didn't want to come, his mother, Freda, insisted he go and Gregory knew he couldn't say 'no' to his mother, he just couldn't. And so, he reluctantly went with his father. Father and son were going to spend a total of ten days in a small town in the Bahamas with Fredrick spending most of his time with other business men and Gregory was free to do whatever he wanted but the teenage boy wasn't planning on doing anything whatsoever. He planned to do the exact thing he did at home, shut himself in his room and stay there without anyone to bother him regardless of where they were.

The plane finally landed and when the time came, all of the passengers unbuckled their seatbelts and stood to retrieve their bags from the overhead compartments. Gregory sighed as he picked up his small backpack which had been placed at his feet and slung it over his shoulder as his father retrieved a few small pieces of luggage from the overhead compartment. They were finally able to exit the plane as Gregory followed his father out of the plane and into the Bahamas airport. They walked down one hall until they came out into the arrivals area and they were soon met by a man dressed mostly professional and he smiled as the man greeted them.

"Ah, Mr. Sackville-Bagg" the man said as he shook hands with Fredrick, "I am glad you could make it."

"Hello, Mr. Kane" Fredrick replied, "It is good to see you again."

Fredrick gestured Gregory over and Gregory reluctantly obeyed as he moved to stand next to his father as Fredrick placed a hand on the boy's shoulder. "This is my eldest son, Gregory."

"Good to meet you, Gregory" the man, now named Mr. Kane said as he held his hand out for Gregory to shake and Gregory decided to might as well be polite as he shook Mr. Kane's hand.

"Hi" Gregory quietly replied, he personally wasn't interested in meeting or interacting with anyone but for his father's sake Gregory decided that just this once would suffice.

"Come" Mr. Kane said, "Let's gather your luggage, my car is waiting outside."

Fredrick agreed as he and Mr. Kane began heading towards the luggage area and Gregory followed behind them as the two men talked. They soon retrieved their luggage as they headed out to Mr. Kane's car and they were soon on their way. As they drove, Gregory sat in the backseat as he looked out the window at everything the Bahamas had to offer. They passed roadside markets with stalls filled with tropical fruits for sale as well as some tasty ocean fish and random trinkets. Some people occasionally walked down the street dressed in bathing suits, summer dresses, and other clothing suitable in the tropical heat. They soon passed the markets as they began driving down another road next to the crystal blue ocean and it was then that a few dolphins suddenly leaped in the air out of the water in the distance and Gregory sat up slightly straighter as he watched them. The small group of dolphins continued to leap out of the water as if they were following next to their vehicle and Gregory watched them in slight amazement.

Mr. Kane seemed to notice Gregory's slight interest as he spoke making Gregory jump ever so slightly as he looked at Mr. Kane, "You like them dolphins there, lad?" Mr. Kane asked and Fredrick turned his attention to the ocean as he too soon spotted the leaping dolphins.

"Amazing creatures they are." Fredrick said and Gregory turned his attention back to the ocean. They really were amazing as they leaped out of the water as if putting on a show for the newcomers. The dolphins were soon out of sight as they drove around one corner and Gregory leaned back in his seat silently wishing he could see more of the dolphins. After a few minutes, the vehicle finally pulled up to a beachside cabin house as the vehicle came to a stop.

"Well, here we are" Mr. Kane said, "Home sweet home. It's actually my sister's place but she agreed to let you stay here for the duration of your stay."

Mr. Kane and Fredrick both got out of the car as they headed towards the cabin house and Gregory finally got out as well as he looked at the cabin house.

"You have got to be kidding me" Gregory muttered to himself as he got a good look at the place. "This… is where we are staying?"

The cabin had a porch with a small set of stairs leading up to it as two patio chairs were set up at one end with a table and a hammock hung on the other side. A few pieces of the walls looked as though they went through a tough time as some parts were rusted brown instead of the cabin's original white color which had darkened slightly over the years. The edges of the windows didn't look too bad as they seemed to be kept in shape but Gregory could see that a few pieces had been chipped off over the years as well. A dock was set up from the sandy beach to some feet out onto the water and Gregory could see from here that a board or two was somewhat loose on the dock. Didn't these people know anything about fixing up their homes at all? To Gregory, the place was a dump.

"Great, ten days in paradise" Gregory sarcastically said to himself and he practically slammed the car door shut, "Not."

Gregory slung his backpack over his shoulder as he headed towards the cabin house where his father and Mr. Kane were already making their way inside. Gregory stepped up towards the front door as the main one had already been opened by Fredrick and Mr. Kane leaving the screen door for Gregory to push open and it somewhat slammed carelessly behind him as its hinges squeaked. The inside wasn't as bad as the outside as a couch sat against the wall with a coffee table in front of it and a TV sat on a TV stand on the opposite wall. Further into the cabin house was the kitchen as one row of counters was the only thing separating the living room from the kitchen along with the sink and the other row lined the wall along with an oven/stove and the refrigerator and a few tall stools sat in front of the counters. A hallway could be seen slightly past the kitchen and Gregory figured that it probably led to the bedrooms and bathroom. Gregory tossed his backpack onto the couch as he sat down and picked up one of the magazines sitting on the coffee table and he opened it flipping casually through the pages.

The magazine he was looking through seemed to be on the topic of tropical creatures that inhabited the Bahamas both on the land and in the sea. Gregory then came to a picture of a dolphin and its baby swimming casually underwater and Gregory found himself stopping to examine the picture some more. His thoughts trailed back to the dolphins he had seen on the way in and he thought for a moment. Maybe he might be able to see some more dolphins around if they even came around here and Gregory hoped that they did. Fredrick and Mr. Kane then came around the corner from down the hall and Fredrick spotted Gregory sitting on the couch.

"Gregory, what are you doing?" Fredrick asked making Gregory snap out of his thoughts as he looked up at his father.

"Um… nothing" Gregory replied, "I was just reading a magazine."

Fredrick stared at his eldest son for a short moment before snatching the magazine out of Gregory's hands, "Nothing inappropriate, I hope" Fredrick said as he turned to look at the magazine.

Gregory leaned back against the couch as he watched his father and Fredrick glanced at the magazine's contents and when he was satisfied that it was nothing inappropriate, he returned it to the coffee table. "Go retrieve your bags from the car" Fredrick instructed, "The sooner we have our things organized the sooner we may be able to get some sightseeing in."

Gregory silently groaned as he stood and made his way towards the door and stepped outside. "Like I'm going to want to go anywhere" Gregory mumbled as he walked towards the car, "I didn't even want to come here in the first place."

Nevertheless, Gregory unloaded his and his father's luggage from the car as he brought it all inside and Mr. Kane showed him where his room would be. Mr. Kane left Gregory to unpack his things while he talked with Fredrick and Gregory sighed once again as he tossed his bags to the side and plopped down on his back on the bed and stared up at the ceiling. Why did his mother force him to go? WHY? He didn't even want to be here. You would think that ten days in the Bahamas would be the coolest thing in the world but not for Gregory. Why couldn't he have just stayed home? His younger sister, Anna, would have loved to go instead of him.

Gregory then quietly heard the sound of another car pulling up to the cabin house and Gregory sat up as he looked out the bedroom window and spotted a woman who looked somewhat like Mr. Kane step out of the car and made her way towards the front door. Gregory heard the screen door of the cabin house squeak open as the woman walked inside and was greeted by Mr. Kane and Fredrick.

Terrific Gregory sarcastically thought more damn people father will want me to meet.

Gregory stood from the bed as he made his way out of the room and quietly walked down the hallway towards where Fredrick, Mr. Kane, and the woman were talking. Gregory kept himself hidden in the hallway as he peeked around the corner and found that all three of the adults hadn't even noticed him and Gregory strained to listen in to their conversation.

"… is a pleasure to be here, Mila" Fredrick was saying, "Are you sure Gregory won't be too much trouble for you?"

"Nonsense, Mr. Sackville-Bagg" the woman, now named Mila replied, "I can handle the dear boy; I've had two myself who have grown and begun their lives already. I'm sure your boy will be no trouble for me."

So I have a nanny now or what? Gregory thought in annoyance, I don't need some stupid nanny watching my every move; I can take care of myself. I'm not as useless as father thinks.

Suddenly, Mila turned towards the hallway where Gregory was hiding and he quickly tried to conceal himself behind the wall and he heard Mila chuckle.

"Don't try and hide yourself from me, boy" Mila said, "I know every nook and cranny in this place. Come on out." Gregory silently groaned knowing that he had been caught as he stepped out from around the corner and stood there unmoving as all three adults eyes were on him. Mila chuckled again, "I ain't gonna bite you, child. Come closer so I can get a better look at you."

Gregory was at first reluctant to move but a stern look from his father made him walk forward as he stood next to Fredrick.

"Gregory, this is Mila Kane" Fredrick introduced, "She is Mr. Kane's sister and you are under her supervision whilst I am doing my work."

Gregory managed to mumble a 'hello' as he remained quiet. "Pleasure to meet you, Gregory." Mila said and Gregory just slightly nodded. Fredrick and Mr. Kane had some business work to attend to as they began to head out. Fredrick warned Gregory once more to behave himself before leaving and Gregory rolled his eyes as Fredrick and Mr. Kane finally left the house and drove down the road. Mila decided that making dinner was in order but before she could do that, she ushered Gregory outside having already been told by Fredrick that the boy needed to get out and she shooed him out the door.

"Get out there and explore a little" Mila instructed, "There's more to this heap of land than you think."

Gregory silently groaned as he rolled his eyes once more and walked down the front steps and began walking down the beach. He pulled his IPod out of his pocket and he turned it on as he placed the ear buds in his ears. He didn't have the music blaring but kept it at a volume so that he could still somewhat be able to hear Mila calling him for dinner if she needed to. Random rock and metal music began playing in his ears as he walked along the beach picking up a rock or small shell once in awhile and tossing it into the ocean. He soon got bored of walking as he headed back towards the cabin house and made himself comfortable in the hammock on the porch as he continued to listen to his IPod.

He lay on the hammock for some time when he thought he heard an odd squealing sound and it wasn't from his IPod or Mila calling him either. Gregory removed an ear bud and turned down the music a little as he slightly sat up and attempted to listen for the squealing sound. Sure enough, there was the squealing sound again and it sounded like it was coming from the beach. Gregory stood from the hammock and stepped down from the porch as he scanned the beach for whatever was making that sound. Within seconds, he spotted what had been making that sound and his eyes slightly widened as he spotted a lone dolphin that had swam up close to shore and it seemed as if it was in trouble as it attempted to squeal again. Gregory removed his IPod from his ears and placed it down on the porch as he headed towards the beach. He stopped by the edge of the water not really knowing what to do as the dolphin seemed to look at him with helpless eyes. It was then that Gregory spotted what was wrong with the dolphin. Tangled around the dolphin's snout was a plastic six pack bottle holder and it was so tangled around the dolphin's mouth that the marine mammal had no way of getting it off without assistance.

Gregory hesitated for a short moment before cautiously making his way into the water towards the dolphin not entirely sure on what the dolphin's reaction would be. The dolphin at first seemed wary of Gregory but was soon trusting as it began to realize that Gregory may want to help. Gregory finally made it just over knee deep as he stood next to the dolphin and carefully moved to place his hand on the dolphin's side. When the dolphin didn't do anything, Gregory then took a small deep breath as he moved his other hand to reach for the plastic bottle holder around the dolphin's mouth. Gregory took hold of a piece of the plastic and attempted to possibly slip it off of the dolphin's mouth but it wouldn't budge and the dolphin squealed in slight panic and attempted to jerk away from the boy.

"It's okay" Gregory said softly to the dolphin, "I'm just trying to help."

This somehow seemed to calm the dolphin as it stopped trying to thrash away and Gregory tried to think of another way to remove the plastic. He then remembered that his pocket knife was in his pocket as he pulled it out and switched the knife out. Back in Scotland, he wasn't exactly in good standing with a few people on the streets and had gotten himself into a few fights here and there that gained him bruises and a few black eyes. Since then, Gregory had decided on carrying his pocket knife everywhere he went should he ever need it mainly for self defense. Now seemed like one of those times to use it, but not in a bad way like on the streets. Unfortunately, the dolphin spotted the knife and misunderstood as it tried to get away again but Gregory stopped it once more.

"Calm down, it's okay" Gregory said, "I'm not going to hurt you."

The dolphin slowly calmed once again as Gregory brought the knife closer to the plastic and he froze when the dolphin moved away slightly, not wanting to accidentally cut the marine animal. Gregory tried once again to get to the plastic and the dolphin began to slowly begin to trust Gregory again as Gregory was finally able to reach the plastic as he began cutting away at the pieces tangled around the dolphin's mouth. Finally, the dolphin's mouth was free as Gregory gently tugged the plastic off and the dolphin squealed at him as if in thanks. Gregory stood up straight as he folded his pocket knife back into place and returned it to his pocket. The dolphin squealed as it turned over on its side revealing its stomach and Gregory lightly smiled as he reached down and stroked the dolphin's stomach. The dolphin turned back over as Gregory stood straight again and he watched as the dolphin made its way back out into its home in the deep sea. Gregory silently sighed as he finally stepped out of the water and back onto the beach still holding the plastic in his hands and he tossed it into a nearby garbage bin by the cabin house. He headed towards the porch as he sat down on the steps of the porch and picked up his IPod as he moved to place the ear buds back into his ears. He suddenly stopped as he realized that he wasn't in the mood for listening to his music as he shut the small device off and returned it to his pocket as he sighed and rubbed his forehead with his hand.

I just saved a freaking dolphin! Gregory realized, since when does something like this ever happen? Anna and Rudolph are going to kill me when I get home.

Maybe he was exaggerating a little bit. His younger brother and sister wouldn't have killed him exactly but they would be extremely jealous that they didn't get the experience that Gregory had suddenly gotten out of nowhere. Gregory then suddenly heard the screen door of the cabin house open as the hinges squeaked and Gregory turned to see Mila standing in the doorway.

"Dinner's ready" Mila said and she paused for a short moment as she looked Gregory over, "What in the world have you been doing, boy? Your pants are soaked all the way up to your knees." Gregory had no idea what to say and he wasn't sure if he should tell Mila what happened or just keep his mouth shut. He decided to keep his mouth shut as Mila spoke again. "Well, no matter, boys will be boys. Get changed and then you can have some dinner."

Gregory just simply nodded as he stood and walked inside past Mila and he headed straight for his room to change. Gregory soon stepped out of his room with a dry pair of pants on as he headed towards the kitchen where Mila was setting out a plate of food for Gregory on the counter and Gregory seated himself on one of the tall stools.

"So how you liking the Bahamas so far?" Mila asked as she began to prepare a plate of food for herself.

"It's… fine, I guess" Gregory replied, "Haven't really looked around much."

"Well, you should. You're practically on vacation, enjoy yourself."

Good luck with that Gregory thought to himself.

Gregory soon finished off his dinner as he excused himself to his room and closed the door behind him as he sat down on the bed, his mind still slightly on the dolphin he had helped earlier today. His first day in the Bahamas and he had already helped a dolphin. What were the chances of that? Gregory heard the sound of a car pull up to the cabin house and Gregory looked out the window to see Mr. Kane's car as Mr. Kane and Fredrick stepped out of the car, back from their business work and headed inside the cabin house. The day soon ended as everyone headed off to bed and Gregory made himself comfortable in his bed as he listened to the quiet waves roll onto the shore as he fell asleep.